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BLEACH: TYBW - Episode 1 - The Blood Warfare

:ichigo: Ichigo Hollow Gif Ichigo Hollow Gif Ichigo Hollow Gif Ichigo Hollow Gif Ichigo Hollow Gif :ichigo: 
So... Who would be the cameo replacement of Stan Lee in a MCU? Since he's passed away, I guess the MCU would be a tiny bit fall apart since Stan Lee does his magic as a cameo in some MCUs.
Okay... When will it end already? The Lie Pai still at it again...

I feel like I had some love and hate between the game itself and the fandom. Although I love the games like Undertale or FNAF. But sometimes... The fanbases/fandom just getting a bit more cancerous and annoying to just be encountering them.
My thoughts on Detective Pikachu live action trailer is both good and bad. Actors Ryan Reynolds and Ikue Otani will be involved to voice pikachu, Ryan will do the talking while of course Ikue will do the pikachu cry sound. Design wise, it's a bit okay to cringe, tbh, the design for pikachu is very good for some live action standards, not great, not bad, but just very good. But some other pokemon live action design are pretty much okay or just being tryhard to look accurate enough from the video game counterpart.

And now for the main part, Whitewashing. I know that I'm aware that Detective Pikachu was made from japan, and yes the story itself is enjoyable, but tbh, I don't think it'll be a whitewashing, for the fact that the setting itself is like either in america or london. Even some characters from the game itself are just americans. Even this movie was directed by Rob Letterman, known for the movie he directed such as Shrek, MvA, Shark Tale etc.

I would hope they ain't going to ruin this movie, because otherwise it'll be the same broken formula and innacuracy as Dragon Ball Evolution.
  • Listening to: Deftones
  • Reading: Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc (Manga)
  • Watching: Happy Tree Friends
  • Playing: Tekken 7
  • Eating: Fried Salmon
  • Drinking: Caramel Milk Tea


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Credit to :iconakum-a:
PC for ReturnOfTheBadass by i-kat2

violent art stamp by thechaosproject :Stamp: Anti-Recolors by RaveLegend DA Stamp - Serious RPer 01 by tppgraphics Stop the God-Modding Stamp by Mike-Dragon
OCs Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Anti-Recolor stamp by scourgexfionafan Troll Stamp. by VaselineCats

Enjoying watching some Anime and Reading the Manga:
One Piece Animated Stamp by xnekomatax Hellsing Ultimate Stamp by LinkMasterXP Overlord [Stamp] by MikakoRed Bleach Stamp by Parker-Stark Ouran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108 Cowboy Bebop Stamp by jvrichardson Hunter x Hunter stamp by SolusNox HnK - Manga Art 2 by Stamps-By-Mephie Jojo's Stamp - Jojo's Logo by Magntaa Fullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Parker-Stark Soul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik Yu Yu Hakusho Stamp by Colhan3000 Gintama by MikubaStamp Tokyo Ghoul Stamp 1 by Knightwalker08 Black Lagoon Stamp by KahunaSniper
Saitama (One Punch-Man) stamp by ftrmgrunge Gungrave--Anime (Stamp) by SpamCrackers Kekkai Sensen Stamp by KAI314 RWBY Fan Stamp by misawafujisaki-stamp Nanatsu no Taizai - Stamp by Kheila-S Dragon Ball Z Fan Stamp by Furiael Psycho-Pass Stamp by Lunar--Fang [Manga Stamp] - Great Teacher Onizuka by FakeTsuki

My Fracción Subordinates (Revived):
Arrancar Stamp - Wonderweiss by MissBezz Fraccion Stamp - Ggio by MissBezz Fraccion Stamp - Shawlong by MissBezz

My Arrancar Companions/Friends:
Espada Stamp - Grimmjow by MissBezz Espada Stamp - Halibel by MissBezz Espada Stamp - Starrk by MissBezz
Espada Stamp - Szayel Aporro by MissBezz Espada Stamp - Nnoitra by MissBezz

I Speak:
Filipino language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy German language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

"I have no fear of death, for those who spend their lives together... Should remain together in death. That is my belief."

