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Pokemon nostalgia - full+backs

By Pokekoks
Pokemon and these designs (excluding panda) are (C) to Nintendo/Game Freak.
Sprites are (C) to me (excluding most of backs).

All small sheets: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

I make a cell phone game (hack of pkmn silver) on MeBoy emulator with these. So you can't use them.

All front sprites are made from scratch excluding electric spiders, cause I'm too lazy.

Most of backs are based on original backsprites. Anyway it took me a lot of time and work.

I dunno when I'll make this hack. Maybe soon.

Hope you like them.

Ah, and I haven't made all of 5 gen coz I just didn't wanted to. The panda bear you might not know is my fakemon.
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© 2011 - 2021 Pokekoks
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ShitdrawingShitpostr's avatar
I just love how the Yin/Yang Dragons are just casually air-guitarring each other edgily...
Weirdo-Palkia-AWSOME's avatar
Whats the chance you could revamp these? 
Theses are absolutly awsome btw!!!
Pokekoks's avatar
Chances for revamping these are pretty low, since the point of these is to look like they're from the old games; that's why I made them in the first place.
Weirdo-Palkia-AWSOME's avatar
Your welcome!
Damit, I've been looking for gen 4-esqe back sprites for gen 5-6 for a while (I like the look of them, I dont know why), and this batch is the closeset I've found thus far. And i don't know how to revamp sprites, hence why I asked if you could do it  '^-^
Herotothecastle's avatar
I Love these so much ugh i would love to see all of these pokemon in like a pokemon yellow-esk game

P-ChanAndP-Kun's avatar
Musharna is creepy O_O
TwistedToonTaylor's avatar
I just saw monsters university... Simisear used jazz clown scare tactic! It's not very effective...
emerisforreal's avatar
pokemon nostalgia version :D
heyelsi's avatar
Aaaah old-style sprites goodness <3 Such lovely colors.
Ninplanet123's avatar
Pokemon Nostalgia Version - not to be confused with Pokemon NostalgiaFag Version.
JL-UM's avatar
Who's that pokemon between Amoonguss and Joltic
scizzorluv's avatar
It's a fakemon he made.
MPT0922's avatar
Probably Emolga. I had a hard time telling.
pinkiestar's avatar
whoa that is so cool. i just found this on reddit.
Iakop's avatar
This is just too beautiful. I do not even know what to say.
ZaoMonichi's avatar
I didn't forget.
mizuba109's avatar
I want to use your this picture in my HP.
OmniMK's avatar
Simply amazing!! I took one look and thought, "Oh... Just some old Gold and silver sprites..." But when I realized what pokemon they really were... I just cant stop staring!
Tai1717's avatar
Can I use them??? not for games but for signatures or trainer cards
Onyx-Leviathan's avatar
Nostalgia ftw
saved saved saved
TheRomanEmpire's avatar
The awful newer pokemon designs don't look so bad in GBC style. Is there a playable demake using these sprites?
Pokekoks's avatar
I've put about a half of those sprites in Pkmn Gold, but a lack of hacking programs forced me to abort this project
smashyoshi's avatar
i understand your fakemon being there but what about that spiritomb?
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