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FF 2108 - W 5/6 - FP (Part 1) - Majestic Leviathan
Jack Frost -- Natsu Dragneel
The Easter Bunny -- Gray Fullbuster
Santa Claus "North" -- Erza Scarlett
The Tooth Fairy -- Juvia Lockser
The Sandman "Sandy" -- Wendy Marvell
Pitch Black -- Gajeel Redfox
Jamie Bennett -- Romeo Conbolt
Yetis -- Elfman Strauss, Jet, & Droy
Elves -- Canis Minor(s)
Man in the Moon -- Makarov Dreyar
Special Effects courtesy of: Max Alors, Levy McGarden, Juvia Lockser, Gray Fullbuster, Gajeel Redfox, Mirajane Strauss, and Lisanna Strauss
Direction by: Laxus Dreyar
Written/Revised by: Rabian, Lucy Heartfilia, & Levy McGarden

Jack walks along dark street as lights dim and 'Dream sand' descends. Suddenly a Shadow crosses up stage behind Jack
JACK: Whoa!
Jack crosses stage to tree on stage right to investigate. Shadow then again crosses up stage behind Jack
Jack follows shadow to alleyway jumping onto a wood box
:iconpoke-lover88:Poke-lover88 4 3
FF 2018 - W 5/6 - FP (Part 1) - Majestic Leviathan
Play Rehearsal
(Fairy Tail x Rise of the Guardians Crossover)
Lucy was exhausted and it was barely even noon. She weaved around the empty seats of the theatre hall until she made it to the front row, taking a place next to Levy who gave her a weary smile and a copy of the script. The stage was bright and alive with chaotic hubbub, but the seating area was in complete darkness, as if a show were going on, which made Lucy relax a little. Levy was sitting alone, chewing on her fingernail as she read through the script.
"How's it going?" she whispered to Levy.
She was met with a strained laugh. "Ah, not great… I mean, better than I expected, honestly… but not great." She motioned to the stage and Lucy followed her gesture.
Natsu and Gray were butting heads already which was never a good sign. And Erza was far too enraptured in her own part to even try and break them up. Another not so good sign.
Why on Earthland had they agreed to this job?
It was Lucy's understan
:iconpoke-lover88:Poke-lover88 4 7
FF 2018 Week 4 - Round Robin - Majestic Leviathan
A Mile in Their Magic
The Celestial Spirit King Oberon considered himself to be very good at his role. He was a just and fair ruler of the stars. He didn't show favoritism or allow his opinion to be swayed easily. He watched over and governed the spirits and constellations with the careful eye of a king, and the caring eye of a friend. Each spirit was individual, after all, unique and special entity's that he considered… family, of a sort.
And it was because he cared about the spirits he ruled, that he'd become a little… worried. Oberon kept a constant eye over all of them. He knew them inside and out, witnessed their interactions with one another and their masters, and ultimately only intervened to guide them in the right direction every once in a blue moon. But he'd noticed over time the development of a few worrisome traits.
Maybe it was exactly how painfully shy Aries was getting, or the scary almost yandere-type of obsession that Aquarius was developing with Sco
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FF 2018 Week 3 - Round Robin - Majestic Leviathan
A sweet summer child, as innocent as as she is kind.
Her raven hair sways against the azure of sky, as breeze caresses her cheek, she feels at ease.
Warmth of sun, rays of light raining down on petit frame, a soul most caring.
Morning dew glistening on leaves, a faint scent of honeydew, a feel of home, a thought of family.
Toes curled in grass, every step she takes, meditated, no need for haste.
She breathes a dragons wail, as strong as summers heat, yet as gentle as her healing heart.
She came in unannounced ― Attracting attention, nonetheless
Colorful yet dangerous ― Something beautiful to look at but no one’s to touch
A crisp, cutting breeze ― Stoic and cold
Tongue sharper than any of her swords ― A gaze more piercing than any of her sabers
Armor wound tight ― Promising of the harsh winter to come if crossed
Armor cast aside ― A hidden warmth smoldering steadily beneath the surface
Hair scarlet, bur
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FF 2018 Week 2 - Solo Event - Majestic Leviathan
Twist to Click
"Where were you the night of Saturday the fifteenth?"
"At home."
"The entire night?"
"Yes. ...Don't give me that look. I have things to do and people to see… just… not that night."
"So does that mean that no one can vouch for your whereabouts during that time?"
"No person, per say, but I mean I do have a cat-"
"How convenient. So you're telling me you left work at four just like any other day, drove straight home and didn't leave your house until the next morning?"
"No… pit stops perhaps, or late-night errands?"
She huffed. "At the crime scene we found this. Look familiar?"
"Ooh, yeah that's the emblem that that
super cool thief who's been robbing places around here keeps leaving behind." He gave her a look. "The one you keep showing to me every time you bring me in for questioning."
"You mean,
your mark."
"Not mine."
"So it's just coincidence that not only have your fingerprints been found in every place that's be
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It's Something in the Air (NaLu one-shot)
It's Something in the Air
There were certain smells that would always remind him of Lucy. Whether it was the fresh smell of the disinfecting spray she used to wipe down her kitchen counters after cooking, or the breezy smell of the river and streets of Magnolia that drifted in through her window at night, they instantly reminded him of her. Or rather, her apartment, he guessed.
His nose was much keener than most, thanks to his dragon traits, and so he picked up on every little nuance in her scent and the scents around her. Of course, Lucy was a woman, and so it was only natural that she would use products such as lotion or perfume or shampoo which all had unique and pleasant smells.
She was also a bit flighty with these products. She changed scents just about as often as he changed his favorite way to insult Gray. Maybe she couldn't find one she liked or maybe she just liked the change of pace. He didn't know and honestly he didn't care.
However, he did have his favorites. For a
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Blanket (GaLe one-shot)
Day 1 - Blanket
He was rough around the edges. He was sometimes a little standoffish. He could be gruff and he didn't have a hard time making enemies. And so no, it didn't surprise her that not many people saw him as being… the loving type, aside from herself. In fact, she was probably the only person to see him that way.
His burly and wild appearance didn't help him with his bad reputation any, but he never seemed to mind. He'd put Phantom behind him whether others still associated him with it or not, and he couldn't have given less of a care if someone looked surprised that he was in Fairy Tail, or on the Council. He lived to prove others wrong, and it didn't take her long to find out just who he truly was.
She was perhaps the very last person anyone would've expected to see Gajeel for all that he offered first, before anyone else had. She had had so many reasons to be wary of him, to distrust him, to be afraid of him, and yet it seemed he forced his way into her
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A Burning Feat (NaLu one-shot)
A Burning Feat
It was no secret that Natsu could sometimes go out of control with his magic. No secret was a bit of an understatement. The entire continent knew of his destructive tendencies on jobs, granted with that winning smile of his, no one seemed too awfully upset about any of it. Anyone but Lucy, and Makarov that is, whether because of rent money going towards repairs, or another visit to the council to explain Natsu's actions.
But it was also no secret that Natsu had incredible control over his flames if he put his mind to it. And that control was getting better and better as he trained day after day, for hours on the days his team didn't go on jobs.
And so the day when Natsu burst into the guild, strutting like a proud peacock, Lucy was hesitant. He'd promptly walked over to her, slammed both hands down on the table, and pronounced that he was going to attempt a feat that would show that he had the utmost control over his magic. He'd grinned afterwards, waiting
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Bound by Lock and Key (NaLu AU) Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Trade
Straw hats. Whoever had invented them had been really angry at hair, Lucy decided. She stared blankly at her reflection in the mirror, mulling over ways she could make the hideous hat on her head look a little more attractive. She reached up and pulled it down on the left side, then the right, then the left, trying desperately to get it to tilt in a way that wouldn't make her look like an old farm wife.
"Ugh!" she groaned, grabbing the hat with both hands and pulling it down over her face. Her hair was a mess by now, she was sure. The straw had already gotten entangled in it and she dreaded the mess she'd be faced with if she took the hat off. Who had even picked this hat out for her, anyway? Wasn't she going to a trade meeting? Shouldn't she be dressing a little… nicer?
Lucy carefully peeled the hat off of her head, squinting and gritting her teeth as she felt the snap of multiple hairs being uprooted from her scalp. She tossed the hat onto her bed an
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Beck and Call (WendyxMest one-shot)
Beck and Call
Wendy Marvell was no stranger to abandonment. In fact, as much as she hated to admit it, she was quite familiar with the concept.
Grandine had left her when she was just barely old enough to understand what was going on around her, albeit old enough to understand her parent was gone and she was all alone. She'd cried endlessly, but her hopes had once again arisen when she'd gone off on her own to search for her mother, only to find Mystogan. She put her faith in him, grew close to him, desperately wanting some kind of familiar face to wake up to in the morning and someone that felt like family.
In the end, she'd been abandoned by him as well. She'd cried again, long and hard until her eyes were puffy enough she could barely see.
Looking back on it, older now and more in the know, she understood. Grandine hadn't left her for no reason. She'd actually not even left at all, rather just disappeared from sight, nestling herself inside of Wendy to protect her.
Of course,
:iconpoke-lover88:Poke-lover88 5 2
Breakable (NaLu one-shot)
Risking your life was practically written into the job description of a mage. While magic seemed fantastical to some who didn't use it, and resourceful to those who did, the fact was: it was dangerous. Magic in and of itself was basically a source of energy, but when pointed at someone else, could be used as a devastating attack method.
Mages who joined guilds to use their magic to make a living knew this the best. They also knew that they put their life on the line every time they went out on any job. Maybe it was an easy fluff job for just enough extra money to pay for their kid's birthday presents, but that didn't mean it was completely safe. There was always the chance that something went awry, even in a job that was dubbed "easy".
But they, the magic-users, continued on the path of guilds and fights even knowing how in danger they were. Because it was fun for some, whether to fight or fight alongside their family, or just the best way to earn an income for others.
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Chipping the Surface (Jerza Ficlet)
Chipping the Surface
She was a lady, flowing hair and a smile that could pierce his heart. A lady unlike any other. Not the typical tea-sipping and elegant dress-clad women he'd heard about. She protected herself with her stoic words and armor. She knew where she'd been by the callouses on her feet and the scuffed swords she held in her hands. She was strong, she was mighty, she was everything that a ladylike woman wasn't.
She didn't worry about appealing to men. She worried about the lives of her friends, and would give up her own for them without a second thought. She wasn't gentle on the outside. She wasn't one to laugh daintily or one that needed protecting.
That's what he'd always seen women to be. She broke all the rules. She broke his views. She shattered his want for a woman like that. He suddenly preferred the cool metal across her chest than feeling soft lace. He suddenly loved the way she would steel her features and bare her very soul with her words instead of a blus
:iconpoke-lover88:Poke-lover88 13 3
You've Reached Natsu Dragneel- (NaLu AU) Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Take Two
Note: Hi there! This is "Chapter One", but there is a prologue to this story which will absolutely help this chapter make any sense at all, haha! The Prologue can be found here if you want to go check that out first, or there's a link in the description. Anyway, end of PSA; I hope you enjoy! :D
"Woah, what happened to you?"
Natsu stumbled through the door of the café, ignoring the question that had been thrown his way the instant he had opened the door, instead glaring up at the tiny brass bell above the door that had rung when he entered. He hated that bell; the sound it made was just plain annoying.
Natsu yawned, slumping over and slowly dragging
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Fangs (NaLu one-shot)
Perhaps the thing she found most interesting about him, was his teeth. They'd been one of the first things she'd ever noticed about him, after all.
When he'd first made his appearance, breaking her of the fake Salamander's trance and afterwards approaching him to give him her thanks, it'd been the first of many times that she'd see his incredibly bright smile. A smile that seemed so innocent and sweet that it made all of his other… not-so-great tendencies seem a little more bearable. And a smile that clearly showed two shining, elongated fangs.
It'd taken her a little by surprise, but he'd closed his mouth quickly, instead a new expression of excitement taking hold as she offered to buy him lunch, and she thought that perhaps, she'd just been seeing things. People didn't have fangs, after all.
But sure enough, as he chowed down on the lunch she bought him, as much food flying onto surrounding customers as was making it into his mouth, she saw those teeth again.
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A New Do (NaLu one-shot)
A New Do
Lucy sighed, resting her chin on her hand and idly playing with her hair in the mirror. It was so flat, so dull, so lifeless today. She ruffled it in hopes of giving it some body, but it just collapsed back down again. Another sigh.
"Lucy, you've been staring at your hair for like, hours… Can we go yet?" Natsu's boredom was more than evident in his voice. Looking back over her shoulder she spied him, sprawled out on her kitchen table and pouting like a child. He tended to get into weird positions with her furniture while waiting for her. One time she'd found him on his head underneath her desk, practicing his smoke rings, his entire presence reeking of serious boredom.
Fairy Tail was holding a small festival to commemorate the beginning of summer. Why? Maybe because Fairy Tail liked having an excuse for throwing a party. Lucy swore they celebrated something or other nearly every week. So of course, the girls had decided to wear yukatas and pull up th
:iconpoke-lover88:Poke-lover88 19 5
Combatting Motion Sickness (GaLe one-shot)
Combatting Motion Sickness
Levy honestly had never thought about it before… but no, she hadn't ever been with Gajeel on a train. Why was she thinking about it now? Because their train had just departed with a whistle of steam and suddenly she was staring at a green-faced Dragon Slayer who seriously looked as if he were going to regurgitate his lunch onto her lap.
She shuddered at the thought.
She'd gone on plenty of jobs with Gajeel before and they'd come up with ways to work around his motion sickness. They'd walk sometimes, Lily would help out and carry him others, and even once they'd opted to go by horseback to a job location since apparently horses fell under the same category of 'living non-transportation' options that Lily did. However, sometimes it was unavoidable. She had patted his back as he leaned over the side of the boat they were taking many times, opened all the windows to help cool him off when taking a vehicle, and even once –with a bit of trouble-
:iconpoke-lover88:Poke-lover88 19 6