Bio Data:

Real Name: Ernest Caballero(Formerly)
Name: Hanzo "Jin" Kuraiken(Currently)
Age: 950 (Physically Appeared as 23 Years Old)
Gender: Male
Species: Part-Arrancar Part-Archdemon(via Indirect Exorcism)
Likes: Poems and Poetry, Pushups, Helping people with problems, Extreme Violence, Bloody and Gore
Dislikes: Ridiculous Stuff, Alcoholic
Fear: Himself(Depends on his remorseless nature that builds within him)
His Counterpart: Shadre Shakamara
Personality: Jin has a split personality, his first acts as his righteousness and his natural kindness. Jin is dedicated to take the most honorable course of action, even if he puts his life at risk. He is decently loyal to his loving friends and allies depending on their trusts, and especially his family and his parents being considerate with them accepting their requests for help, and is generally nice to the person he meets. Jin respects and upholds several values such as determination, and selflessness that he even stated that he has no fear of death. He is consistently shown to be serious, even as a young child, and usually keeps his serious and unflinching demeanor throughout his whole life.

However, his second is his nature as a violent archdemon nature along with his bloodlusted rage of a true hollow, sometimes Jin fights with ferocity and often-extreme cruelty, he is somewhat extremely brutal, arrogant, disrespectful, and sadistic through his twisted side. Jin is very egotistical yet varied with instincts. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, ignoring fatal injuries and overpowering his enemies with brute strength and tenacity. He also often use lethal force against his enemies, and always try to kill those he sees as irredeemable.
Biography: Jin is the son of Hale Lluvia, a powerful female arrancar, and Lux Heiliges, a high-ranked member of the schutzstaffel and former member of the male division team called "The Holy Blade". Hale's relationship with Lux grew and she became pregnant with Jin. The blood of insanity within Hale attempted to enter Jin while he was still in her womb, but Hale managed to fight it off.

Few months later, Hale sensed the approaching of a somewhat "his counterpart" and decided that it was about time she told Jin concerning his origins. She also told him that if anything were to happen to her, it would be an inevitability for her own aspect. Hale's premonitions proved to be true, as she was attacked by an unknown arrancar, four days later on Jin's 10th birthday. Hours after the chaos, Jin, who fell unconscious, then awoke amongst the rubble and began searching for his mother and father, when he reaches his parents, only to be realized that they were dead, enraged and insane, Jin felt his heartless desire to take his revenge.

In Hueco Mundo, Jin felt alone in the world, being white while those around him were black. He wandered Hueco Mundo alone, lamenting his existence, until one day he came across a white tree with many sharp spines. Jin finds it satisfying due to its emptiness, sank into it, destroying part of his arm, finally at peace. An unspecified amount of time later, he was approached by Aizen, being impressed about his immense power and abilities as an arrancar, he was later recruited into an Espada.

10 years later, Jin's personality becomes very lethal with his vicious personality, his strength and his accuracy are very immense to kill in his path. Afterwards, his personality became normal during the massacre to kill all lives without remorse, without anything that could change his path.
Family Relatives: Karin Eisenfaust (younger sister), Lux Heiliges (father), Hale Lluvia (mother), Anaka/Yunai (wife)
Aspect of Death: Deranged
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Aliases: Sadistic Hedgehog, Violent Being, Espada No.5, Soul of the God Slayer
Side: Anti-Hero
His Theme: Deftones - Change
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Writing both Poems and Poetry, Hitchhiking, Night-Time Walks, Forest Bathing
Espada Rank: Quinto (5th)
Tattoo Location: His Right Shoulder
Affiliations: 5th Espada of Aizen's Arrancar Army (former)
Base of Operations: Las Noches (former)
Caja Negación(Spanish for "Negation Box"): An item given to the Espada by Aizen, which is meant to punish their Fracción, if necessary. This cube, when used on a subject, traps them in an alternate dimension from which there is no escape, however, this assumes it's being used as intended. More powerful Arrancar, namely the Espada themselves, can escape, given enough time.

Cruce(Spanish word for "Cross"): Cruce is a replica of a M1911 pistol invented by Jin, his pistol was clearly made from a single shard piece from his zanpakutō. It has a weight of 16kg(35lbs), and a silver gunmetal construction, and chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. He can easily use this pistol to integrating a cero with more precise accuracy.

