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A Tinkatuff's Treasure“Taffy, time for you to go home.” Jennie ushered the Tinkatuff, who was clutching onto her invaluable hammer, at the tall dried grasses of the ruins in Paldea, with her male friend and both of their Pokemon parties watching. Then the moment Taffy hesitantly took a step forward, her semi-adrift gaze made her promptly realize that the large group began turning their backs. They were indeed going to leave her behind. She thought she was going to be glad that she could be an unruly brat who could assault more bypassing Steel-types without moral repercussions in the wild again. But now, she was beginning to falter on whether she wanted that goal to come true at all. |-Throughout most of her life in Paldea, Taffy had become quite the monster. Well, not as a Tinkatink. Her painstakingly made hammer was just a chunk of metal, futile in fulfilling its purpose of self-defense and instead just constantly got consumed by other stronger and imposing metal-eating gluttons. All she wanted to do was just to sculpt and create a hammer for herself, and yet she, as a feeble Tinkatink, could do almost nothing to defend herself with her cherished hammer frequently stolen as a form of bullying. To begin with, her current hammer isn’t even the first one she had created during all those instances of its previous incarnations being pilfered and eaten. She was just plain sick and tired of all those larger fully-evolved predators picking on her for her meager strength and size already. So by the time she managed to evolve into Tinkatuff after finally perfecting and upholstering the one hammer she currently owns, she was out for vengeful blood! And so, with an unsuspecting Trainer passing by the ruins she once dwelled in, Taffy stealthily snuck into their Poke Ball when they weren’t paying any attention. “What a fool they are!” She smugly relished in her stealth and the human’s inattentiveness. After all, this was the perfect chance for her to ditch this crummy playground full of bullies and enact her revenge on all Steel types across the world! |-It didn’t require too much time for both Galarian and Paldean authorities to get involved to learn that Taffy had been terrorizing all Steel-types in the Galar Wild Area left and right. Mostly those Corviknight in Galar which much like their Paldean kin were much afraid of her looming menace with her armed hammer.If it wasn’t due to the customs and immigration officers being morons, no chance would Taffy be able to snuck out of the Poke Ball and started her reign of terror on Corviknight taxis in Galar. Let alone those Bisharp and Pawniard in Galar that probably won’t know they can evolve further into Kingambit to give themselves some leverage in strength against a lone Tinkatuff just for stalling her a little longer.Long story short, news of her being an “unknown predator” was spread virally like an unfettered wildfire. All around the corners, it was neverending horror of Corviknight along with their cabbies and passengers being knocked out of the sky, and the current young Galarian Champion Lauren was too overwhelmed to deal with it.Not to mention that this rough and tumble Tinkatuff had already caused the ratchet in the death toll regarding Corviknight accidents, which had not occurred in decades prior to her sudden invasion. Oh, and not to forget that there were increased sightings of brutally dismembered Bisharp and Pawniard carcasses with their bladed being stripped from their metallic bodies…(their demises were just too devastating to glimpse that newspapers had to checker out the photographs related to these poor dark type soldiers)Another day on the news, another day of “Local Galarian ecologists fretting over having almost no method of tackling with the evasive unknown hammer-wielding Pokemon which is already decimating the Steel type population and jeopardizing the flying taxi services!”. And the Galarian Steel-type Pokémon population was being rapidly halved like dropping flies by a single Tinkatuff named Taffy.But of course, all thrilling playtime just had to be abruptly halted, just when she was getting cozy with her new playground. |-Taffy had always deeply despised anyone who obstructed her pathway or bossed her around. Pokemon or humans, they were no exceptions or in-betweens. After years of being harassed and bullied as a Tinkatink, with her previous hammers being frequently plundered, no way would she like to come across anybody that would put a stop to her fun time in the vast playground called the Wild Area. But playtime was over during one fateful day when she was wandering around Dusty Bowl where she was eager to provoke some unsuspecting challengers, or even better, practice hitting some Corviknight again so she would grow to become a skilled Corviknight-hitting Tinkaton in the future. “Whoa, what’s with that hot pink colored feminine Pokemon standing atop on the rock pillar over there?” There came an unfamiliar female voice of a human girl down below the pillar she was strutting on. “Oh for frick’s sake,” Taffy was instantly provoked from the inside out, “Just have to be a human to distract me from hitting those dumb bulky Raven Pokemon!” Oh, and she got another accompanying human, who was male by the sound of it, “Looks like an invasive species from the other region, you know the one with the academy and a large crater’s research area. Must be the unknown Pokemon repeatedly reported on the news and ruining the taxi services, along with the death tolls. How did it even reach here committing terrorism?”