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One Little Paw Chapter 17: Push Past The Past.‘Jake’ suddenly started to cry fake tears, though in the scenario no one would be suspicious if they were fake or not. Charlie backs up more from Jake, but ‘Jake’ lifted their head and stared into Charlie’s eyes, and what Charlie felt was more into his soul. ‘Jake’ started to choke out some words through his tears. “I-i’m here… c-confused and f-full of fear… b-but musn’t t-there be a-another story?... I-i’m sure w-we would a-all like t-to h-hear~” ‘Jake’ finished his sentence, with a slight hint of smugness in his tone, but yet again, barely noticeable… Nina nods, growling slightly… staring at Charlie with nothing but terrifying anger in her stare. She stepped closer to Charlie, but Thundrr held his ground between them… “Y-you caused me to do what I did to Jake you MONSTER!” Nina barks into Charlie’s face. Charlie flinches, holding his hands in front of his face as tears started to drip down his face… This only seemed to enrage Nina further… “YOU DARE FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF?!” Nina yells louder, pressing against Thundrr to yell closer to Charlie’s face. Thundrr grunts in annoyance and pushes Nina away from Charlie, with no intention of harm, but yet a forceful shove… Nina paused… staring at Thundrr, an odd shape started to glow on her chest… as if a strange orange marking of the sun was on her chest… Fire started to ignite on the tips of her tails, though the fire was purely orange, not yellow or red in the slightest… “Get. Out. Of. My. Way.” She says, her voice sounding almost echoey and extremely authoritative and assertive… Yet Thundrr stood his ground, staring into Ninas now blazing eyes… “Im disappointed in you… I'm disappointed in all of you!” Thundrr snaps, his tone extremely forceful. The others appeared shocked, Faith and Flare looked like they wanted to intercept Nina but they were too scared of her and conflicted with their own opinions… Mason simply stared in fear at Nina… even an ascended being like him was too scared to tell Nina to stop… Lily just watched in shock… Nina seemed shocked, even somewhat insulted. She growled once more, now staring at Thundrr. “What do you mean… Disappointed?... Do you think that I care about you being disappointed in this moment?!” Nina snaps back at Thundrr, who flinches slightly, staring into Nina’s blazing eyes… He remembers something... . . . The smoke filled my nostrils and lungs quickly, I tried to push through, through the excruciating heat, I had to try and save my parents… I felt the fire start to overwhelm my body, but I had to keep going… I couldn’t produce any water, I felt so useless and helpless. As I kept going, suddenly I heard a snap, I looked up suddenly to see some of the ceiling start to break and fall, I had no time to react as suddenly my whole body was pinned to the floor. I couldn’t move, the smoke in my lungs prevented me from yelling for help, but what I did see… were my parents, not even 2 meters away from me, they were both unconscious… or dead... Tears filled my eyes as I tried to reach and call out to them but it was pointless, I was trapped and they were most likely already too far gone. I continued to try and struggle out from my trapped position, and seemingly the part of the roof that fell on me was fire-proof, as it seemed fire was not slowly melting me away, but I couldn’t say the same for my parents… I got to see in full view as their flesh started to get melted off their body, their blood boiling and soon enough fizzling away into red steam, their flesh started to melt almost into its own liquid of sorts, as their faces melted, I got to see their eyes slowly slip out of the sockets before being burnt to ashes. All that remained was their skeletons… which had not changed position from when they started to melt to nothing but bones. The smoke was starting to get to me… I was going to die here… but, I couldn’t think straight enough, I feel... faint… I passed out quickly after that, with my last thoughts thinking just how death would feel... . . . Thundrr opens his eyes, Nina could sense a new energy in him, she sensed… hatred. Thundrr stomped his foot, pillars of water shooting up by his sides as he glared into Nina’s eyes… “I am