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Ok, so sadly I do not have Microsoft Word on my computer, but even if I did I still want to put this on Facebook so I can get as many people to read this as possible (mainly YuGiOh players).

This rant I have been on before many times in conversations, and honestly I feel like a broken record every time I do so, so at least this time I get to put it on the web for all to see.

The subject of this rant is "Toon Monsters".


I know what YuGiOh fans are thinking, let me take your thoughts for a moment and then play them back to you, your thinking "Toon Monsters are worthless, they are not worth playing as they have too many problems, they are too restrictive and don't even have the basic support".

For those who have no idea what Toon Monsters are, they are a monster type in YuGiOh that are cartoon adaptations of existing monsters that require the spell card "Toon World", all of them can attack directly if they don't have Toons out which avoids big monsters. Want to find out more? click here...…

Toons have been around for a long time and were the first Effect type of monsters, but unlike their anime counterparts they come with a lot of downsides, the main one of which requiring "Toon World" to be on the field, another one is the fact that all of them (excluding "Toon Dark Magician Girl") cannot attack on the turn they are summoned, and some require a lifepoint cost to attack with.

And yes, I can agree on a lot of points on why Toons are generally not worth playing, other than their own side-effects, Toons are also extremely dependant on "Toon World", most of the Toon Monsters that exist today cannot even be summoned without it, which right away causes a massive issue, with even the Lv4 "Toon Mermaid" being a dead-draw, so unless you have "Toon World", you aren't going to be moving a whole lot, which makes the ones that can be summoned without Toon World a mercy. But even the ones that don't need it, still need "Toon World" to attack directly, so the card itself is essential.

If "Toon World" is destroyed, all Toon monsters are destroyed as well. We have enough problems in the meta where the basic strategy of "let’s destroy everything" is extremely common and favourable, using "Dark Hole" is bad when it gets rid of your monsters, "Heavy Storm" is bad when it gets rid of your backrow, but this is a decktype that is vunerable to both types of destruction, even the simple MST can completely make Toons fall flat on their faces and leave you vunerable.

The fact that they cannot attack on the turn they are summoned is not without understanding, a monster that can be special summoned and can attack directly for 3000 damage is overkill, so I get that they need to be held back a little, but this applies to even the weaker Toons, including "Toon Masked Sorcerer" and "Toon Mermaid", which can easily be destroyed by attacking with a weak monster on your opponent's side of the field. On top of this, some Toons require 500 lifepoints to attack, so thats 3 drawbacks for the same card.

The only 2 things redeeming about them are "Toon Dark Magician Girl", who can attack on the turn she is summoned without cost, and "Toon Table of Contents" which acts as a Toolbox to get any Toon card from the deck, including the required "Toon World".

So in all of that, I know where all of you are coming from, Yes, Toons are not worth playing in the Meta, Yes, they have problems, Yes no one uses them because they don't see the point. Now, here is where the bulk of my argument begins.

The last Toon card that was released, was "Toon Dark Magician Girl" back in 2006 as a promo card, that is in terms of English release. The last Toon cards printed in Japan was in the Pegasus Structure deck, dating back to March 2002. There has not been a single Toon card released since (No, the alternate artwork "Toon World" doesn't count). It is now May 2013, making it 7 years since we saw a Toon card of any form, even longer since the cards were originally printed in 2002, so add another 4 years, making it 11 years since we got any Toon support.

Let me tell you this for a fact, of all the archetypes, decktypes and cardtypes of the entire franchise, I say Toons are the most deserving of new support than any other, FACT!!! That said, I can argue that Toons not only "should" get new support, but they "NEED" new support!

And don't give me the old "Why even bother giving them support?", because that is what I want to discuss, in a cruel meta where destruction effects are the norm, new support based on helping them gain some extra power would benefit in the long run. The fact that they haven't in 11 years is not an excuse not to do so, in fact those 11 years are the exact reason why they should be doing so now. Also the argument that you can make up for those downsides through the use of other cards (such as "Starlight Road", "Solemn Judgement" and "Card Guard") also means nothing, and although doing so helps them gain a little advantage, they still require support based on the decktype itself, and yes I said decktype, because Toons are not an archetype, Toons don't just have the title in it's name, but also in it's text, making them akin to Spirit and Union monsters, which gives me another reason why they should gain support.

This is not unheard of, many decktypes have been revisited many times, to list a few, Harpie Ladies are ancient as an archetype yet got some really damn good cards in the most recent set. Blue-Eyes White Dragon as a decktype is getting it's own structure deck with some equally good cards, recent or ancient, each new format comes with new cards to bulk up each. Remember "Rescue Rabbit"? that gave players a great reason to use Normal Monsters, how about "Instant Fusion"? would anyone be carrying "Darkfire Dragon" in their extra decks now if it weren't for that card? Examples like this are great in my opinion because it allows previously old and worthless cards to be given a purpose in today’s meta, and it seems like every type has been touched upon in some shape or form, Except Toon Monsters.

