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The rival of Queen LazuliAn important crossover story, part of the post-ending 7th chapter, introducing a new, powerful character for the canon.NOTE - Language warning, About two months have passed since Little's titanic battle with the Pokemon Champions. One day, Little came home to his multi-million 4-story estate in his 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS, with a brand new Pokemon in hand, to show to Queen Lazuli, his giant Shiny Glaceon-like alien wife.Little: Hey, Queen Lazuli, I've gotten a new pretty adorable Pokemon for you to see.???: Nayh! (Hello!)As Lazuli takes a look, the legendary monarch immediately raises an eyebrow at a certain pink Normal-type kitten-like creature.Queen Lazuli: A...Skitty? Umm, that's really nice, Little.Little: Why are you acting nervous, Lazuli? Haven't you seen this Pokemon, before?Queen Lazuli: I-I do, but, this species reminds me of something...familiar. I'll talk to you, later, OK? (walks away.)Little: ...Recently, for the last few days, Little has briefly gotten out of retirement as a Pokemon Trainer and the former Kanto Pokemon Champion had entered the Hoenn region (the Gen 3 area) and searched for a Skitty in its western side at Route 116, which proved a bit difficult, as it is almost as rare as an Eevee. This particular Skitty he had captured, which he almost didn't use a Pokemon of his own, but changed his mind at the last minute to make his actual Eevee do the job of virtually knocking it out - now level 37, is a level 10 female. The reason Little had been looking for this kind of Pokemon lately is he had completely forgotten that he wanted a female counterpart of his male Eevee that is also a rather cute and popular Normal-type and shares a similar connection with felines. Like Eevee, Skittys require a Stone to evolve, which in this case, a Moon Stone to become a Delcatty, a regal-looking Pokemon. The two Pokemon even already grew to a liking toward each other, so, a Skitty is perfect for him, as it is another Pokemon he admires. Like his real Eevee and some of the Super Eeveelutions, his Skitty is ditzy and playful. Thanks to his expert skills, Little had no trouble taming the Skitty at all, but because it just was caught from the wild and is basic-leveled, he needs some time to properly train it.Little: Come on, Skitty. Don't worry about Lazuli. I'm going to introduce you to Fluttershy, Princess Cadence, and then I'm going to train you.Skitty: Nay. (OK.), 48 hours later, after Little's Skitty had gotten some basic training to gain eight levels (18) as well as learning how to be housebroken, Little decides to have a personal conversation with Queen Lazuli in the master bedroom - their room as well as Fluttershy and Princess Cadence's, specifically why of her strange reaction of the Skitty.Little: Hey, bebe, I am really curious. When I showed my new Skitty to you two days ago, what's going on? I don't expect the queen of a feared galactic warrior race, a very powerful elegant beast, to be somewhat threatened by a sweet harmless little Pokemon.Queen Lazuli: I wasn't scared, Little. I was a bit...surprised. Not to be offensive, but seeing you having a Skitty was the last Pokemon I expected you to catch, opposite of the Eevee.Little: Why'd you say that, huh? I love Skittys just as much as Eevees. I was just late in catching one for myself to personally keep...well, actually, I'm super late on both, because I got each well after I retired as Kanto's Champion.Queen Lazuli: Listen. You know your NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens, had its heated opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers --OK, skip that, but you'll get the idea. How many rivals do you actually have, by the way, Little?Little: Plenty! Most of my old friends I used to help restore peace in their Worlds, even ones I'm close with, are my rivals because they're fellow heroes.Queen Lazuli: I mean ACTUAL rivals, ones you strictly wanted to defeat -the guys you know are a real challenge to you in a fight?Little: Oh. The biggest opponents I ever truly fought, by now, are only God of Destruction Beerus and of course Son Goku himself - my teacher, themselves the former and current Universe Fighting Champions, respectively. I legitimately beat Beerus five years ago, which wasn't very easy, but Goku, I couldn't...YET, because I didn't master Ultra Instinct; He was one step ahead. However, to be serious, I am starting to think YOU may be on that list as well, bebe, because I was caught completely off-guard about how insanely powerful your true form is that one time. I should've known about this, considering how strong already are in your standard Shiny Glaceon-looking form, making real ones look like mere ants in comparison, and now there's eight more of you as all the other possible queen species of your kind, each having my DNA...Queen Lazuli: You are indeed my equal in terms of combat skill, and from a human, the race I studied for so long, that's a huge compliment. I know your great potential. Personally, I can't wait to challenge you for real once your fighting skills are no longer rusty. But, there is something I must ask you...Little: I'm listening.Queen Lazuli: Do you have anyone who challenges against your authority in the MLP World?Little: No.Queen Lazuli: You know what that means? You are not my TRUE rival.Stunned and confused, Little demands an answer.Little (suspiciously): What are you talking about, Queen Lazuli. Am I a joke to you?Queen Lazuli: Not at all. Like I said, you are more than strong enough to directly challenge me