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|| PokeVenture FAQ ||

PokeVenture Event!

Hey everyone!
Welcome new members!

What are your plans for this summer? Are you already filling the days with trips and obligations, or do you intend to take each day as it comes, and see what happens...? Either way, the Poke-fanclub has a project for you. Or rather, an adventure...

We're pleased to announce this year's PokeVenture!

The PokeVenture, held May through September, is a storytelling contest in a similar vein to that of an original character tournament (OCT). This contest will be starring your own Pokemon characters, and there will be four rounds, each about a month long during which entrants will create a story! Characters of any non-legendary species of Pokemon are allowed!  You will create this story with the help of mandatory and optional prompts from each round (mainly in comic form, but other mediums are accepted as well) and you will interact with your fellow entrants' characters!

Unlike a tournament, there will be no eliminations, but winners will be determined by the amount of EVs earned along the way for submitting entries on time, and ones given during Judging at the end of Round 4 for storytelling, creativity and execution!

Everyone will win a lot of Poke-Fanclub EVs if they complete all four rounds on time! Submissions can be any length or medium: comic format, written, or series of illustrations, or even animations, so long as the story is clear.

Here's how it'll play out!

Round 1: Reference sheets (see below) and first round entries are due! Mandatory Prompt: How is it your character(s) are at the scene, and why?

Round 2: Participants will be paired up with one another! Optional but encouraged prompt.

Round 3: Participants will be paired with a different partner!  Optional but encouraged prompt.

Round 4: Solitary round, mandatory prompt: conclude your story, however you like!

:star:This year's PokeVenture!:star:

[A PokeVenture has yet to be announced this year!  Please watch this space for April-May!]

Get Started!

The first step on your journey is to fill out an official PokeVenture Reference Sheet for your character! You need your reference up before you can enter with your first Round entry -- that way other participants can meet your character on their journey!
PokeVenture 2011 Character Ref by Delano-Laramie

You are allowed a secondary support character, but they need a reference sheet too. If that character is a Trainer that is important to your Pokemon's story, this is the other sheet to fill out!
PokeVenture 2011 Trainer Ref by Delano-Laramie

:star: When using these refs, you must also have at least one paragraph detailing your character's Personality and another paragraph for detailing your character's History in your artist comments.

If you cannot draw (please, only if you cannot draw), we have a written reference sheet!

If your Pokemon character evolves at some point before Round 4, this does mean filling out a whole new reference sheet before the end of the round the evolution takes place in, so please keep this in mind and plan ahead. ^^

Your character's name should be the title of your ref sheet. Make sure you submit your completed sheets to the proper PokeVenture Ref folder if you plan on entering.  =)

:bulletred: Pairing -- In rounds 2 and 3, you will be paired with the characters of other members who have entered, each of you creating independent entries using each other's characters! In these rounds you must introduce and include each other's characters into your story, in any way you like! You will be judged on how well you utilize the characters' interactions! The pairings will be random, or you may request to be paired with someone specifically (but not the same person twice!). To do so, both of you need to send a note to the club stating that you want to be paired for Round 2 or Round 3!

:bulletred: Cameo -- You are welcome to cameo as few or as many PokeVenture characters as you want in your entries, so long as you do not lose focus of your own story! This is optional and not to be confused with Rounds 2 and 3, where you will be paired with another character that you must meet, although the circumstances of this are entirely up to you.

Medium Requirements!

These are the mediums the PokeVenture is prepared to support and the requirements for those mediums! But keep in mind, if your entry does not meet the requirements of the medium it will not get a full 'Pass' (see below for details).


:bulletred: Visual Entries :bulletred:
:star: In all types of visual entry, artist's comments do not count as part of your story. The entries must stand alone based on their visual components!

A series of pages laying out the action in several different panels. Comics must be 2-3 pages worth or more, and may or may not include text. Must read left to right (the way English comics are read). Color, toning and shading isn't mandatory, but is encouraged.

Illustration Series
A series of pieces that tell the story in sequence. An illustration series must have at least 3 pieces per round. Can have no text or be laid out like a picture book with only a little text on the page: less than 40 words. Expected to look finished (this means colored, shaded or at least toned).

Animation (Frame-by-frame, Animatic, Motion Comic, etc.)
Action is laid out in video format. May or may not include sound/voice acting, but it is encouraged. Must be twleve seconds or more. May be colored or rough.


:bulletred: Literature Entries :bulletred:
:star: All literature entries must be written in paragraph format (as opposed to 'script' or 'screenplay' format). Be wary of spelling and grammar.

