Come Little Children [Event Over]

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March 25 2017

Event complete!
There will be two weeks to submit event-related deviations for bonus XP, but officially this event is closed. Thank you to all who participated!


In dead of night our tale does start
With whispers 'round abandoned hearth
A sound so faint, one fails to hear
Except the children - five, I fear

And through the wood on dampened grass
The children acquiesce, steadfast
Deep into the brush they'll go
Enraptured by an azure glow

For wisps, they say, are sent as bait
To those who sought to change their Fate
Yet little did the children know
The truer reason of their foe

And so our journey will commence
To find the babes who journeyed hence
For if you choose not to attend
Their lives will surely see an end

Event Information

Five children between the ages of 11-13 have gone missing from different locations across Pokegea! Something strange has caused them to go into a hypnotic state at night, seemingly after seeing or getting too close to will-o-wisps that have been appearing across the land. Where they go, nobody knows yet, but none have returned after going missing in the wilderness.

How would these happenings affect your character? Have they spotted any of the children leaving in the night? Will they help find out what happens to these poor kids after they go missing? Will they be there for any of the rescue efforts during the event?


:bulletblue: Event starts on March 25 2017 and ends 12am PST on May 1 2017.
:bulletblue: There will be several RP events on PokeRen's Discord chat server to attempt to rescue the kids! Official logs will be kept so please don't submit logs of this RP to PokeRen for points. Open RP events are scheduled every weekend as follows:
  • Saturday April 1 at 6pm PST Completed! Logs here
  • Sunday April 9 at 10am PST Completed! Logs here
  • Saturday April 15 at 6pm PST Competed! Logs here
  • Sunday April 23 at 10am PST Completed! Logs here
  • Saturday April 29 at 6pm PST Completed! Log here

:bulletblue: Each of the five kids has a hidden goal that must be met in order for them to be saved. Hints are given below. We encourage you to work together to figure out the answers and save the children!
:bulletblue: Deviations related to the event submitted up to two weeks after it ends will receive an extra 10 scripts each.
The last day to submit for bonus XP is May 14.



Status: Found!
At least five members participated in the RP events!
A friend to heed is a friend indeed
And to save this child, friends you will need
Equal to those who now are lost
Any less is dearest cost


Status: Found!
At least 7 event related deviations have been submitted!
To keep this child from seeking heaven
Your offerings must number seven
But worry not if there be more
With paint or prose, you grant succor


Status: Found!
At least 15000 words have been written for the RP events!
A picture paints a thousand words
But fifteen thousand must be heard
For all our efforts to prevail
Lest our attempts to save him fail


Status: Found!
At least 10 event related drawings featuring pokemon submitted!
These wilder friends oft do lend aid
When human woe may be allayed
Ten of these allies must be shown
To help a people not their own


Status: Lost
All members enrolled before the event must have submitted an event-related deviation
United make a final stand
To keep the evil here at hand
And bring the last lost lamb to harbor
Every heart must show its ardor

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gj gj everyone for finding another one aaah

Next time I'll be there too o v o )99