The Punisher: Is a large cross-shaped gun that has two machine guns in front, and a rocket launcher in the back. The side arms of the cross opens up a storage bin for eight silver M1911 pistols(four on each side).

Colibrí(Spanish word for "Hummingbird"): An average katana with an ornate double-fanned hand guard and a silver handle that completely resembles a spanish rapier. Later on, it is revealed that Colibri was infact a zanpaktou that belonged from his mother Hale.
Powers & Abilites:
-Jin is arguably one of the strongest member of the Espada despite of his 5th rank, he was not sure how many of them would have been slaughtered nor killing them in the process. Jin has incredible skill in combat, he has immense strength, durability and great speed. His hand-to-hand combat is highly proficient. Combining his strength, swift agility and along with his clever tactics, makes him a deadly opponent.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Due to his experience for many years as an espada, Jin is a powerful fighter, he can easily fight on any opponents both armed and unarmed with his highly skilled proficiency in martial arts. His attacks are very swift and accurate with no wasted effort, giving his opponents little time to find openings for a quick counterattack, making him unpredictable in combat. His main specialty in his combat fighting style was Baji Quan(Meaning "Eight Extremities Fist"), a Chinese martial art that involves powerful kicking strikes, arm/fist punches, knee strikes, and elbow strikes with the shoulder, delivered with explosive attack power. Most of Baji Quan's moves utilize a one-hit push-strike method from close range to mid range, as the bulk of the damage is dealt through the momentary acceleration that travels up from the waist to the limb, and further magnified by the charging step technique.

Master Swordsman: Jin is highly skilled in swordsmanship. His skills are very versatile, as he always wields his sword with his right hand while using his left hand to integrating a Cero. He can perform powerful strikes with flawless precision, and uses his speed to inflict lethal attacks without much effort.

Halberd Mastery: During his resurrección, his prowess on using his halberd is very exceptional. He can perform powerful two-handed strikes, easily block sword attacks, and use the shape of his halberd to his advantage while wielding it. He utilizes his style in both upper and lower-body stance, his moves are reminiscent of a dance similar to any spear techniques. Using one wrist as the center of its rotation, then crushing the opponent between the spear's thrust and the rising waves.

Expert Marksman: Jin is very skilled with his pistol "Cruce" when he released it. He can fire very precise Armor-Piercing Bullets or Cero while fighting more than one opponent, and can launch a continuous barrage of Bullets which even any fighters have difficulty avoiding.

Kidō Master: Despite being the first arrancar to ever use kidō, Jin has above-average knowledge of Kidō, proficient enough to use high-level spells to great effect even without incantation, and can use multiple spells either Bakudō, Hadō, Barriers and Seals in near-rapid succession.

Master Tactician: Jin is a highly perceptive fighter, almost immediately determining an opponent's attack patterns and weaknesses. He is a crafty tactician, effectively using his techniques to incapacitate his opponents or killing them immediately and effectively using his knowledge to end the battle in his favor. He's also very detail-oriented when it comes to fighting. He notices his opponent's mannerisms, and discerns the reasons behind those actions and the weaknesses and strengths of his opponent. He can look at unfamiliar attacks and figure out how they work by just viewing them once.

Immense Strength: Jin possesses tremendous raw physical strength, most commonly displayed by his ability to fight back his opponent's attacks with a single arm. He can upturn huge portions of rock floor with a single strike at the ground with his fist at ease, and he can easily pierce through a very sturdy target with just his finger.

Sonido Master: Jin's skill and speed in Sonído is great, his pure proficiency with Sonído allows him to create multiple after-images of himself to confuse the enemy. He sometimes actively used his sonido in most of evasion in close quarters, as well as from a distance, thus making hitting him very difficult for all but the most advanced combatants. His movements are so fast that few would be likely to see an attack by him take place.

Descorrer(Spanish word for "Drawing Back/Opening"): A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the Human World and Hueco Mundo.

