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by sin-pai

I'm gonna put this as few words as possible. This is cute! Starry looks amazing! Eve is so adorable and I absolutely love the art style...

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It was raining outside when Sky’s first day of training started. The Beta of the Lux Pack, Shade, was close behind with her tail swaying from side to side. It has been almost 3 years since Shade had had a pup to train because of what the Umbra Pack has been doing. Every other night, Tenebris and his hunters would rise from the Midnight Forest and steal pups from their mothers. No wolf knows what the Umbra Pack does with the stolen pups; some say that they eat them and others say that keep them to be future mates for their own pups. The thought sends all expecting mother into shock and in a troubled state of mind. Mothers, like Shade, were known to train their young at an early age just so they could be ready for an attack from the Umbra Pack, but most of the training goes to waste by the fact some of those pups died from the training.

Shade and Sky stopped at an open clearing with the Sun’s warm light beating down on the three wolves fur with such heat. Shade looked up at the bright blue heavens above with her mossy green eyes, the Sun’s beams shining right onto them. “I can’t believe this,” Shade said. “I’m going to have another chance at training a pup.” The she-wolf turned around and smiled at Sky while the wind blew gracefully around the two. Soon a shadow was cast over the two a she-wolves by a cloud that was covering the Sun above and when it happened, Shade’s eyes glew a melious blood red. “I have to warn you, young one,” Shade murmured, “what you’re about to embark on isn’t your regular training day. If you don’t do as I tell you to do, you’ll leave here with many scabs and scars. Do I make myself clear, Sky?”

A simple stage.

I’m thirsty for more wishes.

Water travels through the yarn.

A difficult stage to meet someone new.

New patterns showing the top.

The horizon’s flying now.

No matter how many times it’s damaged.

Hope is within both hands.

As it struck the waves.

Shout out to show the wings flying up above!

Get down, we all let you know this time.

Can you bring me down?

Back up, get far off the sky, black rover!

Let’s see together someday, for now, come on, let’s dye it black.

Such a messy era, black rover!

Come on let’s play.

I see but I don’t see.

Even so, I will not try.

So who will redeem it?

Such a new play.

Alright let’s stop it right now.

Come on let’s get it done today.

Don’t you know we are nearing the end?

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t here.

Hope is within both hands.

As it struck the waves.

Shout out to show the wings flying up above!

Get down, we all let you know this time.

Can you bring me down?

Back up, get far off the sky, black rover!

Let’s see together someday, for now, come on, let’s dye it black.

Such a messy era, black rover!

It doesn’t matter if we’re empty, I know that we’re always lined up.

I will open the door for now.

Open your eyes!

Just open your eyes like us.

Just open your hearts like us.

Just open your world like us.(2x)

We know we are reckless.

Don’t stay, don’t blame!


Get down, we all let you know this time.

Can you bring me down?

Back up, get far off the sky, black rover!

Let’s see together someday, for now, come on, let’s dye it black.

Such a messy era, black rover!

It doesn’t matter if we’re empty, I know that we’re always lined up.

I will open the door for now.

Open your eyes!

Let’s go next stage.

2: Zachary

    Spring was around the corner and everyone in school was happy the break that was coming into bloom. Sure it might’ve snowed that past view weeks, but that’s the price for living in a northern state. The snow was starting to melt and as it did, the white powder glistened as if it were stars as the sun shone it’s powerful rays of light. Birds and other wildlife have reclaimed their territory from the harsh winter frost. Day by day, the spring heat rises slowly, it’s as if the season doesn’t want winter to end just yet. Sadly, as is all things, everything must come to an end.

    Zachary McCarthy was a 15 year old boy who had everything he could ever want. His dad, who lives in Rapid City, South Dakota, usually would buy him anything he wants as long as his grades were intact. His mom, on the other hand, wasn’t so much the same. She didn’t buy him much of the things he wanted even if his grades were going well. Zachary lived with his mom in Portland, Maine with his 23 year old brother Logan and 8 year old sister Abigail. Everyone looked at Abigail in a strange way. Maybe it was because she looked different from her family; her hair was a dirty blonde and her eyes were an emerald green.

    It’s Saturday and Zachary is playing with his cats that he named Chase and Vine. He stopped when he heard a knock on his door and he went to go answer it. It was two tall men, one who looked like he was in his 20’s and the other in his 30’s. Zachary looked puzzled when he saw them, but then he saw that the two men had tranq guns in holsters. He wanted to run. He wanted to escape from his house in some way that he would be untouchable. But he knew anything he tried to do would be to no avail.

    “Excuse me,” the 20 year old cop said. “We’re looking for Zachary McCarthy. You know if he is in the house at the moment?”