to a fight had you really tried. But, raw strength doesn't mean anything if you're not from MY world. One key word: AUTHORITY.Little: Wait. Are you trying to tell me that you were not the only queen in existence as far as your destroyed planet somewhere in the galaxy is concerned? Did you have a rival in political power?Queen Lazuli: Ding, ding, ding! Good answer, Little. Yes, and this may shock you, but there were actually a lot of rulers on my lost planet.Little (shocked): HUH?! I thought there was only one!Queen Lazuli: It's more than you think. However, only two were powerful and feared enough to know they could never be challenged, to the point they each controlled half of the world and conquered the rest. One was of course, my kind and its empire. But, there was another successful empire, and it had a queen, too. For eons, both sides were once enemies and waged war, but eventually they came to a truce, as we found out neither side could beat the other, but this was before the destruction. You know my now-dead army looked like Eevees, right? I want you to take a good guess at what the other side appears to be.Little: ...Hold on. (Pauses.) Wait a minute, don't tell me. Their soldiers look like Skittys?Queen Lazuli: YES.Little: *GASP!* No way...!! So, I literally bought the kind of Pokemon that resembles your enemy, by accident?(thinking outloud, nervously): Oh, crap, what have I done...?Queen Lazuli: Don't panic. It's not your fault. You didn't know. I respect your reason for having the Skitty. Now, she's not my enemy. Not anymore.Little: What do you mean, "she"? There's still a current queen out there?Queen Lazuli: Yes, the queen of that species still exists.Little: You're serious? What does she look like and what is her name?Queen Lazuli: Give me one minute. I'll draw a sketch of her for you.Queen Lazuli grabs a piece of paper and draws a sketch of the mystery queen in her standard toned-down appearance, before handing it to her human husband.,Little: Who the...?Queen Lazuli: This is my rival, in the same non-full power state as I am.Little: She's a Shiny Delcatty and as big as you are??Queen Lazuli: Her name is Queen Duchess.Little: Duchess. Hmm, nice name. How does this work in the ranks? Is it the same as with you, or is it a little different?Queen Lazuli: Duchess and I are very similar. As you know, the KIng Eevees in my army are the common soldiers, and the evolved ones, which I and my alter-egos usually resemble because we're forced to not fully expose ourselves, are the high-ranking commanders. With Queen Duchess, her's were huge Skitty and Delcatty creatures, and, just like me, her true form turns her into a massive fearsome state that what you called looks like a Mega Evolution.Little: Is she your sister or something?Queen Lazuli: Huh? I don't have a sister! But, I will say she is a little older than me. However, I admit there is something about Duchess that gives me an inner feeling about...something we both don't know, given we share so much in common and also agreed to stop fighting several centuries ago.Little: What do you mean?Queen Lazuli: When our homeworld was destroyed by the mysterious unknown evil enemy, just like with my kind, Duchess' also came to Earth, whatever that remains, which was only very few. Eventually, in our time as the rulers, both our species slowly died out entirely. When it's just us two left after long suspended animation, over 500 years ago, we signed a peace treaty and came to an agreement to work together for good to avenge our kingdoms by destroying our mortal enemy. But we still remain competitive as rivals, as usual, but this time not the violent way.Little: So, you both have the same goal, and Queen Duchess is NOT actually a villain.Queen Lazuli: Correct. She's more of an anti-hero like you. Now, I feel sorry for her.Little: Why?Queen Lazuli: As my rival, if Duchess were to see me right now with you, she would be very jealous. I know from the past decade she also learned about your adventures and wanted to meet you in person, as well as having yourself as her husband, but I beat her to it for the last 7 years. And, she's still out there in the wild, all lonely, like I was before I met you.Little (surprised): You're kidding.Queen Lazuli: Nope. Regardless, you would encounter one of us. But, I'd say you got the better queen, because I'm the prettier one.Little: Hmmm, yeah, you're right, plus, more unique, as her line of evolution is way smaller. I'm lucky. Say, Lazuli, how big WAS your home planet?Queen Lazuli: As large as Jupiter.Little (shocked): WHAT! Impossible!!Queen Lazuli: Your world is actually tiny compared to where I and Duchess came from. And, keep in mind, you have two massive kingdoms in control of HALF of each side of the planet, while we are the masters of our entire ladder. Not to mention, you understand the incredible damage this arch-enemy had done to us all?Little: This is berserk. This enemy must be god-like. No wonder why you're so powerful and feared, even if you seem like a gentle giant to me. You must've had tens of billions of workers! And both queens of their giant deadly empires are looking for me? Why of all people on THIS Earth?Queen Lazuli: Because you're the perfect human to help us out in our mission and make us all have a better life. As the Chosen One, you are the only man who has the power to fulfill our goals in order to restore peace!Little stands up and deeply inhales.Little: ...Right. But first, do you actually know where Queen Duchess is?Queen Lazuli: I deeply apologize, but I do not. We have not directly seen each other for over the last century. She