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Yeah it's been a very long time, but hey, I did do some good things in 2013, here's a small list...

The Princes Trust, a second time
Asking a girl on a date (got turned down, but hey it happens)
Going to BUCK and meeting Michelle Creber
Going to America
- Seeing my Brother get married
- Seeing the sights of Iowa
- Spending my Birthday at an American Train Station
Seeing the Hobbit twice, the second time with mates
Discovering Game Grumps
Cutting down on the fizzy pop.

Hope 2014 will be better, I know exactly the main thing I want to do, and that's write that novel I've always wanted to do. Been talking about it with people, and I will be working on it dead-on midnight.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I did this, so let's continue with it.

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Bill Farmer…

I skipped many Journal weeks, including Christmas, and Bill Farmer did the 12 Days of Christmas in his voices, so he deserves this spot. Check this video out and see if you recognize his voices.…

Have a Happy New Year guys! =)
Gonna be short (again) but wanted to make one just in case so here it is. For the next two weeks I am going to America to see my Brother so you won't be hearing from me in a while, until then, another VAotW and that's it, I'll be sure to share the details when I get back =)

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Pat Fraley…

Mainly known for his comedic performance in the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon as Krang, and I'm sure you will find many other roles he has been in, another note-worthy example of a great voice actor =)
---Voice Actor of the Week---

Michelle Creber…

Now there is a great reason why I decided to feature her this week, because this happened last week (hence no Journal), and it was at BUCK in Manchester. Now the reason I even have this feature on my DA page is because I have a great respect for Voice Actors and what they do so when I heard that Michelle was going to be there, and since VAs don't come here very often I decided to go. The line there on Saturday was long but I was happy to get to talk to a few people, crack a few jokes, telling stories and overall just sharing an interest in My Little Pony. The Opening Ceremony was long, and it was there that Michelle got to say a few words, but when it was over I decided to go to the dealer tables for a little while before getting to see her.

By the time I got there, the line was long, but at first I didn't care so much, but then one of the staff pointed at me and basically said that he was cutting people off, because by the time they get this line finished it would be over and if I waited then I would not get in. So, disappointed I just walked out with my head down and decided to go home early, but on that train ride home I looked at my con wrist band (the thing that gets you in and out) and realized that that band was for the full weekend, so even though I had to pay for another train ticket I decided to go again, this time more prepared, because that was a shock for me and it made me realize that that sort of thing could happen in the future.

So I went, managed to use up my time wisely, so whilst I continued to have fun at that convention anyway, I was still stalking that area where there was going to be a que-up just to be sure, I even had a slight heart-attack when I noticed the que but thankfully it was for something else. So, at around 1:30, that's when I took that spot, I sat down exactly where the line was going to start, and though I would be waiting a good while I was making sure I got there first. Funny enough I wasn't supposed to do that, but the guy who was about to ask me to leave happened to have been that same guy who cut me off yesterday who was like "You know what? Fine, go ahead".

So the time came around where, it wasn't time yet but it was time for the que to build up, and like a boss I just happened to be there front of the line, so then I had to wait another 30 minutes before they gave the go-ahead. As "Nervous-cited" as I was it was entirely worth it.

I only know her as (of course) Applebloom from My Little Pony, and at first I just mentioned I was trying to see her yesterday but couldn't, but the fact that I came first in line did move her, I also mentioned just how much I respect voice actors in general. Then I asked her kindly if she could record something for my Brother which she was happy to do, then we took this...…
And then, I decided to buy one of her albums (which I'll get into in a minute), shook her hand and went off, saying farewell and that it was worth it and I left.

I left that autograph room so happy, not just because she was awesome but also that gratifying feeling I got, because I waited that long and made up for my losses yesterday just to be able to be given the chance to express my gratitude towards a voice actor, I (no joke) was clicking my heels in glee with a massive smile on my face on my way out, because then I was faced with a minor problem. The autographed picture I got from her had no means of protection so I spent a good time going into town to find something to keep it protected, eventually finding a post office to get an envelope with a cardboard back, which I shall reuse for the same purpose in the future.