not afraid of what you can do… I have already suffered enough from your powers…” Nina paused, she sighs, knowing Thundrr was not going to get out of the way, he was going to protect Charlie… ‘Jake’ seemed really, really unhappy, almost as if he forgot he was not acting like who he should be, Charlie started to kneel down, crying into his paws, he should have never left the house, he should have stayed in the dark forever… Thundrr stared into Nina, before slowly backing up and kneeling down, hugging Charlie closely… “Its going to be ok… they might understand one day…” Charlie continued to sob, hugging Thundrr tightly. ‘Jake’ stared at Nina, then at Charlie, a low growl escaping him. “WE KNOW THE MUTT IS GUILTY SO KILL HIM ALREADY!” ‘Jake’ yells out, his tone extremely distinguishable from Jakes voice. Everyone stared at him in shock. Nina, Mason and Gamma had a realization hit them all like a bullet, the crystal that they were all about to attack Charlie over was the one planting seeds of violence in them… ‘Jake’ held a paw to his mouth, a very nervous laughter escaping him “I-i mean… h-he did i-it! He h-hurt me!” Mason growled, jumping up and landing in front of ‘Jake’ stomping his paw on the ground, it was almost as if a lighting strike could be heard as he landed. “Get out of my brothers body RIGHT NOW!!!” Mason yelled into ‘Jakes’ face. Faith, Flare and Lily were all extremely confused, till Faith started to realize something again, Faith remembered that voice… the voice sounded like a much more male version of how Fatal sounded years ago... Faith lets out a confused yelp as she holds a paw over her mouth, staring at ‘Jake’… “F-fatal?!” She quietly cries out. ‘Jake’ grunted in annoyance, he blew his cover like a fool, he had to act fast. ‘Jake suddenly turned to Charlie, leaping at him. Thundrr blocked ‘Jake’ by swiftly punching him in the gut, causing him to be launched into the now muddy ground from the still pouring rain. ‘Jake’ grunted in pain, a downside of being in a mortal body is that he felt the pain it did. “How are you still in his body!?” Mason yells. ‘Jake’ grunts, spitting in Mason's face. “I have always been here!” He says, the completely different voice coming out again. Suddenly two tails shot out and immobilized ‘Jakes’ body, holding it in place. ‘Jake’ struggled, continuing to shout at everyone, his eyes started to glow dark crimson. Nina tried to hold the grip, as Gamma and Mason aimed for the now still ‘Jake’ Flare suddenly yelled out loud enough to make everyone flinch. “HOLD IT!!!” She yells, two bolts of lighting striking down, hitting Masons and Gammas arm, causing them both to be momentarily immobilized. “W-what if this kills Jake?! What then!?!” Flare yells, standing in Ninas way between Nina and ‘Jake’. Nina slowly started to nod, sighing. “Sorry…” Nina mutters, Mason sighs, turning to Gamma, who in turn also backs down. The four of them stare at ‘Jake’ trying to think what to do… Faith walked up to the group, staring into ‘Jakes’ glowing eyes. A part of her didn’t want to believe it, but, maybe she was there?... . . . Jake stared at the shiny thing off in the distance, he felt weak… really weak, he tried to go towards it, but halfway there he felt as if his gut had been punched with the force of a truck. Which caused Jake to spit up a tiny bit of blood, Jake started to whine in pain, continuing to limp slowly towards the shiny thing… As Jake reaches it… He started to inspect it, his hopes of whatever this object being helping his situation was all he felt he had in this moment… The shiny thing seemed to be a floating box with odd unreadable symbols on it, or so it seemed… Jake tries to do anything… but it still seemed useless to actually helping him, Jake stopped, his body shaking and collapsing on the ground, the thud of his body echoed throughout the darkness, curled up and cried, feeling completely helpless… “..Jake?” A voice echoed around him. Jake recognised it but he couldn’t put his finger on it… Jake looked around, his body too weak to fully get up, but suddenly Jake felt as if he was being picked up by something, Jake looked and saw oddly colored ribbons start to wrap around him gently and slowly lifting him. Jake turned his head, facing a familiar face… Jake started to tear up again, but this time