Cero: Jin can fire Cero from his fingers with excessively destructive power, his Cero can be charged and fired relatively fast. The force of the blast can send an opponent hurtling long distances, effectively destroying any obstacle in its path at great range. He can fire it from either hand.

Bala: This technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from their fist. Jin's Bala is red, and is powerful enough to blast a huge hole into low-class Menos.

Enhanced Hierro: The hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. Jin's usage of his skin is very highly durable, able to take and withstand extreme punishment even by Arrancar standards. He can deflect attacks of similar power barehanded, and allowing him to withstand almost any attack with no signs of injury.

Enhanced Pesquisa: The Arrancar ability to sense spiritual energy. While any Arrancar can learn it, Jin possesses impressive skill with it. From a single glance at his opponent, Jin can immediately determine how powerful his opponent is, he can comprehend the flow and concentration of the person's energy.

Enhanced Reflexes: Jin possesses extreme sharp reflexes, and a high degree agility and speed being severely battle worn. His reactions are so quick they allow him to control his movements at any given second, he can casually rip off limbs and obliterate entire bodies before a regular person can even react.

Enhanced Endurance: Despite gaining severe injuries, Jin continued fighting effectively, even ignoring his wounds to the point where he seemed unfazed by them. Jin's endurance is strengthened to the point where he can continue fighting effectively after receiving many injuries, and can survive attacks which would easily kill normal Hollows.

High-Speed Regeneration: It allows Jin to recover from any damage they sustain by causing them to heal at a drastically increased rate, closing the wounds on their body and growing back any lost limbs within extremely short periods of time. Regardless, when any Arrancar use their Resurrección, their wounds instantly heal.

Immense Spiritual Power: His reiryoku is extremely tremendous, Jin is forbidden to release his zanpakutō while inside the dome of Las Noches, for if he were to do so, his immense Reiryoku would be enough to demolish the fortress. His Reiatsu is crimson. While his other reiatsu is blue due it's little fraction of his quincy powers derived from his sister.

Masterful Reiatsu Control: Jin can adapt at fine-control of his spiritual energy, never wasting more energy than necessary for his various stunts. He is quite skilled in hiding his reiatsu, able to remain unnoticed by both allies and enemies.
Resabiado(Spanish word for "Vicious"): Jin's Zanpakutō is a medium sized katana with a dark gray handle and sheath. The guard has two sharp extensions from its long sides with a line going through both sides, giving it an eye-like appearance.

>Shikai: Jin's Shikai command is "Feel the pain". It's Shikai takes the form of a sleek hilt's grip only katana, despite of it's shikai that has no blade itself, Jin can manifests a powerful, saber of energy that materializes when his grip position extend forward when activated. The size itself is similar to the nodachi sword from the feudal japan.

->Resurrección: It's release command is "Bleed", Resabiado unleashes a black and red burst of spiritual energy, which falls around Jin as red rain. In his released state, Jin hasn't changed his appearance rather his zanpaktou change from his sword into halberd, the most distinctive features of the halberd are the axe-blade joint and the opposite end has a sharp dagger-like point.

->Resurrección Special Ability: He gains even greater augmented physical abilities in this form. Jin has the unique ability to enter a second released form called Segunda Etapa: La Serie.

->Enhanced Strength: His strikes pack enough power to accidentally destroy large skyscraper-sized pillars in Las Noches via extremely immense collateral damage. He was also able to punch through several buildings with one strike, as well as send any person flying hundreds of feet with a few light punches and kicks.

->Enhanced Hierro: Upon his released state, Jin's durability is vastly increased, capable of withstand any powerful devastating level of any attacks.

->Lluvia de Sangre(Spanish word for "Blood Rain"): Almost similar to Starrk's Cero Metralleta and adopted his mother's technique, it will charge a red Cero along his sword, Jin can fire it in a very wide arc. By following the arc of his sword swing, it simultaneously unleash a powerful barrage of Ceros which, because of their density and grouping, appear to fuse together into one large Cero blast. He can change the direction of this attack while firing, making it extremely difficult to avoid.