could be anywhere in the Pokemon World or even in the other territories.Little: No, more likely than not she's in this part of the Earth. Just like with you, because you heavily resemble their magical species, being in the Pokemon World is way easier to blend with the environment without being overly suspicious. And, I'm sure this is why you never showed up in your Queen form unless absolutely necessary. But, since Skittys and Delcattys live in Hoenn, we're going to need a little help to track her down.Queen Lazuli: You think Champion Steven might lend a hand?Little: Yeah, and probably their Elite Four as well. Worse case scenario I'll ask Cynthia from Sinnoh, since she's now the Leader of this World.Queen Lazuli: Right. Let's get to work, King Little., The following day, Little had returned to the Hoenn region, entered its Pokemon League, and arranged a meeting with Steven and the Elite Four to search for a giant Shiny Delcatty of a similar E.T. species as Queen Lazuli herself. The five powerful Pokemon Trainers have never heard of such a thing anywhere in their home area, but will gladly help out. Steven, however, does admit there were old legends of giant fearsome "Skittys" in the past within the Pokemon World. Now, driving the Mach 7 (Black Thunder), his legendary trademark car, Little is cruising around the region, but because he must be stealthy, he set his custom high-tech muscle car in "silent mode"; Although the Mach 5-like race car purely runs on gas fuel and has an extremely powerful 17,500hp 518ci (8.5L) V8 engine, there is a small very quiet secondary motor in the rear running on plasma (the same energy used to power its Plasma Cannon weapon) to be used to move the hefty vehicle up to 100 mph without making much noise, similar to an electric car, though this can't be on for more than one hour, as it is not made for long-term use. He is currently near a forest by a road, in hand a long-distance walkie-talkie from its CB radio in order to communicate with Queen Lazuli, who is currently in the Johto region, doing the same of searching for Queen Duchess. So far, neither have found any traces.Little: Dang, where is this Duchess, anyway?Little exits the Mach 7 to take a quick stretch and walk around. But then, he hears an unexpected loud rumbling noise in the distance, from behind. It is not from a Pokemon of any sort, but is rather the sound of engines. He soon sees four figures approaching his direction, about half a mile away.*RUMBLE...*Little: Hey, what's that!It is a biker gang, all riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. Since Little doesn't want his Mach 7 to be seen, as the car itself is famous all over the world, he quickly pushes his car into the shadows of the forest, where its black paint would be an advantage for cover, then hides inside, and presses the "4" button, making the Dome Shield cover the top of it, as the Mach 7 is a convertible.*Wrrrrr-click!*He expects it to be a traditional fearsome gang similar to the Hells Angels. However, as the group gets close, it is completely different from what Little thought it would be, as the figures are quite familiar...Little: What the--? How--what are they doing here in this World?It is none other than the "Kuromi's 5" gang, a punk goth-like group of anthropomorphic all-female animals from a secondary territory where Hello Kitty and her friends comes from - the Saniro World, and they appear to be visiting the Pokemon World (itself another secondary area). The four members present are Nyanmi, Wanmi, Konmi, and Chumi. But as the gang actually consists of five individuals, their leader, Kuromi herself, is strangely absent. Little finds it odd not seeing the rival of My Melody being with her gang when traveling around, but he believes she could solely be searching for him while demanding the others to split up, possibly with Baku, her sidekick. He knows because he and Kuromi share a very close relationship, and the two have not seen each other for the last 5 years like the vast majority of his other allies, because Little is currently in exile. Like Little and his cars, the Kuromi's 5 members all wear black with sunglasses and their bikes share the same color. Although they normally ride tricycles in their homeland, when in other places, the group drives Harley Davidson bikes to appear much more intimidating, though they never mean harm despite loving to cause havoc at breakneck speeds. As the gang passes by in a menacing fashion, one member, Nyanmi, the purple cat and second-in-command, suddenly stops and reverses back, looking into the forest.Little: Oh, shoot, did they see my car?Suddenly, Queen Lazuli attempts to call Little to check on him, but he interrupts.Queen Lazuli: Little, are you doing alright?Little: Hold on for one second, Lazuli. I'm good.The rest of the members begin to follow Nyanmi to see what is going on. Little soon realizes a mistake he had made while attempting to hide the Mach 7 - he had forgotten to turn off the hazard lights, and the glowing amber lights are bright enough to be seen and appear suspicious. He quickly shuts it off, but the gang continues to close in, waving and pointing toward his car. It is now clear he has been spotted.Little: Aw, forget it! I've got to get out of here. I'll deal with them later. I'm on a mission, right now!Little grabs the ignition key and turns it. The Mach 7 lets loose a thunderous roar of its Top Fuel-like engine as it shuts on, causing the gang members to become startled.*VRRRRRRRROOMM!!!