It's gotten to the point, where if I see ANYTHING relating to Toon monsters, I will celebrate with cake and ice cream because literally ANYTHING that even mentions the decktype in a card's text would bring me joy, because as much as I hate to admit it, Toons as they exist now cannot hold their own against a cruel and unforgiving meta, reprinting them doesn't help in the slightest, we need cards fresh from the design table and into packs!

That said however, here are some general ideas on what I think Toons should be given, and this isn't your "run-of-the-mill YuGiOh Card Maker" applications, these are ideas on what kind of cards could be made in terms of how they should be used, no specific ATK or typing, no specific type of effect, just ideas on what Toons could benefit from.

1. More Toon Monsters: This can be literally ANYTHING! the only requirement is that they are of the "Toon" type, not with the word "Toon" in the name. I cannot stress enough how helpful this would be in the long run, many Toon decks that do exist literally use all of the existing Toon monsters simply because there is nothing else, I personally like to use 2 of each of the Lv4 Toons, and "Toon Dark Magician Girl" at 3 due to it's quick-attacks. Sadly, no one likes to run "Manga Ryu-Ran", believing "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon" does the same thing with better attack strength. By having more Toon monsters it could create variety, helps them gain more recruits and add more strategy.

They don't even have to follow Toon laws to the letter, requiring "Toon World" or not, being able to attack on-summon or not, fans use the terms “Class A-C” for this reason, they could make up a Class D, or even use the previous classes as a form of template, or even destroy the Class fanterm altogether. Generally though, the new monsters should have good stats and hopefully a unique effect that makes them worth playing, this is why I think "Toon Gemini Elf" is a good example here, not a typical Toon, and it's normal counterpart doesn't have an effect, but it's Toon form has, so it stands on its own and does well.

An unwritten rule people like to follow when abusing YuGiOh Card Maker is that Toons are typically based on existing monsters, often pairing up popular monsters to create Toon forms. The typical of which being "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Toon Dragon", fusing the already existing Toon dragons, I've also seen "Toon Jinzo" and "Toon Stardust Dragon", making the possibilities endless, but this doesn't limit what they could create, original monsters without an original counterpart is much welcomed as well.

2. Cards that count as "Toon World": Remember Umi? Of course not, because no one uses that anymore and instead uses a card called "Legendary Ocean" which has an effect that counts itself as "Umi", there is an entire decktype based around having "Umi" on the field and has come out with a few cards that count itself as that card to allow their effects to work. This is what I want to see happen with "Toon World"!

"Toon World" is the most essential card in a Toon deck, so I vote that a card that counts itself as "Toon World" whilst in play would upgrade this deck tenfold. On average, drawing into "Toon World" or a "Toon Table of Contents" to help you grab one happens much less, because you are counting on drawing 1 of 6 cards from a minimum of 40 cards, even worse, your opponent is aware of it's importance and will target that first and foremost. That said it should be no surprise that having a card that counts as "Toon World" is essential, increasing your chances of drawing what you need from your deck and to not be dependant on a single card, even if you are now relying on 2.

And guess what? Such a card already exists! But only in the anime =(

Episode 92 of YuGiOh GX, Pegasus duels Crowler and Boneparte, and if those two win Pegasus would allow them a job at Industrial Illusions. Pegasus plays so many new awesome Toon cards it's a wonder why none of them saw actual release, but amongst them is a spell card called "Toon Kingdom". The first effect alone should have made this card a must-have for a Toon Deck, it says exactly what I explained above with the Umi example in that it counts as "Toon World". Whilst the cost of 5 cards from the deck may seem a bit overkill compared to the 1000 lifepoint cost of the original, the fact that it counts as "Toon World" is enough to make this worth playing in a Toon deck. Also Kingdom allowed Pegasus to prevent his Toons from being destroyed at the cost of a mill, so it has it's advantage, whereas the 5 card cost to play it could force players to keep running the original.

This card was oddly enough a useable card in "YuGiOh Tag Force" for the PSP, so the argument that anime-based cards cannot always be printed in real life is null-and-void.

Ignoring "Toon Kingdom" however, Card Maker addicts have made plenty of cards that have the standard effect of counting as "Toon World", including many Field Spell versions and even a "Toon Maiden of the Aqua" (Which is the monster form of Umi when played funny enough). so long as it contains that one effect, again, the card can be anything, even if it does literally nothing else but has a high cost to play.