Overall, I had a fantastic time at that con, got to stay around for the Q&A panel, and then went home.

Now, there is something about myself I have to address, I do listen to music but I prefer J-pop and several video game and Anime music, but I have all of that in digital form, I RARELY buy albums because often at most times I do not like the idea of buying a CD with only 1 song I like. In fact I can probably name all of my albums on one hand, I got 1 album by Weird Al Yankovic who I am a fan of but cannot seem to find any in stores, an Aqua CD largely because of 1 song, "Cartoon Heroes", 2 Audio books with Michael Angelis narrating the original Railway Series books (Michael was the current Thomas Narrator at the time), and one of Vic Mignogna's albums which I got from him directly and got him to sign, which oddly enough again only contained 1 favorite but then listening to it I found I had more I liked.

Now I did know Michelle was a singer, and only really bought her album because I wanted to support her, and she was happy to sign it as well. Man oh man, she is AMAZING, that album I love to bits and is actually encouraging me to start buying more sometime, her and Vic's albums are a start to this trend and is giving birth to yet another collection, Albums sung by voice actors!

So that's my story of last week, and at the same time declares another VAotW, but as with all voice actors I am glad to have met them and totally deserve my gratitude.

Not long to go before I go to America for my Brother's Wedding, I'll be sure to leave a journal before I go.

Until then, take my advice, buy Albums from Voice Actors you will not be disappointed, and be sure to be there on time for ques, and be sure to take with you something to keep he autograph pictures in. Wow, that's alot of advice, but worth mentioning =P
Recently I sold stuff on ebay and managed to get over 100, for basically some figures that I knew I wouldn't continue collecting. Some of that money went to some YuGiOh cards that I have been wanting for a long time, nothing special just some commons and rares needed to fill some gaps, along with an Ultra rare "Armed Dragon Lv7" which somehow I couldn't find elsewhere.

But, after doing so, I managed to complete one of my YuGiOh folders, and now I have every single card from the following sets!

Soul of the Duelist
Rise of Destiny
Flaming Eternity
Lost Millennium
Cybernetic Revolution
Elemental Energy
Shadow of Infinity
Enemy of Justice
Power of the Duelist
Cyberdark Impact
Strike of Neos
Force of the Breaker

Well, not quite, you see Strike of Neos and Force of the Breaker started reintroducing secret rares in the worst way possible, back then I really hated the idea and it deprived us of a couple of very promising starter decks, that and the folder was getting cramped, plus I wanted my folder to be uniform because the original 60 fit so neatly, plus I wanted to base it on the original JAP lineup. So yeah, not exactly the entire collection, but I consider it complete, only counting cards between 1-60 and I am satisfied.

Another note, Ultra and Ultimate rares I consider to be the same card, so I only have what I got and don't focus on getting both versions

In fact, not only have I got complete sets, I also have a complete series, as I have all of series 4! (SOD to EOJ)

Funny enough, there are still a few cards I need from those sets to fill another collection, as I need the Ultimate rare variants of various Machine cards, as I only have the Ultra rare versions and don't feel like taking stuff out.

It is good day to be YuGiOh collector, and what joy it has brought to see a complete folder! ^w^

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Because I am overjoyed, let's mark down another one of my favorites, and if you don't know him how dare you.

Tom Kenny…

Probably one of the best of our generation and has landed a great amount of roles, check him out, I'm sure there are at least 10 roles you know about, I mean who doesn't know Spongebob? =)
I have been outside 6 times this week for different things, and it's been nothing but really hot weather throughout, and even when I choose to stay indoors, the heat still gets to me. I sweat very easily and especially at night which bothers me alot, and I have been left exhausted and in need of a drink almost every half hour.

And yet, I still have to go out tomorrow!

I hate this hot weather so much, I'll be glad when it's over

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Speaking of it being hot in toepika...