due to relief. He leaned his face into their chest, crying into it. They sigh and nuzzle Jakes head, holding them close… “F-fatal, its been so long” Jake choked out. Fatal sighs, using a paw to wipe Jakes tears… “I wish I could say this was all good but… its not… well at least not fully…” She bites her lip, looking down at Jake… “I am dead Jake… the crystal killed me… and now it has taken over your body, so please do not think this is my doing… I would never want to harm anyone… ” Jake yipped, looking up at Fatal. “B-but how are you here then?!” Jake asked. Fatal chuckled slightly. “Jake… you are special, but that makes you a target for crystals like these… They want your power as a host. You have the power of both ascension and descention, you are the first of your kind… and this crystal has taken control of you in the past…” Fatal says. Looking into Jakes eyes. Jake slowly nods. Thinking back to a particularly blurry part of his memory… The first thing he could ever remember was that he kept walking in the forest for… days… He felt as if his memory of the forest he met Nina was super fuzzy… He looked up at Fatal. “H-how do you know all of this??” Fatal smiles. “When I died, I chose to become your protector, after all.. I did a knock up job of being a protector for my sister all those years ago… Its best that I try again, and this time actually succeed… Spirits of the ascended or descended kind can choose to be permanent protectors of others, so I chose to be yours!” Fatal says, slowly starting to set Jake down, lying next to him. Jake thinks about it all for a second. “So when you die, you can choose who to guide? But what if you wanna possess someone bad to try and change their ways?” Fatal sighs. “Unfortunately, whomever we possess can ignore us at any time and… I hope you don’t ignore me Jake…” Jake gasps, turning to Fatal and hugging her. “I-i would never ignore you!!!” Fatal smiles, and hugs Jake back… Fatal sighs “Well… now that I know you will listen… I think I might know what happened to your past, your memories before meeting Nina are scattered, and I did my best of putting them back together in a coherent way…” She says, nuzzling Jake’s head, Jake focused for a bit, trying to remember... . . . ‘Jake’s’ eyes were glowing a bright red, a smirk starting to grow on his face, as the others were still discussing among one another, suddenly ‘Jake’ started to distort, his body seemingly becoming a twitchy ball of brown and red, it slipped from Ninas grip, floating above the others… Nina gasps, trying to wrap more tails around it but it simply moved out of the way every time… The ball suddenly shot forward, heading straight for Charlie, Thundrr had tried to block it but as the ball hits him, Thundrr was smashed into the ground, extreme burn wounds where the ball had hit him, causing him to cry out in pain. Mason tried to jump for it… but it was too late, suddenly ‘Jake’ reformed into an eevee, quickly turning around, a slightly glint in his eye is seen as a sharp crystal shoots up and stabs deeply into Masons gut, and since it caught him mid air, it only pressed in further as he started to slide down it as Mason cries out in pain. ‘Jake’ reached his own chest and suddenly tore out what appeared to be half of the crystal… He suddenly tackled Charlie to the ground, his claws digging deep into Charlie’s arms to keep him down. ‘Jake’ started to stab the crystal deeply into Charlies body, a wicked grin on his face as he did so, and soon enough, the crystal was under Charlie’s skin, and his screams of pain ceased at once... Nina charged at ‘Jake’, the mark on her chest glowing brightly… ‘Jake’ turned to Nina slowly, their sickening smirk increasing as he laid a paw on Charlies body, as he does this, “You fools will not win this time. May the next blue moon determine our master’s fate!” ‘Jake’ says, his grip on Charlies paw loosens as ‘Jake’ lifts his paw, a weird crimson glow starting to come from it, he suddenly slams his paw into the ground, magenta and black smoke shooting from the ground, making some sort of smoke screen which blinded the others, Nina could still sense Jakes body going further and further away, She grunts in annoyance as the smoke started to clear. Charlie stood there, now seemingly in total shock, it was like he couldn’t