    Zachary’s eyes never connected with either of the men. He just kept on looking at the tranq guns they had. “Let me get my Mom real quick,” he said to the two men. He looked behind him and his mom was already there. “Oh! Hi Mom.” Zachary looked at his mom’s face and all he saw was distress and regret. “Mom?”

    “I’m sorry Zachary,” she muttered unwittingly. “I’m so sorry.”

    That was it. That’s all he needed to hear. A flood of anger and vexation swam within Zachary. He clenched his fist so tight, he could feel his bones slowly cracking and breaking. “Why?” Zachary asked his mother. “Why do you want me to be unwound? What did I do to you? To Logan? To Abigail?” Now he was starting to tear up and teardrops were sliding off his cheeks and onto the hardwood floor he was standing on.

    “Zachary. Listen. I-“

“What’s happening here?”

    It was Logan. He was behind his mother and the same amount of rage that Zachary was feeling is now flowing through his brother. “Mom? What’s going on around here?”

    The brother’s mother covered her mouth and cried softly. The pain and anguish that she was feeling was more than anyone could feel during a funeral on a rainy day. She looked back at Zachary only saw disbelief. She looked away and ran into her bedroom and slammed the door shut.

    “Welp,” the 30 year old cop announced, “I guess this means you’re our guy, right? If so, we need you to verbally identify that you’re Zachary McCarthy.”

    Zachary looked at the man then back at this brother then back at the man again and looked down and saw that Chase was rubbing up against his leg, purring loudly. His whole world turned upside down in an instant. He’s heard the stories about those unwinding. First, they numb the entire body, then cut out the scalp, and then, one by one, they take apart the brain when finally every piece is removed.

    “Um excuse me?” the 20 year old cop asked. “Again. We need you to verify that you are Zachary McCarthy.”

    Zachary looked at both of the cops dead in the eye and said with as much pride as he can muster, “Yes. I’m Zachary McCarthy.” He could’ve lied. He could’ve said that he was someone else. But he decided to take what was coming to him.

    “Alright then. If you wouldn’t mind, you must step in the van outside and wait there until we get in.”

    Zachary nodded his head to them and looked back at his brother. Logan’s face was in utter shock by the whole mess of things. His little brother is about to be sent to a harvest camp to be unwound. And yet, Logan smiled at his brother walking up to him and hugging him as tight as he could. Zachary hugged back and cried softly onto his brother’s shoulder. “I’m gonna miss you, Logan,” Zachary whimpered.
“I’m going to miss you too, little bro,” Logan whispered back. He pulled away from the hug and stared at his brother dead in his ocean blue eyes and said, “Be strong Zachary. No matter what anyone tells you, you have to stay strong. For not only my sake, but for Abigail’s too.” All Zachary could do is just to stare back at his brother and nod slowly. Logan smirked and gave his brother a kiss on the forehead. “I’ll see you later, Zachary. I love you.”
Zachary smiled back at Logan and turned his back to him. He rose his right hand up and gave a thumbs up back to his brother as he was exiting his house. All that went through his mind was the ever lasting thought of being taken apart, piece by piece; but he also thought of the kind of person who would get a piece of him. Maybe his eyes would go to a blind person, or maybe his legs could go to an Olympic athlete. All these possible choices and yet he can’t choose which piece of him goes to who. He can only dream.

    Zachary was in the black van where he was supposed to wait for the Juvey cops to get in and drive him to the nearest harvest camp for his unwinding. He looked at his house through the back seat window; his roof had a sort of maroon color, his porch was made out of wood that was painted white, and the house itself had a beautiful sky blue color. There was a cherry blossom tree to the right of the house which hasn’t bloomed just yet, and because of everything that’s happening, Zachary will never be able to see it’s rose quartz color shine.



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United States
Hello everyone and welcome to my profile! Now my real name is Michael, but I would like it if you called me Midnight. Please and thank you. I'm a 16-year-old male mainly a writer, but I'm starting to use linearts other Deviants make to make character refs for some of my characters and yes, I do give credit....when I remember to. Currently, I have 4? 5 stories that I have to continue writing. So here are some fun facts about meh!

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Grade: 10th
Sexuality: Bisexual
Fav Animal: CATS!!...and wolves...
Fav Food: Lo Mein and Sushi
Fav Season: Summer!!!!! and maybe Winter
Fav OC: Maybe Aguna? Oh, what the hell am I saying? RIGOR!
Status: Taken

I actually have a YT if any of ya wanna check it out!
Here's the link to it:…

I mainly do gameplay and blogs, but mostly gameplay.

So that's it! Have fun checking out my profile! Bai!


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