Has a minimum of 1500 words (roughly 3 pages in a 12 pt. font) and a maximum of 7000 words per entry. (Tip: Microsoft Word has a built-in word counter, or you could use this: www.wordcounttool.com/ )

Illustrated Prose
Mandatory word count deducted by about 300 of the 1500 word base per picture, give or take depending on the necessity and complexity of the pictures. The pictures must be needed to tell the story.


If you want to persue your PokeVenture differently than listed above, please note the Poke-Fanclub!

You may switch between mediums along the way, however, please be wise about how you do this. For example, it will be noticeable if you switch to written format to avoid the work of drawing pages out, rather than making an informed decision to switch to the written medium and using to its full capacity.

:bulletred: Only the first page/part of your entry should be submitted to the folders, and Entries must be submitted to the proper PV folder for the year before the Round's deadline! We apologize, but we cannot wait for any late entries, nor can we offer extensions.  If you are late with an entry, you can still submit it to the "PV: Independent and Late Entires" folder, but you will not be matched with a partner in the next round, nor will you receive the EVs for completing the round on time. For more info, please visit the PokeVenture FAQ.


:bulletred:  You must complete your ref sheets for your character(s) before the end of Round 1!  Remember to include a paragraph for your character's personalty and another for your character's history.  Other members are going to need this information if they are to draw or write about your character in the paired rounds.

:bulletred:  A Pokemon must be your story's main character and focus rather than any human characters they may be attached to or encounter. You may have a Trainer along with your Pokemon if you choose, but the story must follow the Pokemon. (This also means that if you like, you can show Pokemon speaking to each other, like in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.)

:bulletred: Only one or two characters total, please. You may have a support character attached to your main character (they can be either another Pokemon or a trainer) and that's it. If there's a trainer with a team involved, the rest of the team can be mentioned or cameoed but cannot be active characters. If you must have a third character, please note the club with details and we'll see if we can come up with a solution.

:bulletred:  Written content must be in English! It's the only language all of the staff knows! If you have trouble with English, please tell the staff and we'll see what we can do. =)

:bulletred:  We shouldn't need to say this, but plagiarism or stolen work is illegal, and submitting such work will result in disqualification of your entry.

:bulletred: Keep it PG! This event conforms with all the other club rules, including submissions must be appropriate for a typical PG audience. Dark is fine! But gore and overtly suggestive content... is not. Keep the language as mild as you can.

:bulletred: You must know the requirements for your medium of choice. They are listed above, so please read them carefully.

:bulletred:  No canon characters are permitted.  This means that the character you enter with cannot be an official character from the games, anime, manga, etc.  This activity is to exercise your storytelling muscles, and a part of this is creating a character of your own!

:bulletred:  No legendary characters are permitted.  Since there is only one of each legendary, the same rules apply here as for canon characters. Not to mention, a legendary Pokemon is far more powerful than others and are often tied to nature itself in Pokemon world, which may make the playing field unfair for other entrants.  Keep in mind that all breedable event Pokemon such as (barring Manaphy) Rotom, Phione, Spiritomb and Zorua/Zorark are not legendaries, but please be cautious with power play should you choose to use them.

:bulletred:  Your character cannot have a close or extensive relationship with a canon character, legendary Pokemon, or PokeVenture NPC (prior to the events of the PV Premise at least).  This means that even if your character is a Phione, it cannot be more than an acquaintance with Manaphy, and even if your character is a Lucario, it cannot be great friends with Cynthia.  NCPs we may allow if you contact the staff with details first.  This also means the character cannot have a spiritual connection with any legendaries/canon characters/NCPs.

:bulletred:  No radical changes to the official Pokemon designs are allowed. This includes (but is not limited to) Fakemon, hybrid/fusion Pokemon, Pokemorphs, gijinkas, and anthros. However, small changes/alternate colors are fine!

:bulletred:  All moves, Abilities and Types must be correct and possible for your characters' species of Pokemon. Types and abilities for Pokemon should be givens, and make sure your Pokemon characters only have moves they can learn in the games!  These can be egg moves, TM moves or tutor moves (especially if your Pokemon was trained). This also means your Pokemon character can only have four moves. If you are in doubt about your species of Pokemon's moves, types, or abilities, try consulting Bulbapedia (bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wik…) or Serebii (www.serebii.net).

:bulletred: This shouldn't need to be said, but here it is: Behave! Inappropriate conduct toward other PFC members, the PFC staff, PV judges, or your audience will not be tolerated. What is considered inappropriate conduct is at the full discretion of the Pokefan-Club staff!