move either… Nina pauses... staring at where ‘Jake’ had stood moments before, she also felt frozen, a sudden feeling shot up in her as she let out a shark gasp of pain… She felt guilt, she felt as if her heart was going to shrivel up into pieces… Faith and Flare had successfully gotten Mason off of the crystal spike while Lily and Faith were attending to Thundrrs serious burn wound… Charlie suddenly stood up, not a single emotion shown in his now noticeably faded colored eyes. As he turned to the others Nina seemed to snap out of her trance, staring at Charlie. The hate for him she had felt moments before had turned to harsh guilt… Charlie opened his mouth, very faint words starting to come out of his mouth. “It is coming back to me, what… happened to me.” He mutters, walking closer, now standing in the middle of all of them. Gamma was applying a healing spray to Mason, but he seemed interested as he did his work, as did everyone else. Faith and Lily had managed to make a makeshift bandage for Thundrr that allowed him to heal… None of them had anything else to do, so they all began to sit down and listen, except for Nina. Who could only stare at Charlie, the guilt within her only grew as she stared more and more at Charlie… . . . A figure laid upon the hill quite out of sight for everyone else. He appeared to be somewhat the form of an eevee. With purple marks, and stars in his eyes and on the tip of his tail. His eyes bared slight judgement as he seemed to be staring at Nina specifically. His lips trembled slightly as he started to stand up. A soft sigh emanated from his lungs as he looked at his paw, which was holding something… half of a glowing blue crystal. He swiftly stored the half crystal in his glowing blue neon fluff. He stared closer at Nina, specifically at her chest… He slowly reached down and gently patted his… With a weird marking of a half circle and a slight cube shaped bump facing the right in the center of it… He smiled slowly, staring at the sky slowly as his body evaporated into blue and white particles…...
Stone Cold Ch. 1Chapter 1FailureGordie speaks:The snow was falling when I stepped outside, it always does in Circhester. I snuck out the back of the Gym after my match. I lost. I hated losing. I went straight to the locker room where I usually go to release the steam, but the reporters got there first. Thankfully I gave them the slip. I figured they would search for me, but I never let them interview me when I lose. I only talked when I felt like it, but because of that, they find it intriguing and want to ask what it’s like to get your pride hurt. Sometimes reporters can be so obnoxious. Snom scurried away as I walked by and wind started to pick up. It was milder that day than usual despite the sudden breeze. I groaned low in my throat and stuffed my hands into my pockets angrily. My fans have been worried about me; I’d been losing an awful amount of late, three loses in a row! I had been over confident the first time, but by the third, had gotten frustrated and lost my cool to a little girl. The battle replayed; I knew there was something I could have done differently. I needed the grace and power in a battle that I advertised myself to have accomplished with the rock type Pokémon, which had not been easily done. I prided myself in that. But, I knew I had been on edge since Mr. Rose sensed my potential to be future champion… #Flashback:I defeated Kabu easily enough; I grounded Milo into dust, I even just barely managed to take down Raihan. The feeling of invincibility was enthralling, I laughed at all my opponents for thinking I had been simply Melony’s bratty son. But the one person I didn’t even come close to taking out … had been Leon.I sat in the waiting room after that humiliating defeat in the Wyndon Stadium, and this had been one loss I did not want anyone to see. I was fifteen, and I took the Gym Challenge to prove my Pokémon were undefeatable. Fans told me I was the rising star— that I had what it took to defeat Leon. My pride in the rock type’s I raised, taking down all the Gym leaders one by one, all crushed in a simple blow from Leon. But if Raihan couldn’t even defeat Leon, what made people think I could? Well, I certainly thought I could at the time, but I was over confident. That was the problem. I