*Wasting no time, Little shifts into reverse, does a J-turn without hitting any trees, and then skids into the road and drives off at high speed. The suspicions of Kuromi's 5 are confirmed, but there was no way they could catch the Mach 7's incredible speed with their bikes. The four members looked on in frustration but then soon smiled. Just 5 seconds later, when it looks like Little has gotten away, our anti-hero sees yet another figure, also on a Harley bike, as oncoming traffic, forcing him to slam on the brakes.*Screech!*Little: Damn. Now what?He shuts the Mach 7 off again to save fuel. The former 7x racing champion eventually gets surrounded by the biker gang as the members he tried to escape from approach from behind, and the last one is in front of his car, wearing a helmet. She tells the others to not intervene, hops off her bike and then walks to the driver's side. Little calmly watches on as she begins to take off her helmet, as it doesn't take much of a guess who she is. As her face is revealed and looks straight in the eye with a mischievous expression and happy tears, he begins to make a similar smile in return.Little: ...I was wondering when you're going to find me...Kuromi. What took you so long?Kuromi: Heh heh, you think you can hide from me, forever? I've been looking for you far too long, Little. But, now, I've finally found you after five years...Kuromi opens the door, and the two embrace each other into a deep, emotional hug.Kuromi (lovestruck): Oh, Little! I missed you so much!Little: I missed you too, my lovely bunny friend!Kuromi: Come give me a kiss!*Smooch!*After a direct kiss, Kuromi continues her affection of giving more kisses to his face. Then, she allows the rest of the rather harmless gang to come to Little for a happy reunion, as they are all huge fans of him. Nearby, what Little, Kuromi, or the others know, a massive, pink cat-like creature is watching them from the woods, and she is looking right at Little with a smile.???: There you are... So, the rumors are true.Meanwhile, at Queen Lazuli in Johto, she is on Mt. Silver, effortlessly smashing its wild Pokemon along the way as she climbs to the top. Surprisingly, she finds Red, the current Kanto Pokemon Champion, at the summit, seemingly waiting for anyone who challenges him. Upon sight, Red is utterly shocked to see the alien queen alone, but still takes no chances of immediately attempting to face her, in spite of knowing he doesn't actually have a chance of defeating Lazuli. He sends out his Charizard and Mega evolves it right away to Mega Charizard X. To Lazuli, as she knows Little owns the exact same Pokemon with slightly stronger strength as his ace, she scoffs Red.Queen Lazuli: How brave. But you won't win against me, Red. Only Little can challenge me. I'm not like a Glaceon as you remember.Getting more desperate, he sends out the rest of his Pokemon - a Pikachu, Snorlax, Venusaur, Lapras, and Blastoise, each above level 75 like the Charizard. Red then commands his full team of Pokemon to attack simultaneously, leading to a fierce battle at the top of the mountain. Lazuli responds with a smile and prepares to fight. Seconds later, as seen from a distance, giant explosions of ice rattle the entire mountain. The power of her blasts are so strong, Little all the way in Hoenn felt a wave of cold energy, causing him to abruptly stop his conversation with Kuromi and friends.Little (thinking, surprised): WHOA, that was powerfully cold. Was that Lazuli's power? She must be in danger or at least in combat with something...Kourmi: Hey, you're alright, Little?Little: Give me one second, everyone.Little picks up the walkie-talkie on the Mach 7's CB radio and tries to call his wife.Little: Lazuli! Lazuli, what's going on out there?There was no answer.Little: Shoot.Kourmi: Do you need some help, Little?Little: Sorry, girls, but I have to go. I promise I will see you later, Kourmi. I have a grizzly unfinished business to take care of--*ROOOAAARRR!*A loud, ferocious roar powerfully echoes from the forest, making a gust of wind enough to knock the sunglasses off the biker gang. This is enough to surprise Little but the entire Kourmi's 5 are paralyzed in fear. Almost immediately, he can tell this is a high-level danger.Nyanmi: W-w-what was that?! Leader! What should we do?Kourmi: RUN!!Little: I agree. All of you, get to some town, quick!Chumi: What about you? Little: Don't worry about me! Your hero can take care of himself.Kourmi: OK, Little, be careful! See you l-later! Girls, move out!Kourmi and her gang hop on their bikes and take off as fast as they can to safety. Now alone, Little looks back at the forest in full suspicion and stands in a stoic fighting pose.Little: What the hell? I was just in that woods, moments ago, and it was quiet! What's going on, here, all of a sudden? Did Lazuli found...her,, it can't be. Whatever it is, something powerful is lurking inside without me realizing it.(whispering): Sorry, Espio, but I'm going to have to borrow your move.Little uses a special ninja technique to temporarily become invisible, a move he learned from Espio the Chameleon in the Sonic World.*Poof*Using his expertise in hunting and stealth as a monster hunter, Little quietly sneaks around the forest, looking for the source of the mysterious unearthly growl. After about 10 minutes of searching, he finds nothing, for now. Then, his invisibility wears off, leaving him exposed.Little: Dang it.Although Little couldn't find the mystery creature, he cannot deny he still feels a strong presence and knows he is being watched. Annoyed by all the trees blocking his path and view by sneaking, he decides to do the opposite: blow everything up. He then channels his energy but remains in base form and unleashes a powerful explosion!