Keith Ferguson…

Know him for one role, and guess which one that is, here's a tip, it's a classic show =)

Number 75, three quarters of the way!!! 25 to go!
Just a little update whilst I am awake, I didn't get Microsoft Word back, but I did get a viewer which allows me to view them, and a free writer software for when I want to write stuff, including the ability to convert older word files to a new format so I can edit them.

Not the best (using LibreOffice 4.0) but for what I do, this will have to do, at least I can get back to my duties, including this weekly feature, to which I no longer have to worry about making repeats.

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Nolan North…

Here is someone that keeps popping up, I recognize him mostly for his work in video games, including replacement voice for other actors when they are unavailable. Need to listen to this guy more, apparently he is most recognized as the voice of Deadpool.

Back in it, and just 26 more to go.
Yeah, been meaning to do this for weeks but haven't, and I do not have a decklist to post for it but I can say this, came 5th with a box of scraps!

And to be honest, I know I have to save money anyway, but never in my life has the second-market for YuGiOh been god-awful ridiculous, How the smegging hell is a normal rare worth more than a secret rare? 2 secrets are worth 80 but the rest are barely worth 5, it's ridiculous!

I got more out of trading them for other cards, I cannot believe it's come to this, so that's enough, I ain't feeding into that for a good long while.

Still missing Microsoft Word, so much of what I do depends on it so much, including VAotW. That said, lets continue.

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Todd Haberkorn…

I don't know this guy in a whole lot (mainly as Koza from One Piece), but anime fans will be able to pick out a few roles he was in, there is plenty =D
Pretty much explains why I keep missing sundays, or maybe I'm just looking for excuses.

That would explain why I am doing this now...

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Patrick Warburton…

A voice actor I recognize, know well, and yet many times I had to keep asking my brother what his name was. Family Guy and Venture Bros, recently been playing Poker Night 2 and it's great, so Patrick gets the spot this week. I'm sure you will be able to pick your favorite from his roles.

I need to find that Microsoft Word disk so I can continue to keep track of these o.o
---Voice Actor of the Week---

Ian James Corlett…

The first (English) voice actor to voice Goku in the early days of DBZ, other than that, he has a lot of roles that you may have to dig deep to recognize, personally I loved him in Beast Wars, and there are quite a few stories about his time on that show.

He is also the father of Claire Corlett, who would go on to voice Sweetie Bell in the recent My Little Pony.

Yeah I must admit facebook kinda replaced this as my go-to, but I will finish off this VAotW if it kills me!
Today I have been hacked...

I have no one to blame but myself, but Digimon has been acting very poorly recently, with the recent bugs and issues that have been happening. Digimon Online has been known to address certain issues and gives out plenty of compensations in return for these unintentional problems.

So, after waiting I finally see a message saying that there was a compensation, only to find out that said compensation was a scam that resulted in my account getting hacked >_<

To be fair, I should have realized it right away, my fault, I know that, but it resulted in my money and most of my tradable items getting stolen, I was teleported to the main hub which means I cannot go back to File Island until I get more money, and I have to grind again to get my Data, eggs and MCs back, on top of that he also bought something in the silk store.

I was very thankful my Digimon were unaffected, and all of my untradable items are still there, so after changing my password I could continue on and pretend it never happened, but unfortunately I am not all that motivated to continue playing after what happened, and there is no way I can get back to File Island in time before the next update, and even if I do it'll be a long time before I recover.

So it's not been a happy week so far, funny because I had a blast last week when I went out with my mates on Saturday, got alot of tickets on a single wheel-spin and had a blast! 13 people showed up, some of which I haven't seen in ages especially after being on the Prince's Trust for so long.

And because I failed to do this recently, might as well continue to VA number 70

---Voice Actor of the Week---

David Kaye, yessssss…

This guy deserves it this week, plenty of Anime and Transformers roles to go around, most of which very iconic. He's also another voice actor I love listening stories from, worth a check and I know you'll have heard him from somewhere, I could listen to that Youtube video of Beast Wars Megatron's "Yesss" count for ages xD
Only a few more weeks before my course is over, I'll just bring you a voice actor, one that I only learned about through one show but is really entertaining to watch.

