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About Us + Rules

*Please make sure to read this notice carefully!*

Welcome to Pokedex! We are a Group dedicated to Gijinka (human-form) Pokemon.

Membership is open, so feel free to join!

What Is A Gijinka?
From Wikipedia: "a form of anthropomorphism where Moe (human) qualities are given to non-human beings, objects, concepts, or phenomena."

We accept any art medium, whether it be drawings, photos, sculptures or fan-fiction. We do not judge based on artistic skill level (but we do need to be able to tell what Pokemon is being depicted).
Please remember to abide by DeviantART's rules as well as our own. This means all images must be either 100% yours or in the case of photo-manips, be your own photos or legal stock with proper credit. This also means no artwork made using traced bases (unless permission was given to the base maker, and we do check).

Where to Submit:

:bulletblue: All Submissions are to be submitted to the Featured Folder

What we DO allow:

:bulletgreen: Humans in Pokemon outfits (ex: Cosplay)
:bulletgreen: Anthromorphs (ex: Furries or Humans with ears and tails or Humans); this includes any Glitches from the game, such as MissingNo
:bulletgreen: Trainers with Gijinkas
:bulletgreen: Regular Pokemon with Gijinkas (ex: a Gijinka Pikachu with a regular Pikachu)
Note: Nudity is allowed, but it must be tasteful and abide by DeviantART's rules (that means NO PORN).

What we DO NOT allow:

:bulletred: Regular Pokemon (as they are depicted in the normal media)
:bulletred: Costumes on their own (ex: ideas on blank models, since they are just outfits, not actual Gijinkas)
:bulletred: Single articles of clothing (ex: hats, scarves, etc) as they do not completely fall under the definition of Cosplay
:bulletred: Trainers dressed as Pokemon (ex: Ash dressed as a Pikachu; this includes OC Trainers)
:bulletred: Fakemon (fan-made Pokemon)
:bulletred: Hybrids or Fusions; we consider them fan-made/Fakemon (ex: a Pikachu x Pachirisu hybrid that has traits of both Pokemon)
:bulletred: Crossovers (ex: Pokemon crossed with Naruto)
:bulletred: Sprite edits of official game sprites

Also as stated above, we have a zero tolerance policy on art theft. Do not submit artwork to us that you did not make unless you had permission from the original artist to do so. This includes but is not limited to: traced bases, edited official sprites (sprites submitted to the group must be made from scratch), uncredited stock resources or uncredited referenced work (copying an existing work without tracing but not getting permission to do so). We will be able to tell if your submissions are copyright violations.

Don't be afraid to Note us with any questions you may have!









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Hello all!  It's been quite a long time since I've addressed the group, and I figured it was high time to do so!

First things first, some bad news.

Since we periodically go through and remove images that have been put into storage, it has come to the staff's attention that some users seem to be using the group for the sole purpose to advertise their adoptables, then are either storing/deleting or pulling the images from the group once they're sold.
We staff have decided that this is no longer going to be allowed.  Advertising is okay if it's kept to our comment section on the main page, but to use the group for something like that isn't a very nice thing to do.
From now on, if you want to submit adoptables to the group, we ask that the artwork not be removed after all are sold off so that others can still enjoy the artwork.  If we catch users doing this from here on out, we'll issue a verbal warning.  If it continues to happen, removal from the group is the only option.
We apologize that it had to come to this, but it's been happening far too frequently as of recent for us to ignore it any longer.

:pokeball: ~ :pokeball: ~ :pokeball: ~ :pokeball: ~ :pokeball:

Now, onto the good news.
It seems there's a new Mystery Dungeon game coming out later this month: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon!
I've always been a fan of the PMD spin-off series, and while I personally wasn't as impressed with the previous title (Gates to Infinity) as I was with the others, I have high hopes for this new entry in the series.  c:

Some more good news, I'm toying with the idea of bringing contests to the group.  I'll have to discuss it with the other staff first, but I think it might bring back some life to this group.  I'll hopefully be able to have details ironed out at a later date.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!
~ Burichu
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Is this group still active?
My arts were expired.
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Hello, I just recently submitted a poekmon gijinka, and i was curious if you did get it. You see, I have a phone, but no computer, and because your page is not supported in the app, I tried to tag you in, but the tag doesn't work. Right now, I'm on a browser on my phone, but because browsers are kind of horrible on phones, they run kind of slow and I'm limited on what I can do.
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DaveHz Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, i submitted a comic page that only features my Gijinka's hands and lap. I've read the comment below about how the admins are a bit limited on time/wifi, so it hasn't been accepted yet. But i'm wondering if I should withdraw it given the Gijinka is not in full view. Cheers!
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