The only thing I would say should be standard is that these cards should still be based on pages of the Toon World book, as that is what “Toon World” is most known for, and previous examples do keep this appearence (inlcluding the Card Maker versions mentioned earlier)/

3. Spell and Trap support: all archetypes of any nature come with their own support and work in different ways. Elemental Heroes are the biggest examples of this as they contain the most support of any other decktype in the game, all of them require an Elemental Hero in some form or allow you to use Elemental Heroes in a specific way, some cards cannot even start to be useful unless an Elemental Hero is involved, and that's what an archetype support card is, as they cannot be used right unless you are running the intended deck. "Heavy Storm" and "Monster Reborn" are powerful because they work no matter what deck you use, but then cards like "Icarus Attack" and "Rekindling" come with added bonuses if you are running that deck.

And again, support does exist, but are anime exclusive.

Along with the previously mentioned "Toon Kingdom", Pegasus also played "Comic Hand", "Toon Briefcase" and "Shadow Toon", all of which could only be activated if "Toon World" is on the field, and all of which have really good effects that make up for the restrictive requirement. "Comic Hand" not only steals your opponent's monsters, but also turns it into a Toon monster and gives it both it's relation to the archetype and allows that monster to attack directly if they have no Toon monsters, A really powerful card that would make Toons a very powerful deck with endless strategic possibilities, and might I also add it's clever naming in not having "Toon" in it's name preventing it from getting an easy grab by Table? Not too broken huh?

"Toon Briefcase" allows a normal summoned monster to return to the deck, whilst not as promising as your standard "Bottomless Trap Hole", shuffling a card into their deck will slow them down. "Shadow Toon" is essentially a Burn card that targets powerful monsters, whilst not as great, it still does massive damage in some form which could make up for your Toons not attacking that turn.

And even as far back as to the original anime there were a few, the famous of which is one many don't even consider belonging to the Toon decktype. "Doppleganger" AKA "Mimicat" AKA "That cat card that turned into Yugi's Summoned Skull". Yes in "Duelist of the Roses" the card was indeed powerful and not tied to the decktype, but when you think about it, Pegasus only played the card when "Toon World" was on the field, so it could possibly be nerfed to allow it's play specific to the decktype. What does it do? it's "Monster Reborn" OR "Magical Stone Excavation" depending on use, allowing you to grab any card from EITHER player's graveyard. I don't even need to comment on why this card would be worth-wild even if they do rewrite it to be used with Toons, everyone loves a card that does this, forget the ability to reuse your Toon monsters, how about the ability to grab a card from your opponent's graveyard and use it against them, how can you say no?

Episode 149 during the Dragons arc, was the first time we saw "Toon Table of Contents", and in my theory, if cards from the anime are released, chances are they have watched the episode and know of it's content, so it's not like they would not be aware of any other cards featured in that episode, that said, it could have been possible to release "Toon Mask" and "Toon Rollback". Unlike my other examples however, I can understand why it would have been difficult to release them. "Toon Rollback" gives you a second battle phase if your opponent negates a Toon attack, situational at best and generally all attack negations happen via destroying or banishing the attacking monster. "Toon Mask" could work, but it's current wording makes it situational. Tribute a Toon to get a Toon copy of the monster your opponent summoned, simply put, NO ONE uses "Masked Sorcerer", "Ryu-Ran" or even "Dark Magician Girl" anymore, even "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" is not common enough to justify using it. It it was rewritten however it would be a very different story! If it relied on the monsters type, attribute and level, my favourite example, Your opponent summoned "Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos", "Toon Mask" would give Toon users a grand reason to use "Manga Ryu-Ran"!

And again, the anime isn't a restriction, new original cards are VERY possible, from a Toon version of "Heavy Storm" to a Toon version of "Rush Recklessly", even cards that work in a completely different way that give Toons a better fighting chance, the possibilities are endless, I could fill an entire article with ideas of my own for Toon support, but this is from the perspective of what the actual card makers could do.

4. Cards based on protecting Toon-based cards in ANY WAY!: Like I said before, everyone has a card that destroys something, even you! so it should be to no surprise that this be the main thing Toons will need to combat the meta, so it's not uncommon, in fact every archetype has had some form of destruction effect, another reason why Toon support should be made.

If there ever was a such card, it should be a no-brainer, a card that essentially protects “Toon World” from being destroyed, not unheard of, an absolute MUST and something that has been one of the big central focuses of the deck since it’s creation, I have used “Magic Reflector” and “Card Guard” specifically for this purpose, I’ve even used “Carrieroid”, for such an essential card why doesn’t it have some form of protection?

And it’s not just “Toon World” itself, since most Toons cannot attack the turn they are summoned, why must they be exposed to the elements during the wait? Especially in a meta where cards do not even last a turn in play before the bomb drops?