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Jack Frost -- Natsu Dragneel
The Easter Bunny -- Gray Fullbuster
Santa Claus "North" -- Erza Scarlett
The Tooth Fairy -- Juvia Lockser
The Sandman "Sandy" -- Wendy Marvell
Pitch Black -- Gajeel Redfox
Jamie Bennett -- Romeo Conbolt
Yetis -- Elfman Strauss, Jet, & Droy
Elves -- Canis Minor(s)
Man in the Moon -- Makarov Dreyar

Special Effects courtesy of: Max Alors, Levy McGarden, Juvia Lockser, Gray Fullbuster, Gajeel Redfox, Mirajane Strauss, and Lisanna Strauss

Direction by: Laxus Dreyar

Written/Revised by: Rabian, Lucy Heartfilia, & Levy McGarden




Jack walks along dark street as lights dim and 'Dream sand' descends. Suddenly a Shadow crosses up stage behind Jack

JACK: Whoa!

Jack crosses stage to tree on stage right to investigate. Shadow then again crosses up stage behind Jack
Jack follows shadow to alleyway jumping onto a wood box to get a better view.
Suddenly: Whoosh! The shadow flashes by, knocking over props in alley. Jack jumps down from the box and backs up out of the alleyway into a clearing...

BUNNY: Hello, mate.

Jack turns to face bunny (who is standing in the shadows), ready to strike. He struggles to see who it is.

BUNNY: Been a long time. Blizzard of 68, I believe? Easter Sunday, wasn't it?

Bunny steps out of shadow. Jack relaxes a little.

JACK: Bunny? You're not still mad about that... are ya?


Bunny whips out his boomerang and casually looks at it as he holds it in his hands.

BUNNY: But this is about something else

Before Jack realizes what's happening he is being grabbed by two pairs of hands.

JACK: Hey!

YETI: Durbha wahla.

Jack is being held by two Yetis.

JACK: Let go of me! What the...

Jack is shoved head first into a sack. A yet whips out a magic orb and smashes it on the ground toward edge of stage left. A Magic Portal opens in front of them. Yetis look back at Bunny and make motion toward the portal.

YETI: Dwbard urghwetee?

Not on your nelly. See you back at the headquarters.

He Stamps his foot twice on the ground which swirls open -- a rabbit hole magically appears. Bunny leaps into it and disappears along with the rabbit hole. In its place, from out of the ground grows a small green plant.

YETIS: Bwardla arghl.

Yetis turn to face portal at stage left and toss bag with Jack to back stage.

JACK: Ahhhhhhhh!

The yetis then charge after leaving the stage. Stage lights go off.


Sandy, Bunny, North, Tooth, and several yetis and elves are present. Tooth is seen scribbling on a piece of paper and ordering around her fairy subordinates.

Hargeon town! Upper incisor! 421 Southeast Main Street! Come on!

The fairy is dismissed and flies out stage right. Meanwhile a portal appears stage left and the sack containing Jack comes rolling out of it. Jack makes a disgruntled sound from within.

NORTH: He's here.

Jack struggles around in the sack before managing to free himself. He finds himself face-to-face with two elves. Bewildered, he takes in the sight of North's library and the other people present, North and Sandy looking directly down at him.

TOOTH: Clover Town. We've got a trampoline mishap at 1340 Ginger Lane-

NORTH: Quiet.

TOOTH: -canine, lateral, and central incisor. Ouch!

North clears her throat and effectively gets everyone's attention, including Tooth. They all look to Jack.

NORTH: Hey, there he is! Jack Frost!

North holds out her arms to welcome Jack. Sandy conjures a little sand snowflake to greet him.

JACK: Wow, you've gotta be kidding me...

A Yeti grabs Jack by the shoulders and lifts him up onto his feet.

JACK: Hey, hey. Woah, put me down!

NORTH: I hope the yetis treated you well?

JACK: Oh, yeah. I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal.

Oh, good! That was my idea!

There is a moment of silence before North takes a cue and begins introductions.

NORTH: You know Bunny, obviously.


Bunny keeps his distance from Jack, grumbling with his arms crossed. They exchange a heated glare. Jack then notices the little fairies are now hovering near him, staring and chattering to themselves.

NORTH: And the Tooth Fairy?

Jack begins to answer but is cut off when Tooth glides toward him, excitedly cutting him off.

TOOTH: Hello, Jack. I've heard a lot about you. And your teeth.

JACK: My, my what?

Open up! Are they really as white as they say? Yes! And so sharp! Oh, they really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow.

The smaller fairies giddily gossip about him with each other, excited.

Girls, pull yourselves together... Let's not disgrace the uniform.

NORTH: And Sandman...
Sandy, Sandy! Wake up!

Sandy jolts awake and steps up to Jack, smiling.

JACK: Hey! Ho! Anyone wanna tell me why I'm here?

Sandy conjures a multitude of little images with her sand magic that are far too fast to understand.

JACK: That's not really helping. But thanks anyway.

Jack gives Sandy a smile before turning to the others.

JACK: I musta done something really bad to get you four together...

Jack walks away from the group, thinking to himself. He freezes an elf walking past him seemingly for fun before turning around.

JACK: Wait, am I on the naughty list?

On the naughty list? You hold the record! But no matter, we will overlook it; now we will wipe the slate clean.

JACK: How come?

Ah, good question.

NORTH: How come? I'll tell you,'how come'! Because now... you are joining the Guardians!

Jack appears confused and everything erupts into celebration. Yetis light torches, elves are dancing, putting up banners and streamers and other ceremonial decorations. A few of the small fairies try to put a paper snowflake necklace around Jack's neck but he crushes them off.

JACK: What are you doing? Get, get that offa me.

Jack's voice is overpowered by the sounds of drums and horns.

This is the best part!

A little band of elves marches into the room, playing music. The yeti that stood jack up in the first place nudges him forward onto center stage, to a designated spot. Jack looks down to find an elf pointing at his feet, which are bare, and then points to a pair of gaudy blue ceremonial boots sitting on a fancy pillow which two other elves are carrying. Jack becomes more confused.

JACK: Huh?

A Yeti hands North an antique-looing book and holds out what appears to be a guild stamp. North blows the dust off the book and opens it, clearing her throat. Jack's jaw and hands clench as he watches the chaos, along with everyone's reactions. Suddenly Jack slams his staff down, sending a blast of ice magic out from it, along with a gust of wind. It freezes the surrounding area and blows out the torches. The music stops and everyone is quiet.

JACK: What makes you think I want to be a Guardian?

North bursts out into laughter, and then suddenly stops, expression stone-cold.

NORTH: Of course you do!

The music blares again, elves begin dancing and the celebration is resumed.

JACK: No music!

The hubbub fizzles out again. An elf throws his trumpet to the ground and storms off. North glares at Jack, displeased.

JACK: Look, this is all very flattering but um... you don't want me. Your guild's all hard work and deadlines, and I'm snowballs and fun times. I'm not a Guardian.

BUNNY: Yeah, that's exactly what I said!

TOOTH: Jack... I don't think you understand what it is we do...

Tooth glides over past Jack and brings his attention to a giant map against the back wall. It is a map of the glove with lights dotting here and there on it.

TOOTH: Each of those lights is a child.

Jack looks up at the map, taking in the thousands and thousands of little lights. He is quiet. North moves to Jack's side.

NORTH: A child who believes in, and relies on us. And good or bad, naughty or nice, we protect them.

North sighs and looks over her shoulder.

NORTH: Tooth... fingers out of mouth.

During North's speech Tooth has again begun examining Jack's teeth. She flinches and removes her finger sheepishly.

TOOTH: Oh, sorry. They're beautiful.

They all drift back away from the map.

NORTH: Okay, no more wishy-washy! Pitch is out there doing who knows what!

You mean the Boogeyman? The Dark Mage?

NORTH: Yes! When Pitch threatens us, he threatens them as well.

JACK: All the more reason to recruit someone more qualified!

NORTH: Recruit? You think we recruit? No, you were chosen like we were all chosen. By the Man in the Moon.

Jack turns, shocked by this bit of information.

JACK: What?

TOOTH: Last night, Jack. He chose you.

BUNNY: Maybe.

JACK: The Man in the Moon. He talks to you?

The light outside the windows has by now slowly dimmed into nighttime. The moon is visible near the top of the stage. Jack looks up at it.

NORTH: You see, you cannot decline. It is destiny.

But why, why wouldn't he tell me that himself?
After 300 years this is his answer? To spend eternity like you guys, cooped up in some guild thinking of, of new ways to bribe kids? No no, that's not for me. No offense.

Jack turns to leave.

BUNNY: How is that not offensive?

The Guardians all appear shocked by Jack's decision except Bunny, who now looks relieved. Bunny turns to his fellow Guardians.

BUNNY: You know what I think? I think we just dodged a bullet. I mean, what's this clown know about bringing magic and joy to children anyway?

Jack turns back to Bunny.

Uhh, you ever hear of a snow day? I know it's no hard-boiled egg, but kids like my magic.

BUNNY: But none of 'em believe in you.
Do they? You see, you're invisible. It's like you don't even exist.

TOOTH: Bunny! Enough!

There is an awkward silence and Jack tries to keep a straight face.

JACK: No, the kangaroo's right.

The, the what--what'd you call me? I am not a kangaroo, mate.

JACK: Oh. And this whole time I thought you were. If you're not a kangaroo, what are you?

BUNNY: I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny. People believe in me.

The tension in the air is palpable and Sandy nudges North, prompting her to do something.

Jack. Walk with me.


Jack and North ride in the elevator, bearing the resemblance of a Christmas ornament, down to the factory floor in center stage.

JACK: It's nothing personal, North. What you all do in a guild, it's just, it's not my thing.

NORTH: The Man in the Moon says it is your thing. We will see!


North storms through the factory floor, Jack trying to keep up. North is going at an amazing pace.

JACK: Slow down, wouldja? I've been trying to bust in here for years, I want a good look.