“Maybe someone was moronic enough to bring it here. Either way, how are we gonna detain it?” The human girl asked. “Startle it and then we hit it,” The guy was just straightforward. And the Tinkatuff, grappling onto her hammer, was absolutely displeased with the sheer disrespect they had for her! “Screw the Corviknight hitting now,” she thought, “I’m not allowing two meddlesome humans trifling with my entertainment!” “YOU WANNA MESS WITH ME?! GO F*** YOURSELVES, YOU NOSY HUMANS!!!!” The Tinkatuff yelled and hit her hammer a few times on the pillar while balancing herself with ease, hoping to intimidate the duo. Except they weren’t that unprepared as she predicted. Instead of scurrying away to let her continue her relentless playtime, the girl with glasses and brown hair called out her Swirlix with an attached ribbon and had been nestling inside her hair, while the male also with spectacles deployed his capped Pikachu. They really weren’t messing around when it was all about stopping her reign of terror! “Cuddles, use Energy Ball!”“Axel, Thunderbolt!”Both moves from those opposing Swirlix and Pikachu were actually quite hard-hitting despite not being super-effective. After all, they are trained Pokemon, not wild wanderers. Of course, Taffy refused to surrender so easily, for she is a Tinkatuff with dignity! With one Metal Claw from her hammer, the Swirlix was soon afflicted with a hefty amount of damage, and was already crying at the sheer pain inflicted and induced by the strong hammer. Taffy smirked to herself, “Ha, domesticated Pokemon aren’t that strong against me, the mighty Taffy after all.” And yes, their struggle against Taffy lasted for a few hours.For the guy with black hair, his Absol Gintoki was already knocked out before even initiating a flashy Mega Evolution, thanks to Taffy’s Fairy-type cheap-shooting him on the spot. And with one painful hammering, Alice the Brianne was already bullied to the point of passing out, which definitely triggered Axel who’s the Brionne’s boyfriend.For the girl with brown hair, her Riolu Aria didn’t last for even ten seconds thanks to Taffy’s Draining Kiss. Scarlet the Bisharp was summoned to avenge her adoptive Riolu daughter, but upon gazing into Taffy’s murderously gleeful eyes targeting her, she just bailed herself out. Not until the young man recalled Axel the Pikachu back to his side and suggested to his female companion a change in strategy. Something around the lines of “Dyna” and “power spot”, and probably “potions”, as Taffy could overhear. Needless to say, the girl sent out her rather peculiar Ponyta, who complained that she was not fighting going to that thing until noticing Axel glaring at her while also pointing at a and changed into an “Oh, fine! But only because I want to protect my home.” Sadly, Taffy launched a blast so hard, the Galarian Ponyta’s psychic powers got deflected back to her and knocked her out.Before Taffy could even hop to another pillar, however… the young guy had already deployed and subsequently enlarged his Cinderace with some sort of peculiar energy she had never witnessed in her entire life- she had only seen Paldean Trainers wielding the lame old Terastalisaton, but not this SIZE ENLARGEMENT ENERGY! Paralyzed by immense shock, Taffy couldn’t even react to one flamethrower wrung at her by the swirling branch of a purple Braixen the girl owns. “Trixie! Flamethrower!!!” The Tinkatuff could imminently feel her hammer being charred by the powerful fire attack. If only she didn’t use Metal Claw that exposed her own Steel-typing as a weakness earlier! And there was no way she could defend herself against a ginormous rabbit!“Yamato! G-MAX FIREBALL THIS THING!!!”The next thing Taffy knew before she rappelled from the pillar and blacked out thanks to the enormous fireball from the soccer playing rabbit named Yamato was that her hammer had fallen out of her loosened grip… |-By the time Taffy drowsily opened her eyes and attempted to move her passed-out body, to her dismay she was back in Paldea again. Brought back by the same group who knocked her hammer away from her and also knocked her out. And they were both being weirdos by scanning her with their unidentifiable contraptions! What a violation of her dignity and privacy!!“Why is my holographic dex showing no information about this critter?” Asked the girl, getting impatient with the lack of information she was receiving about the Tinkatuff.“Neither is my sliding-double screen,” Replied the equally confused guy, “Our Pokédex really aren’t up to date.”