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Chapter 36: Secret of the Avatar

After Alex's encounter with Sparrow, and the first landmark destroyed, the heroes decide what they should do next, at a small café in the town.
"I wish I was quick enough" Alex said under her breath.
"There wasn't much you could do" Tomo told her, handing her cup of tea to her, then he handed tea to everyone else, "It's our fault for not being there, but what's done is done and now we have to find the other landmarks before they do".
"That won't be easy" Daisy sighed, "our boat was destroyed and getting here was no easy trip."
As Tomo, Daisy and Alex were discussing what could be done, Max was starring at his cup of tea.
"What IS this stuff?" he asked Justin
"It's tea" Justin replied "It's good for you"
Max took a sip and choked
"Tastes terrible! Who drinks this stuff?"
Justin finished drinking his and gave a satisfied gasp, it filled him up nicely, Max just gave him a look, "Your sick you know that?" Max told him.
Alex was looking at a map when she noticed something.
"What's this?" she asked Daisy, and she pointed to a small red dot with a small picture of a life preserver next to it.
"Of course!" Daisy gasped, "the rescue centre! The port that gets into contact with the mainland!"
"Well what are we waiting for?" Tomo asked, "we better get moving!"
"Good" said Max, "I was getting rather sick of this 'tea' anyway".

It took a while, but thanks to a map Daisy bought from the village, it took less time getting back. They made it to the rescue centre only to see it in ruin, charred and blown up, and bits of building lay on the floor everywhere, strangely there were no people around.
"Well what now?" Max asked
"Impossible!" said Alex, "What could have done this?" and she flew across the debris to look for clues.
"Maybe if there is anything left of the communications systems…"
Daisy started sniffing about, "Do you smell gunpowder?"
Alex went to the wreckage of a small cabin, and noticed a cannonball inside.
"Captain Orca" she noted, and just at that moment, they heard a noise, the noise of people shouting and yelling, they all turned around, but Alex flew quickly into the wrecked cabin for cover. They could all see a ship coming towards them out of the cover of ice bergs where they must have been hiding, it was the same pirate ship they encountered before, only it was battered and crooked from the incident with only shoddy patch jobs keeping it together. They could see the crew on board, with Captain Orca on the front.
All cannons (though cracked and in bad shape) were aimed at the shore.
"Big deal" Max laughed "Tomo can just kick your ass a second time, right Tomo?"
Tomo just smurked, "I have a better idea".

"THIS IS YOUR BETTER IDEA?" Max yelled at Tomo, they were held captive once again by the Europa Pirates, and this time they were tied by ropes and swords and guns were pointing at them to avoid any further mistakes.
"Enjoy yee visit to the icy shores vampire?" Orca asked him, "well it's the last spec of land yee will be seein' for a while after what happened last time, if only we knew what to do with yee."
"Why are you after us?" Daisy asked, "It wasn't us that destroyed your ship!"
"It's me they are after because of that rumble we had" Tomo told her
"Our battle was fought fair" Orca interrupted, "I have no regrets fighting yee, but alas, there is still the case of our ship, which you very people destroyed!"
"Again, it wasn't us!" Daisy yelled, Captain Orca walked up to get and grabbed her by the neck.
"Don't act like we don't know who yee truly are lassy" he spoke in a quiet, threatening voice, and then he threw her down onto the deck, "Yee be one of the legendary characters, you are an Avatar!"
"A what?" everyone asked together, this included the crewmembers
"Yee don't know the legends of the great sea serpent? creator of tidal waves and demon of the depths? the very thing that destroyed our ship? Which SHE SUMMONED!"
"Could he be talking about the leviathan?" Tomo thought to himself, "but I thought Daisy only harnessed his water magic"
Daisy was struggling to get up due to her rope binds, "I didn't let him out!" she cried
"Let who out?" Justin asked calmly
"He summoned himself" Daisy went on, her words muffled with pain and fright, "I tried to contain it but…"
Then one of the Dolphin crewmembers spoke.
"Sir, if I may interrupt, weren't there five of them before?" and he pointed to Tomo, Daisy, Justin and Max, and it was then everyone noticed Alex was missing.
Whilst all this was going on, Alex was standing on the rudder of the ship out of sight, below the captain's quarters, she could hear what was going on.
"Don't worry," she said to them in her head, "I'll find a way to save you, just wish I had a plan."

