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 Emerald stood up and sighed. "I'm bored, let's go do some tasks Lance. Lance?" She turned to see Lance still sitting down. "Let's go, you might find something you'd like to do." 

 "Alright, but I'm not going to pick flowers or anything like that." He stood up, and followed Emerald to where all the tasks were. They looked through all of them and each decided on a different task. 

"Are you sure you're going to be alright by yourself Emerald?" He looked at Emerald, then at the task he chose. Emerald snorted in response and put a hand on her hips.

"You think I can't defend myself? I have Psychic, and Dazzling Gleam for dark types. Don't worry about me. See you!" And with that, she left to find the dungeon entrance, running with excitement.

   Lance watched her leave, and when he couldn't see her, he went to start his own task. Find and catch a Sceptile, can't be that hard, or can it, he thought as he hid in the shadows.

   Emerald was walking in the forest, being careful not to disturb anybody, while trying to find the entrance. Hole, tree stump, hole, tree stump, hole, thought Emerald as she looked for any holes in tree stumps. 

   What she didn't know was that three Phantump were watching her, smirking like crazy. The three started planning on what they would do to their next victim. "I know, how about we give her a scare she'll never forget," said a Phantump.

"Of course we know that! We've just repeated our tricks, we need something new!" She thought for a while, and then a idea came to her. "Hey, how about this...."

   There he is, he thought as he saw a Sceptile come out of a shop. The Sceptile had his tail missing, which meant that he was right. But I can't start a fight here, I'll just have to wait for him to go somewhere with less people. He followed him from a safe distance, not too close for him so suspect something, but not too far to lose sight of him. The Sceptile made a lot of stops, and none in deserted places. This is going to take hours, he thought.

"Still no sign of a tree stump with a hole! Where could it be?" She was still thinking about it when she tripped over something and fell down. "Did I have to fall over with this....," she said as she dusted herself off. Then she saw the vine, which one end was tied to a tree and the other end to a stump. "Alright, whoever did this, come out here right now!" 

"Okay, go, your turn." The leader of the three Phantump got behind Emerald, pulled her hair, and used Forest Curse on her. 

   Emerald flinched in pain, and then felt something weird. She looked at her hair and saw that it had leaves, and when she looked down, she saw flowers on her dress. Flowers and leaves? She thought to herself. 

"Why did you plant flowers, you were supposed to make her freak out!" She looked at Emerald, who was admiring the flowers, while trying to take off the leaves in her hair.

"It's not my fault, it has different effects on different pokemon!" The two Phantump started fighting about who was right. Suddenly, the third Phantump tapped another on the shoulder. 

"What?!" The third Phantump pointed behind him, right where Emerald was, towering over them.

   Lance was getting tired of this. Why don't I just fight him here and now? He's like Emerald, takes a long time buying stuff, he thought. Then, he saw him go to a open field, where there was nobody in sight. Perfect, he thought as he used Extreme Speed towards the Sceptile. 

 He hit him, but when he did, he saw it was a subsitute. He turned around and used Bone Rush to return the berries he had thrown. He easily dodged them, and them said," What do you want from me?"

  Lance threw the wanted paper towards him. As the Sceptile was looking at it, he also threw a Aura Sphere towards him. It hit, but when it finished, he was gone. Lance tried to sense the Sceptile's aura. Instantly, he knew that he was going to land on him and used Giga Drain. He dodged the Sceptile with Extreme Speed, and returned to attack him, but the Sceptile was ready. He threw berries at Lance, and he was going too fast to turn around. He was blown backwards, but landed on his feet. 

"I think it's time to end this." Lance smiled.

"I was thinking the exact same thing."

"You know you shouldn't be scaring people like that!" Emerald waited for them to respond. Instead, they smirked and disappeared. She turned around and searched for any sign of movement. They appeared a few feet away from her and two of them stuck out their tongue while the third one talked. 