What do you mean, "bust in?"

JACK: Oh, don't worry, I never got past the yetis.

Jack looks over his shoulder; an angry yeti pounds his fist into his palm.

YETI: Rwwarrrr.

JACK: Oh, hey Phil.

NORTH: Keep up, Jack! Keep up!

North charges ahead. North's factory is bustling with activity: Yetis are building toys and moving packages while elves are test piloting various magical toys. As Jack walks behind North, surveying the factory, a duck toy suddenly flies over Jack's head. Jack ducks just in time and continues after north.

JACK: Whoa!
I always thought the elves made the toys.

We just let them believe that.

Jack looks over to see a group of elves eating Christmas ornaments and another electrocuting himself with Christmas lights. North smiles and calls to them.

NORTH: Very nice! Keep up the good work!

North continues through the factory floor. She passes a yeti putting the finishing touches on a blue toy robot.

I don't like it. Paint it red.

The yeti reacts in dismay as we reveal hundreds of finished blue robots.

NORTH: Step it up, everybody.

As North and Jack move to the opposite end of the chamber, they finally glimpse the orchestrated chaos of the entire workshop, in all its magic and splendor.


North and Jack enter North's office upstairs, stage right, a moment later. There are shelves filled with toys, sketches and prototypes along with trays of sweets. North turns to Jack, grabbing a plate from a nearby elf.

NORTH: Fruit cake?

JACK: Ah, no thanks.

North shrugs and takes a bite before putting the cake on her desk. She looks to Jack.

NORTH: Now we get down to the tacks of brass!

Tacks of brass?

North cracks her knuckles and rolls up her sleeves. The "wind" slams North's office door shut behind them. Jack jumps and looks to the door, it locks itself, and he turns back and swallows, nervous. North moves in close to Jack, backing him up against the door.

NORTH: Who are you, Jack Frost? What is your center?

North pokes Jack in the chest.

JACK: My center?

NORTH: If the Man in the Moon chose you to join us in our guild as Guardians, you must have something very special inside.

North looks Jack up and down, scrutinizing. When Jack does not reply.


When Jack still does not reply, North turns to a shelf behind her and retrieves a nesting doll that resembles herself. It is large and intimidating with a serous and stoic expression on its face.

NORTH: Here, this is how you see me, correct? Very strict, intimidating... but if you get to know me a little...
Well, go on...

Jack gives North a curious look, setting down his staff. He twists the doll to open it and inside is another doll resembling North. This one is smiling with a joyful aura and a cheery demeanor.

JACK: You're... jolly?

NORTH: Ah, but not just jolly...

Jack continues to open the doll to find smaller and differently painted versions. The next shows North with her eye covered by her hair and a darker more placid look on her face.

NORTH: I am also mysterious...

Jack twists the doll again to find one now with its mouth open, seemingly yelling passionately.

NORTH: And fearless, willing to fight for what I believe in and those I wish to protect...

Jack twists and doll again to find a warm and content smile on its face.

NORTH: And caring... And at my center...

Jack opens the doll a final time to reveal a very small wooden carving. North approaches and Jack tips the final doll into North's hand.

JACK: There's a tiny wooden baby?

NORTH: Look closer. What do you see?

Jack picks up the doll to examine it.

JACK: You have big eyes?

Yes! Very big eyes! Because they are full! Of wonder and adventure! That is my center. It is what I was born with. Eyes that have always seen the wonder in everything and everyone.

North raises her hands and with a burst of magic, suddenly everything in the room springs to life. The Christmas tree is bright with lights and ornaments, toys pop to life on the shelves and an elf watches a balloon float by, carrying a toy airplane. The two double doors behind Jack open again as the toy airplane flies out and enters the factory floor.

NORTH: Eyes that see lights in the trees and magic in the air!

As the plan geos back toward center stage/the factory floor, it is illuminated again to reveal dozens of other toys flying around, creating a magical atmosphere. North and Jack both step just outside her office, on the balcony and look out at the scene.


NORTH: This magic is what I put into the world, and what I protect in children. The will and strength to believe in themselves and fight for those they wish to protect. That is what makes me a Guardian. It is my center; my heart. What is yours?

I don't know.

Jack looks down into his palm at the wooden baby. North closes Jack's hand around it and gives him a knowing look. Suddenly something flashes by the window outside. Bunny and Sandy run up the stairs to join Jack and North on the balcony.

BUNNY: We have a problem, mate! Trouble at the Tooth Palace.
FF 2108 - W 5/6 - FP (Part 1) - Majestic Leviathan
Also a part of the final project and week(s) of Fairy Fest hosted by :iconfairy-tail-fc:! We had to choose a scene from Rise of the Guardians to write out in play format for Fairy Tail to enact! We thought it'd be a good idea to do the part when Jack meets all of the other Guardians! Thanks to :iconcrossedscythes: for that idea!
Again, I've never seen the movie before so thanks again to my teammates and the internet for helping me with this one, haha! ;D
And a big thanks to my other two teammates: :iconiraiy: and :iconcyrustheicewing: for writing parts of this script too! :D

EDIT: Voting is over now and we came in 2nd! Thank you to everyone who voted and helped us get there :iconletmehugyouplz: And also a big congrats to Malicious Dragon for their first place finish!

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Play Rehearsal
(Fairy Tail x Rise of the Guardians Crossover)

Lucy was exhausted and it was barely even noon. She weaved around the empty seats of the theatre hall until she made it to the front row, taking a place next to Levy who gave her a weary smile and a copy of the script. The stage was bright and alive with chaotic hubbub, but the seating area was in complete darkness, as if a show were going on, which made Lucy relax a little. Levy was sitting alone, chewing on her fingernail as she read through the script.

"How's it going?" she whispered to Levy.

She was met with a strained laugh. "Ah, not great… I mean, better than I expected, honestly… but not great." She motioned to the stage and Lucy followed her gesture.

Natsu and Gray were butting heads already which was never a good sign. And Erza was far too enraptured in her own part to even try and break them up. Another not so good sign.

Why on Earthland had they agreed to this job?

It was Lucy's understanding that Team Natsu had agreed to never, repeat never, return to the Onibus play house. Sure, it'd been kind of fun putting on a play and it'd been a… little bit of a success… but it'd also ended in more damages than they could pay for with the job money. Not to mention that the theatre owner was a little… hard to work with.

But apparently everyone else had forgotten how poorly their little excursion into playmaking had gone the past time, because when the Onibus theatre's owner came knocking at their guild door once again… everyone jumped on board. And she meant everyone.

Quite literally everyone from Fairy Tail had come along for this ride. Maybe it was because the theatre was on its last leg financially and they wanted to save it. Or maybe it was because he'd written a completely original play in a Hail Mary sort of attempt to avoid bankruptcy. Or maybe it was even because everyone in Fairy Tail had nothing better to do. Who knew. But Lucy was positive it wasn't going to turn out well.

Regardless, they were trying their best.

The play that Rabian, the owner, had written was… odd. The general concept wasn't terrible. In short, there was a secret guild called The Guardians made up of the mythological figures that children around the world believed in, that protected and nurtured the sense of adventure and magical potential that the children had. There was an evil figure who was trying to defeat them and send fear and trepidation into the children's hearts, and the Guardians had to defeat him. That, and the main character, Jack Frost, was struggling with his own demons and the fact that an increasing number of children didn't belive in him. It was simple enough. A good vs. evil sort of plot with just enough of a personal and magical twist that it could work. That being said, Rabian wasn't exactly the best with the written word, and so, Levy and Lucy had been assigned to revise the script.

They made the speech more believable, the morals a little subtler, and added in just enough details that when they sat back from their work, they both had a smile on their faces.

That'd been step one: edit the play. Step two was figuring out roles and how they were actually going to pull it off. Casting had been rather quick and a little haphazard. The main character in the play was Jack Frost, a deity who supposedly conjured ice and snow every year. The part was practically made for Gray. However, Gray had made it very clear that while he would participate, he did not want the main role.

Another thing made well-known from the start was that yes, Natsu was one thousand percent on board to be the main character. And so, Natsu became Jack Frost. The other members of the Guardian guild were the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman. Lucy had believed in all of these fairy tale beings growing up aside from the Tooth Fairy. She looked forward to presents under the tree and eggs hidden around the Heartfilia mansion growing up. And she remembered when she was small, her mother telling her that the Sandman would come and bring her wonderful dreams when she couldn't sleep. The Tooth Fairy had apparently gone against her father's belief that all money should be earned through hard work, and so she'd never been taught to believe in such a being. However, the idea that when someone lost a tooth that a fairy came in the middle of the night, collected it, and left behind a gold coin was a little fantastical and she liked the idea.

Erza had volunteered to be Santa Claus, whose name was 'North' in this play. It was the second largest role and while she wouldn't ever admit out loud that she loved acting on stage, the sparkle in her eyes let everyone know exactly how excited she was. She would also be the 'head honcho' of sorts, which fit her rather well.

The Sandman had little to no lines and was small and quiet. Wendy had sheepishly volunteered and there hadn't been any objections. Gray had shrugged and accepted when someone pointed out that the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost had rivalry, just like he and Natsu did, so he should play the part of 'Bunny'.

The only Guardian left had been the Tooth Fairy. Juvia had volunteered the instant the scripts were handed out for this role. Apparently she had heard or noticed or read or something, that the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost perhaps hinted towards liking one another in the play. Gray had originally been a shoe in for the role of Jack and so she'd happily become the Tooth Fairy. However, this had been before Gray made it clear he didn't want the main role… and then she was, in a way, stuck with it.

The dark mage, 'Pitch', who was the evil character threatening all that was good and well in the world went unanimously to Gajeel. He 'gihi'd' at the thought of being a villain and while no one had seen it coming, he perhaps was one of the more 'on-board' members of the play.

There was one human non-mage in the play: a boy named Jammie. Romeo had surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly, taken that one. Lucy remembered the worried tone in his voice when Macao, his father, had gone missing not long after she'd joined Fairy Tail. He'd been crying, saying that the kids he played with said his father should get a 'real' job or stop 'playing around' being a mage in a guild. It was a struggle that many children faced who wanted to join a guild when they grew up: the reality that the life of a mage was rough, and not very glorious. Whether it was because many looked upon the occupation as a lower class sort of excuse, solely there for the purpose of helping those who couldn't get tasks done on their own, or the fact that yes, it was sometimes quite literally a dirty and unthankful job, the fact was that kids did face a struggle sometimes when their parents or relatives were mages, and they too, wanted to become one. So it was no surprise that Romeo identified with the character of Jammie, who was one of the many children the Guardians wished to protect and nurture, instilling them with the will to conjure the magic within them.

The rest of the roles were smaller and not as important. The Man in the Moon was a wise and overseeing figure, that went to Makarov. The yetis helped North in all of the toy-delivering endeavors that Santa Claus always went on. Jet, Droy, and Elfman were assigned these roles, and Laki had pitched in to use her wood-make magic to create a veritable army of wooden yetis that would be painted and left in the back of the stage, or near the wings, to give off the illusion that there were more people than there actually were. And last but not least… the roles of the elves, which is what had Lucy so tired so early in the day.

No one was sure how to pull off creating tiny somewhat helpless characters that would be ambling around the stage at random, sometimes holding things. It was more for effect than anything else. Lucy wasn't sure who it was that had suggested Plue play an elf, but one thing snowballed into another and before Lucy knew it, she was chatting with Loke, sending him to talk to the Spirit King in hopes of summoning a few extra Canis Minors for the part. She'd thought it was a long shot for him to agree. However, as it turned out the Spirit King thought it was a hilarious idea and had gladly agreed to send a handful of little bumbling spirits to Earthland whose keys hadn't been found or purchased yet.