“This is a Tinkatuff, a Fairy and Steel-type,” there arrived an austere voice of an old male human she recognized, “They, along with their fully evolved forms Tinkaton, are vicious creatures that aim to destroy Steel-types with their sturdy hammers, and Galar’s people and wildlife weren’t prepared to confront such an invasively ruthless being. You must’ve been contacted by the current young champion of Galar, who happened to have been scratching their head about it?”Taffy could vaguely notice the duo nodding their heads with her blurred-but-gradually-cleared vision. And to her chagrin, she remembered who this elderly male human with white hair was. It had to be Clavell, the director/principal of the renowned academy in Paldea; the academy is so famous that even wild Paldean Pokemon have heard about it. Clavell proceeded explaining how Tinkatuff and Tinkaton are highly resentful Pokemon that will do anything with their hammers to destroy Steel-types as prey and amusement, and kept earnestly apologizing to the duo for having to trouble them and their friend/acquaintance. All to which irritated Taffy to no end; of course he would apologize, because he had been a sheltered human who wouldn’t know a crap about SHE had been feeling about being bullied as a Pokemon. Her wrath finally reached a breakneck when the guy inquired, “So Director Clavell, as Champions of our own right, how do you want us to help with tackling this bad kid before releasing it to the wild, while also like, you know, help revitalizing Galar with security measures to protect the Corviknight there?”“NONE OF YOUR S***!!! YOU BUNCH OF FEEBLE NUMBSKULLS!!!!” Screeched Taffy like an accursed banshee- maybe even an eerie Mismagius- as she flailed her stubby arms in vain efforts to attack the humans present in the office. But without her hammer, she was just a helpless fairy that got effortlessly detained by Cuddles the Swirlix and Axel the Pikachu, who had already recovered from their fight with her and pinned her onto the floor.“I hate this brat,” grunted the young guy who already detested and wouldn’t want to look after the Tinkatuff as his Pokemon, “Jen, you handle her since you like cute Pokemon so much.” And that was how she ended up with Jennie, the human girl who watched her tiring herself to sleep in a futile struggle against two trained Pokemon. |-Of course, somebody as rambunctious and impertinent as Taffy would never obey, let alone stay still, to the commands of a mere human. After all, the inflated ego that has blown itself bigger than the size of a Drifblim has been an infamously well-known characteristic that runs wild in a Tinkatuff and Tinkaton’s veins. First day when the duo of Jennie and Streamie were staying in the dorm room the academy allowed them? Taffy had already snuck out when both were slumbering like logs because she used all of her might to push and unlock the window, and she surely enjoyed her jumpscare aimed at the poor strolling students who were just getting ready for school. Looked less imposing without her hammer to swing with some extra flair, but certainly her descent was enough to cause many of them to wet themselves. (Not to mention that she was going to land on some of the Pokemon she identified as Steel-types too, probably like a Lucario?)Not until Scarlet the Bisharp, who knew how to harness Psychic due to a long story, and Psymie the Meowstic actually woke up and halted her chaos from the room long-distance. To Taffy, being levitated midair by not only a peculiar looking twin-tailed cat but also her pettily despised prey aka a Bisharp was always humiliating to a headstrong Tinkatuff like her. Second instance when she got shut down on her tracks? She got blasted by a wave of sheer flames by the glasses guy with black hair’s pyromaniac v-shaped eared bat! How much humiliation did she have to keep enduring?! If only she could retrieve her hammer! And soon enough, it didn’t even take long for Taffy to hatch an escape.“Sorry for bothering both of you from your sightseeing, but would you mind joining our regular academy tournament as special guests?” This was what Clavell politely requested. Taffy clearly knew that the duo of Trainers would accept this request from the director, since Jennie’s friend Streamie had been unrelentingly insisting that Taffy herself required some training as a form of disciplinary action.And she was quite displeased that Jennie bothered relentlessly asking for her name because of “respecting your preference when being commanded in-battle”, despite not even being amid Jennie’s roster. She only relented on giving out her name just to prevent herself from being misnamed by a stupid human. She vowed to herself that she would never yield to Jennie again and would rather run off into the wild, perhaps when everyone would be caught up in the heat of the academy’s tournament. Or so she thought. |-The academy’ school battle brawl was indeed a flare that was rapidly set ablaze, riling up all students and teachers positively to release their stress via watching and commanding combating Pokemon alike. And to Taffy, it was the impeccable time to run off into the horizons. Jennie had told her beforehand to sit and watch before giving her a mock with Nemona, the student council president, remarking that Nemona would go easy on her to close the event. She also put her bag next to Taffy, since she didn’t see any need to carry it around during an intense battle. Except that at the bleachers when the spectators were all caught up in the heat of the ensuing battles, enraptured by cries of “Mary-Lee [Jennie’s Steenee], Seed Bomb!” and “Michael [Streamie’s Victini], V-Create!”, the naughty Taffy rummaged through the bag, and soon felt the familiar hard texture of metal. Her hammer was inside the whole time! Of course, she was quite triggered by the fact that it had been detached, the iron not welded to the handle. Either it cleaved when Yamato the Cinderace Pyro Balled her, or Jennie conspired with her group to detach it. Needless to say, she wasted no time to reattach it together, and surveying sharply with her quick scanning glance at all of the available excited spectators and contenders, the Tinkatuff nimbly hopped away with hammer in tow as she darted her way across the plaza in hopes of running into the unknown. Away from Jennie and the group that had revoked her previous reign of terror. She was free again! The breeze of roaming wild without a care from domesticated freaks. The thrill of being able to swing her hammer without intervention or it being whisked and shafted away.