"You can't tell us what we can and can't do, and you can't do anything to stop it!" They drifted off the opposite direction and Emerald chased after them, this time jumping a vine they had placed for her to trip a second time. Think I'm stupid, huh? Well, we'll just see about that, she thought as she ran after them.

   After a few minutes, Lance had some cuts and bruises, but that didn't stop him. The Sceptile then jumped towards Lance, trying to hit him with the sharp leaves on his arms. Lance blocked it with Bone Rush, then used Power-Up Punch on his stomach. The Sceptile groaned and flew backwards, and Lance threw him another Aura Sphere. After that, he used Extreme Speed to get him in case he escaped. Now let's get him where he needs to be, thought Lance as he carried the Sceptile.

"I think we lost her! Now let's find her and teach her who's boss!" As they were going back, they were hit by Dazzling Gleam. They fell to the ground and wiped their eyes. "I can't see!"

  When they recovered their sight back, they saw Emerald in front of them with a annoyed look. "Anything you would like to say to me?"

"Yes," the three of them said, sounding like they had been defeated.

"So, what do you want to tell me?" Emerald looked at them sweetly while waiting for their answer.

"Well, we want to tell you..," their faces changed from defeated to infuriated as they fired attacks at Emerald, " that you are not welcome here!"

  Emerald sped away, but the Phantumps would not let her leave easily. They fired attack after attack, showing no mercy.

  After turning in the Sceptile, he went for the other task he was going to do, help Luke build an outpost near a dungeon. As they were taking the some wood from the city to the dungeon, Lance was thinking if Emerald was doing better than him.

  Lance surely is doing better than me, thought Emerald as she kept running away from them, getting tired from all the running. Then, she tripped over something and fell into a hole. She then felt a enormous wave of pain on her left leg when she crashed, and seconds after that, she screamed very loud. The Phantump ran away covering their ears. While a Hawlucha came in the hole, covering her ears. "Are you okay?"

  Emerald kept screaming a little longer, then turned to see the Hawlucha. "No, I'm not okay, my leg hurts!" 

  She looks around and asks," How did you fall into this hole...wait, it's no hole, it the dungeon entrance!" She excitedly took some steps forwards to examine it. 

"My name's Emerald by the way." She tried getting up, but that only made her scream and collapse back down on the floor. Why did this have to happen to me, she thought, lucky me.

"Oh, here let me help you. Name's Gavina, but friends call me Vinnie." She helped her up, and to get out of the dungeon entrance.

  As they were getting closer, Lance saw a Hawlucha helping a...Kirlia? "Emerald!?" Lance dropped the wood and ran to see how Emerald was. "Are you okay? What happened? Why do you have leaves in your hair?"

  Emerald smiled at him, and said, "While I was trying to find the entrance, I came across these annoying little brats that were playing pranks on me, one of their pranks was their Forest's Curse. Then they ran away, I chased them, hit them, they got angry, and then I got chased, then I tripped with something and fell into the entrance and sprained my ankle." 

  Lance got Emerald, and then carried her. "You are not walking until your leg is healed. Until then, I will carry you." He looked at the wood he dropped. "Oh, yes, I need to finish the task. Will you be okay while I finish?" 

  I guess my luck has just changed, thought Emerald. "Yes, I'll be fine. Just put me down, you can't carry me and carry the wood at the same time."

  Lance looked around, put her under a tree and from there, Emerald watched them finish the outpost.

  After Lance finished and someone checked Emerald's leg, they were going back. Emerald was blushing, so she used her hair to cover it up. "So, how long will you do this~?" 

Lance looked at her for a while, then responded, "For as long as it takes, you can't walk like that." 

Emerald smiled and muttered to herself, "I wish it could be like this every day." 

Something to continue their story. If I still can, I'll get 

 Accessory Customization Service Voucher: for capturing Sceptile (and not battling him in a crowded area)

Apricorn Ocarina: For helping find the entrance (also, not disturbing anyone)

Luke Plush: For helping build the outpost

Team App:
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