All of the parts were filled within the first half hour of the script being revised. Next was on to the actual practice, and figuring out how they would visually be able to pull it off. Mira and Lisanna had volunteered to create costumes, and Lucy didn't have any doubt in her mind that it would be beautiful in the end. Cana, Laki, Max, Macao, Wakaba, Evergreen, Fried, Bixlow, and everyone else who didn't have a specific job were all sent to begin making the set, start figuring out lighting and timing, and all of the other technical details. The entire group would also be working with and helped by the on-site design staff of the Onibus theatre which was rather small but quite talented.

Laxus had been dragged along on this job. His Raijin posse had been curious about the Onibus play house, and surprisingly had jumped on board –albeit some more than others…. Lucy spotted Evergreen leaning against a giant wooden yeti in the back instead of painting it—however Laxus hadn't been sold. He'd been camping out in the 'audience' with Levy while Lucy made the deal with the Canis Minors… but when she came back she noticed he was gone. Er, not gone but… on stage… with a script in his hand and barking out orders to everyone else.

"Wait… is Laxus directing?" Lucy whispered to Levy.

Levy nodded. "I think he was just about having an aneurism trying to watch all of them figure things out on their own and the bickering was getting too much for him to handle. Makarov didn't like his poor attitude towards it and told him that if he was going to pick apart what everyone was doing, he should be the director… And one thing sorta led to another… Although he's doing a decent job."

Laxus snapped his fingers and pointed for Natsu to move to his spot, away from Gray, and surprisingly… he listened.

Lucy raised an eyebrow. Impressive…

It seemed everything had been taken care of, then. Special magical effects were hardly needed. Only four characters had any impressive displays of magic. Gajeel could take care of his shadow magic with… well, his own Iron-Shadow dragon magic. The Tooth Fairy had little smaller fairies that were supposed to be around or following her wherever she went, which Juvia had no problem creating with her water. Wendy as the Sandman would conjure sand to create pictures. Max was assigned to sit off stage and use his own magic to give the illusion that Wendy was controlling the sand herself.

And finally, Natsu as Jack Frost would be using ice magic… It was at this time that once again everyone began asking Gray if he was sure he didn't want to play Jack Frost. He was persistent. And Natsu was offended that everyone was trying to 'sabotage his moment of awesomeness' as the main character. Long story short, Gray said he could use his own magic while playing Bunny, sending it in Natsu's direction and giving off the illusion of him casting the magic himself. Similar to the Wendy-Max situation. Lucy wasn't sure if Gray was going to be able to pull off playing his own part and also using magic to help Natsu play his… but she hoped it'd work out.

And so that'd left them with the task of memorizing lines and understanding the play. The first order of business was simply to act it out. Everyone was given a script and the first rehearsal had officially gotten underway. They were reading their lines and blocking out their movements as best they could.

Lucy flipped through the script's pages until she found where they were. Apparently they'd just gotten to the part where Jack Frost was kidnapped and brought to the North Pole to meet the Guardians.

It was the first scene where both Natsu and Gray would be interacting… Oh, so that's why they were already fighting.

Lucy traced her finger down to where Natsu as Jack was following a shadow that'd suddenly appeared in a darkened alleyway. Natsu was pretending to look around up on stage, and Laxus as director was playing his part.

He snapped his fingers, following the stage direction written in the script and pointed toward the far side of the stage. "The shadow went in the alleyway. Investigate."

Natsu looked a little peeved being told what to do, but played his part and went over where Laxus pointed. "Wait… there isn't a box. It says here I jump on a box to look into the alley…"

"Just pretend, Flame Brain," Gray snapped.

"Oh, I'm sorry for actually taking this seriously," Natsu droned, lip curling.

Gray's eyebrow twitched and next thing Lucy knew he'd cast a spell. "Ice Make: Box!"

Out of thin air a huge cubical hunk of ice plummeted to the ground, conking Natsu on the head on its way down before tipping once, and coming to a halt with a 'thud'. Gray looked very proud of himself.

"Ow, why you-"

"You have your box, get on top of it," Laxus ordered.

Natsu flinched, whether because of Laxus' volume or because he was touching the tender spot on his head where the ice had hit him, Lucy didn't know. He mumbled and grumbled angrily to himself as he clambered on top of the ice. He made a face. "It's so cold… guys are you sure this Jack dude can't be a fire mage? I mean, it's so much better and it makes way more sense!"

"Because someone with the last name Frost definitely uses fire…" Gray rolled his eyes.

"No. The good awesome guys always use fire. Plus, I could make some seriously cool pyrotechnics for this thing I mean-" He reared back, ready to show off what would undoubtedly be an over-the-top Fire Dragon Roar.

Luckily Laxus cut in with a, "Natsu!" which distracted him enough that only a small puff of smoke left his lips. Lucy knew for a fact that the one thing this show didn't need was pyrotechnics. It wouldn't save the theatre house… it'd send it to an early grave.

Natsu again grumbled angrily to himself, sending squinty-eyed glares towards Gray and Laxus alike. "Fine, fine, whatever…" He looked back down at his script. "So something knocks over some stuff… oooh." He sarcastically pretended to be afraid before jumping back off of Gray's ice cube.

Gray stepped forward, taking his cue. Laxus nodded approvingly. "Hello, mate," Gray said from behind Natsu. He whirled around to look at Gray. "Been a long time. Blizzard of 68, I believe? Easter Sunday?" Gray took another step forward and Natsu straightened, looking down at his script.

"Bunny? You're not still mad about that, are ya?" Lucy had no idea what had apparently happened in the 'blizzard of 68' and neither did anyone else but just the thought of causing Gray's character some sort of hardship made Natsu smirk haughtily at him. Lucy pinched the bridge of her nose. It was so perfect that their characters had a very volatile sort of relationship just like they did in real life that she wasn't sure if it was irony or destiny.

"Yes," Gray answered simply, reaching behind himself and pretending to pull out something akin to a weapon. It would be a boomerang in the final version of the play. At least Gray knew how to fake using props that weren't ready yet. "But this is about something else… Fellas!"

There was a beat of silence where everyone stood still and waited for something to happen. But nothing did. "Fellas!" Gray repeated, a little louder.

Laxus huffed. "C'mon, that's your cue, yetis. Let's go!" He motioned to someone off stage and in came Jet and Droy, looking embarrassed.

Levy sunk a little in her seat next to Lucy, apparently embarrassed for them. Lucy exchanged a smile with her.

Jet and Droy grabbed Natsu by the arms. "Hey!" Natsu yelled. It'd been a little too believable for Natsu's subpar acting and Lucy wondered if he'd even known that that was his line, or if that was simply his natural reaction. Droy made a few garbled grumbling noises not unlike those of a yeti. "Let go of me! What the-" Lucy followed along with the script. The "yetis" were supposed to shove Jack into a bag and kidnap him.

"Oh please tell me we actually have a sack to shove him into," Gray said with a chortle.

Natsu gave him a glare and Laxus shook his head. "Just pretend."

"Oh but I don't think I can," Gray replied. "I mean… it's just sort of hard to imagine, y'know? I think I might need some real life experience on this one to be able to pretend." He nodded seriously, a twinkle in his eye.

Laxus looked then as if he might either throw down the script and quit, or turn and punch someone in the face. Luckily Mira had the situation covered, as she always did, and Lucy spotted her arm poke out from off stage, holding out a large sack made out of what appeared to be scrap material. Man, the 'costume department' was on top of it. He took it graciously and chucked it across the stage to Gray.

The struggle to get Natsu into the bag was a long one. He said it was ridiculous they were doing this… Gray looked like he was having a blast… and around ten minutes, five bruises, and many curses later, Natsu was successfully in the bag, flailing around and yelling aimlessly. The only casualty in this battle had been Jet's hat which had been singed to ashes, but everyone had agreed that perhaps it was for the better. Levy had whispered under her breath that she was glad that monstrosity of a fashion statement was gone, and Lucy sort of agreed with her.

Laxus sighed. "Alright, so you guys have some magic sphere that when you smash it a 'magic portal' appears stage left." He pointed, addressing the 'yetis'.

Droy and Jet both struggled to lift the flailing Natsu and hobbled over toward stage left. They looked back at Gray and motioned him toward the portal, as the script prompted.

Gray turned back to his script and resumed his part. "Me? Not on your nelly. See you back at the headquarters."

Laxus nodded again. "So Bunny stamps his foot twice-" Gray stomped twice. "And another portal appears… Which I'm sure just means you exit stage right. And you three, stage left, through the other 'portal'," he said, motioning towards Jet and Droy.

Gray nodded and slipped off the stage, as did the 'yetis', carrying Natsu in his bag, who yelled as he was being carted off.

"Alright, that's the end of a scene so lights should go dark. There should be a quick set change, and then next, lights come on center stage to reveal North's Library. We're gonna need pretty much everyone for this scene."

There was a hustle then and the sound of scuffling feet filled the room as everyone referred to their scripts and took their places. This would be the scene where all of the Guardian members met Jack for the first time. Gray came back on stage, along with Erza who was standing straight and tall, ready to play her part, Wendy who appeared apprehensive but excited, and Juvia, who was staying a little too close to Gray for comfort.

Elfman, Jet, and Droy, all playing the parts of yetis also came out on stage and stood a little to the side, as not to take away any attention from the main characters. Lucy had to admit she was impressed so far with what she'd seen script-reading wise. Sure, they were making comments and having little errors in between lines, but so far everyone had taken their cues and read their bits of dialogue very well. Sure, no one in Fairy Tail was a trained actor or anything, but she knew how seriously they all took jobs, and they would all be trying their best in the end.

"Okay, once the lights come on we should have everyone in place, awaiting 'Jack's' arrival from the portal," Laxus stated. Lucy also noted how well Laxus was doing in the role of a director. Sure, he didn't have any experience and sure he was most definitely not the type she thought would be into directing plays… but he was keeping everything under control and everyone reigned in rather well. His booming voice certainly didn't hurt, anyway, and also helped set the scenes even with no props or scenery.

Juvia was the first to have a line. She waved her arm up into the air, conjuring a myriad of tennis ball-sized blobs of water. With another flick of her wrist the blobs transformed to resemble tiny fairies, all hovering around her. Lucy was impressed. She also didn't miss the quick glance Juvia gave Gray, almost looking as if she were searching for some hint that he was impressed. She cleared her throat, looking back down to her script and delivering her first line.

"Hargeon Town! Upper incisor! 421 Southeast Main Street! Come on!" As the Tooth Fairy she was to order around her littler fairies to go and collect the teeth that had been lost. Lucy watched as one of Juvia's water fairies flew off the stage as if it'd taken the order. There was a yelp and a splash and next thing Lucy knew Max was poking his head out onto stage, his hair matted and wet, sticking to his forehead.

"Hey, watch it, will you?" he snapped.

"Sorry," Juvia apologized quickly. Of course Max would be just off stage, after all he would be the one filling in for Wendy's sand magic. Max's head disappeared back into the wing and the scene continued.

And by continued, Lucy meant the sack containing Natsu was sort of unceremoniously thrown out onto the stage, as if coming through the portal. He let out a yelp and an 'ow' and Gray snickered to himself on the other side of the stage. The sack rolled and flopped and everyone watched it as it lazily made its way toward center stage, Natsu struggling for all he was worth to get it open. Eventually he succeeded, poking his head out and angrily shoving it aside.

Erza snapped into her character. "He's here."

Juvia turned to another one of her water fairies. "Clover Town. We've got a trampoline mishap at 1340 Ginger Lane-"

"Quiet," Erza said.

"-canine, lateral, and center incisor. Ouch!" Juvia finished. The water fairy zoomed off stage just as the other had, this time a little farther back in hopes of avoiding Max.

Erza cleared her throat loudly, getting everyone's attention. Gray, Juvia, Wendy and Erza all looked down at Natsu who was dusting himself off. He sat up, flipping to the next page in his script to catch up.

"Hey, there he is! Jack Frost!" Erza announced, holding out her arms to welcome him.

Wendy took a step forward, giving him a smile. It was Max's first time to shine. A trail of sand snaked its way from off stage and across the floor before undulating into the air above Wendy's head and making the shape of a small snowflake: the Sandman's version of welcoming Jack Frost. Lucy again had to admit she was impressed. Max had done it perfectly.