--->Segunda Etapa: La Serie(Spanish word for "Second Stage: Serial Killer"): Jin states that this is his first time to ever achieve this true power by simply fuse his own zanpaktou at his right arm to tranform his right arm into a vicious hollow arm, stated that he dubbed it "The Hollow of Resolve"

--->Overwhelming Reiatsu: His reiryoku is more monstrous. Jin's already immense spiritual power significantly changes its Reiatsu's nature upon entering his second stage.

--->Garra de Muerte(Spanish word for "Claw of Death"): An enhanced version of Desgarrón, very similar to Grimmjow, his most strongest attack. His claws glow, and he makes a slashing motion. His right hollow arm claw becomes a long, sharp blade composed of Reishi that can be hurled at the enemy. The attacks act as a ranged claw attack, which he controls like his regular claw attacks, by using slashing motions.

Primordial Ceniza Demoníaca(Spanish word for "Primordial Demonic Ash"): Jin imbues his spiritual pressure within his inner hollow. In doing so, he is able to emit two types of effect. Domination: his spiritual pressure will be able to create fire or lightning type of attacks and increase in power according to their opponents fear. Hell Wrath: capable of channeling his inner rage and make spiritual pressure hot enough to resemble a sun while in a calm state of mind. It may also take on a look similar to that of their zanpakutou. This form is if not as equal to a resurrección. Their actual resurrección will increase tremendously when combined.
Harness the Chaos Emeralds:
-The first time that Jin felt the strange power that he never felt before, for what he stated "This power... It's not just through the spiritual pressure. But rather pure chaos.", when he realized this power of the Chaos Emerald, he thought that it would bring unbalanced between Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society due to it's near-infinite power.

Tres Etapa: Deicida(Spanish word for "Third Stage: Deicide" or "Third Stage: God Killer"): After harnessing the power of the seven chaos emeralds combining his second stage of his transformation, his spiritual pressure is mixing through the chaos emerald's ultimate power. When released his third form, Jin grows armor that covers his arms and upper chest, while his hands transform into vicious hollow claws and his mask extends down to cover the left side of his face, while the part of his mask fragment, extending out to his right, becomes a claw-tipped tail. Also, his original mask fragment extends downward to form a sort of half-helmet, and the side protrusion becomes mounted on the back of his head.

God-Like Reiatsu: Due to the mixture between his reiryoku and the seven chaose emeralds, his reiryoku is now more equivalent to the soul king. Jin's mere presence is monstrously overwhelming. The force of Jin's Reiatsu is great enough to destroy a massive large portion of several las noches pillars without any effort. His mastery of his Reiatsu can even be used a shield that can vaporize living beings within a few meters of him. He can focus his Reiatsu to break through dense barriers that are permeated with Reishi.
Soul Absorptions:
-After the defeat of Aizen and the deaths of the espadas, Jin's retaliation hasn't changed yet due to his one more completion to his achievement. He simply absorbs the souls of the 10 espadas for their atonement for their aspects of death. After he absorbs 10 espadas, his number tattoos appeared on both of his right hand(From 0 on his thumb to 4 on his pinkie finger), and his left hand(From 5 on his pinkie finger to 9 on his thumb). He can easily conceal and hid the tattoo numbers whenever he didn't use it.

Números de Sepultura(Spanish word for "Grave Numbers"): The most unique ability is whenever he use a release command and a number at the same time, a single tattoo number glows on his finger, it will either trigger or passively activate the abilities of the previous espada's zanpakutō(Mostly to their signature and passive abilities).

->Cero(Spanish word for "Zero"): When his release command "Be Enraged", his strength is increased enormous to the point that it became even more monstrous.

->Primera(Spanish word for "First"): When his release command "Los Lobos", Jin can summon a pack of gray wolves, seemingly numbering in the hundreds. The wolves are controlled verbally by Jin, and will chase down the enemy with the intent to cling via a bite. Upon biting the enemy or getting close enough, the wolves erupt in massive explosions, depending on how his opponent through varying in size and power.

->Segunda(Spanish word for "Second"): When his release command "Rot", Jin unleashes a black and purple, smoke-like miasma, which, radiating outward from him, ages and rots anything which it comes into contact with. Even after escaping the attack, the deterioration continued until the afflicted area was amputated.