knew I was better than that. I’ve defeated so many others, what made Leon so skilled? I blamed mum for distracting me during the match in the crowd. She had been cheering my name so loudly that everyone in the whole city could hear her, not to mention her mr. rime having pompoms.I couldn’t stand the humiliation and was ready to hide in a hole.Mr. Rose: Ah, Gordie. I jumped. The chairman entered in and looked down at me. He smiled in that half lazed look he always wore; Ms. Oleana loomed behind him vacantly. Gordie: Mr. Chairman.Mr. Rose: That was quite the battle. You two really put the people on the edge of their seats. But it looks like it’s going to take much more to defeat Leon, I’m afraid. He played with his bangs hanging low.Mr. Rose: Hm, but don’t be discouraged, I think you have what it takes. This is only a setback. You’re an excellent trainer.Gordie: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.Mr. Rose: People are quite fond of you, you know. You’re a young trainer with talent and refinement, people like that. You’ll let them down if you give up now that you’ve come so close. Ever since you were little, training with your mother, I had a good feeling about you. I know you’re not one to give up your desires easily; I always admired that about you. No one could play me up like Mr. Rose. He had from the beginning. He was the one who had encouraged me to continue my dream as a rock-type trainer, so I liked it when he came to Circhester, to butter me up with words that made me feel like a mountain towering over Galar. I brushed back my bangs pompously.Gordie: I wasn’t planning to. I won’t let my guard down again, and I’ll claim the title of champion. I’ll train harder and win next time. Mr. Rose’s smile widened.Mr. Rose: That’s what I like to hear. End flashback.#Shortly afterwards in an interview, Mr. Rose told the public that he foresaw me as future Champion. All the pressure had been getting to me, and I was making my Pokémon nervous, especially coalossal, the one I trained for Gigantamax. I sighed and stroked my hair back from another chilly breeze. It’s about time I took my own advice that I give to my students at the Gym:Gordie: Failure opens your eyes to things you couldn't see before. I knew why I failed. I wouldn’t lose again. #I went home early that day, but not without fans stopping me before I made it to my cab, asking for autographs and giving me gifts and flowers. I quickly had to make a break for it before the press found me. I had nothing planned for the afternoon, and I was hoping to get some training in for my newest Pokémon, roggenrola― hopefully, easing the tension of coaloosaI too. I was considering going outside of town. My favorite place to train of course was the Wild Area, but it was supposed to be just a simple outing, nothing serious. The cab flew over to my house, but I saw someone standing in my yard. I recognized the red tuft of hair under a blue mailmen cap with a matching red mustache.… my Dad. The cab landed, I paid the driver and walked up to the house.Gordie: Hey, Dad, what are you doing here?Rory: Hey, Gordie. Just finishing my rounds. You got a package. His delibird, Dori, bounded happily up to me, pulling a box from his bag along with some letters. My Dad is a mailman. I have a family history of mailmen with delibird partners. Not surprising with a last name like ‘Post’. He hardly needs the money, but he likes his job, and wouldn’t give it up even if his wife had been a famous Gym Leader. I took the box and the letters, which was fan mail, of course.Gordie: Hmm, looks like my hair gel came from Wyndon. Good thing, I’m almost out. Thanks Dad.I walked past him, thinking that nothing more had to be said between us. Rory: Gordie. His voice firm, as firm as the hide of a tyranitar. I turned to him before I went inside with my boxes and flowers. I raised a brow curiously. Gordie: Yeah?Rory: You don’t have anything planned, do you? Gordie: Not really. Why?Rory: I was hoping to speak with you. I frowned, but I shrugged quickly enough. Gordie: Sure. You got me at a good time. Come in.I opened the door, and we hung up our coats. I lead him into the kitchen and put my presents on the counter. I got a kambucha from the fridge while my Dad sat down on a stool at the counter. I leaned against the fridge