"Wow, you've gotta be kidding me…," Natsu read his line. Elfman reached over and lifted Natsu to his feet. "Hey, hey. Woah, put me down!" Natsu yelled. Elfman plopped him onto his feet.

"I hope the yetis treated you well?" Erza asked, smiling.

Natsu made a loud scoffing sound. "Oh, yeah. I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal." That was the most convincing line Natsu had read so far… although it was probably because he was feeling exactly how Jack Frost would've been feeling, having actually been shoved in a sack and all… "Next time be a little gentler, too, okay?" he snapped at Jet and Droy. "Do you know how many paper cuts I got being thrown around in there with this thing?" He shook his script at them before sucking on the end of one of his fingers.

Erza paid his adlib no mind. "Oh, good! That was my idea!" She seemed not to have noticed his sarcasm. There was a beat of silence before Erza continued, motioning over to Gray and officially beginning the introductions. "You know Bunny, obviously."

"Obviously," Natsu snapped, glaring at Gray who glared right back. Gray crossed his arms before ducking suddenly. Something had whizzed by his face… And then another, and another. Juvia's little water fairies were zooming all around him, hovering, apparently examining him closely.

"No, no, they're supposed to be around Jack," Laxus corrected, snapping his fingers and pointing to Natsu.

Juvia looked a little defeated but with a wave of her hand they moved to flit around Natsu, who flinched away from them, swatting at them like bees.

"And the Tooth Fairy?" Erza asked.

Juvia made her way over to Natsu. "Hello, Jack. I've heard a lot about you. And your teeth."

Natsu's eyes bugged and again Lucy commended his acting. "My- my what?" Although then again he hadn't looked at his script and his reaction had seemed so genuine… so maybe he wasn't actually acting, but again had happened to get the line correct.

"Open up! Are they really as white as they say?" Juvia trailed off, looking off to the side at Gray, and then at Laxus. "A-Are we sure we don't want Gray-sama to play this role?" It was clear that she wished to be getting as close to Gray as she was having to Natsu, in this play.

"Hey," Natsu snapped, offended.

"Yes, we're sure," Laxus droned.

Juvia looked disappointed, but continued nonetheless. "Um… Yes! And so sharp! Oh, they really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow." She trailed off again. "Really, this seems more like Gray-sama-"

"Keep it moving," Laxus interrupted.

Juvia sighed. "Alright." Her water fairies moved around Natsu excitedly and she quickly shook herself, as if she'd realized exactly how odd and a little creepy that she'd sounded, talking about someone's teeth after having just met them. "Girls, pull yourselves together," she hissed at them and she composed herself, moving back away from Natsu and a little closer to Gray than she had been before.

"And Sandman…" Erza continued. Wendy pretended to be sleeping and Erza nudged her. "Sandy, Sandy! Wake up!" Wendy pretended to wake up and gave Natsu a smile.

"Yo, I gotta question," Natsu said, raising his hand. "Shouldn't she be a Sandwoman… or a Sandgirl? I mean…"

Laxus gave him a look then that easily got across the point that not only was he not going to answer that question, but if Natsu asked it again, or another question like it, there was a good chance that he'd smack him so hard with his script, he'd have to read his lines off his own face.

Needless to say, Natsu delivered his next line quickly. "Hey! Ho! Anyone wanna tell me why I'm here?" he asked. Everyone was introducing themselves but nothing had yet been said about why he'd been kidnapped.

Wendy stepped forward again and Max's second time to shine arose. The sand again rose above her head and a myriad of images were conjured, one after the other, so quickly that no one ever had a hope to decipher what it all meant. Wendy looked hopeful after the sand stopped moving.

Natsu gave her a smile. "That's not really helping. But thanks anyway." His attention moved up to Erza and the others. "I musta done something really bad to get you four together…" Natsu turned around and walked away from them slowly, pondering to himself. He held a finger up suddenly. "Wait, am I on the naughty list?"

Erza laughed. "On the naughty list? You hold the record!" There was a pause in her line then and a look of disdain crossed her face. Yes, had Santa –or 'North' in this case—been real, Natsu would undoubtedly hold the record on the naughty list. It was as if in that moment all of the destruction that Natsu had caused on jobs over the years flashed before Erza's eyes and she somehow connected with her character on a deeper level. She shook her head a second later and continued. "But no matter, we will overlook it; now we have wiped the slate clean."

Natsu raised an eyebrow. "How come?"

Gray turned to Erza. "Ah, good question." He sounded bitter.

"How come?" Erza asked. "I'll tell you, 'how come'! Because now… you are joining the Guardians!"

Laxus nodded. "Alright, that would be the cue for the 'celebration' to start. So yetis will light torches to carry," he said, nodding back to Jet, Droy, and Elfman, "banners or streamers will probably come down on the walls and music will played by the elves… Oh-" Laxus turned to look out into the audience, squinting and holding a hand up in hopes of blocking the bright stage lights. He still couldn't see. "Is Lucy out there?"

"Yeah, I'm right here," Lucy called back.

"Oh good. Any news on the… Canis Minors?"

"Yup. It's been approved. Oberon will send some the day before the play and we'll have them until the performances are over."

Laxus sent her a thumbs up and turned back to his actors. "Alright, and then those little guys will be our 'elves' and they'll be creating the music. Juvia, a couple of your fairies will try to put a necklace on Natsu and he'll brush it off." Juvia sent a few of her fairies over in Natsu's direction and again he swatted at them as if they were bugs. "Then Erza gives her line."

"This is the best part!" Erza said, sounding excited.

"Which is cue for a group of elves to come out. Also a cue for you, Elfman, to direct Natsu to the middle of the room, where an elf will present him with special shoes." Laxus turned to Jet and Droy. "Both of you will give Erza her book and the guild stamp, getting ready to have Jack join. Erza will open the book and prepare to read… and then when the chaos becomes too much for Jack he-"

With a crack like lightning there was a frosty explosion that appeared to come from the ground underneath Natsu, freezing the stage around him solid and sending a burst of frigid air out across the stage. Everyone froze for a moment, shocked.

Gray smiled smugly. "Ah, was that good?"

Any doubts Lucy had had that Gray wouldn't be able to make it appear as if Natsu had cast the magic, or doubts on whether he'd be able to do that and perform his own part went out the window. It'd been impressive, and it'd been his first shot at it on top of things. Juvia gave him a round of applause.

Natsu glared at Gray. "First of all, I'm supposed to hit the ground with my staff to create that spell." He looked back to Laxus. "But I don't have one of those." The decision to keep the staff, a large stick which could easily be used as a weapon either on purpose or accidentally, away from Natsu had been an easy one. In fact, it'd been one of the first things that'd come up. Natsu had gotten the part, and someone had said he wouldn't get his staff until dress rehearsal for everyone's well-being. Laxus gave him a shrug. "And second of all," he said, huffing. "It would've been so much cooler had it been fire."

Laxus ignored him completely. "Yes, Gray, that was perfect. It needs to be a big enough gust of wind to snuff out the torches, so I think that will do-" He turned to Natsu who was again starting to rear back as if he were going to perform a fire attack that would show them how much 'cooler' it would be if the magic was fire, "-and don't you even think about it."

Natsu deflated and delivered his line with the attitude of a scorned toddler. "What makes you think I want to be a Guardian?"

Erza gave of a few bouts of fake laughter before stopping and staring him down. "Of course you do! Music!"

"And the elves will start again…" Laxus narrated.

"No music!" Natsu retorted.

"And then everything stops again…" Laxus continued.

"Look, this is all very flattering but um… you don't want me. Your guild's all hard work and deadlines, and I'm snowballs and fun times. I'm not a Guardian."

Lucy raised an eyebrow at the script she had in her hands. She herself hadn't seen Natsu working out as the part of Jack simply because of their stark differences in magic, but now that she actually looked at the character… they were a lot alike. They were all about the fun times and not taking things too seriously. Perhaps Jack was the perfect character for Natsu to play. Gray was a little too reserved to play such a playful rebel. Not that he wasn't fun… he just wasn't as laid back as Natsu was.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I said!" Gray replied.

Juvia stepped forward. "Jack… I don't think you understand what it is we do…"She stepped towards the back of the stage.

"Alright, then the spotlight will turn to the back wall where there should be a map of the region, with little lights on it." Laxus nodded for them to continue.

"Each of those lights is a child," Juvia nodded.

Natsu drifted toward the back wall and Juvia, and Erza moved to his side. "A child who believes in, and relies on us. And good or bad, naughty or nice, we protect them." There was a moment before Erza huffed and shot a glare over her shoulder. "Tooth… fingers out of his mouth."

During Erza's moment of more serious speech Juvia was supposed to have begun examining Natsu's teeth again, unable to help herself. However, her hands were in Gray's mouth. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Laxus pinched the bridge of his nose. "Natsu… not Gray."

"Right," she said, sounding disappointed. She moved over to Natsu. "Oh, sorry. They're beautiful," she said, referring to Jack's teeth. Natsu still looked a little repulsed by the idea of someone being so obsessed with his teeth, even if that person was a fictional tooth fairy.

"Okay, no more wishy-washy!" Erza stated, breaking the silence and the tension in the air. "Pitch is out there doing who knows what!"

Natsu snorted. "Pitch? You mean the Boogeyman? The Dark Mage?"

Lucy and Levy had had a hard time trying to decide exactly how scary to make this 'Pitch' character. He was supposedly the fabled Boogeyman that took many forms amongst children. Whether it be a monster in their closet, the basement, or what Lucy had personally believed in as a child: the monster under the bed, Pitch took many forms. They decided to make him this mythical scary being, but also a dark mage, something to be taken a little more seriously.

"Yes!" Erza nodded. "When Pitch threatens us, he threatens them as well," she said, motioning back towards where the map would've been, indicating the children.

"All the reason to recruit someone more qualified!" Natsu replied.

"Recruit?" Erza asked. "You think we recruit? No, you were chosen like we were all chosen. By the Man in the Moon."

Natsu turned to look at her. "What?"

"Last night, Jack. He chose you," Juvia said quietly.

"Maybe," Gray added, still not convinced.

"The Man in the Moon. He talks to you?" Natsu exchanged looks with them all.

"We should have some sort of moon now up near the top of the stage, indicating night time. Gramps will be playing the Man in the Moon, although it's just a regular moon now… I think."

"You see, you cannot decline. It is destiny," Erza nodded.

"But why wouldn't he tell me that himself?" Natsu mumbled to himself. "After three hundred years this is his answer? To spend eternity like you guys, cooped up in some guild thinking of… of new ways to bribe kids? No no, that's not for me. No offense." He turned to leave and Gray stepped forward.

"How is that not offensive?"

Everyone else feigned shock at Natsu's decision not to stay. Gray turned from Natsu back to the others. "You know what I think? I think we just dodged a bullet. I mean, what's this clown know about bringing magic and joy to children, anyway?"

Natsu turned back around, peeved. "Uh, you ever hear of a snow day? I know it's no hard-boiled egg, but kids like my magic." Natsu smiled at his low-key burn, even if it was only to Gray's character.

Gray turned back to Natsu. "But none of 'em believe in you." He leaned closer to Natsu so that they were only a foot or so apart. "Do they? You see, you're invisible. It's like you don't even exist."

Juvia gave a little gasp. "Bunny! Enough!" She made a disgruntled sound having said something so harsh to Gray. "Sorry, Gray-sama," she whispered under her breath.

"No, the kangaroo's right," Natsu said.

"The- the what? What'd you call me? I am not a kangaroo, mate," he hissed at Natsu.

"Oh, and this whole time I thought you were. If you're not a kangaroo, what are you?" Natsu asked.

And with a dead serious expression Gray replied, "I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny. People believe in me."