*VRRRR*Little: Rrrrrraaaaaaagh!!*KABOOOM!!*With a blast radius of well over 1000 feet, most of the forest falls apart in ruins. Panting, he looks around the destroyed environment, but still sees nothing, other than the Mach 7, unaffected by the explosion thanks to its near-indestructible armor. He then grows frustrated.Little (annoyed): Damn it! Am I wasting time!?Suddenly, he hears a sharp, authoritative voice.???: No. It was pretty clever how you're trying to find me, but those are the oldest tricks in the book...The voice is clearly not Queen Lazuli's, as instead of a smooth German-accent, it sounded very similar to that of Rouge the Bat's or Cynthia's - a rather strong woman.Little: Who's that, that you, Rouge? Cynthia?(softly): No, wait a minute, there's no way in hell Rouge, Cynthia, or anybody I know with a voice like this could make a powerful, ferocious growl like that. It can only mean ONE thing, and it's not Newtwo.Going Pokemon Champion mode, Little hides behind a large rock for cover, pulls out a Master Ball in his left hand, the only one he has left remaining from his original quest as a Pokemon Trainer. With his right hand, he then sends out his ace Pokemon, a level 84 Charizard, as well as his Cinderace, level 67, in an attempt to battle. Little uses a Mega Stone to change the former into Mega Charizard X into full power.Little: Charizard, Cinderace, I cannot see the target out there, but when you both see it, battle it and take it down with all you got! Fire Blast, Flamethrower, crash into it, anything.The Mega Charizard X and Cinderace nodded in Little's command.Little: GO!The powerful Fire-type Kanto/Galar Starters springs into action, Within a few seconds, the dragon-like Pokemon sees what Little couldn't and roars viciously, while the humanoid rabbit joins in. The two angrily charge toward their opponent.*SMASH! BANG! CRASH!*In only 5 seconds, Little no longer hears any more combat noise. Then...*THUD!!*Both his Mega Charizard X and Cinderace are thrown to his location, both utterly defeated. Seeing his two trusted Pokemon fall from battle so easily, Little immediately realizes what he is facing is not a Legendary Pokemon, but something much stronger.Little: Shit! This is EXACTLY why being a Pokemon Trainer is pointless for me! There's always something greater around here!At Mt. Silver, where Queen Lazuli is located, a coincidental event is occurring. Red, after attempting to face the master of the Legendary King Eevees, has failed, as ALL of his Pokemon together are no match for her. The great Gen 1 protagonist Trainer is in utter shock, and because he is now Blacked Out, he uses an Escape Rope to teleport back to a Pokemon Center as soon as possible. With her obstacle easily taken care off, Lazuli soon realizes a distress signal from Little and is now on her way. She then runs full speed to protect her husband.Queen Lazuli: Hold on, Little, I'm coming!Back at Little, because he only brought two Pokemon in hand rather than six, he is already technically Blacked Out. However, unlike Red, Little is a full-fledged fighter and has god-like powers if he gets deliberately serious, and is no way backing down, as he is no stranger to being backed to a corner. In a desperate move, right after sending his Fainted Pokemon back into their Poke Balls, he immediately jumps out and throws the Master Ball like a professional MLB player at superhuman speed, with enough force the Ball travels as fast as a speeding bullet.Little: EAT THIS!*WHOOSH*But, the instant Little popped out of the rock and threw the Master Ball, the creature is finally in full view, and the Ball designed to catch any Pokemon without fail hits its head. However, it bounced off with no effect! It is a giant, six and half feet tall, over half-ton, 13 foot long, pink, glittery Delcatty, with glowing fiery eyes and aura of the same color. He looks on in fear...Little (frightened, softly): OH, F*** ME. This can't be real...Without a doubt, the Delcatty figure in front of Little is actually Queen Duchess herself. Now realizing the terrifying reality that another mysterious fearsome extraterrestrial monarch warrior that looks like a very large version of the Pokemon it resembles besides Lazuli, as her political rival, indeed exists, his wife's words proved to be true, all along.Little: No, no, you're...!Little makes a snap run for his life, screaming "NO!". But, he is quickly stopped by Duchess, who swiftly runs in front of him, then grabs, lifts, and pins him to a tree. The Super Delcatty takes a slow look at Little's whole face, who looks back in confusion without resisting. After some seconds, she lets go, confirming this is truly the man she was looking for.Queen Duchess: It is about time we finally meet in person...Little.Little: H-How did you know my name?Queen Duchess: EVERYONE knows your name, Mr. ex-Universe Fighting Champion. You used to be the biggest hero on the Earth.Little: Who or what kind of Delcatty are you?Queen Duchess: I'm not a "Delcatty". I am Duchess, the queen of the Legendary King Skittys, and longtime rival of Queen Lazuli! I have been looking for you for quite a few years, King Little...Little: I should've known it was you who scared my friends. Why'd you do that?Queen Duchess: Sorry, but I need to get anyone out of the way, so I can have a chance to talk to you, alone.Little: Hurrrrrrrrraaaghh!!Little transforms into his SSJ2-like Lv.2 form to prepare himself for danger.*POW!!