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Digimon Masters Online - Bad Community by Pokelord-EX Digimon Masters Online - Bad Community by Pokelord-EX
This was drawn a very long time ago, and I do not have access to a scanner so you will forgive the quality here as I had to use a camera, the meaning behind it is a reflection of what I truly think of the video game in question...

"Digimon Masters Online" is dubbed the WORST video game I have ever been addicted to.

And yes, I have played this for months on end, and most of it involved the what I like to call "The Digmon Gold Rush". Highly involves people going to this one section of the Western Map to attack Digmon bosses that spawn after a kill count has been met, whoever attacks the Digmon first is entitled to the loot it drops, and they will always drop 1 "Monster Card Lv2", which is highly sought after for the loot that those drop.

Here's where it gets bad though, MC2 is highly sought after to the point where it's become an all-out war against players including myself, people are finding ways to "Farm" these bosses (hence the title "Digmon Gold Rush") and everyone comes up with clever ways to take claim straight when they spawn, some not even participating in the countdown, many like to "channel change" in order to participate in the Gold Rush straight after being involved on another Gold Rush on another server. But the funny thing is, none of these things are illegal and everyone is there for the same reason, to grab loot.

Why was I even there? because the sad part is those Monster Cards were necessary, to spawn bigger monsters to hopefully drop loot which you NEED to evolve your Digimon (Think Evolution Stones in Pokemon, but you need tons of them for even 1 Digimon!), and it's no surprising that everyone else want's them so badly.

Simple as it is, everyone loves to have a go at everyone, because everyone has different opinions on exactly who is "entitled" to the bosses that spawn. Some say it's the people who participated in the countdown (ie, those who killed Digmon in order to make the bosses show up), others say that it's for the people who remain on one server channel and not surfers, others say it belongs to the ones who intentionally farms for even the countdown to happen. Those who don't follow to their ideals of who is entitled to that claim, is called a stealer, which is what I've been called many times, no matter what I try to do. At first I simply apologized and tried to live up to their expectations, only to be called a stealer by someone else.

No matter how hard I try, everyone calls me a stealer just because they got unlucky, and I know this because I have followed their rules to the letter, but the fact remains, no matter what the method, the item belongs to the one who attacked the Digmon first, everything is just a means to an end, and the only reason why people announce me as a stealer is because they are upset that I managed to get there first. And I know this, because I had arguments with people who have no real justification to my actions, and two stick out in my mind.

One is a guy who, I joke you not, did everything I did word for word, we stayed on one channel, killed an equal number of small Digmon, and got 1 Digmon boss each thus getting 1 MC2 each, AND STILL CALLED ME A STEALER! Even though I did exactly what was asked of me and despite the fact that he did the same thing, thus making a very valid point, if I am truly stealing, then so is he because he did nothing different!

Another guy is someone who did channel surf and didn't even attack any Digmon at all, I got there first and he called me a stealer on live chat, but I constantly tried to message him asking what I did wrong, getting no response whatsoever, and I even told him I would give him a free MC2 just for a simple response, until finally he messages me one time saying "It's not about the MC, it's about my honor", which is hypocritical because I am showing that I am willing to compromise, there is no honor because he wasn't even willing to talk! So even though that MC was mine I was willing to let him have it if only for a simple response, if he thought I was stealing that is wrong because I am giving back the MC that he claims I stole back to him.

And then there are those people who, even after calling me a stealer, then proceed to wait for me to spawn the Monster Cards for me to use, only to then take those monsters away from me, which is actually stealing because those MC are mine, and this is definitely confirmed to be theft by the Digimon Website itself!

I'll tell you why these guys reacted the way they did, because everyone playing this game is out for themselves and don't care for anyone else, which to me eliminates the reason for it being an MMORPG! Rules or not they reacted this way because they are upset about not getting items. The few people on my friend's list on that game got it because they were nice, asked nicely and gave me opportunities out of kindness, this should be considered an in-game achievement because literally everyone else I've met is a complete jackass who won't even at least give me a constructive response! As if understanding and compromise do not exist!

Leading me to the worst thing about this game, I've become famous for being a makeshift stealer and yet haven't been banned, I've sent reports to those who break real laws in the game and never fall through, I have asked serious questions about the game only to receive robotic responses that have nothing to do with the subject I was addressing. THERE IS NO ADMIN SYSTEM IN THIS GAME! Which is a very bad thing in an online game essentially opening the doors and saying "Feel free to be the biggest assholes you can be because you will not be stopped because we are not there!", you even have to buy an item to even report somebody to begin with, WHY THE HELL DO I NEED A MUSHROOMON EGG TO GET A RESPONSE FROM AN ADMIN?!

Digimon Masters Online is the WORST game I have ever been addicted to, and the reason I was addicted was because of these reasons...
1. It takes hours to level up
2. the game rewards you items for staying online for long periods of time
3. All the quests (no joke) are killing quests, ALL OF THEM!!!
4. Getting new Digimon is an endless nightmare that requires hours and hours of killing for even 1 egg, let alone gaining hundreds of them because they are made of glass and break just as easily!
5. Because I am a fan of Digimon and was willing to stay despite the bullcrap because I am a loyal fan.
6. They recently came out with new maps based on the first season.
7. Certain raid bosses don't spawn for half an hour (this is not counting Digmon)
8. Beanstalk Village is mentioned in-game, leading me to have high hopes that my favorite Digimon (Mamemon) will be added to the game eventually.

These reasons do not justify this game, whilst it seems like a good idea to make an MMO about Digimon, it wears out very quickly. If you want a good Digimon game, may I recommend "Digimon World" as in the original for the Playstation 1? It's a fun and relaxing game with replayability and a great story and still remains my personal canon on what I think makes Digimon great. Or if not that, try "Digimon World 2", "Digimon World 2003", "Digimon Dawn/Dusk", "Digimon Digital Card Battle", hell even "Digimon Rumble Arena" and "Digimon Racing", even the disappointing "Digimon World Re:Digitize" for PSP, at least those are 1-2 players, at least those don't require hours of grindfests at a time to do one thing, at least those games have stories worth caring about, at least there is no community in those games to go so sour.

But take it for me, this game is best avoided, but if you are going to play this game take my advice, keep the human contact to a minimum (which is sad because it destroys the point of it being an MMORPG), and even then, STAY AWAY FROM THE DIGMON GOLD RUSH! and above all else, try to have a good time and if you aren't having fun then switch the game off at that second! no valuables or bosses are worth the grief.

Oh, one last thing, I was hacked and had all of my items stolen, and the admin did nothing to track him/her down, offer any compensations for my trouble, or even want to prevent future cases. I think that about sums it all up.

"Digimon Masters Online", the Official carrier of the title of "Worst Game I have ever been addicted to", no one to blame but myself, but that doesn't excuse this game for it's problems either ;)
jhonVega Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
Lol you're funny, come bak :3
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