“TIME TO KNOCK SOME BIRDS AND BISHARPS DEAD, BABY!!” She exhiliratedly screeched like a maniac Mismagius, keenly ready to commit mass murder. (After all, according to herself, she got to clobber MORE Bisharp and probably even Kingambit in the wild, even though she never got to give Scarlet a satisfying hit)Until she abruptly paused in her tracks with a screeching halt. There aroused the question: which direction was she supposed to head next?! Crap. She obviously didn’t plan for that. In fact, for a minuscule Pokemon of her size, the distance which a normally larger Pokemon would find near between urban settlements and rural areas suddenly turned out to be an extended stretch for her. She named herself Taffy not because she knew “taffy” is a type of manmade confection, but because she thought she would be tough and elastic enough to survive. Except she didn’t plan ahead, and was embarrassingly lost in the middle of the streets! “Frick! How come I dunno where the heck the exit is…” She tried to conceal her embarrassment under her grunting breath, gripping onto her hammer’s handle tighter. And a bunch of multicolor plumage flock of Squwakabilly just had to swarm right in front of her, obstructing her way when she was already struggling to figure out how to escape. “GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY, YOU RUFFIAN PARAKEETS!!!!” Taffy just blatantly lashed out at them, in frustration of being stuck in a rut. Unfortunately, that was definitely the wrong move. Those were no ordinary Squwakabilly when the Tinkatuff finally noticed the leading yellow parakeet Pokemon had a scar on its beak. “Well well well,” retorted the scarred-beak yellow Sqwakabilly leader imposingly, “Since you’ve got the spunk to insult the revered messengers of the Tera Escapades, might as well catch you back to our Madame Meow Boss and Sir Meow Boss as our message for them.” The Tera Escapades… She had heard of this mob comprised entirely of Pokemon before, stealing Tera Orbs from domesticated Pokemon and their Trainers. But since she had been more occupied with honing different incarnations of her hammer as a Tinkatink and that she lived in the ruins instead of the towns, she didn’t bother about that, until that Sqwakabilly actually threatened her with its narrowly furrowed glare… At least she had armed herself with her retrieved hammer! No way would it fail her as self-defense! She could attack these pesky parakeets with a hammer-assisted Metal Claw right away- But with just one deft swing from her!... The large chunk of metal suddenly, in slo-mo, separated itself from the handle, owing to the swing’s impact… Insert exaggerated stone petrification of Taffy here, all waxed up. She shouldn’t have retrieved it now that she realized it wasn’t even fully repaired! Perhaps that was the reason why the group had been withholding her hammer from her after she fell down from the pillar back in Galar and passed out… They must’ve been aware that it was damaged, and the whole time they were helping her to restore it! She shouldn’t have been so arrogant about her own ability to maintain her hammer’s upkeep after all… With the Tinkatuff being completely defenseless without her only means of defense, she could only watch at the aggressively swarming flock of Squwakabilly diving straight at her with their curved beaks led by their assertive yellow leader going to game-end her. The yellow leader was the first to grip her skin with its sharpened talons, with its cronies knocking her broken hammer aside before joining in their honcho, relentlessly plucking and pulling her hair in a barbaric manner. “Get off! Go away!!! I’m a proud fairy of my own right!!!” Taffy rasped as a last resort to ward the parakeets off, but none of the flock was intimidated. They knew she was just bluffing herself as an unarmed creature they could abduct. Possibly, they could even seize the metal components of her hammer for the mob’s resources-“HEY!!! What do you think you’re doing to that Tinkatuff!!!” Scarlet the Bisharp’s incensed reprimand pierced through the audaciously atrocious Squwakabilly flock’s squawking attack at Taffy. The flock of parakeets were instantly fazed by the authority of the trained female Bisharp’s acutely mad gaze at them, even much to Taffy’s immense surprise. Scarlet’s species had always been prey to her own, and therefore had no need to come to her aid out of self preservation. There was no need for Scarlet to look out for her. And yet… Then Streamie’s assertive command came as followed, “Alice!!! AQUA JET!!!!”With a rush of water jets from Alice the Brionne, the flock of Squwakabilly were quickly startled, leading