Later, they were in the brig locked up and under supervision. Daisy was in her own cell whilst Tomo, Justin and Max were in a much smaller cell.
"I see," said Justin to Tomo, "by allowing us to get captured it opens the opportunity to get to the mainland easier"
"Getting out of their clutches is the hardest part" Tomo put in, "They seem quite bitter over what happened."
Daisy sighed, "I'm sorry about this" she told them
Justin grinned at her "It's not your fault, we all had intentions of getting the better of them due to how we were treated, if the fight continued Tomo would have…"
"NO!" Daisy interrupted, and then she grew silent for a moment. "I'm sorry for not being totally honest"
"Orca said you were an Avatar" said Tomo, "what is that exactly?"
"I did some research on my powers and capabilities, when a mortal stands before a great being known as 'Guardians', if they deem the mortal worthy, they fuse with the mortal to give them powers akin to those of the guardian."
"That's right" said Justin "you said you got your powers from the leviathan from a stone tablet right? That describes you pretty well."
Daisy crossed her arms and looked away in shame.
"There comes a time when a guardian wishes to be reawakened after a said amount of time in captivity. That night when you were fighting Orca, I felt ill, that was the summon trying to get out, and when it did it decided to tear this ship apart, there wasn't much I could do."
"So that's what happened, that makes a lot of sense, but even so, it got us out of a tricky situation, so really it worked in our favour didn't it?"
"That's not what I am upset about Max" She told them, "I'm frightened it'll happen again, the leviathan is a powerful creature and if it decides to summon itself again it could go after you! I don't want that!"
"You mean you can't control it?"
"I wish I knew how, it's just that I had my powers for so long I didn't think there would be a catch, and I should have realised from the beginning, I thought he just gave me my power over water, that's what makes me an Elemental type, but knowing he is inside of me, I cannot imagine what he would do if anything angered her."
Typical Max replied, "It's a she?"
"It's ok we'll discuss it later" Tomo told her, "right now we need a plan to get out and find something to ride in for the way back."
"Where is Alex anyway?" Justin wondered, "wasn't she with us when the ship approached?"

On the top deck, Dolphin and Penguin crewmembers were working on more patchwork for the ship, Captain Orca was in his captain quarters and a majority of the rest of the crew were below deck.
"These apples need to be taken below deck to the cargo hold!" and he pointed to some crooked barrels, two penguins came forth and took two of them and carried them below deck, one went to the brig and put it on the far side of the room away from the cells.
"Hope ya like apples cause it's all we got!" he told the prisoners. When he left the room the guard keeping watch got up from his seat and walked up to the barrel, hoping to get a snack. When he opened the barrel…
Alex arose from inside and grabbed him covering his mouth, and then knocked him out with a large swing of her Desperado Cannon, everyone was overjoyed to see her!
"We were worried about you!" Tomo told her
Alex smiled, hearing that made her feel better about what happened with Sparrow
"Great minds think alike" she told them as she looked for the keys to the cell, "I had a feeling you would use this ship to our advantage so I decided to stay undercover until we could escape.
"But how?" Max asked her, "there are no lifeboats, well, none that work", he then thought for a moment, "why did you think this plan would work again?"
"I've been thinking" she said, "If I fly back carrying a few of us they won't be able to catch us when we are high up, the problems are I cannot fly back without a clear direction of where I'm going, otherwise I'll tire and won't make it back to shore, BUT I've fixed the rudder, so we are heading south whether they like it or not. Also I cannot carry everyone."
"So we have to wait until we are close enough to land, that may take a while, but what do we do in the meantime?"
Alex handed Tomo the keys, but Tomo didn't free himself.

Up on deck, Captain Orca was surveying the crew and their work, he was being followed by a crewmember in the form of a walrus.
"Everything seems to be patching up cap'n"
"Aye but it may not be for much longer, are the prisoners secured?"
"They should be cap'n, want me to check?"
"I'll do it myself, just to be sure!"
He went below deck and saw nothing had changed, save for the guard in the corner who appeared to be asleep, everyone was still in their respective cells.
"I see things be in order" he said to the guard, the guard waved at him, this is actually Alex lifting his hand to avoid attention, Orca turned to Tomo.
"And I be wanting some info, there be no way you would have allowed yourself to be captured unless you had some kind of intent"
"Understandable" said Tomo, trying to be convincing, "but you did catch us off guard, and at a time when we were exhausted from the cold"
Captain Orca pondered for a moment, "I suppose"
"Excuse me?" Daisy asked, Captain Orca was not keen on answering to any of them, but allowed her to continue, "you said you knew about Avatars, what else do you know about them?"
"Yee have already damaged our ship with your power, if I told yee what I knew, it would work in your favour wouldn't it?"
"I'm only curious to know if you have seen it happen before, you seem to know what they are."
"Only in myth, and now that I've seen it first-hand, only confirms the legend."
"Come on" Max charmed, "can't you entertain us with a story or two? I know one about an Angel at an Ice Temple back on File Island…"
"We have already decided the appropriate punishment, we have been stumped on what to do with yee lass, but rest assured, we be a cruel band of pirates, and we are going to start by chaining this one up (he points to Daisy) and throw her overboard! Lets see her get out of it a second time!"
He darted away, on his way out he shouted to the crew to prepare, Alex peeked out of her hiding place, everyone was looking at Daisy who felt gloomy.
"Alex? You might want to go back into hiding for now, when I give the word we will spring into action!"