->Tres(Spanish word for "Third"): When his release command "Destroy", Jin can easily manipulate and control over water, he can use his reishi to condensed amounts of water to point that it can either lighter than air or stronger than a pressurized steel.

->Cuatro(Spanish word for "Fourth"): When his release command "Enclose", Jin creates a javelin-like weapon using his spiritual power. It is quite like his original energy javelins, with the only noticeable difference being the energy flowing off of each end in a fashion similar to flames, making it look more arrow-shaped. He can use this weapon as a projectile or as a melee weapon. When thrown, it produces an incredibly destructive explosion on impact, which dwarfs the fortress of Las Noches in height. In the addition to his ability, his Cero is now several times more powerful than a normal Cero.

->Quinto(Spanish word for "Fifth"): When his release command "Pray", his Hierro is vastly increased to the point where any physical attacks had no effect to him at all. But only for those who had strong enough to break his Hierro.

->Sexta(Spanish word for "Sixth"): When his release command "Grind", he will spit acutely shaped bombs fired at high speed from his mouth, five of which can be fired at once. They have a devastating effect. One round can destroy a column over 30 meters in diameter. Jin also increases his speed drastically, giving him animalistic agility and movement to match like Grimmjow.

->Séptima(Spanish word for "Seventh"): When his release command "Suppress", his skill in sonido increased further, he can increase his steps even a little will result in quasi-clones. He likens it to a game of magic tricks. The trick is used in order to surprise the opponent. He further explains that the technique is not limited to only two clones; the number of clones produced through Sonído can grow to a maximum of five. He uses this technique for diversion, substitution and multi-directional attacks. These "speed-clones" generated by his intense Sonído are so realistic that they can bleed after getting attacked.

->Octava(Spanish word for "Eighth"): When his release command "Sip", he can unleash a massive amount of black liquid from the hole his palms. When droplets of the liquid touch an opponent, a copy of them is created that uses their own individual abilities against them. Since he fires such a vast amount of the liquid upwards, it is nearly impossible for his opponents to dodge or evade the attack.

->Noveno(Spanish word for "Ninth"): When his release command "Devour", his either left or right hand can shift into a skull-shaped hollow head that can devour almost anything and quickly recovers all of its abilities and Reiatsu.
Miscellaneous Abilities:
Culinary Cook: Jin had some knowledge of extensive near-excellent culinary skills, cooking for some delicacy from bitter to sweetness in near-perfection. His specialty was asian-based food to cook, as well as making rice topping bowls.

Linguistic: Jin speaks English, Spanish and Japanese fluently without having any effort. But the only language he's still needed in a learning curve was German.
Irrepairable Damage: While his ability to regenerate in high-speed is indeed powerful, it has its own flaws. Despite the extent to which it can heal the body, internal organs, such as the brain, cannot be regenerated. If such irreparable damage is sustained, the rest of the body can continue to regenerate, though to no avail. In addition, if the body is damaged before it has the chance to heal, or if enough damage is inflicted at once, it can be destroyed nonetheless.

Indiscriminate Effects(Soul Absorption): Although his abilities were incredibly immense, however, the effects of Números de Sepultura are indiscriminate, such as when Jin prefers not to use it if his fellow espadas within him, are not in a mood to activate it through his tattoo.

Moderate Time Limit(Segunda Etapa: La Serie & Tres Etapa: Deicida): Due to Jin's already immense physical capabilities and highly monstrous amounts of reishi affected along with everything else in his vicinity, the amount of time he can use his Resurrección is moderately limited in average of 35 minutes, as prolonged use when surpassed in 35 minutes can potentially cause some serious damage to himself, so he must act very cautiously when leaving this released state, otherwise he would risk of fatally damaging himself on his entire body. But, activating his third stage becomes more strict in his time limit making it 10 minutes. When surpassed in 10 minutes it could potentially rot his body apart into dust.
About Myself IRL:
-I often watched horror movies (every slasher films)
-I listened Nu Metal, Heavy Metal and Symphony Metal
-Sometimes I like Rail Shooters (in most arcade cabinets)
-I always like to eat Sushi (especially the raw fish X3)
DA Family :
Dad(DA): :iconghostthehedgehog12:
Mom(DA): :iconalolangaming:

Dad: Lux Heiliges

Mom: Hale Lluvia

Bros :
:iconthehooddedmage: Best bro and an awesome weapon forger
:icongaruniox: The flame of miracle
:iconrango1324: A very good friend
:iconvexthehedgehog: Good partner
:iconcloudthehedgehog12: My lil bro
:iconnext-gen-jay: SGA Creator
:icondraxterumi: My 1st Cloned Brother
:iconarashihedgedragone26: My 2nd Cloned Brother
:iconaquadragonic: The Vampire Wolf

:iconyolostarling84: Very cute little sister. X3
:iconimagummiebear: Mistress Lewd Blood Sister
:iconxxut-drawerxx: Sketchy little sister. ^^
:iconpyroshadow117: My great sis
:iconcrazyfirewolf: Great elite soldier from Mech Quest
:iconcrista-the-hedgehog: Sometimes she's a little fan of anime
:iconlittlewolffang: My wolfy sis
:iconfemalefiremage: Fan of Fairy Tail
:iconxxmysticlolikittenxx: Cute lil sis yet a fangirl
:iconcreepylildoll: Gothic sis

Sons :
:iconxxjjthedragohogxx: Expert at martial arts but i can beat him easily

Others :
:iconlunashadowbane: Ze besty bud :D
:iconjosephthehedgehog1: Awesome button and title artist
:iconfirewarriorart: Good ol buddy Dashy
:iconjetsaint: My beloved "Pun-Ching" cousin.
:icondemelzathenightwolf: Vicious yet extreme kitty-loving cousin. X3
:iconashleyelementalh: Awesome niece
:iconblackrosesdeath: The queen of all dark roses
:iconjameswolf100: Grand Voyage James
:iconthedestroyergod: ZE GOD!!!!!
:icondarkmythicpsychiccat: She likes horror stuff that i'm scared of
:iconciphernineweston: Most powerful sith lord
:iconreturnofthebadass: A badass hedgehog that he's so cool
:iconradichedgehog25: He's my great sensei
:iconlainegs: Fairy Tail fan, she loves Zeref
:iconxxryushi: Another fan of Fairy Tail, a very good friend of Maru
:iconchocochase: Great JUS spriter
:icontuffnick20: Good friend
:iconpurpleheartvenus: A very good student of mine
:icondiscoth: A great friend and a very good spriter

The Amazing Spriters:
:icondemelzathenightwolf: :icongaruniox: :iconsupernaruto64mugen: :icontheblondedude: :iconmcblackfrost:
:iconyunaisoulwolf: :iconshadowpry: :iconfrostburned-soul: :iconjoshuathedarkwolf: :iconeightsrodriguez:
:iconghostthehedgehog12: :icondiscoth: :iconkayspriter: :iconjkimmortalgaming: :icondrizzlyscroll1996:
:iconreturnofthebadass: :iconbar-kun: :icondanixdp213: :iconapolloth: :icontufftony:
:iconpurpleheartvenus: :iconlk-sixtyfour: :iconfirenamedbob: :iconkyousuke-ao: :iconyagoshi:
:iconswagboy567: :icontaylorstoonadventure: :iconicy-beta: :iconizzlenovo: :iconthedestroyergod:
:iconjameswolf100: :icon42darksoldier: :iconangryflame321: :iconthefiregodflame: :iconctronic-the-hedgehog:

Favorite Commissioners:
:iconlunashadowbane: :iconwitchcooper:
:iconthehooddedmage: :iconxxariaknightxx:
:iconsonicthewarriorcat: :iconxmax-artsx:

Philippine Friends X3:
:iconxxdarknessglitchxx: :iconspicy-a: :iconmcblackfrost:
:iconxcarameltoffiex: :iconcrisostomo-ibarra: :iconultimastrikerx:
:icondarkishstarnight: :iconggalleonalliance: :iconkatanaberry:
:iconop034: :icondraxterumi: :iconsupermario1792:
:iconkatherineyukimura: :iconhanadell:
My Other Accounts:
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Google Plus Stamp with Color by bigfunkychiken…


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