leisurely. Gordie: So, what’s on your mind, Dad? Rory: Your Mother’s been trying to make up with you.I halted in mid gulping and I almost choked. I knew it. He wanted to talk to me about my Mum. I let my bangs hang over my face uncomfortably and was actually glad I forgot to take off my sunglasses to hide the roll of my eyes. Gordie: And your point?Rory: Don’t you think it’s about time you two made up?Gordie: Not to disappoint but, I’m afraid it won’t do much good.Rory: Why not?Gordie: Because Mum would only forgive me if I changed the Gym back, and, it’s far too late for that. Dad wasn’t going to give up that easily.Rory: She’s trying to keep a relationship with you, regardless. She hardly misses one of your matches, she helped put your album together with your fans in your club, and yet you still ignore her. Gordie: Well, I’ve been busy. I haven’t any time to―Rory: To talk with your Mum?Gordie: If Mum wants to talk to about it, she could just come herself. Rory: Gordie, your mother loves you … she hasn’t been the same since you two fought during your challenge, and I wish you’d admit you’re just as much to blame in this.He was trying to remain gentle; his restraint to not become angry with me was notable. But, I was not moved.Gordie: I really don’t see how it’s my fault that Mum let me have the gym.Rory: You said you’d respect her wishes and train Ice Pokémon. His voice was starting to rise now. I swallowed another gulp of kambucha to avoid eye contact. Gordie: I told her I’d think about it. Rory: You lied to her.Gordie: I considered it.Rory: I doubt that.Gordie: Come now, Dad, it’s over; Mr. Rose let me change it. There’s nothing that can be done, it’d be stupid to change it back now.Rory: I’m not asking you to change it, I’m asking you to apologize to your Mother. I would’ve rather gone swimming with angry basculin. Gordie: Mum’s not going to forgive me even if I did.I said it as a matter of fact and with it.I was ready to end the conversation. I answered back as kindly and simply as I could. Gordie: Now, Dad, I know you want to break the ice between us, and I’m grateful for your support, but there’s nothing that can be done. There’s no need for you to lecture me ―I jumped as my Dad slammed the counter and stood up. Rory: Is this really how far you’ve gotten? Don’t you care about anyone but yourself? We hardly see you anymore, and you say you’re busy, and yet you always find time for your fans! Look at you, you’re not even a trainer, you’re just a pig-headed, little fashion prince-ling, soaking up every complement to make you feel good about yourself! I’m sick and tired of this endless enmity, it has to stop. The whole town has gotten involved with the drama between you two! Wake up, Gordie, you have to know this can’t go on! You got the Gym, isn’t that good enough for you?!I was incensed. Any guilt or sympathy that tried to dig its way to the surface was buried under a boulder to suffocate. Gordie: If that’s the way you feel about it, then why bother coming at all?And that was that. I won, and I felt justified. Dad’s eyes softened. A sorrow over took him, a deep feeling of loss and regret.I really didn’t want to be mad at Dad. He always supported me back when Mum was furious about my dream to train rock Pokémon, that she couldn’t force me to continue the family line of ice-type Gym leaders. But he always tried to patch my relationship with my Mum in the past. Of course, he was going to try again. But Dad wasn’t going to convince me to do anything I refused to do, and I felt he went too far as to call me ‘not even a trainer’. I felt that I did care, it wasn’t Cherry’s and the triplets’ fault Mum was a stubborn mudbray. I just convinced myself it was for the best that I lived alone without the others listening to our constant disputes. If Mum wanted to keep in contact with me from a distance that was her problem, but I knew for a fact that Mum would never forgive me. Dad would never convince me otherwise.Dad sighed in defeat. Dori looked up with concern. Dori: Deli? Rory: Let’s go, Dori.Dori waddled closely behind him. Without a glance Dad left the kitchen for the front door and promptly shut it behind him.