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Peter New…


Need I say more? =)
less than 5 weeks to go before my course is over, and it's been a blast, but even more so because I managed to do something I have never really had the courage to do for a long time.

And that's ask someone out on a date.

Sure, I got turned down but only because she was already with someone, which is understandable and I wasn't expecting much considering we had known each other for less than a week, but the fact that I did it at all is an achievement.

And I do have to admit to something, it made me realize just how much my life has come to a full-stop, and how thankful I am for being on this course if for nothing else the ability to go out and do something. Granted, I am on new medication and have a good reason for not being active otherwise, but I still want to get out more.

anyhoo, VAotW

---Voice Actor of the Week---

I have to remind myself in the morning to mark this down because I need to go to bed, but let's go with another random

Jessica Strauss…

A quick random one, and I shall be honest I don't know much about this one, but she apparently voiced Slipstream in Transformers War for Cybertron, that's all I know.

Hopefully you will all know of her roles better than I, if nothing else she is encouraging me to watch more anime =P
Alot of hard work and no stopping, so I'll just leave you yet again with this week's VAotW

---Voice Actor of the Week---

John Moschitta Jr…

Hold the record for fastest talker, from what I know he hasn't got a huge lineup of voice roles, but still significant and is more well known for the Micro Machines adverts, but he is still experienced in the VA world so to me that counts.

Besides that I screamed like a little girl when I first heard him as Blurr in Transformers Animated, knowing full-well that he did Blurr for the original G1 as well! xD
I sadly do not accept tags, so I apologize, I just have alot to do and need to write this quickly.

3/5 duels is not bad for me, though I was a little sad that I couldn't get my friend a mat, because he was new to the prereleases and didn't stay for very long.

So, here is my deck list, and yeah, it went exactly as I was expecting, Fire monsters galore, only 1 ran waters, and he lost.

Dododo Bot
Gogogo Ghost
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven
Hazy Flame Cerbereus
Hazy Flame Griffin
Hazy Flame Sphynx
Hazy Flame Sphynx
Hazy Flame Peryton
Brushfire Knight
Inari Fire
Inari Fire
Hazy Flame Basilitrice
Fire Formation - Tenki
Fire Formation - Tenki
Hazy Pillar
Hazy Pillar
Dimension Gate
Fire Formation - Tensen
Fire Formation - Tenken
Fire Formation - Tenken
Hazy Glory
Spikeshield with Chain
Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights
Infernal Flame Vixen
Crimson Sunbird
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Lion Emperor

I am not sure if that's the entire list as I can't remember if there were any more and I did trade a few, but most of it I have right in front of me so that's what I used.

And I must say, I was really, REALLY surprised to see Basilitrice as a normal rare, I thought this was going to be a really rare card because in the right deck it's broken, I can see this becoming a major thing and whilst not as annoying as Darkworlds or Mermail hand loop it's certainly something I am expecting to see get played often, so seeing the major card as a normal rare I have mixed reactions about.

Nonetheless, glad I went, I basically got a hold of every single card I wanted from the set so I don't have to buy any booster packs or even singles, so "Hurray!"

Gonna be gone for a week because I have gotten back onto the Princes Trust, and I will be going on a trip, the weather is going to be really cold but I am still excited by it.

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Corey Burton…

Another voice actor I do feel strongly about, mainly because of his massive range and distinctive voice, picking favorites I loved his work in the Transformers Franchise as a whole (mainly as Shockwave), but has alot of reputation with Disney as well, with his own familiar roles and as a stand-in.

Another one worth checking out, and he's also another one where I am sure you will recognize him in something.
But I have been fiddling with RPG Maker.

Get this


A Digimon game




Using the Pokemon engine!



---Voice Actor of the Week---

Jaleel White…

I am not that big of a Sonic fan, but I certainly remember the cartoon when I was younger, and I just had a look at a fan movie which I have to admit was fantastic and well put together, so I had to mention him right?

And...he also did a voice in...Quest for Camelot =/
Gonna write the Voice Actor column first...