*Lv.2 Little: How do I know you're not my enemy?Queen Duchess: Lazuli never told you this, before? In the past, she and I have lost our entire race, and we're forced to sign a peace treaty to find our real enemy who destroyed our planet eons before. After we individually studied about you, we found you perfect for helping us out with our problem and also we took a liking to you. However, as her rival, I am jealous Queen Lazuli got you first as her husband before I could. I still think I am the stronger queen.Lv.2 Little: Sorry to burst your bubble on all that, but do you know there are 8 more of Lazuli, right now, thanks to me?Queen Duchess cannot believe Little's words.Queen Duchess (shocked): *GASP*, shut up! You're lying!!Lv.2 Little: No, I'm not. She exists as all versions of the queen species of her kind. Want me to prove it? If Queen Lazuli is here right now, she will verify that for you. They even now have my DNA since I revived her.Queen Duchess: ...What?! That's not fair! In that case, then I shall defeat you and do the same with you, too, to even the odds!Lv.2 Little: I had the feeling you were looking for a challenge. I see you have the same warrior eyes as Lazuli. Very well, then, if that's what you want, then come on, Queen Duchess. You won't take me down like you did with my Pokemon, especially not my Eevee, or my brand new Skitty!Surprised, Queen Duchess immediately stopped being hostile, and became interested and friendly.Queen Duchess: You have a Skitty Pokemon?Lv.2 Little: ...Yeah? I caught one just yesterday.Queen Duchess: Does this mean you like Skittys, too?Lv.2 Little: Yes, I like both Skittys and Delcattys. They're adorable. But, my concern is are you here to beat my brains out, seeing you took my well-trained Charizard and Cinderace down like they're nothing?Queen Duchess: Well, I am now changing my mind. Since I look like a big Shiny Delcatty, wouldn't you like to have a hug and kiss with this queen, King Little?Little reverts to normal and remembering Queen Lazuli words about Duchess being jealous of wanting to befriend him as her boyfriend first, he considers her offer.Little: Oh alright, if it makes you happy. But, first, you should apologize for hurting my Pokemon.Queen Duchess: OK, sorry. But, you were the one who sent them out in the first place.Little: It's not my fault! I was not very sure what powerful creature was here, before finding out it was you of all things! But one more thing, I want to hear your side of the story, because I already know from Lazuli's.Queen Duchess: About why our species were once at war, the loss of our planet, and the events leading up to now? Sure, I will tell you. Listen closely...Little listens to the entire story of the ancient legends of the alien homeworld from Duchess' side. It is very similar to what Lazuli told him before, which proves that everything that happened in the past is very true. With all being told, Little no longer considers Queen Duchess a threat but rather a misunderstood ally.Queen Duchess: Do you understand, now?Little: Maybe all this opposition was a misunderstanding. Alrighty, come here, sweetheart.Queen Duchess sits and spreads her limbs wide, similar to what the Super Eeveelutions do when awaiting affection from their loved ones, specifically Little. Little himself cautiously walks up and embraces the massive Delcatty alien queen, considering he only just first met her and is giving love to the rival of his wife. Her warm, fluffy body soon makes Little relax. She then gives Little a lick-kiss to his cheek.*Purrr*Little: You aren't so bad, after all. Still, I can't believe somebody like you exists. I thought there was only Queen Lazuli.Queen Duchess: No. Today, you're learning another mighty queen from our destroyed world within the galaxy is living on Earth.Little: Hey, are you lonely or something, since you wanted to do this to me?Queen Duchess (sadly): Yes. I am very, very, very lonely, Little. Even though I am the master of a powerful warrior race for thousands of years, we are still very social species like you humans. I've been stuck in the wild, alone, for too long, since my kind is gone. And, with you, just like with Lazuli, I figured we could meet and work together as best friends to bring my life back in order again.Little: Your majesty, I get you wanted to have me as your husband for how many years, but Lazuli is rightfully mine as of now. However, I can take you as a girlfriend we all settle our differences and live with me.Queen Duchess: Really? Where do you live?Little: On the outskirts of Kanto, on its west side. Say, Queen Duchess, as I look in your eyes, something very familiar about you is reminding me about Lazuli. Are you two...rela--*WHOOSH!*Queen Duchess: Hmm?!Without warning, Little is swiftly snatched from Queen Duchess' paws and carried away by a large winged creature followed by another. Then, he is thrown into the cockpit of the Mach 7.Little: Ooof! What the--?It is Princess Cadence and Fluttershy, and they are both serious. Soon after, Little then sees a giant "Shiny Glaceon", "Espeon", "Sylveon" and a blonde woman in black as well as a cyan-haired man approaching and joining the two. All three of his non-human wives plus Pearl and Silvia, and Sinnoh and Hoenn's respective Champions Cynthia and Steven each came to the rescue. Little is stunned by their sudden appearance. Silvia, of course, as the "eternal love" alter-ego of Lazuli, gives a brief snuggle on his face.Little (surprised): Babes! Cynthia! And Steven? How'd you all--Cynthia: Hello, Little. Nice to see you again. Queen Lazuli, Steven, and I had some unfinished business about this "Shiny Delcatty" you're seeing here.Princess Cadence: Little, head back home and hang low for a while.Queen Lazuli (cracking paws): We will take care of Queen Duchess and give her some good reasoning about trying to take our husband.Fluttershy: Hurry!Little: OK. Be careful, ya'll.Little turns on the Mach 7 and stomps on the gas.