Huda's Summer Olympics [Event Over]

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Huda's Summer Olympics
1 July 2017

Event complete!
Badges have been distributed. Event related artwork is still welcome, but will no longer receive bonus points. Thank you to all who participated!


The sound of a horn cuts through the air like a sharp spear. It is the same sound that has echoed in Huda, once every four years, for generations. Hippodrome, hot as ever, stands stark against the desert backdrop with fluttering streams of celebratory fabric that rain down from the high arches and obelisks, painted in the colours of every competing settlement. With the horn sounded, the games have officially begun. Three figures enter onto a stage, dressed in sharp blues and golds customary of Huda. The Honourable Commander Arya stepped forwards, the Lady Wren to one side and her Stratigos Cyprus to the other, to address the crowd. Her voice booms across those gathered for the ceremony.

“Welcome everyone- to the Summer Olympic Games!”

Event Info

For the month of July, the Huda Olympic Games will be taking place in the sweltering Matahari Desert, and all are welcomed to compete! The Ancient Olympic Games were a series of athletic competitions held for representatives of various city-states of the ancient world and in honor of the gods. The Games were usually held every four years, this time measurement came to be known as an Olympiad. The exact origins of the Games are shrouded in myth and legend but records speculate that they began long ago in an ancient city that bordered the vast desert.    

There are four major events in the Olympic Games, one for each weekend of July. As such, each will be a real time roleplay event taking place in the event RP channel, in which there will be a GM who will use dice rolling bots to determine winners, but the Games themselves will be a fully in character RP. In the week preceding the event the competitors for the upcoming game will be able to submit up to three pieces of art or literature showing how their character is training or preparing, and each of these will count as an extra point they will receive to dice rolls during the event RP. You are welcome to submit more than three, you are only able to amass up to a +3 to dice rolls to ensure everything stays fair. Although you are able to enter into more than one event, this will result in fatigue points that will count against your character’s actions in RP.

To clarify, if you wanted to enter your OC into two events and did three pieces of art of Archery and none for Oil Wrestling, your total modifications to dice rolls would be +2 for Archery and -1 for Oil Wrestling.

In canon fiction time, the Olympics will take place over the course of about ten days, so trying to put too much on your character’s plate might spoil their chances of winning. But remember, the games are not just for those trained in strength and combat, use your creativity to bolster your character’s skills and cover their weaknesses!

Speaking of skills and weaknesses, each event represents a certain stat that your character will be primarily competing with. They will be outlined as follows:

The Ultimate Test of Speed: The 3 Length Foot Race

⚔ Does your character take great pride in their ability to sprint? Are the hailed to be the fastest from their town or outpost? Test their metal in the foot race, where runners must give it their all from one ancient obelisk to the next to claim glory.
Grand Prize: Winged Sandals of the Four Winds, +10 scripts, Golden Laurel Badge
Fabled to be blessed by Lugia itself, these sandals imbue their wearer with unusual speed. They were uncovered on a recent expedition into the East Matahari Desert area. They are also, of course, remarkably stylish.
RP Event Dates: July 7th and 8th | RP Log

The Ultimate Test of Dexterity: The Archery Games

⚔ Do you have a keen eyes and nimble fingers? Compete alongside other skilled archers for your spot on the leaderboard. But archery is more than just what happens on the field; bows take incredible care to make and maintain, alongside hours of dedicated practice. Three arrows will be shot into a mark, the highest scores will determine the winner.
Grand Prize: The Bow of Long Summers, +10 scripts, Golden Laurel Badge
A bow crafted lovingly by master bowmen Helios Caeloch, it stretches out like the fabled rainbow wings of Ho-oh. Anyone who proves themselves worthy will find it a great ally in battle, capable of silently hitting far-off targets while still drawing quickly for close quarter fighting.
RP Event Dates: July 14th and 15th | RP Log

The Ultimate Test of Charisma: The 12 Length Mounted Race

⚔ A round and around they go. How fast is the mount you chose today? Do they have the stamina to keep up with the desert bred ones?  Competing mounts include Rapidash, Zebstrika, Stantler, Sawsbuck, and Gogoat. The stronger your bond with your mount, the better chances you have of winning!
Grand Prize: Huda’s Prized Zebstrika: Antiope, +10 scripts, Golden Laurel Badge
Ruler of the racetrack, Antiope is a mount unlike any other. She will serve the winner well after proving their worth in the Games.
RP Event Dates: July 21st and 22nd | RP Log

The Ultimate Test of Strength: The Oil Wrestling Tournament

⚔ Oil wrestling is an ancient tradition in Huda and the surrounding area, in which the participants are rubbed in oil before facing off in a match of wits, strength, and skill. Originally it was more of a blood sport, but within the last hundred years it has quickly been modified into a less deadly activity. Participants will be sectioned off into duos, then pitted against one another under the sweltering sun. The winners will move onto the next round until only one remains. This is the sport that draws the largest crowd, particularly unmarried young folk.
Grand Prize: Arceus Cloak, +20 scripts, Golden Laurel Badge
A stark white cloak that is ornately detailed with all the splendor of Arceus itself. Legend goes that if the wearer is pure of intention and clear of conscience then the cloak will bring immeasurable power. Considering it is but a legend, this is the most symbolic of prizes and is typically given to the new winner come the next Olympic victory.
RP Event Dates: July 28th and 29th | RP Logs 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Wrestling Semifinals and Finals RP Date: August 5 | RP Logs Semifinals | Finals


All who compete will receive the Consolation Laurels, but only the winners will have the fabled and revered Golden Laurels placed upon their crowns. Each piece of art or literature entered into the event folder will receive an additional 10 scripts! The dates for the event RPs are not solid, so we will try to find a time when everyone who wants to participate can.

In order to enter, please fill out below what character you want to enter into what game(s) and what day would be best for you to RP.

Additional Activities

But all should know; the Games are not just for those who wish to compete! Many travel to Huda at this time for the feasts and festivals that take place after every event that will oft go deep into the night, in which all brave enough to compete will be honored on the streets as heroes of old. Many prominent families in Huda have carried on an old tradition of opening their courtyards to party-goers and funding barrels of wine and ale to the common folk. In return, the commoners attending these parties will bring bouquets of desert flowers or fresh baked bread and will present them to their gracious ‘hosts’. Many merchants make their way to Huda at this time as well, finding it a hub of travelers who have saved their coins for the event.

Also prominent in Huda at the time of the Games are the unofficial sparring matches, which are often complete with deadly weapons and proper armor. Although the guard has begun to crack down on this practice due to the scores of injuries it causes, many pubs and inns will host these makeshift fighting rings under the guise of extracurricular Games and will encourage onlookers to take bets, partially fueled by the more sanitary nature of the new Wrestling Tournament when compared with the bloody arena matches of old.  

The Closing Ceremonies will take place on July 30th August 6 in which all will be welcomed into the heart of Huda herself. The town square will be lit with a great bonfire and dancing and drinking will go long into the night, but not before the rulers of Huda formally thank every settlement for contributing to another successful Olympic Games. Closing Ceremony RP Log

“And may the gods ever favor you!”

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