Later on, the crew were chanting some song, as Daisy walked the plank wrapped in iron chains, she didn't look too happy, in fact she had thought if this sinking feeling was because of something else.
"Yee wanted to know a bit more about Avatars" Orca called out, "here's one for you, those bonds will prevent the creature from emerging, lets see you get out of this one!"
"Chains" Daisy chuckled "doubt this would be enough"
The Pirates kept chanting as Daisy slowly walked to the edge of the plank, staring down into the waters which looked dark in her eyes, she was hoping Tomo's plan would work.
"Now then" Orca stated, waving a sword at her, "JUMP!"
Though instead of jumping, Daisy just lazily fainted off the plank and into the oceans below, the pirates cheered with praise, however Captain Orca was not smiling, he wasn't too content with her sinking, and instead peered over the ship to see the bubbles on the surface. Still not content, Captain Orca grabbed his anchors (now shoddily repaired after the last time they were used), and jumped straight into the ocean.

Just as one dolphin pirate jumped in out of intimidation, the ship started to shudder and shake, at first it just felt like an odd tremor, until the crew look around to see the wooden planks and patchworks of the newly-fixed ship decide to crumble in thin air. It's as if the whole ship is compressing in on itself, slowly and gradually.
"It can't be!" one crewmember said, the crew began to scramble and rush to all corners of the ship trying to find the lifeboats. Amidst the panic one of the dolphin pirates rushed downstairs, only to find Tomo, Justin and Max still there in the prison bars, now he sees the prison guard unconscious, now he was beginning to suspect something.
"What's going on?" asked Tomo
Instead of replying, he opened the cage to let them out and grabbed Tomo by the head.
"Where is she?" he threatened "and don't act up, I know exactly what's going on!"
"What are you talking about?"
"I seem to recall a teenage girl with wings amongst your crew, she's here isn't she, answer me now!"
"Alex is here to save us?" Justin gasped, this was a lie of course meant to fool him.
"Confess or I will kill you right here and now!"
"That's not much of a threat!" Tomo said, a devious look in his eyes, "Or did you forget what I'm capable of?"
Instantly he morphed out of his grasp, then turned one of his limbs into a hammer and knocked the crewmember to one side.
"How dare you!"
"Truth is I could have broken out at any time" Tomo explained, "we just needed a ride to the mainland, and unfortunately you don't have a choice! Tell your captain to set a course south or we'll all be swimming with the fishes!"
The crewmember laughed out loudly, "that's not much of a threat, you are the ones who will be swimming with the fishes, and in case you haven't forgotten, we happen to be fish ourselves!"
Max looked out of the window.
"OH NO!" Max shouted, "IT'S THAT HIDIOUS CREATURE, AND IT'S HEADING THIS WAY!", again this was a lie, and to hear Max overreact the way he did you could easily tell this was a bluff.

Meanwhile, underwater Captain Orca swam deeper to see if Daisy was still sinking, at last he saw her, along with Alex who was trying to free her from her chains.
"Foolish girl!" he spoke, "You think I didn't notice you were hiding from me?", he then drew out his anchor ready to fight, "Let's see how well you fight underwater!"
Alex had no time to react, and she took the first solid punch from Orca, fortunately Alex had unlocked a single lock and Daisy could wiggle some of it off whilst they fought. Alex was fortunate to get one cannon around her arm and began to fire, but because of the water slowing her movements Orca easily dodged it, as with her other attacks, eventually Orca grabbed her by the arms.
"You made a grave mistake fighting me here" he smiled, "now you and your friends shall drown and revenge shall be mine!"
There was nothing Alex could do, try as she might her struggles could not break her free, Daisy was still sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss. Suddenly, something his Orca's back, a strange black orb had shot and then evaporated as soon as it did damage to Orca, he looked up suddenly, only to see Trinity sinking down to aid Alex, eyes still open with aura, her psychic powers were what was causing the ship to collapse.
"You had a 6th member?" he shouted, this was just enough time for Alex to point her cannons directly at Orca's head, she used one finger to point down, and then straight upwards, trying to force Orca to free Daisy and take them to the surface.

Meanwhile Tomo, Justin and Max were trying to make use of the chaos above, and find means of escape, but with the ship already in bad shape it was hard to make out what they could use to float on.
"We're doomed" said Max, "we are going down with the ship!"
Just then, some crewmembers suddenly realised they were escaping, and decided to pick a fight with them. Tomo was capable of holding his own, whilst Justin used some of his fighting moves to fend for himself, even Max decided to get in there and give some of those pirates a good Smiley Bomb to the face, however all this fighting was getting them nowhere and time was running out, and the battle against the pirates was only making the ship crumble faster.