:star: Not sure about something, or need elaboration? Try the FAQ!! :star:


Once the Round is over and you've handed in a satisfactory entry, you will pass to one of three categories: 'Pass', 'All Stars' or 'Concerned'.  'Pass' are all the entries that are doing well, 'All Stars' represent the best work that round, and 'Concerned' means that your entry is just barely getting by and could really use a bit more work or rule clarification. Entrants that haven't made the list didn't hand in an entry that met the round's standards (which means there probably wasn't much of an entry at all. If you've made an entry and are not on the list, note us -- we may have made a mistake). The only differentiation between these categories in terms of passing is that people in All Stars will not be paired with people in 'Concerned', unless they submitted a mutual request.

Your entire entry will be judged all at once at the end of Round 4! Keep in mind, only entries that have made it that far will be judged. 1-5 points will be given to each of the following categories:

:bulletred: Clarity (Layout/Grammar) :bulletred:
Can people understand what is going on without having to reread the entry multiple times?

:bulletred: Creativity and Believability :bulletred:
Is the entry creative while also being within the realms of possibility?

:bulletred: Characterization :bulletred:
Are all the characters' traits consistent with their reference sheets, and are they utilized well/fun to read about?

:bulletred: Appeal :bulletred:
Is the entry funny, touching, or absolutely adorable? Conversely, is it offensive, boring, plain, or does it not follow the rules? *Breaking a rule will automatically make your 'appeal' drop to '1'.

For whatever score you earn in those categories, you will be given Poke-Fanclub EVs!  The winner will be determined based on who earns the most EVs in judging and in entries gotten in on time (see 'Rewards' below!). If more than one entry ties, the judges will vote on the winner!

For the judge panel, we will be having an Open Call for Judges! Auditions will consist of you needing to judge a piece, based on the rubric above, of a random Pokemon fanwork we assign you, and writing short notes on how it handled each category. We ask that people auditioning be very familiar with story structure, but a good knowledge of art layout, prose and grammar helps too. We will be accepting auditions for willing judges all throughout the PokeVenture, so note us if you're interested or want to find out more! However, keep in mind that all judging will take place between late August and throughout September, so that is the time you must be available. We will send out a more formal call for judges between the end of Round 3 and Round 4. =) Also, we also ask the PV participants not apply for judging.

Lastly, if you want to know how you're doing in the PV from round to round, or perhaps why you're in 'Concerned' or why you fell short of the 'All Stars', some of the PV staff may be willing to give you constructive critique if you ask for it! Just note the Poke-Fanclub if you'd like it, and we'll see what we can do!


If you managed to earn every EV you could in the PokeVenture, you would earn 100 EVs to spend at our Prize Center!  Here's the breakdown:

:bulletred: 40 Total Round Completion EVs: Rewarded upon finishing rounds!
Round 1 Completed on Time: +10
Round 2 Completed on Time: +10
Round 3 Completed on Time: +10
Round 4 Completed on Time: +10

:bulletred: 20 Total Judging EVs: Rewarded upon completion of Round 4, if all four 'Venture rounds have been completed!
Clarity/Layout: +1-5
Creativity and Believability: +1-5
Characterization: +1-5
Appeal: +1-5

:bulletred: 40 Total Effort EVs: Rewarded upon finishing rounds, based on effort put into entry! You can earn either 5 EVs, 8 EVs or 10 EVs.
Round 1: +5/+8/+10
Round 2: +5/+8/+10
Round 3: +5/+8/+10
Round 4: +5/+8/+10

As far as what prizes you get for winning the PV, we will have a call for donations sometime between the end of Round 3 and completion of Round 4. =)

** The PokeVenture judges or PFC Administration cannot be held responsible if we cannot find your entries! **
We can't be expected to evaluate entries and refs that are not in the appropriate folder come judging time, or if you cannot find pages/parts of your entry due to the entry lacking 'next' buttons!  It is your responsibility to submit entries and refs to the appropriate folder and put links to other pages/part on your entries!  Thank you!


:star: The Official PokeVenture FAQ! :star:

Hopefully this answered any questions you might have, but feel free to send us a note if you have any concerns or if there is anything we left unanswered. And... have fun, good luck! You may now begin! :la:

PokeVenture Hall of Fame!

:bulletred: PokeVenture 2010! [Folders]
Winner - Bat-Lass, with Ryker the Pikachu and Boss the  Mankey: fav.me/d2rsv75

:bulletred: PokeVenture 2011! [Folders]
Winner - Bloomins, with Zipporah the Scrafty: Bloomin-Inquisitive.deviantart…

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