BUT WAIT, the Internet cried back! What about “Toon Defense”?

Yeah, refer me to literally the WORST Toon support we have, yes it protects Toons from being attacked, but only the Lv4 ones, and even then forces you to take the blow, which for a decktype requiring you to pay lifepoints is very costly. Even if you argue it’s good, “Astral Barrier” does the same thing but with no limits at all, so on it’s own it’s worthless, I have never used it in my deck and I’m the guy who uses that “Manga Ryu-Ran” in his Toon deck.

I’m talking the “Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord” type effect that protects them from destruction for a turn, or something that forces your opponent to draw his attention away from your Toons, which in most cases he/she will want them gone during the current turn.

5. A possible Toon Archetype

Again I have to remind you, Toons are not an archetype, they are a monster type much like Unions, Spirits and Gemini monsters are, and honestly, I have seen archetypes that already exist that should have been makeshift into Toon monsters for it’s own sake. “Madolches”, “Vehicroids” and even the recently announced “Ghostrick” monsters are goofy enough that they look like Toon monsters and could have been considered as such, but sadly not.

Toons do not have to follow the “Toon World” formula, what about an archetype of Toons that require a different Spell or Trap card to be summoned in the same way as “Toon World” offers regular Toons?

Even failing that, did you know that “Ancient Gear” and “Gadget” monsters work together? make a new archetype, then have a Toon monster use members of that archetype in some shape or form, like “Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon” uses Gadgets to gain additional effects? Sub-types even exist, like the “XX-Sabers” working with “X-Sabers”, it could be possible to do so with Toons.

I said I wouldn’t give my own examples, but here is one that I keep going back to that could bring out interesting possibilities. I won’t describe what the cards are or what they do, but they required or used the following monsters...

“Dark Rabbit”, “Parrot Dragon”, “Genin”, “Hungry Burger”, “Niwatori”, “Dream Clown”, “Bickuribox” and “Toon Alligator”

Why those cards specifically? I am of course reffering to the video game “Duelist of the Roses” where those cards actually counted as Toon monsters and gained field advantage from Toon World, but ignoring that, some of those monsters Pegasus not only used in the early series of the anime, he also used them in conjunction with “Toon World” itself, but not announcing them as new and improved monsters like Kaiba’s “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” into it’s Toon form. Which has me thinking, these cards might have originally been intended to have been Toon monsters, but are not connected as such. so this got my creative juices thinking that there could be a strategy made from this, and thus, I based an entire structure deck on them! Some of the cards I made had them class as Toon Monsters for a turn, the main Monster of that structure deck I made, gained an additional effect if one of those monsters are used for the summon (not saying which one).

And once again this is not the limit, how about an archetype of monsters that aid the more powerful Toon monsters? How about a range of Synchro or Xyz monsters requiring Toons for the summon?

Altogether, to all those saying this cannot be done, I assure you I have barely even scratched the surface when it comes to the possibilities for new cards, but the point I keep stressing it this.

Toons have needed support for 11 years, even longer if you consider that they weren’t even that powerful when they first came out, I have given reasons and examples but what it amounts to is the fact that Toons are begging to be touched upon for new support and there is no reason not to. If the day comes and they do release support, I will celebrate, even if the card ends up not improving the decktype, it’s existence will at least tell me that they are aware.

I’ve gone on and on, and again I have said all of this before and for years on end I have hoped but not received that dream Toon support I have been hoping for. I don’t like using meta-decks personally but if Toons reached that level of broken that the recent Dragon Rulers are providing, I would gladly play them without question, but even if they don’t, if they get that support they need and it helps against the meta today I would use that in tournaments.

My final words for this article is, there IS hope, and it CAN happen. I talked to a guy who worked at Konami and brought this up, whilst brief I still managed to get my suggestion across, and even Konami themselves e-mailed me, not promising anything but essentially saying it’s possible. Ignoring that, recent releases have shown me that it can be possible, all I have to do is hope for the best.

Leave a comment below and tell me your opinions about Toon monsters, avoiding the “Toons suck” comment if you can, do you hold a similar hope than I? do you too think Toons should gain the support they much deserve?

So let me close this article with a proper sendoff. Toon Monsters are based on the wacky cartoons of our childhood, but sadly certain cartoons are taken off the air and often forgotten, but then those same cartoons come back, either as a new batch of episodes or a brand new incarnation with new ideas, shows like Transformers, Batman and (funny enough) Looney Toons have done this.

So isn’t it only fitting that Toons get that same attention?

That’s all folks? For Toons it shouldn’t have to be ;)

Written by: Thomas Newman


Yes new Toon Support came out May 2015, almost 2 years since this was first written, I am going to write a document followup to this. The above document is being kept for archive purposes from now on so keep that in mind.
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