to them being disassembled through the aquatic blast! Again, there was no need for her to be saved by all these strangers she had always regarded vehemently as sworn mortal enemies, and yet… In her hazy and nigh passing out condition, Taffy’s blurry vision glimpsed Jennie’s eyes being up close to her flashing frantically, and she could not only hear the loud clanking of her hammer’s components being gathered up and Jennie repeating, “TAFFY!!! TAFFY!!! Hang in there!!!” This girl and her guy friend were the same ones who swept her away from Galar where she was getting accustomed to as a new playground, and made her swear enemies to them and their teams combined. They clearly were aware that she loathed them guts and could’ve just permitted her to be attacked by those vicious birds and left to die. And yet… they actually came for her.She faded to black. |-The distant memories of her being a feeble Tinkatink abruptly became so much closer to her.Paldea was her birthplace, but she had never felt like home. It wasn’t even the first time she was brutally pecked by birds. The first instance was when she was a newborn, a flock of Rookidee and Corvisquire swarmed at her. At least, her Tinkaton mother rushed to her aid and knocked most of these crows dead with a Gigaton Hammer. But the second time? Not so fortunate. Her Tinkaton mother one day left to hunt down Corviknight for sport, but in the end, she never returned. And therefore, a flock of Flamigo spotted the Tinkatink child in their turf, and it was a no-brainer that Taffy ended up getting pecked all over with peck marks all over her body. Physical scars heal, but mental wounds don’t recover easily. And since then, she was always the victim of bullying. Her previous hammers had always been the target of metal-consuming bullies. To be honest, they were more akin to rattles instead of any model of sturdy hammer. No way she could clobber anyone who would get into her way just to give her a painfully long punching fest. Wildlife in Paldea has always been unforgiving to the weak. That had been why Taffy wanted to have the perfect hammer and hit everyone she saw at first glance. She couldn’t trust any of them. None of them were considered tolerable. They were potential candidates for bullying her because of her small stature. And the day she ventured into a Bisharp-led territory? That was when she finally forged her current hammer and evolved. It was admittedly a prolonged struggle, the leader Bisharp commandeering its Pawniard troops, both relatives and unrelated goons alike, to charge at her upon realizing that she had trespassed into their territory. Yet with several lucky crits of her supposedly negated Fairy-type moves (due to her foes also being part Steel), several of the Pawniard soldiers were reduced to lifeless bodies. Even the towering Bisharp before her, who was a mere Tinkatink, was actually flabbergasted and also horrified to the core, immediately commanding its remaining troops to retreat and disappeared with them into the night. It was the first time she felt that she had been empowered, as she was dismantling the blades of the deceased Pawniard soldiers from their bodies. Bit by bit, she intricately and diligently pieced different parts of their metal parts together, and eventually… her dream of owning a permanent hammer for herself came into shape. She glowed in tremendous light, while she was concurrently holding up her own creation in unspeakable joy. Her own mother would be terribly proud of her achievement at last. Yet, even obtaining such a crowning achievement, she still hadn’t found her devoided heart a home in Paldea. |-The first thing she glimpsed was her hammer, being restored, next to her when she groggily opened her long-closed eyelids. How long had she been unconscious? She didn’t figure out that she had been medically treated when she was out of commission, until she tried to sit up in the large average sized human bed she had been nestled in, and noticed the wrapped bandages across her wounded body. “You really are as reckless as Jennie, aren’t you?” Scarlet, as it turned out, had been sitting next to her moments prior to her awakening, and gave her a tender pat on the head. This was the first case that Taffy didn’t resist a Bisharp’s gesture toward her. “Streamie admitted that Jen could’ve won the match against that Nemona prez kid even without you, but she actually bothered forfeiting because she knows you are special as your own being and it is okay for you to not change your viewpoint overnight,” Scarlet continued as she gently moved the repaired hammer close to the Tinkatuff’s proximity. The image of it gradually grew clearer to Taffy, who soon picked up on the polished metallic surface glinting under the speck of sunlight sneaking into bedroom via the semi-opened curtains, the reupholstered and reattached handle no longer covered in rust, and most importantly, a newly screwed nail which connected both the handle and the metal. The recovering Tinkatuff was speechless to know the implication that both parties actually not only nursed her back to health, but also completely fixed her most precious treasure. “Quite unexpected that Streamie, who’s more of a power gamer, joined in to help you get better, but it’s a step in his change in perspective after seeing you getting hurt,” Alice the Brionne soon flipped and flopped to the other side of the bed, “In other words, we’re not expecting you to change your personality or anything, but we’re just here to let you understand that we are always here for you. And we all hope you get to see a better light.”