The chaos continued and the ship kept crashing beneath them, eventually they started to worry about Alex and the others, when suddenly there was a loud noise, so loud everyone stopped what they were doing. A loud and screeching roar, filled the entire area, everyone was looking around to see where it was coming from, even the ship stopped crumbling for a moment.
"Did something happen to Trinity?" Justin thought to himself, Tomo and Max were thinking the same thing, along with what happened to Daisy and Alex, and where was the captain in all of this?
Then, before anything else, "IT'S COMING, ABANDON SHIP!" and all of the pirates were diving into the water hoping to escape the sudden tremors from below the oceans, something was coming towards them, and it was something big!
Eventually Alex shot up from the ocean gasping for air, and then Trinity came out, Justin and Max helped them onto the remains of the ships.
"What happened?" asked Tomo, ripping off his shirt to give to Alex
"Your plan backfired" Alex told them, still coughing after being in the water too long, "you were hoping Daisy wouldn't have to summon the leviathan, Trinity did her best but Orca somehow knew I was there"
"Where is Daisy now?" asked Justin
"Grab onto something" Alex ordered them, "she's coming, and she's coming fast!"
"You don't mean…"
"I'm afraid so" Trinity said, "and judging from that loud roar I'd say it's angry."
The oceans began to grow violent.
"PREPARE FOR THE WORST!" Tomo yelled as loud as he could, the suspense was getting to everyone, it could attack at any time, and to make matters worse, Orca slammed his anchor weapon on the ship to wedge it in and used it to pull himself aboard.
"I knew ye were trouble!" he snarled, "but if I'm going down with the ship, so will my enemies!"
He raised his anchor up ready to lash at Tomo, no one could do anything as they were anticipating the leviathan's arrival, even Tomo was helpless, but just as the anchor was about to hit Tomo, there was a loud crashing of waves as something giant and alive rose up from the surface, sending the remnants of the ship and everything in it through the air. From the middle of it all, there was a blinding light, and they could hear a voice from inside.
"Don't be fearful, I will get you to safety!"
Shortly after that, everything faded to black.

The sun was setting in the distance, alongside a desolate beach littered with rubbish, a dried up dock coated with seaweed and barnacles, other than that it was completely plain and empty. To add to the already filth-filled sands were large planks of wood, and several flapping fish desperate to reach the ocean after being flung out, Wingulls took advantage of this and began eating this fish, some where pecking at some of the debris, and some were pecking at something else that had washed up on shore.

The Wingulls flew immediately as Justin woke up, coughing up seawater, he looked around to see where he was, and found Trinity on her back nearby, he rushed towards her to see if she was ok, and called her name until she began to wake.
"I'm glad your ok" Trinity smiled and she stroked Justin's cheek as she lay there, "I was worried about you".
"Where are the others?" Justin lightly asked,
"No need to get up" said a muffled voice, Justin turned to see two red feet sticking out of the sand, clearly they belonged to Max, and save for a few waggles of his feet he could not move much. Justin and Trinity could hear footsteps, they turned to the left to see Alex slowly heading towards them squeezing her wings to rinse the water away, and finally, from the wreckage of wood Tomo shoved a plank aside, but couldn't move anymore as he was the most beaten up, Alex rushed to help him out.
Justin had to ask, even if Trinity may have been afraid to answer, "What happened back there?"
"Please don't blame her" she spoke, "I've known my master for a long time and Daisy would never have allowed this if she…"
"That's alright" Tomo interrupted, "if anything we should be thanking her, we got out of there ok, and look, Old bottle bay! We made it back!"
Soon everyone was up, worn out and hurt, but releaved it was over, except for one thing…

Justin managed to get Max out of his sand pile, when he did he noticed a small piece of paper attached to Max's butt, he took it and began reading.
"Watch the merchandise?" Max yelled
"Hold up!" Alex said raising one hand, "shouldn't we wait for Daisy? She can't be nearby, DAISY!"
Justin had just finished reading, he could not believe it, and almost began to cry…

"Tonight proves it, I cannot control my guardian, and until I do, stay well away from me, go find Vincent on your own, by staying it will only causing more trouble.

Take care of Trinity for me

With love, Daisy"

End of Chapter 6
I don't care if I have missed a mistake or two, this thing is being uploaded NOW!

Geez how long has it been? and the finished product has been in my hard drive for goodness how long =S

But anyways, I can safely say this is harder than rewritting what I wrote in college, but it does help the story forward I suppose.
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