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The higher ups of the group. Any questions can be directed to them.




We'll let mostly anybody join, just let us know what your favorite bug-type is as you do. If you're not very artistic, that's okay, but the more art we have, the better! It's gotta be clear that you love bugs.


You can submit a drawing or a painting, or even a custom sprite to the group. Simply follow these rules:

-The drawing can be of any quality. Don't be scared if it's not your best piece of work.
-A Bug-type must be the central focus of the drawing if it has more than one character involved, or if there is only one character, then it should be a Bug-type.
-Submit your drawing to the folder it is best suited in. You can easily do that by visiting the gallery and pressing the plus (+) button next to the right folder. The Featured folder is not for regular members.
-There will be no extreme gore or violence, or mature acts going on in the drawings.
-Absolutely NO gijinkas.
-For the time being, no Fake Pokemon. If you think I should allow it, by all means argue your case in a note to me, Latiaslord.

Gallery Folders

Venonat Venomoth Pixel-overs by Axel-Comics
Weedle Kakuna Beedrill Pixel-overs by Axel-Comics
Caterpie Metapod Butterfree Pixel-overs by Axel-Comics
Paras Parasect Breeds GSC Sprites by Axel-Comics
Para GSC Sprites by Axel-Comics
#214 Heracross by Bafa
#165 Ledyba by Bafa
#167 Spinarak by Bafa
#265 Wurmple by Bafa
#313 + #314 Volbeat + Illumise by Bafa
RYB Dustox and Beautifly by AzureGryphon
Volbeat Illumise GSC Sprites by Axel-Comics
Shiny female Combee - A Shiny Hunters Challenge by TheWhiteScatterbug
Combee Vespiquen RGB Sprites by Axel-Comics
Skorupi Drapion RGB Sprites by Axel-Comics
Beetle Baggage by AzureGryphon
Scuttles the Durant by Latiaslord
Volcarona by bubblymaika
Maternal Instinct by bubblymaika
Joltik by Kakiwa
Sweet Berries by SillyFoe
Scatterbug Spewpa Vivillon GSC Sprites by Axel-Comics
Compound Eyes by TheWhiteScatterbug
Too old for Pokemon? by TheWhiteScatterbug
Cutiefly by AzureGryphon
Grubbin - The Grub For Grab by TheWhiteScatterbug
Centiskorch by BetaPunkDrawings
Orbeetle by isoptin
Frosmoth by X-AnonyMonster-X
Favorite Bugs by ArchaosTeryx
Poke-bugs 2 by ArchaosTeryx
Poke-bugs 1 by ArchaosTeryx
Paper Child Pokemon Bugs by AzureGryphon
The Cocoon Club by RacieB
scyther folder by maxrepel

Random from Featured

Leavanny overworlds by Kyle-Dove Leavanny overworlds :iconkyle-dove:Kyle-Dove 237 41 Sewaddle Overworlds by Kyle-Dove Sewaddle Overworlds :iconkyle-dove:Kyle-Dove 215 16 Joltik by Xous54 Joltik :iconxous54:Xous54 627 50 Xmas pendra wallpaper by Elsdrake Xmas pendra wallpaper :iconelsdrake:Elsdrake 115 22 Tribal Caterpie Tattoo by NewtonianNocturn Tribal Caterpie Tattoo :iconnewtoniannocturn:NewtonianNocturn 108 2 Oh, the weather outside... by endless-whispers Oh, the weather outside... :iconendless-whispers:endless-whispers 592 39 Armaldo + Anorith by hevromero Armaldo + Anorith :iconhevromero:hevromero 287 34 Shedinja etch a sketch by pikajane Shedinja etch a sketch :iconpikajane:pikajane 111 28 Pokesketch 493: Caterpie by pikajane Pokesketch 493: Caterpie :iconpikajane:pikajane 105 34 Burmy Plush Keychain Set by P-isfor-Plushes Burmy Plush Keychain Set :iconp-isfor-plushes:P-isfor-Plushes 33 13 Beedrill by WarBandit Beedrill :iconwarbandit:WarBandit 113 22 beedrill by SailorClef beedrill :iconsailorclef:SailorClef 262 13 Beedrill Line by Jiayi Beedrill Line :iconjiayi:Jiayi 906 78 Beedrill Pokedoll by AmberTDD Beedrill Pokedoll :iconambertdd:AmberTDD 118 24


If your group has to do with Pokemon, we'll affiliate with you. Usually.
I've added the remaining new Bug-types to the description of the Alola folder. There are some really interesting ones in there that weren't revealed before the game came out, but I won't spoil them here. Look for them yourself if you're interested! Once the game's have been out for longer in places like Europe, I'll search out some new art to fill that folder with.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

UPDATE: The Alola folder did not allow submissions, but that has finally been fixed. Submit as normal, now.
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Oh gee, a club for Bug-type lovers. Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Inkay, and Malamar had better keep their distance. =P

As for me, well... ^^; Sorry to say, but I don't really use Bug-types that much in-game. Though there are some I do like, such as Surskit and Masquerain, and... what else...? :confused: Well, I think that Volbeat is kind of cute. I don't find Butterfree or Beautifly to be very useful in-game, but I like them because they're butterfly Pokemon.

Ariados is creepy, though, 'cuz it's a giant spider and stuff. :o
JumpingGummies123 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
I vote that we begin to make more comics and literature!

I can write something if I find the time, these folders are lacking buggy goodness!
Latiaslord Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds like a good idea. It's all up to the members of the club and their will, though.
JumpingGummies123 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Oh of course! I wasn't ya know trying to force anything XD. It's just a little shout out to all the members "if ya like posting, don't forget we need more of these" I know not everyone can write or draw
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May I please join? Beedrill!
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