“It’s just that after some consideration, Clavell, the director of the academy, deduced that it would be best to release you back into the wild, after learning that you were acting distrustful around us and that you actually ran away during the school’s battle event,” Alice added, “So, estimate that you will recuperate in a few weeks, we’re planning to return you to one of the ruins. After all, Paldea is where you belong.”“Still, it’s been a fantastic time to have encountered you, Taffy,” Scarlet smiled at Taffy, who however was aware that she was forcing it. A prey like Scarlet would have been happy to watch her return to the wild, but momentarily both of them actually didn’t want that scenario to happen at all. Yet, when Alice gave the Tinkatuff some berries, stating that they would heal her faster, Taffy merely quietly ate them, unlike before when she only begrudgingly took them for the sake of sustaining her basic needs. She never thought that her own perspective had been altered, and yet now she realized where her home is. Ironic that it would be a very brief time prior to her actually departing from it.|-Watching how the group had turned their backs and was treading away from the ruins she originated from, Taffy clutched onto her hammer, and instead of running forward into the tall grass where the Roaming Form Gimmighoul and other hordes of wild beasts sprint, she resolutely ran backwards. She had been given the choice to be free and unfettered. Nonetheless, she knew that from her renewed perspective, it wasn’t what she had desired for.It was crystal clear that once she chose the group, she would have to tolerate the presence of her prey and her prey’s offspring. She would have to heed instructions of practicing self-control from the girl that she shouldn’t be swinging her hammer at anywhere and anytime in urban settlements. And she would be forbidden to knock Corviknight out from the sky, let alone enhancing her hammer with more scrap metal from both Bisharp and Pawniard. But at the same time… she would get to traverse to horizons unknown. She would get to combat with stronger rivals and make some new friends. And most crucially, if Jennie actually banded in to save her, then she would definitely be looked after well, even if her guy friend would take a little bit longer to fully come to terms with her existence for previously been such an immaturely big brat. At least for once, she would be aided and loved, like the time when her mother fended her from those Corvisquire and Rookidee prior to going missing forever. “JENNIEEEEEE!!!! DON’T YOU AND YOUR PREY DUMP ME LIKE THAT, NITWIT!!!” The traveling group, startled, quickly swerved themselves, finally realizing that Taffy was actually following them from behind. They never accounted for the possibility of her changing her mind, since she was oh-so-unruly the whole time she was under their supervision. Yet here she was, demonstrating her long-concealed vulnerability via her tightened grapple on the hammer’s handle and also shimmering droplets of her first-time publicly displayed tears in front of them. Scarlet’s response best summed up what Jennie, who got stopped in the tracks with dilated, shocked pupils, was too surprised to express, “Taffy… you’re in fact planning to return to us?! But this means you won’t get to do whatever you want if you’re encapsulated like the rest of us, and this is a longtime decision you need to carefully consider!”“But it means to have a home which I have now figured out what it matters to me after some rethinking thanks to all of you…” Taffy, while still allowing herself to candidly tear up, squeezed out a smile containing lots of complicated emotions; she would be sacrificing the rest of her life being a wanderer in exchange for a traveler’s, but if it meant finally understanding others instead of just knocking out large steel-cladded ravens from the sky, then it would probably be worthwhile… Without further ado, Jennie, now fully learning what Taffy had wanted with her change of heart, fitted a Heal Ball in front of the Tinkatuff, and tossed the light pinkish ball in her direction. The real treasure for Taffy isn’t her hammer. It’s companions that have and will continue to surprise herself with changes in her mind.
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The Babylon Rogues And Pokemon Fusions by CaspienTheWatcher
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Sceptile's Family by blutwo
Fusions and Fakemon
Snosire by Seiden-Kaczka
Memes and Misc
His kids have the same shiny colour skin with him by pikachube
Draw Me A Pokemon Weekly Event
Draw Me A Pokemon: Quagsire by GoldenLionofRa
Poke-Swap 2021
Pokeswap 2021 - Pokemon Snap by Roosk
Poke-Fall Festival 2020
FanArt-Autumn On Route 6 by SNA-Designs
Akane's Cosplay Contest
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:bulletred: We do not affiliate with any hate clubs, whether they be anti character, shipping, game, person, etc, or anything controversial.
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Welcome to the Poke-FanClub!