*VRRRRROOOM!!!**SCREEEECH!*The custom muscle car takes off at incredible speed. Little takes a glimpse at the rearview mirror. All of his wives plus Cynthia are ready for serious combat but he knows he cannot interfere with them, given the seemingly personal situation. But he still feels a little bit of compassion for Queen Duchess.Little: Damn, I don't expect this at all. First, Kuromi, now this, today! But, is it me, or is Duchess not a bad guy?Little continues to drive off. He presses a special button on the dashboard, and the car sprouts wings from the bottom, before flying into the air like a jet! He rapidly heads toward Kanto as he zooms across regions at supersonic speeds. Back at the group, Queen Lazuli and her alter-egos, Cynthia, and Steven are all prepared to face Queen Duchess. Duchess herself looks in shock to see that her rival having more than one of herself as other versions alive is true.Queen Duchess (thinking): Unbelievable. He is NOT kidding. Oh no, I'm in trouble, here. I can't fight THREE of her at once!Queen Lazuli: Well, well, well, if it isn't my old friend, Queen Duchess. It's been a little while. I see you're trying to take our husband for yourself, huh?Queen Duchess: "Our"? Who's our, other than you?Princess Cadence: Little's also my and Fluttershy's husband, too. We're sharing our marriage with him together. He made a promise to us that he will not get another wife, as three is already much more than enough, even if we all know he is a ladies man. Just what do you think you're doing?Fluttershy (angrily): Stay away from him!!Queen Lazuli: Were you trying to lie on our peace treaty?Queen Duchess: No, I am not! I was only attempting to befriend him! In fact, we agreed to hug, because he understands my side of the story, too. Anyway, how do you know I am here?Steven: Little's friend Kuromi told us where Little's location was considering what she said, Queen Lazuli knew it was you. And now, we're all going to teach you a lesson for terrorizing my region, queen or not.Cynthia: Actually, all of the Pokemon World. Pearl, and Silvia, you both know what to do, here.Queen Duchess: Fools! I am not a bad guy! It was an accident! You want to battle me, then, come on!Queen Lazuli orders Pearl and Silvia to attack her rival. The giant mighty Pokemon-like alien creatures tackle each other and violently tumble and roll on the ground like cats fighting. As Princess Cadence, Fluttershy, and the two Champions watch two of Lazuli's alter-egos duel against Duchess, they soon see that their fighting style are completely different and much more brutal than the Pokemon they resemble - relying more on physical attacks similar to that of monstrous felines while simultaneously using technical martial arts moves. The heavy pounds of their paws hitting their heads/bodies, the ferocious paralyzing roars of the queens clashing, plus their incredible speed in spite of their size made it unlike they had ever seen and is more dangerous then even the strongest Pokemon battles, even while holding back. Although Queen Duchess did attempt to fight, the combined attacks and teamwork of Pearl, Silvia, and eventually Lazuli herself resulted in her being overpowered.Cynthia (thinking): How can Little befriend or fight these freakish doppelganger creatures...?Back at Little, as soon as he reaches home at his mansion, he is immediately greeted by his Eevee and Skitty. He gives them a fatherly cuddle, but deep in his mind, he wonders if Lazuli and Duchess could ever truly get along, considering he had absolutely no problem with his Pokemon.Little: This is going to be a long day..., Over the next three days, Little and the remaining Super Eeveelutions stayed at relative peace and quiet in the mansion, each knowing what is happening with the others. He continues to lay low, not exiting his home at any point, as told by his wives. Then, he hears the doorbell ring.*Ding-dong!*Little: Who is there?Little comes down to the first floor and opens the front door. He sees six large figures. It is Queen Lazuli, Pearl, Silvia, Princess Cadence, Fluttershy, and...Little: Queen Duchess??And everyone is smiling!Queen Duchess: Hello there, Little.Little: Hey, what's going on, here? Why does everybody look so peaceful, now?Fluttershy: We've made up!Pearl: And Duchess made peace with all of the World.Little: Huh?Queen Lazuli: We initially fought each other, but thanks to Princess Cadence and Silvia's great knowledge of love, they both used their powers to make Queen Duchess get the relief she desperately wanted, and we all agreed to have her live with us!Silvia: She's one of us, now!Little, speechless, looked on with his jaw dropped.Little (stunned): I...I don't know what to say. Uh, give me a minute--The young man walks away to the master bedroom three floors up, and as he enters the room, he collapses into the bed, crying in utter disbelief. He had NEVER thought he would end up having BOTH warrior monarchs on his side within his personal residence in spite of their rivalry. Outside the room, Queen Lazuli and Duchess hear his cries and decide to comfort him.