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No reason in paticular, but a number of things, mostly personal things, which I won't talk about.

But soon, I'm going to make a very important decicison, a decicision that could protentially change the rest of my life.

Before that, I'm going to make an exqually important decision, I will no long post any pixel art on dA, no emoticons or sprites are anything. Why? Because I don't enjoy it any more.

When I was younger, nothing pleased me more than scribbling away at paint, wether it was working pictures for my stories are putting together little ducks, the experimentation was so unique, so much fun. The excitement of choosing where to put pixels, and seeing if they worked, would compare to nothing. When I came to dA, and made emoticons and sprites, I felt that excitment.

It began to fade, I just didn't enjoy it. And... I'm not really sure what to do.

Someday I'd like to make sprites for games and stuff, but it's not like it used to be. It's surrounded by logic and anatomy, and shading. Choosing which colours go well together, and becoming more picky about outlines.


I'm not leaving dA, but I MAY be leaving this account. Just leaving it. I made an alt account a while ago, and to be honest, I prefer it there.

So... thanks I guess. I've spent about two years as an emoticonist, and I loved it, everyone seemed so supportive and I've earned myself two daily devenations.

But I can't keep doing what I no longer enjoy.

I'm going to my alt account. Learn about cartoonists and become well known.

Then I will earn my riches.


So... thanks. And bye. I may come back, but I've been trying to write this journal for a week and a half...

PS. If I'm in your group or something then feel free to remove me. I'm going to stay in most of my groups, in case I come back, but if you only want active members, then... go ahead.

PPS. I may still contact you on my new account of you owe me a picture. In addition, if there's anything in my gallery you want me to bring out of storage, then just ask.

PPPS. I'm not giving out my new username.

Kid Out

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Wishing you the best :huggle:

Hope u become the best cartoonist :happybounce:
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Take care. :nod:
We luff you.
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D'aww. Take care. :huggle:
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Not giving your alt out is a nice little middle finger. :nod:
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I totally understand. While I love emotes and will always be an emoticonist, I find more joy on my alt account and doing my other art.

Do what you love, because that is what art is about--not what others expect of you. I think you're an amazing artist, pixel and otherwise, and I wish you the best of luck. :iconminniehugplz:
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