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This is a community for all kinds of art-loving Pokemon fans! Home of activities such as the Pokeswap and Draw Me a Pokemon, we encourage artists of all types and all skill levels to join us and produce great Pokemon art!

Being on such a diverse art site, we feel it's important not only to create a place for Pokemon lovers but to encourage our members to hone their creativity and develop their art skills! The Pokemon franchise provides designs and characters for a lot of different skill levels, making it a great subject for learning artists.

As this is a place for artists of all levels to grow and congregate, in our activities and events we do not judge submissions by the level of their technique but by the effort and creativity put into them.

If you would like to become a part of our community we would be honored to have you!

Draw Me A Pokemon!

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Submit your pictures to the Draw Me A Pokemon gallery folder by Sunday, December 4th 11:59pm EST!…

Contributing Art?

We love getting contributions from our members! But please be sure to read the rules and submit to the correct folder!

Submissions are limited to 3 per week per folder!

Gallery Folders and Club Rules

If there are any issues with submitting art, please let us know immediately. A folder might be full or blocked!

If you have any other questions or doubts, please visit our FAQ

Thank you so much! =D

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Anyone can join! You find the 'Join Our Group' button located at the top of this page, just underneath the 'Home' tab and slightly to the right.

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This is a place where you can meet other trainers and exchange friend codes to battle, trade or simply meet each other! Missing a certain Pokemon? Maybe you can find someone here who will be willing to help you!

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