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Johnny Yong Bosch…

Yup, this is the same Johnny Yong Bosch who played Adam from Power Rangers, you thought Nostalgia Critic was kidding when he made that joke about him going into anime? nope, this guy is a voice actor and good one at that. I mostly remember him as Vash from Trigun, and not being a fan I can see why Naruto fans appreciate his work.

Which is why I was sad when I saw that he doesn't reprise his role as Bumblebee in the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game, because I loved his performance in the previous game, maybe he didn't want to do it or the game was written that way, and without giving much away I was shocked to see what happened at the end of chapter 1 and they probably wanted to fit in a homage to his Michael Bay incarnation. I can still say I enjoyed his performance in that game, if I ever grab a hold of some Power Rangers DVDs I will listen closely to his voice in the show to compare, because I'm a total nerd that way.


With that out of the way, Christmas has passed and I got what I wanted, New Year is just around the corner, and God has not blown up the earth on the schedule we predicted, which means we will continue to strive as a human race and seize 2013 as another year full of possibilities.

See you all in the New Year, and my New Years resolution is to be more active and upload more photos, artworks and even videos. Also I just remembered a Voice Actor I wanted to touch upon, and I shall do next week as the first of 2013, until then, I'll see you later =)
This really drove me mad this week.

So one morning I check my e-mail as usual, something I do at least 3 times a day, and then go on Digimon Online. After a long day I decide to check my e-mail before bed, and that's when I get the error of DOOM!

Error 500

It was odd, but I decided to do a quick Google search to understand what the error was about, and one of the closest searches I got was a reply e-mail from someone, with Lycos announcing that they were cutting off their e-mail service, and recommended that all clients saved all of their contacts and form letters.

This really drove me mad for alot of reasons, first of all, I'm the kind of guy who rarely deletes e-mails (spam, password recovery info and notices I don't want to keep), everything is kept so I can refer back to them, mainly e-mails from close friends, some of which I keep because of what they meant back then, or payment info from stuff I've bought. So as you can imagine, knowing that all of it is gone was unbelievable, I got really angry about it.

My friend was on Steam at the time, and he suggested I get Gmail to replace it, since I could no longer access my old e-mail. I do have a yahoo address, but I rarely use it except as a backup for password recovery, and that address is a breeding ground for scammers advertising penis enlargement products (and yes I tried everything to make it stop, it hasn't). So that said, I took his suggestion and made one.

Something that did drive me mad, I had to put a phone number down, and when finished, I got a phone call from the middle of the night without warning, waking everyone up, just to enter a code. This I could understand at least so it's my fault for not paying attention, but it was very new to me and wasn't prepared.

The rest of the night was spent changing the e-mail to EVERY-SINGLE-WEBSITE that I have ever put that e-mail through, those were as follows...

This Deviantart Account was only the start, then I had to do it for Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (which being connected to Google wasn't hard), Joymax, my old World of Warcraft account (you never know), Sodor Island Forums, Insektors Online, Newmodelrailway, Duel Network, myfigurecollection, eBlogger, photobucket, THIS is the very reason why I don't like joining websites because this took most of the night, and some needed confirmation through other means, and some don't even have that and required that I confirm it through my old address, and how exactly can I confirm it with an address that doesn't exist anymore? I have no clue.

Then there's the contacting of each of my friends to inform them of the change, and I even had to ask for a reminder of what their current e-mails were. All the while I was filled with rage, and whilst I could have done it in the morning, I think you can agree that this needed urgent attention, and it turns out someone did send an e-mail to my old account that they had to resend to my new one, so I was glad I did it so suddenly.

I could have forgiven all of this if it had not been for the one problem, and that was the fact that I was not informed, I had to google search to find this out, the old web provider provided no warning whatsoever, no urgent announcement, and I find it ridiculous when they suggested to back everything up which is impossible to do when said e-mail no longer exists.

I spent the next day asleep, and even after all that I hadn't changed for my PS3 and Wii accounts, but it was getting late and my friend went offline so I saw no point (though again I thank him for keeping me company that night despite the rage).