There was a pregnant silence. It was supposed to be a harsh moment then, Gray having deeply insulted Natsu's character by saying that no one believed in him. However, their faces now mere inches apart, it appeared too much for Natsu. He burst out into peals of laughter, clutching his stomach and collapsing into a pile. "Oh my god, dude," he gasped. "The way you said that-" He wheezed. "How could you say that with a straight face?" Natsu composed himself for a split second, long enough to impersonate Gray. "'I'm a bunny' he says," Natsu roared, rolling onto his back and guffawing unashamedly. "There's no way I'mma be able to keep a straight face while he says that…."

Gray looked a bit disgruntled, having realized how ridiculous it did sound, especially without any costumes. There were a couple chuckles from Wendy and Laxus but nothing that lasted too long. Erza actually looked peeved by Natsu's break of character. She cleared her throat, moving onto her next line. "Jack. Walk with me."

The collective sound of turning pages fluttered across the room as everyone prepared for what would be the next scene change. Natsu somehow managed to reign in his guffaws long enough to at least get to his feet, wiping a tear away from his eye and ignoring Gray's heated glares.

"Alright, so then Jack will follow North into what is supposed to be an elevator down to the factory floor. There'll be a stationary 'elevator' somewhere, so all other lights will dim, leaving the spotlight on the elevator."

Natsu and Erza grouped together near the center of the stage and everyone else dispersed.

"It's nothing personal, North. What you all do in a guild, it's just, it's not my thing," he admitted.

"The Man in the Moon says it is your thing," Erza huffed. "We will see!"

Laxus cut in again. "So during their short "elevator" trip we will have changed out the backdrop so now center stage should resembled the factory floor of Santa's-"

"North's," Erza corrected. She had a very self-important smirk on her face and Lucy swore she hadn't seen Erza have better posture in her life. Man, she may have been the iron-clad Titania of Fairy Tail but she did relish in the more… frilly things in life. Such as acting in a play. Lucy just hoped the crippling bout of stage fright that'd hit Erza hard the first time they'd tried to put on a play didn't plague her again this time. Although, it did seem that the character of North fit her much better than that of a prince. After all, North was in charge of everything and kept everyone in-check, but also had a heart beneath all of the orders and seriousness.

Laxus gave her a slightly confused look but nodded. "Right, it should resemble the factory floor of North's workshop… Anyway, North should be leading Jack across the factory and up towards her office."

One of the finer points of the Onibus theatre was the fact that it had an upper level on one side of the stage. Its uses were practically endless. Maybe it was the balcony in Romeo and Juliet or even just the upstairs portion of an apartment, but it had endless possibilities and would serve as the perfect place for North's Library. There was really only one important scene in the library, and it was coming up.

Erza began stalking across the stage and Natsu hurried to follow her, scrambling to read his line. "Slow down, wouldja? I've been trying to bust in here for years; I want a good look."

"What do you mean, "bust in"?" Erza asked, looking over her shoulder.

"Oh, don't worry, I never got past the yetis." Elfman was back on stage after this comment, sending Natsu a glare and making a rather intimidating growl while pounding his fist into his palm. It was clear that there was some sort of history between the two. Natsu sent him a wave. "Oh, hey Phil."

"Keep up, Jack! Keep up!" Erza reprimanded, walking a little faster.

"They should be passing by several yetis making toys and we should still have some elves around, tinkering with things. For now, just pretend," Laxus ordered.

Natsu looked back to his script again. He was supposed to pretend to dodge a toy plane that flew in his direction. He did so, overacting so much that Lucy swore his head nearly touched the ground when he bent over backwards to avoid it. He looked very proud of his feat when he straightened up again and Lucy had the distinct impression that he was comparing himself to a ninja in his head. "Woah," Natsu breathed. "I always thought the elves made the toys."

Erza turned back over her shoulder, holding a hand up to her mouth and whispering. "We just let them believe that."

"At which time we should see a few elves tripping over the toys, maybe trying to eat things they shouldn't…" Laxus trailed off. "Why do I get the feeling we won't even have to train the little spirits for their roles…" he muttered to himself and Lucy snickered. It was true, the Canis Minors typically wandered around at their own leisure, wobbling and falling of their own accord. And while she didn't know if other dog spirits liked to put random things in their mouths… Plue sure did.

"Very nice! Keep up the good work!" Erza continued without missing a beat, nodding towards where the elves would have been. She turned then, going back towards the back of stage right where the staircase began toward the upper level.

"We'll have another yeti working on toys over there…" Laxus said, pointing toward the staircase. "He should be painting robots."

Erza nodded, looking to where the yeti would be. "I don't like it. Paint it red," she ordered. "Step it up, everybody!" Yes, Erza was definitely born to play this role. She rounded the corner of the staircase and began her ascent, followed by Natsu. Once they reached the top, Laxus cut in with the narrative again.

"We've reached the North's office scene so all lights on the factory floor will dim and attention will be on you two."

Erza looked back to her script before taking in a quick breath. Lucy read the cues on the script and saw that there would be toys, cakes and cookies, and a Christmas tree in her office. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that Erza had gotten excited by the prospect of cake.

"D-D-Do we happen to have props for this scene yet?" Erza asked, trying to keep her composure.

"No, just pretend."

Erza slouched and wasn't quite able to keep the defeated tone out of her voice. She pretended to offer Natsu a sweet. "Fruit cake?"

"Ah, no thanks," he replied.

The stage was completely empty now aside from Laxus, everyone knowing they had a little break while Natsu and Erza's characters had a chat. However, Lucy spotted movement near the left side of the stage. Or… maybe she was just seeing things.

"Now we get down to the tacks of brass!" Erza delivered her next line.

"Tacks of brass?" Natsu asked under his breath.

"With that, we should hear the door to North's office slam shut-"

The movement that Lucy had seen on stage had indeed been real as a loud crash echoed around the auditorium and Cana came tumbling out from off stage, her bottle of alcohol shattering as she fell. She landed face-first on the floor and for a very long moment, no one was quite sure what to do. Levy snorted and Lucy watched as both Erza and Natsu exchanged a look, unsure of whether they should stay where they were… or continue the play… or go down and help Cana…

Laxus put his hand to his forehead, whispering something incoherently to himself before saying, "What are you doing?"

Cana rolled over onto her back before somehow managing to sit upright. She hiccupped. "Whu-what am I doing?" She frowned. "I should be asking you that." She sloppily pointed to her broken bottle and the mess it'd made. "What -hic- do you think yer doin' goin' and smashin' my liquor."

"You tripped," Laxus said, jaw clenched and composure somehow still retained. Lucy was surprised he was sticking with this.

"Just becuz you went and put a friggin log in my way. O'course I'm gonna step on it… and it's gonna roll… and I'm gonna roll… and then I'm gonna fall." She glared up at him, wavering as she tried to focus her eyes.

Laxus stomped off to the side of the stage, bent over, and returned with a cord from one of the lights. "Is this what you're talking about?"

"You betcha."

"It's a cable, Cana… it's always been there; I didn't put it there… and it's so small. Pull yourself together." Lucy didn't miss the very slight amount of amusement in his voice.

"Small?" Cana scoffed. "That thing's massive. I couldn't've avoided it if I tried." She looked satisfied with her answer. As if daring Laxus to challenge her judgement.

And for the second time in less than a half an hour Mira came to the rescue. Laxus had tossed the cable back down and any hint of amusement he'd had a moment ago was gone; rather, he looked like he was going to get an ulcer. Mira sashayed out from backstage, carrying a broom. She patted Laxus sympathetically on the back and with a smile said, "Don't worry; I can take care of this. You all keep doing your thing."

And in a blur of white hair and good intentions, Mira had swept up the mess and was gently carting Cana back off stage by the elbow. Lucy didn't miss the heated glare Cana gave the wires on the floor.

"Right, where were we…" Laxus trailed off. "Oh, yes the doors close and Erza should back Natsu up to a wall, questioning him. Natsu should act intimidated."

There was a slam and Lucy looked up to see Erza had indeed backed Natsu into a wall. He was doing all he could to get away from her, in fact. Erza's face was serious and downright scary; she was still taking her role very seriously. And Lucy didn't know a single person who wouldn't have been scared stiff having her look at them like that.

"Act intimidated?" Natsu echoed. "N-No problem there."

Erza didn't miss a beat. "Who are you, Jack Frost? What is your center?"

Natsu flipped the page of his script and hurriedly found his line. Lucy swore she could hear his papers ruffling as he held them, his hand shaking from nerves caused by Erza. "U-Um… My center?" he read.

"If the Man in the Moon chose you to join us in our guild as a Guardian, you must have something very special inside." Natsu blinked but didn't answer her. "Hmm?" Natsu still didn't have an answer.

"When he doesn't reply, Erza goes and gets a nesting doll from her shelf that looks like herself. It should have a serious look on its face," Laxus said.

Erza backed away from Natsu, pretending to grab something. Natsu visibly relaxed and let out a sigh of relief. Erza pretended to hand the doll to him. "Here, this is how you see me, correct? Very strict, intimidating… but if you get to know me a little… Well, go on…"

"Natsu opens the doll," Laxus narrated. "The next one looks like Erza but it is joyful."

"You're… jolly?" Natsu asked.

"Ah, but not just jolly…"

"Natsu opens the next doll. It has a darker expression."

"I am also mysterious…"

"Opens the doll again to find one that is yelling."

"And fearless, willing to fight for what I believe in and those I wish to protect…"

"The next one is smiling."

"And caring," Erza said softly. "And at my center…"

"The smallest doll is that of a baby."

"There's a tiny wooden baby?" Natsu questioned.

"Look closer. What do you see?" Erza asked, looking into his face.

Natsu frowned. "You have big eyes?"

Erza laughed. "Yes! Very big eyes! Because they are full! Full of wonder and adventure! That is my center. It is what I was born with. Eyes that have always seen the wonder in everything and everyone."

"Erza should then raise her hands and simultaneously the lights on the Christmas tree will be plugged in, along with several toy trains and other little trinkets coming to life in her office. A toy airplane should be one of the things turned on, carried by a balloon, and it should float back out toward center stage. Erza and Natsu follow it back through her office doors."

"Eyes that see lights in the trees and magic in the air!" Erza said, leading Natsu back out towards the railing of the balcony.

"And the lights will come back on on the factory floor," Laxus instructed.

Erza gestured out to where the factory would be. "This magic is what I put into the world, and what I protect in children. The will and strength to believe in themselves and fight for those they wish to protect. That is what makes me a Guardian. It is my center; my heart. What is yours?"

Natsu slouched. "I don't know."

Without any direction from Laxus, Natsu looked into his palm where the small wooden baby prop would be. Erza reached forward and closed his hand around it. They met gazes and she gave him a knowing nod.

Lucy wasn't quite sure what'd happened. Maybe it was the seriousness or sincerity of the scene, or maybe both Erza and Natsu had gotten into a rhythm with Laxus' cue direction, or maybe it'd just hit close to home, but everything had suddenly melted away. No, there were no props or scenery or costumes yet and they were flying by the seat of their pants, reading through the script for the very first time, but Lucy had been pulled into it as if it'd been a well-rehearsed professional play. No one had broken character, no one had interrupted, and everyone watching –or at least she and Laxus and Levy—were utterly quiet, eyes glued to the two in the balcony.

Lucy had definitely had her reservations about putting on yet another play in Onibus, with little to no time to prepare or rehearse, with all the pressure in the world on the shoulders of mages who didn't know hardly anything about acting. However, in that moment… she wondered if maybe they could pull it off. They were Fairy Tail, after all. They always took the odds stacked against them and turned it to their favor.

There were a few beats of silence where Natsu and Erza, or rather, Jack and North, had a very special moment before the quiet was broken. Gray jogged back out on stage, taking his cue and quickly climbed halfway up the staircase before calling out, "We have a problem, mate! Trouble at the Tooth Palace!"

There was one final split second of silence where everyone shook the trance that'd been put over them in the heat of the moment of the scene, before Natsu whirled around to look at Gray. "Hey man! We were having a moment! Why'd you interrupt? Learn to read a room, you Ice Bastard!"

