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PokeVenture 2011 Premise: Descent Into the Unown

Two months ago, a team of Johto archeologists discovered a new chamber within the underground chamber of the Ruins of Alph.  Until recently it has been closed for research, the archeologists believing that the chamber could have clues to much larger discoveries in the Ruins -- a prevailing but unconfirmed rumor says that there is a great treasure involved -- but no news of a big discovery followed.

And so, two days ago, the chamber was opened to tourists. Curious trainers and Pokemon have come from all around to explore, and in greater numbers than the Ruins of Alph has ever seen!

Then, on the third day, disaster struck within the ruins.

The peaceful sunny morning turned to chaos when Unown appeared in great numbers and in a rage.  The stone doors to all known entrances and exits to the underground chambers in the Ruins of Alph mysteriously slammed shut, trapping many Pokemon and trainers inside, in many cases separating friends from friends and trainers from Pokemon... However, on the inside of the chambers, many new doors were also opened to strange dark passages, some for the first time in thousands of years...

Will those Pokemon who are trapped be able to survive in the ruins until help appears? Or will they go in search of a exit? Get to the bottom of the Unown's strange behavior? Or will they even take this opportunity to search for that 'great discovery'?  What will your Pokemon characters do?

'Venture on!

Official NPCs: The Unown of Alph [Entrants must read! Click the thumbnail  below!]

Descent Into the Unown by Delano-Laramie

:star: Both new and returning contestants must read the PokeVenture Info before starting!… :star:


Round 4 is closed and the PokeVenture rounds are at an end!
Late Round 4 closing journal is late, but here it is.  :XD:  We are now in the process of awaiting judge verdicts which should hopefully be released no later than the end of the month by how things are going.  =)

EDIT: The winners are in!…

This was a fantastic year and we got so many of highly creative entries! I found myself pleasantly surprised many of contestant's reveals for what was occurring in the ruins.  No matter what happens with the judge's scores, everyone who has made it this far should be very proud.  This is the most intensive event we have here at the Poke-Fanclub, and you guys did it!

Congratulations to all of you! :thanks:


Prizes and Prize Donation

Seeing as this is the last round, right now we're also accepting member donations for prizes!  All of the PokeVenture entrants have worked really hard, so if anyone would like to contribute something to the winners, it would be wonderful!  Here's the contributions so far:

First Place

Request illustration from Ayemae (1-2 characters with background, colored)
Character portrait from Dotted-Quaver (PV character(s) colored)
Request illustration from Phantom-Akiko (1-2 characters with background, colored)
Request sketch from Dravening (1-2 characters)
Colored request from KestrelWings (1 character)
Colored request from Firestalker101 (1 Pokemon headshot)

Second Place
Request full-body character portrait from Ayemae  (1 character, flat colored)
Request from Phantom-Akiko (1 character, 1 color)
Request sketch from Dravening (1 character)
Pencil sketch from KestrelWings (1 character)
Sketch from Firestalker101 (1 Pokemon Headshot)

Third Place
Request from Phantom-Akiko (1 character, 1 color)
Sketch request from Ayemae (1 character)
Pencil sketch from KestrelWings (1 character)
Sketch from Firestalker101 (1 Pokemon Headshot)

If you have anything you'd like to contribute as a prize, just send the club a Note!

PokeVenture '11 Judges

:iconayemae: :icondelano-laramie: :iconpockystik: :icondotted-quaver: :iconrenegadespirit: :iconpurple-rage: :iconaerilic:

Schedule And Prompts

:bulletwhite: Round 1 Mandatory Prompt: How did your character get to the Ruins of Alph, and why? Round must end with them being trapped in the ruins! May 6th-June 13th

:bulletwhite: Round 2 Optional Prompt: [Paired Round] You encounter something you can't explain... June 16 - July 11th

:bulletwhite: Round 3 Optional Prompt: [Paired Round] What you found is more than you bargained for. July 14th - August 8th

:bulletwhite: Round 4 Mandatory Prompt: The story comes to a close! August 12th - September 5th

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