Days later, after sending that e-mail to my friend, I get one from one of them saying that there was no problem with the provider. Low and behold, I went over there to check, and there it was! Untounched, unedited, the only thing new was the e-mails about the e-mail changes I made. So all of that hard work and waste of time and it was all for a temporary shutdown.

It was at that moment that I decided, because the error didn't exactly say what it was for and there was no word as to why it was shut down for that long, so I said to myself "you know what? to hell with this!", and now I am getting used to my new life with Gmail, and my old address will be an archive, so I can always go back to it if I need to find old addresses and e-mails.

Because at the very least, if Google "Somehow" gets bankrupt and has to resort to shutting off it's e-mail service, it will not leave people in the dark and not only would it be announced, it would be heard EVERYWHERE! So if I had to resort to this again I would be prepared, and if my old address is going to do that with no word then I might as well leave anyway, and stay with something much more reliable.

So yeah, that's the story of the massive e-mail scare, out of all of this I got a new e-mail address, and being connected to Google has made things alot easier. And in all my rage I had forgotten it's Christmas, so Merry Christmas one and all =)

---Voice Actor of the Week---

This is a massive shout-out actually, and I dare anyone say they have not heard about her.

Grey DeLisle…

Recently been watching a few episodes of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" and it still holds up because of it's fantastic writting, there are so many episodes I haven't seen and they are awesome. Hence why we have Grey DeLisle this week because she does many voices in the show, mainly Frankie Foster, who to me is her most memorable role.

And seriously, Mandy from Grim Adventures, Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents, Daphnie Blake from Scooby Doo, even Ventress from Star Wars, she is one of the greats you are bound to know her somehow.

Also, don't quote me on this, but I heard from somewhere she is a Brony, I have seen her post Pony versions of her characters and of herself somewhere, she did voice a Pony on a Mad sketch, I'm not 100% sure but theres a bit of trivia I found out about.

She is in my personal Top-10 Voice Actors, and I am hoping to reference all 10 of them by the time I reach 100, and 63 so far I still need to keep posting more.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas.
The pressure is on, can I finish the Hobbit book before the movie comes out? or will I end up pissing my brother off? we shall see.

And yes, another excuse for this, though given the recent Pony episode, why not?

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Lee Tockar…

With My Little Pony well into it's 3rd season, it's actually quite the history-walk to find that his talents have been used in many olden 1990s-2000s cartoons, including Beast Wars which I always find the most underrated of the Transformer continuities (best writting I have ever heard of in personal opinion).

Through convention videos he is actually quite a hoot and has a fantastic idea that I hope to see and hear more of =)
Yes I have been watching a few episodes, and I can see why people love it.

Yeah another excuse to get VAotW out =P

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Quinton Flynn…

How could you not recognise this guy? in something! Metal Gear Solid? Kingdom Hearts? Digimon? Naruto? World of Warcraft? even My Life as a Teenage Robot!

noted 61 so far, phew!
After bringing them in for a day on Wednesday and posting a comment about it on Facebook, apparently not alot of people like DungeonDice Monsters. As unpopular as it was, I still get a kick out of it, and the figures themselves are nicely detailed, and it's just a shame that no one appreciates it as much as I do.

English booster wise, I am missing Mystic Horseman, Blast Lizard, Might Mage, Winged Dragon, Yaranzo, 13th Grave, Beaver Warrior and Mystical Elf, everyone else I managed to get a hold of, including some japanese boosters.

Can't please everyone, but for me it is still a classic.

---Voice Actor of the Week---

Yeah, the above comment was an excuse to bring this out, and this week I am certainly going to bring this to attention.

This week is dedicated to someone who just recently passed away last Thursday.

Lucille Bliss…

Invader Zim and Smurfs, and even had a hand in some classic Disney Movies, this is one I never really knew about until now, but I think that as I discover more and discover that they have been in something I recognise, they still appeal to me as if I had known them. Rest in Peace Lucille, but never forget, any time we watch classic Smurfs, or Invader Zim, or the flower scene from Alice in Wonderland, know that your voice talent will live on.

The Voices of Forever...