Gray looked taken aback. "What? I'm reading my line! Interrupting is literally what I'm supposed to do! And you're the Ice Bastard now, anyway, Mr. Frost. I'm just a "bunny"," he mocked, trying to regain some of his dignity from earlier.

"Why I oughta-" Natsu went flying towards Gray and a full-blown brawl immediately broke out.

Laxus stepped forward, as if prepared to break up the fight but yet another crash echoed out across the stage and this time Cana had had so much momentum in her fall that she slid all the way out to center stage before flopping to a halt, her bottle only half-broken this time. "Who keep's puttin' things in my way?" she growled, her speech muffled by the stage floor.

"You've got to be kidding me," Laxus muttered. "Who gave her another bottle?" he bellowed.

The stage erupted into chaos then, people flooding onto stage from the wings, trying to help but ultimately just either getting sucked into the escalating battle between Natsu and Gray or tripping and slipping over one another in the puddle Cana's alcohol had left.

Lucy watched the calamity unfurl and decided she took back what she'd said about things maybe working out. No, this was what she had expected all along. She just hadn't waited long enough, apparently. This was what it looked like if Fairy Tail tried to put on a play. Sure, it was just the very first run-through, but still…

"How long do we have to prepare this?" Lucy asked Levy quietly.

"A week."

"Oh, there's no way…"

Levy sighed. "Well, crazier things have happened, right?"

She wasn't wrong, especially as far as their guild was concerned, but Lucy still had her overwhelming doubts. A week to pull together an insanely complicated play, with their reputation and the life of the theatre on the line? Mavis help them.
FF 2018 - W 5/6 - FP (Part 1) - Majestic Leviathan
~Because going back and putting on another play in Onibus had never been in the plans... and probably should've stayed out of the plans, too.~

So it's the final week(s) of Fairy Fest at :iconfairy-tail-fc: and it was all about the Fairy Tail and Rise of the Guardians crossovers! I personally haven't seen ROTG so I had to rely quite a bit on my teammates' knowledge and what I could find on the interwebs. XD Anyway, long story short this week is about Fairy Tail having to put on the ROTG storyline as a play in Onibus. And this part was to write about how a rehearsal went! So I took the part of the movie we had a script for and had that be what they rehearsed in my fic! omg it's long like way too long but whatever. *laugh-cries* I'm just so glad to have it done, honestly; this took forever.
Anyway, I hope this was at least a little enjoyable for those who are familiar with both fandoms. I've had such a great time working with my teammates this year :iconiraiy::iconcyrustheicewing:and :iconcrossedscythes:! They've made my first FF an amazing one and honestly I just love all you three to pieces! It's been a blast! :D

EDIT: Voting is over now and we came in 2nd! Thank you to everyone who voted to help us get there! :iconletmehugyouplz: And congrats to Malicious Dragon on their first place finish!

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A Mile in Their Magic

The Celestial Spirit King Oberon considered himself to be very good at his role. He was a just and fair ruler of the stars. He didn't show favoritism or allow his opinion to be swayed easily. He watched over and governed the spirits and constellations with the careful eye of a king, and the caring eye of a friend. Each spirit was individual, after all, unique and special entity's that he considered… family, of a sort.

And it was because he cared about the spirits he ruled, that he'd become a little… worried. Oberon kept a constant eye over all of them. He knew them inside and out, witnessed their interactions with one another and their masters, and ultimately only intervened to guide them in the right direction every once in a blue moon. But he'd noticed over time the development of a few worrisome traits.

Maybe it was exactly how painfully shy Aries was getting, or the scary almost yandere-type of obsession that Aquarius was developing with Scorpio. Traits that the spirits had always had, but with time they were growing out of hand… Or maybe it was even the growing sense of declining appreciation amongst his subjects. Each of the Celestial Spirits had their own qualities, both good and bad, and their own unique powers that set them apart. They were kind to one another, developing only healthy and friendly rivalries but recently… Oberon just got the feeling they weren't quite as… appreciative of each other as they had been before.

He wasn't quite sure when he'd decided that they all needed a little help, but the timing had been almost perfect. Oberon was all-powerful, but giving all of the spirits a nudge in the right direction at the same time? It took some serious magical energy. And so yes, he'd thanked his lucky stars when the exact alignment of the planets that would help him pull off this feat, was but only a few days away.

Oberon figured the best way to help with the underappreciation was simply to enact a principle that had been around almost as long as he had: letting them walk a mile in each other's shoes. There was no way to gain respect and understanding of someone else quite like switching places with them. Of course, the spirits who needed other sorts of nudges, such as Aries or Aquarius could benefit from this as well.

The constellations of Gemini, Perseus, and Libra were all close to alignment and in perfect position to help him pull off this feat. He needed the power of the Twins to help switch the spirits with one another, the power of Libra's Scales to help the spirits understand the balance and shared fairness with which they all coincided with one another, and the Hero, Perseus, to help facilitate the good intentions he had. And with a single burst of his own power, he'd forced the change to happen, a tremor shaking the celestial spirit world and a bright flash of white signaling the switch.

It was completely silent as the light faded and Oberon was able to take a look at his work. One side of his mustached mouth twitched toward a smile. It'd worked perfectly. His spirit subjects were unharmed, but clearly much different. They were now decked in clothing which normally belonged to someone else. Of course, the clothing wasn't all that'd changed, so had their magical powers, but such a thing was not at first visible to the eye.

He watched with satisfaction as they began taking a look at themselves… and then slowly turned their gaze to others. Some were shocked speechless, some burst out into laughter, and some were so appalled by whatever they were wearing that he heard a few yells and screams of disgust. Perhaps they didn't understand what'd happened or why, but they were smart, and he got the feeling that it wouldn't take them too long to figure it out. At least, not too much longer than it took for them to learn their lessons.

He'd been meticulous when choosing whose powers and clothing to switch. He'd given Aries Leo's abilities. She was shy and unsure of her powers and needed a little confidence boost. Nothing would give her the nudge needed better than dawning a power suit worn by the leader of the Zodiacs. Leo's power was unrivaled amongst the spirits aside from Oberon himself, and so allowing Aries to experience something so, well… confidence-boosting, would probably be exactly what she needed.

Leo on the other hand had been graced with Virgo's abilities. He arguably needed the exact opposite from what Aries did. Leo was, in a way, too confident for his own good and needed something that would humble him up a little. His lady-killing ways had also gotten a little bit out of hand, so Oberon had figured what better clothes than a maid's uniform to help put him back in his place. Besides, Virgo often took orders from Leo, and while they were typically good-natured requests and Virgo didn't ever complain, Oberon decided that forcing a little more appreciation into Leo for all that Virgo did for him, wouldn't hurt either.

He'd swapped Aquarius and Scorpio with each other. At first he wondered if it would be counter-productive, but upon some long and intense thought, he figured it might be exactly what they needed. Aquarius was absolutely obsessed with Scorpio, so by having some time 'in his shoes' Oberon figured maybe she'd actually enjoy it, being a little 'closer' to the one she loved, in a way. On the other hand, Scorpio, while a good boyfriend and caring partner, also didn't spend as much time with Aquarius as she needed. A few dates were always nice but at the stage in their relationship that they were, he should've been paying much more attention to her, and striving to include her in more that he did. Oberon didn't doubt that this lack of attention was what was spurring Aquarius' obsession onward, anyway. So logically, maybe taking a while to walk in her shoes, Scorpio would appreciate more fully what he had in Aquarius and begin giving her the appreciation and attention she deserved.

Those four had been Oberon's utmost priorities. The switches beyond them were a little easier to make. He wanted them all to appreciate each other, and so in a way it didn't entirely matter who he swapped. However, he'd done his best to match the spirits with traits that he thought they could perhaps… stand to work on, in a way.

He'd given Cancer Sagittarius' costume and abilities. The crab spirit was arguably the most suave and appearance-savvy one around and Oberon wanted to make sure that that style didn't somehow transfer over into a vanity complex. And what better way to keep someone's appearance in check than having them dawn a horse suit complete with striped, puffy pants and hooved sleeves?

Sagittarius didn't need much of a nudge in any direction, but Oberon had figured perhaps Libra would be his best option. Sagittarius' arrows were straight and true with aim like no other. Libra had a gravitational magic and also represented the balance of justice and truth. Oberon figured perhaps this would actually help Sagittarius' abilities in the end, somehow.

It'd taken Oberon a long time to decide what to do with Libra. She was dedicated and kept to herself most of the time. She represented her element and virtues well. The only thing that worried the spirit king about her, was her relationship with her master. Libra had been one of the last of the twelve Zodiac keys that to find an owner, and was arguably the one least called upon. She and Yukino had developed somewhat of an understanding and mutual… friendship of sorts. However, Oberon knew for a fact the bond could've been much stronger. And so, he decided he'd switch her with Cancer's abilities. Cancer was one of the first spirits Lucy had acquired a contract with and she had developed a very close bond with him. Not to mention the several days a week he went to simply assist with her hair. Oberon figured perhaps putting Libra into the position of an old and trusted spirit would help her feel closer with her current master.

Somewhat reluctantly Oberon switched both Taurus and Capricorn with one another. They were arguably polar opposites in many ways, which perhaps would balance one another out. Capricorn was too straight-laced; Taurus wasn't straight-laced enough. Taurus couldn't keep his thoughts to himself even if he tried; Capricorn kept almost all of his thoughts to himself, even when he shouldn't. Capricorn needed some freedom and Taurus needed some discipline. Oberon hoped somewhere along the way maybe a little of the other would rub off onto them, having been switched.

Gemini and Pisces were an easy choice to swap. Not only were they the only two spirits that had multiple entities, but they would also balance each other out well. Gemini, while twins, could sometimes use a little helping hand in gaining independence from one another. After all, even if they relied on each other constantly in every way, shape, and form, they were two separate beings when in their natural form. Switching with Pisces would be the separation they needed. They would still be together, resembling one another even, but different both in appearance and ability. Pisces on the other hand Oberon thought could stand to become a little more alike. They were a mother and son duo with a very odd relationship, and as a parent and child it would maybe help their synchronicity to be a little more alike for a while.

Of the Zodiacs, all that was left then was Virgo. Aside from Virgo's constant punishment requests, she had few flaws. She worked hard, she was close with everyone, she tried her best to make her master happy and forged bonds on Earthland that were almost as strong as the ones Leo had formed during his time of exile. She played her role and she used her magic well. Aries' outfit and abilities were the only one left of the Zodiac, and Oberon figured it wouldn't be the worst choice in the world. Virgo could be a little harsh or sometimes emotionless at least in tone of voice, and so giving her abilities that were so soft and sweet, both literally and metaphorically, might soften her up a little. Plus, with the scant fleece dress Aries usually wore, Oberon wondered if perhaps that would actually count as 'punishment' in Virgo's book. If so, she'd probably be happy.

He was a little more flippant with the other swaps in and amongst the spirits. He switched Lyra with Horologium, hoping maybe to give her a lesson on time as her days that she could be summoned were few and extremely far in between.

He switched Crux with Lyra, hoping maybe he'd be able to keep the elder spirit more lively and awake if given a youngster's clothing and musical abilities.

Horologium was given Caelum's abilities in hopes of boosting his offensive power. Lucy's Plue was switched with Crux in hopes of giving the little Canis Minor a bit more wisdom or knowledge. Caelum was given Pyxis' abilities in hopes of keeping its direction and aim true. And Pyxis was switched into Plue, an attempt to make the very shy and easily-scared spirit a little more confident, being in the form of something so cute and beloved.

Oberon was rather proud of his work, if he did say so himself. The ultimate goal was to have them walk a mile in each other's shoes, to give them an understanding and appreciation for each other that perhaps had waned throughout the centuries, and yet he'd also managed to pair them accordingly with other spirits which might help them grow overall, too. Now it was just a matter of sitting back and letting them work it out for themselves. It shouldn't take long and he wasn't going to enforce them to stay swapped for any longer than necessary…

Things had suddenly grown very noisy. He spotted several arguments that had broken out here and there. Plue had fallen over due to his own weight and was stuck flailing on the floor. Libra had accidentally cut off some of Aquarius' hair with Cancer's scissors and the off-tune playings of Crux on Lyra's harp were hurting everyone's ears. It wasn't a strong start… but Oberon had faith that it would work out in the end.

