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C U R R E N T ▪ R E S I D E N T S

Queen: Colette Mercier (Mega Audino) || Ruler
Jack: Gwendolyn Aurelia Whitlock (Nihilego) || Justiciar
Ace: Lehvio Var'umog (Shiny Lugia) || Master of Magic

10Dana Marice (Ditto) || Bodyguard for Hire 
9Iásthai "Chan" So (Chansey) || Doctor

8: Lottie Calidum (Drifblim) || Show Magician/Lottery Host
    Francesca Annette Boisseaux (Furfrou) || Lady
7Lilith Bane (Mismagius) || Magic Adviser
    Araceli Roseheart (Chimecho) || Doctor
    Grayson  (Gallade) || Knight
    Evelyn (Eevee) || Knight
6Kieran Spiel (Spewpa) || Apprentice wizard & assistant shopkeep
5Drew Assen (Gengar) || Assassin
    Yuuto Hime (Shiny Umbreon) || Book Store Owner
    Melanie Ashdown (Arcanine) || Furrier

4Gina (Gligar) || Street Magician 
    Luna Galeria (Musharna) || Sculptor
    Moonika Milky (Milktank) || Animal Caretaker
    Kira (Minccino) || Animal Caretaker
    Leo Park (Pikachu) || Performer
    Alice Bronbaum (Togetic) || Farm kid
    Melissa "Honey" Lambert (Ribombee) || Adventurer
    Nate Leblanc App (Serperior) || Gardener

3Banri (Lopunny) || Leader of Thieving Group
    Darla Chamberlayn  (Darkrai)|| Witch
    Mae Elynbrigge (Mew) || Wanderer
    Norse (Chandelure) || Servant
    Xio Zennik (Unown X) || Assassin

2Barrett Ryder (Charizard) || Ex-Thug Leader
    Tsubaki (Houndoom) || Vagabond, hired muscle

Official Name
: The Kingdom of Hearts
Nicknames: Heart Kingdom; Kingdom of Love; Red Kingdom
Current Ruler: Queen Colette Mercier
Captial City: Liberalis

The Heart Kingdom is the smallest of all four nations. Many people are migrating there to live and to search for help, but also to escape the war. It's not only a great and generous place to live, it's also an attraction for tourists since the old buildings and the architecture are really beautiful and detailed. No matter where you are, there is always an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're at home. The Heart Kingdoms main purpose is to spread the importance of charity.
The word "hunger" isn't known in a kingdom like this. The inhabitants help each other as well as the refugees that are escaping from war. Unfortunately many people take advantage of its generosity, which leads to a pretty high crime rate.

The Heart Kigdom is also known for its knowledge for magical mixtures and potions. That's thanks to the famous Cormeum cave and the crystals there which are the main source of the magical energy. Ancient stories say that you're only able to control magic, if you have a pure heart and a strong mind.

The kingdom is located in the center of all four nations. It is known for the many rich fields and its great export business. The agriculture is a main part of the income and since it's a well-running business they are able to sell the crop really cheap within the kindom.
The weather is well-balanced during spring, summer and autumn. Enough rain and sun for the herbs and vegetables to grow, so many people are taking advantage of the fertile ground to run their own fields to sell it or to feed their own family. The winter is not too cold, but still bad to plant, so it's important for them to have a rich harvest during the year. Overall the land is flat with a few hills, especially in the northern region where the grapevine grow.


(lat. "generous", descibes the kingdom and its goals for the future)
Capital city and seat of the queen. It's the biggest town of the kingdom and a place for everyone to find help and support.

P R O H I B I T U S ▪ R U I N S
(lat. "forbidden", old forest with antique ruins located in the northeast of the capital)
Old ruins that are forbidden to access due to protection of monuments and memorial.

C O R M E U M ▪ C A V E

(lat. cor meum "my heart", crystal cave that is located in the west of the kingdom)
It's told that the main power of the kingdom comes from the heart of this cave.

(lat. "victory", wealthy farm in the southern regions)
Main source of income since this farm is a great export partner for other kingdoms.

(lat. "lavender", farm in the northern regions)
Beautiful farm that got its name from the flowers and herbs that are growing there.

Once upon a time there was a great and successful king who ruled over his kingdom. He was loved and respected by every creature that inhabited his empire and as a ruler his name was known all over the world. As much as there was love, hate and jealousy weren't far away. His place as beloved king was sought-after. But he fought and proved over and over again that he was the rightful bearer of his title. Thanks to him the citizens lead a carefree life in a kingdom which they trusted and put their hope in. His nation was known as a pure balance of the four main spirits of this world. As if fate wanted it to be, the great ruler lost his heart to a young maiden who was always by his side on his way to the top. The wedding was quick to come and soon after he was a proud father of 4 healthy children. Children of which one of them was meant to be his official heir to the throne. At that time it wasn't clear what was going to happen to the wide areas which were under his control at the time. The kingdom was at its fullest splendor as the children grew up, but as time flew by the great ruler lost his shine and only grew older in the arms of his beloved family and kingdom. Sadly his natural death was too early, and thus he was never able to name the official heir to his throne. At this time the 4 children stood before an important decision. Who was going to be the next trightful leader and the successor of the great king?

Today, the Heart Kingdom is a lovely land for everyone. But it wasn't always that kind-hearted and full of love as it is now. Back then it just called itself the heart because it was in the middle of all four nations. It was ruled by cruel Pokémon with bad intensions, Seviper. But gladly there was one brave knight who was able to defeat the cruel ruler. He was praised in the whole land and was soon called the new king! This knight was Colette's grand-father. He was a great man who was able to recreate the lost love of this kingdom. Since then more and more people came there to live in peace, to avoid wars and to find acceptance.
A long time passed and the kings firstborn, a Dragonite, received his first child. It was Colette. Her Mother, Blissey, took good care of her while her father was being prepared to be the next ruler and to recreate all areas of the kingdom together with the grandfather.
It was her father's choice to lay the kingdom into her hands, since he suffered from a magical curse that couldn't be destroyed. She might still be a bit young, but this kingdom needs her right now. Since then, she works hard for everyone, to make her father proud, but is also trying to find the right spell to save her father.

Since the kingdom is known as a place for refugees, the Queen has a lot to manage. The athmosphere between Diamonds and Spades get more tense with every second. The citizens get nervous that the war could spread and cost peoples lives. That's why the Queen researches a lot about the magical crystals in her kingdom and sometimes sneaks out of the palace to do so. Thanks to her friend, Ditto, it's easy to escape the palace, since they can imitate her appearance. She wants to get stronger to meets everyones expectations.


Heart Kingdom has a strong bond with the Spades Kingdom and its ruler. They've been sharing this friendship since the Heart Kingdom had this kind of renaissance. They support each other in war, food transmission and many other things.
The Spades Kingdom gladly provides soldiers to keep up the safety of the Heart Kingdom since its ruler Alithea thinks that the crime rate in the Heart Kingdom is way too high due to the political system. The Spades imprt their iron and metal to the Heart Kingdom, and in return are provided with the Heart Kingdoms fresh harvest. They share a few communication bases at their border to exchange many ressources.
This agreement ensures saftey for the Heart Kingdom and the promise to support in war.

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