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  • 978: The death of the great ruler, King of Solitaire
  • 995: After years of negotiations there is still no final result; Solitaire gets divided
  • 996. by rani-ki Lady Aramis,Virizion, along with followers head to the east side of Solitaire
  • 997. by rani-ki Cobalion claims big parts of the north for his new Kingdom
  • 998: . by rani-ki  Erikur, Terrakion, claims the western and southern parts.


  • 999:   . by rani-ki The Kingdom of Clubs is founded. Lady Aramis becomes queen. Plans to construct castle begin
  • 1000: . by rani-ki The Kingdom of Spades is founded
  • 1001: . by rani-ki The Kingdom of Diamonds is founded; a large diamond was discovered believing it to be a gift from the gods thus the capital city of Eureka was founded. 
  • 1001: . by rani-ki The kingdom is divided into three provinces, Val de du Vin, Hyacinthus, and Villam. Queen Aramis grants the title of Duke of Villam to Ambysto the Mudkip and Hyacinthus to Fleur the Floette
  • 1003: . by rani-ki Diamonds Gold Era begins: The Diamond Kingdom discovers different ores and gems and become the richest kingdom
  • 1006: . by rani-ki  Construction of the largest and greatest institution, Sethena Mouseion, is completed; Sophia Ptolemaic, Noctowl, become the first headmistress.
  • 1009: . by rani-ki The royal castle, Château de Chamboire, is completed
  • 1013: . by rani-ki King Cobalion passes. His daughter Queen Dragonair takes the throne
  • 1021: . by rani-ki . by rani-ki Queen Dragonair of Spades and Queen Magearna of Hearts sign a friendship treaty and form an alliance between both kingdoms
  • 1026: . by rani-ki  Naucatis City is founded by Countess Ailuros, meowth; Ailuros gives title to her brother Qut.
  • 1029: . by rani-ki Queen Kalyna the Dragonair resigns due to health issues, King Jaeyoon the Zekrom becomes the new ruler
  • 1031: . by rani-ki  Count Qut travels downward Nahr River; Country of Naucatis is founded. 
  • 1033. by rani-ki Training camp, Castra, is built for future knights.
  • 1037: . by rani-ki A plague spreads throughout the Kingdom, King Jaeyoon the Zekrom dies; a sudden snowstorm ends the plague and the Aka religion was born
  • 1045: . by rani-ki At the age of 70, Queen Aramis passes away due to natural causes. 
  • 1059: . by rani-ki Diamonds Gold Era ends with the coronation of the Queen Antoine
  • 1065: . by rani-ki The first Luvdisc Festival is celebrated to thank Luvdisc for his actions
  • 1066: . by rani-ki Luvdisc dies; the Luvdisc Festival becomes a yearly celebration
  • 1067: . by rani-ki A rebellion defeats Queen Antoine of Diamonds; the leader of the rebellion becomes the new King of Diamonds: Begin of the Pyroar Dynasty
  • 1171: . by rani-ki The first Petal Festival is celebrated by the nobles in Chamboire
  • 1220: . by rani-ki . by rani-ki The Spades Kingdom starts to support the Kingdom of Diamonds financially 
  • 1228. by rani-ki . by rani-ki The King of Diamonds gets murdered by the King of Spades; The Spades Kingdom takes over the Diamonds
  • 1240. by rani-ki . by rani-ki The Kingdom of Clubs and the Kingdom of Diamonds form an alliance
  • 1241. by rani-ki The start of Diamonds War of Independence
  • 1248. by rani-ki The King of Spades gets killed in the battle; the Queen retreated
  • 1249. by rani-ki The end of Diamonds War of Independence; the Kingdom of Diamonds gets its land back from Spades; the former kings son becomes ruler
  • 1250. by rani-ki . by rani-ki The Diamonds conquer a part of Spades territory: Durak is now part of the Diamonds Kingdom 
  • 1251. by rani-ki Queen Luxray resigns; King Empoleon takes over the throne
  • 1262. by rani-ki The rare Emperte Iron was found; it's named after the Spades ruler Empoleon who helps the kingdom recover from war
  • 1289. by rani-ki End of the Pyroar Dynasty; begin of the Solgaleo Dynasty
  • 1294: . by rani-ki The King of Hearts gets defeated by a knight who becomes the new ruler of the kingdom


  • 1320: . by rani-ki Alithea Kalinina becomes Queen of Spades
  • 1323. by rani-ki Sekhmet Galileo becomes King of Diamonds
  • 1326: . by rani-ki William Mandevilla, young son of King Henry becomes King of Clubs
  • 1328. by rani-ki The King of Clubs, William, disappears without a trace. Ayana Hortensia becomes new Queen of Clubs
  • 1328: . by rani-ki Colette Mercier becomes Queen of Hearts
  • 1329: . by rani-ki Queen Ayana Jacinthe Hortensia resigns; Sillaco Adenium becomes King of Clubs


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