*Knock, knock**Creek*Queen Lazuli: Little? You're OK, babe?Little: I'm...I'm just...shocked. *Sniff* I don't expect this at all. This is impossible.Queen Duchess: Hey, don't feel so horrible. It is possible. Remember, we both are long since in a peace treaty cause we know the bigger picture, and your wives finally understand our story, so it's not bad for us to be together. To be serious, I've never felt so good in a LONG time.Queen Lazuli: Trust me, Little, I didn't expect this, either. But on the plus side, this is the best opportunity both of our sides could ever have.Little: Shouldn't you both retire your queen status? There's really nothing but you two as far as your races are concerned...Queen Lazuli: Both of us are no longer active on our duty, but we will never retire our positions as the queen until we all get our revenge on the unknown enemy who destroyed our homeworld. We've been on the search for centuries, but with you helping us out so much, I'm sure this will end, soon. Once we're done, then we will retire and help you take back on Goku.Queen Duchess: Who is Goku?Queen Lazuli: It's a long story...Little: Lazuli, do you feel offended if I were to hug Duchess right now in our own home?Queen Lazuli: Not anymore. You're both our king.Little: What? I'm not married to Duchess.Queen Lazuli: Don't have to in this case. She is a new girlfriend from now on, just like my alter-egos.Queen Duchess hands Little a special ruby gem signifying her permanent allegiance with him, similar to what Lazuli used (a sapphire engagement ring). Like her rival, she wears another smaller one on her left ear. She then gives Little a big hug followed by a direct kiss.*Smooch!*Little: So, we're all even.Queen Lazuli/Duchess: Yes.Little: Well, then, Queen Duchess, welcome to the family.Queen Duchess: Thank you, King Little. It's an honor to have me on your side with Lazuli, for good. Oh! Little, three days ago, what did you ask just before everyone found us?Little: ...Oh. I was going to ask are you two...related.Queen Lazuli: You asked that, again, Little? I told you we aren't sisters, but she is older.Little: I know that! But I still believe you two have something in common none of us realized and could explain why you two had the same goals. When I look at both your faces, you're not just queens or rivals, but something closer. Take a good look at your eyes - it's that same discipline. Different monarchs usually don't have this. You may not be the EXACT species, but since you both are still feline-like with similar powers, I think you may be distant cousins, instead.Queen Lazuli/Duchess: Cousins?!The two queens look at each other, then begin to laugh.Queen Duchess: Oh, give me a break, Little. How can you prove that? Nowhere in our history ever confirmed that our species had crossed each other's long family tree. Besides, the queens and commanders are all-female.Little: Maybe not, or maybe one hidden male member of your army DID in the earliest times.Queen Lazuli: OK, Mr. Scientist, let's head to the laboratory to find this is true or not.Some time later, in the laboratory, Little took DNA samples of both Lazuli and Duchess and took careful examinations. For the final result, after half an hour, he could not fully prove the actual family connections between them due to lack of evidence, but parts of their DNA do share many clear similarities even with his own currently being fused with the former.Little: Well, this is mysterious, indeed...Queen Lazuli: Sorry you could not prove it to us, but we'll still try to figure this out.Little: Never mind. Who knows, you legendary warriors might be cousins or not, but I still think a connection exists.Queen Duchess: If we are cousins or at least related, why would our predecessors fight each other at war? That doesn't make sense.Little: Were your kingdoms that barbaric back then?Queen Lazuli: We're actually more organized than you think even though our techniques and fighting discipline can be brutal. Believe us, it is not entirely like how Goku's Saiyan species were...Little: So, what do we do, now? Since you both are with me now together, what are your goals aside from defeating the enemy?Queen Lazuli: You know what it is, former Universe Fighting Champion...Queen Duchess: We both wanted to directly challenge you to a fight, since you're our equal!Little: ...Why don't you two go at it one-on-one to see who's the stronger queen?Queen Duchess: AHEM, we already just did a few days ago. But, it wasn't a fair fight against two of her counterparts plus herself. Now, if you're talking about battling for real, in our true forms, queens never fight each other head-on that way unless there's a war and even then, only our armies do the job. It's our honor code. However, we will make an exception. We just need to fight a suitable location without causing destruction. Do you have honor codes in fighting?Little: Yes. Although I too am a brutal yet skilled fighter, I never battle anyone who is not worthy of facing my strength, and I don't use more power than necessary. I usually look for fair fights like you do. So, I am not crazy, either. However, since we have not one, but two masters, here, fighting you both in full power might be suicide. I'd rather face one at a time after I learn what you're capable of. Fair enough?Queen Duchess: Fine with me.Queen Lazuli: Same.Little: It really seems like we are all rivals, together. How ironic.Queen Lazuli: This is what makes it so fun, Little. Our relationships have brought us here.Little: Group hug?Queen Duchess: Sure. Let's have a better life, together.The three all embraced each other to a deep hug and snuggled. For Little, having his Shiny Glaceon-like wife's Shiny Delcatty-like rival as a new ally is unexpected, but very valuable for their ultimate goal. Queen Duchess will live a new better life under the watchful eye of Little and his wives.,END
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