I was looking over the comments made in the blog and came across a comment that gave a better description that I can put together in half an hour. Though... I do want to apologize for not putting this up earlier, especially before my trip to visit my aging grandmother in Hong Kong.

Sorry, everyone, but finally here's a better description for Gijinka with thanks going out to DeeTsukino for her insight on the matter.
Gijinka: Transforming something (ex: animal, pokemon, etc) into a human, turning all of their non-human characteristics into something more... well, human.
Moemon: Cute lil people with animal ears, tails, wings, etc.
Cosplay: Dressing in a costume that looks like another character and has it's characteristics.
Anthro: Furries, human bodies with animal characteristics and usually covered with fur, etc.

I also want to send out a "thank you" to everyone else that had a comment on the last blog. Feedback is always welcomed and I'm glad that those who commented care so much about Pokedex.

Holy Flying Pecha Berries! Pokedex is almost 3 and a half years old!

(Looking into the future... Most likely we'll have another Pokemon contest to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Pokedex. Since none of us admins has done anything formal to celebrate it - though we had attempted to...obviously they failed.)


So we got a request from another club, :iconpokemon-rainbow-labs:, asking if we could help promote their club.  From what I got out of it it's an adoption club where the artists dish out pokemon that people can "claim" as their own. Read it in their blog: pokemon-rainbow-labs.deviantar… .  Its a bit small now, but I believe that if they got enough people interested they will expand.

- Admin Rabbittwins8788

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