He just hoped that none of the masters… especially Lucy as she owned most of the Zodiacs, decided to summon them while they were switched.


"Open, gate of the Maiden, Virgo!"

The fight promised to be an interesting one. Lucy had managed to separate the female vigilante from the rest of the group of bandits, leaving her teammates to deal with the two main threats. However, the girl was no pushover. She used odd spells controlling some of the elements and conjuring them from thin air. It wasn't anything entirely special, but Lucy could tell she was strong enough to put up a decent fight.

At first she'd tried overpowering her simply with physical strength and attacks using her Fleuve d'étoiles but after the first five or ten minutes, while she did land a few hits, it was clear she was going to have to use her spirits after all.

In a puff of smoke Virgo appeared and Lucy readied her order. She could dig, which would lend them a hand against an enemy that was completely grounded. Yes, the vigilante could apparently control the earth to some extent, however Virgo could counteract that. Then they'd only have to worry about the water and flames that the enemy produced.

However, Lucy's voice was cut short, spiraling off into a squeaky gasp. Had she… summoned the wrong one? She looked down at the key in her hand but found it to be Virgo's. And there was a maid in front of her… but definitely not the one she'd expected.

"Hello Lucy," Loke muttered, sounding something akin to ashamed. There he was, the leader of the Zodiac spirits, dressed in a skimpy maid outfit and looking rather uncomfortable with the entire situation. Lucy could mark that off the list of things she never thought she'd see in her lifetime. What had happened? Had he lost a bet or something?

"I…You… Who… What-" She couldn't form a coherent sentence but was cut off nonetheless as a jet of flames blasted her way from the enemy. It was clear her questions and reservations would have to wait until later. She had no idea what was going on but she'd have to make the best of it. "I was going to say we could try and dig a few tunnels, land some hits on her… or something…" Lucy had no idea how this would work. Did he still have his control over light? Did he have Virgo's capabilities? If so, they wouldn't be fighting in tandem and complete synchronicity; everything would have to be verbalized.

Loke gave her a nod and a look of what she swore was determination spread across his face. And then down he went, jackhammering into the ground just as Virgo usually did. Well that answered the question of whose abilities he had. Lucy had to physically work to keep her jaw from falling to the ground.

Loke's excavation was short-lived. Less than a second later there was a painful thud, an 'ow', and the rumbling beneath the ground ceased. An unconvincing "I'm alright," echoed out through the tunnel and the digging began again, and stopped a millisecond later with another thud, another 'ow' and a muttered curse. "How does she
turn?!" he hissed to himself, Lucy barely able to hear.

"Um," Lucy called, hesitant. "Sh-She's over there! North!" she called down the hole Loke had dug.

"Yes, I know," he called back, a hint of irritation in his voice. "It's just… I can't seem to go any direction but down… and how does she dodge all these rocks?"

"I think she breaks through them?" Lucy wasn't sure if she was helping or hurting the situation. Whatever had happened to call Loke instead of Virgo was clearly going to be a hindrance in this fight. She wondered if she should even continue to use him or just send him back until she had a few moments of silence after the battle was over to figure out what was going on.

Instead, she decided maybe summoning another spirit at the same time, while Loke tried to figure out whatever he was doing, might be her best option.

"Open, gate of the Goat, Capricorn!"

"Mooo!" Oh no…

Taurus appeared, ready for battle. Capricorn's normally tight-fitting formal clothing was almost bursting at the seams with Taurus wearing them. "Luuucy," he crooned, "looking gooood as always."

This couldn't be happening. She'd figured at first there must've been some fluke error but it appeared perhaps it wasn't… What had happened?

Another poof and Caelum had appeared before her. Lucy hadn't made a move to summon another spirit and yet here one was. And one she didn't use often either.

"Lucy I thought I'd pay a visit to help out." Horologium's wavering high-pitched voice came out of the machine and Lucy coughed in surprise. "There's been a… mix up… I figured you could use all the help you can get," he wavered. Horologium was one of her few spirits who could open the gate of his own free will.

Okay, so something had happened and they were all aware of it… Okay. She could make this work… she could. She was talented and she'd been working with these spirits for years. "Thank you… Horologium?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am," he replied.

It was very odd referring to the spherical hunk of metal that was Caelum as Horologium… but she'd get used to it. "Offensive power should overwhelm her. I guess just try your best? Maybe corral her this way towards Taurus?"

Caelum rotated a bit in what Lucy swore was supposed to be a nod before it zoomed toward the enemy, a green beam of energy shooting out of the front. At least Horologium seemed to know what he was doing, even in another spirit's form.

"Help him out, okay?" she called at Taurus and he froze.

"Miss Luuucy?" The ground rumbled again, Loke's third try, before yet again he came to a halt with a thud and a quieter 'ow'. Caelum er- Horologium shot another green beam of light but missed entirely. It'd been enough to provoke the enemy though and Lucy and Taurus both had to dodge a jet of water. "Miss Lucy?" Taurus sounded panicked as he looked down at his own hands. "What sort of magic does Capricorn use?"

The ground rumbled yet again, a little longer this time, before Loke came to another halt. Lucy could barely hear the 'ow' this time. He was going straight downward still, no luck in figuring out how to change direction. She had no idea how far down he was but she hoped he wouldn't accidentally burrow to the center of the planet or something. She gave a panicked look to Taurus. Mainly because the realization dawned up on her that… she sort of didn't know what kind of magic Capricorn used either. He was a force to be reckoned with in hand-to-hand combat but… she had no idea what his magic actually was or how she could instruct Taurus in using it.

A beam of green energy from Horologium went careening off of a nearby rock and reflected almost directly back at Lucy herself.

"Sorry!" she heard him wheeze from afar.

Deciding it'd only be a waste of time to try and deduce how she could use Taurus she called him back, and as he disappeared he apologized. It really wasn't his fault and she didn't blame him… Whatever this was that'd caused them to change was a real pain, though. And if she wasn't careful she'd drain all her magical energy without being able to get a single hit on her enemy.

"Open, gate of the Archer, Sagittarius!" She'd hoped against hope that perhaps who she'd originally wanted would come through, but yet again her hopes were dashed.

"It's me, ebi," Cancer nodded to her, signaling that no, she didn't have her archer spirit, rather a crab with a horsehead which brought an entirely new meaning to surf-and-turf. Archery shouldn't be quite as hard.

"Can you try and hit her with an arrow?" she asked.

"I can try, ebi," he replied, dutifully pulling an arrow out of Sagittarius' satchel and lining it up with the string of the bow. He pulled back, aimed… and with a defeated
'tonk' the arrow lazily bent and clattered to the ground but only a few feet away. Cancer turned to her. "It turns out I cannot, ebi." And without another word he'd disappeared back into the spirit world, apparently deciding staying any longer would just be wasting all of their time.

A metallic crash caught her attention then and another strained 'ow', this time by Horologium who had run into a tree while trying to lure their enemy closer. Things were going downhill fast.

There were a few puddles of water here and there around the clearing from the jets of water her enemy had spouted at her. What the hell; it was worth a shot. "Open, gate of the Water Bearer: Aquarius!"

Lucy wasn't sure whether she wasn't surprised at all to see Scorpio, Aquarius' boyfriend taking her place, or shell-shocked to see a scorpion spirit, so used to dry and arid conditions, now wielding the power of water. He looked determined, though, nonetheless, as if he'd already witnessed the failures before him and was willing to try his best to help out.

"Think you can use Aquarius' water?" Lucy asked, not sounding too confident.

He sent her a thumbs up. "I've seen her use it plenty of times, so I'll try my best, yeah!" And without any hesitation he hurled Aquarius' pot forward, just as she would have… and surprisingly, a burst of water came out.

Lucy's hopes were officially up again. The water had shot out in a direct line for the enemy, who was so distracted by Horologium and apparently caught up in a laughing fit from the poor execution of archery that Cancer had just demonstrated, that it actually caught her off guard and landed a direct hit.

Lucy pumped her fist into the air. Perfect. Things were turning around…

Speaking of turning around… The blast of water had somehow circled back around, luckily hitting their enemy again on the way back but continuing towards them at a worrisome rate… and it looked like it was growing in size too…

"Oooooh make it stop! Make it smaller!" she yelled at Scorpio who had paled at the sight of the rapidly approaching wave coming back at them now.

"I don't know how!" he hissed, waving the jug this way and that, trying to control the water somehow. Instead, even more jutted out and before Lucy could even utter another word, the wave in front of them had grown to the size of a tsunami. Its size was impressive and looming and pretty soon the entire clearing was swallowed up in the shadow. Lucy braced for impact.

"Ooh wait I think I got it!" she vaguely heard Loke's call from underground. The earth shook again as he tunneled and a moment later he came careening out of the ground, flailing in the air but only a few feet from the original hole he'd dug. He cursed when he saw his placement.

And then it hit.

Loke was blindsided by the wave, thrown to the side as Lucy held her breath and tried to stay in as tight of a ball as possible. Everything went quiet as she was engulfed in water, opening her eyes just long enough to see the entire clearing now looking like a very eerie underwater landscape. Scorpio floated by, limbs going in every direction and she could just make out 'I can't swim' by reading his lips when-

Lucy jolted upright in bed, breathing hard. Her eyes were the size of saucers and she whirled around, confused for a moment as to where she was. She was in her apartment… in her bed… Oh… it'd been a dream.

She combed her fingers through her hair once, trying to get her heartrate back down to normal. Everything was fine… she wasn't underwater… Happy was sleeping on the end of the bed and Natsu was snoring right next to her, unperturbed by any of this.

What a weird dream… She didn't typically have dreams which involved her spirits. Maybe one or two that had Plue in them but not any of the others… Bizzare. And it'd felt so real, too.

She shook her head and laid back down on her pillow, taking a deep breath. What would cause her to suddenly have a dream like that about her spirits? Her eyes flicked over to her keys, laying on her desk. She wasn't sure what had caused it, but something told her perhaps she'd call out one of her spirits in the morning… just to make sure everything was alright. After all, she didn't want anything like that taking her by surprise during a job.

But it really was just a dream… at least she hoped it was.
FF 2018 Week 4 - Round Robin - Majestic Leviathan
~Because everyone sometimes needs a little nudge in the right direction, even Celestial Spirits. Though Lucy might be the one to suffer the most, this time.~

Hiya! This is my contribution to week 4 of Fairy Fest hosted by :iconfairy-tail-fc:! This week is all about the Celestial Spirits switching costumes/abilities and so we were supposed to write about what happened to make it change! I personally thought it'd def be Oberon's doing because not only does he care about his spirits but c'mon, he's kind of a troll too so let's face it he'd do it a little bit for the lols Excited - Natsu Fairy Tail 
Anyway, I'm not sure what I think of this, but I had fun writing it! XD Consulted with my team and they helped me with a few of the ideas! Did both a more serious side and a less serious side... because I feel like Lucy would somehow subconsciously feel the change and just know something was up.
Also it turned kinda long... whoops... sorry ^^'
Anyway, enough of my ramblings. XD

EDIT: Voting is over now and this came in 2nd! Thank you to everyone who voted :iconletmehugyouplz:

Other Fairy Fest 2018 things that I did/helped with:
Week 1: N/A
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Week 3:…
Week 4: This thing ur reading right now
Week 5/6:…

That beautiful picture up there belongs to the equally beautiful :iconhiromashimaplz:


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If you want something from a fandom that I'm either not a part of, or don't know if I'm a part of, just send me a note and I'm sure we'll work something out.

Yes, this is my sad little compensation for how awesome you guys are. :iconcryforeverplz: <---tears of joy.
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