ES and Friday Night Funkin crossover: Chapter 2Here is the previous chapter: ,EES and Friday Night Funkin crossover: Chapter 1 This is a crossover between Eeveelution Squad andThe story cuts back to Alfred looking at Speed angrily with his red glowing eyes while Speed, Leaf, and Lazuli were scared that he came back home and found them in his garage. Alfred then yelled out to Speed.Alfred: Why are you in my house!?Speed: I-Alfred: Were you trying to do something to my daughters!?Speed: No sir, I wouldn't do that. I would never do such a thing-Alfred: How can I even believe a outsider, that is in my house alone with my daughters!? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now!Speed tried to say something, but Lazuli cut him off.Lazuli: I brought him here, dad.Alfred was surprised to hear this. His red glowing eyes turn back to his normal brown eyes and he let's go of Speed's shirt and looks at Lazuli.Alfred: … What! Why? He's a outsider. Why do you want to be with this disgrace? Lazuli: Hey! He's not a disgrace to Pokémon kind. But the reason why I like him. Well, he looks cute, I like his personality, he has a good singing voice, and I never met anyone like him.Alfred was confused by this.Alfred: What do you mean you never met anyone like him?Lazuli: When Speed came up to the stage, you didn't want him to sing because you hated his kind and made the other civilians stop cheering for him. But when he gave his speech and started singing to the civilian Pokémon. You and the civilians were surprised by how good his singing was, and the civilians started cheering and clapping for him by how a outsider was able to do such a amazing thing. I never met anyone who would do that, and when Speed left. I didn't want to lose the chance on talking to him again so, I sneaked away from you and convinced Speed to go with me to you're house. When we got there, I showed Speed the speaker capsule and we started singing with each other.Alfred: So, you showed him the speaker capsule because your...Lazuli nodded at him, and she started blushing.Lazuli: I love him dad, and want to be with someone that I actually love. Rather than be with someone that I don't have the same feelings for.Speed started blushing, and Leaf smiled at Lazuli while Alfred was surprised by what she had said.Alfred: … *Sigh* Lazuli, you know that I don't want you to date a outsider right?Lazuli: I know dad but, is there any way for me to be with him?Alfred was about to say something, but he stopped and thought about her question.Alfred: Hmm... Maybe there's a way.Lazuli: Really?He nodded at her, and turns to Speed.Alfred: You!Speed: W-why, yes. Mr. Alfred?Alfred: Would you do anything for my daughter?Speed's scared expression turns into a determined one.Speed: Of course, Mr. Alfred. I'll do anything for her.Lazuli blushed by what Speed said, and Alfred smirked at him.Alfred: Do you have a mixtape on you?Speed was confused by his question, but nodded at him. He pulls out a mixtape called "Fresh" from his white fluff and gives it to Alfred. He then gives his mixtape back to Speed when he was done looking at it, and Speed puts his mixtape back on his fluff. Alfred: Okay then, how about this. We will both rap battle each other three times. I'll use my two mixtapes on the first and last rap battle, and you'll put one of you're mixtapes on the second rap battle. If your even able to beat me in the first one that is. But if your actually able to beat me in three rap battles, I'll let you date my daughter. But if you lose...His eyes turn back into red glowing eyes and his voice changed into a demonic one.Alfred: I'll make you unable to sing anymore, and no one will even know or care about what happened to you...Speed was a little scared by this, but he kept his determined expression.Alfred: You ready, outsider?Speed smirked at him.Speed: Let's do this then, Oldman.Alfred: Oh, now that's what I like to hear! He then crossed his arms and turns to Leaf.Alfred: Leaf, would you kindly put my first mixtape on for me?Leaf nodded at him and went to the drawer where Lazuli picked up the "Tutorial" mixtape and the button device. She opens the drawer and picks up two mixtapes. One was called "Bopeebo" and the other mixtape was called "Dad battle". Leaf gives Lazuli the "Dad battle" mixtape and Leaf puts the "Bopeebo" mixtape into the speakers. It then started making different beats, and Leaf sat near Lazuli on the middle speaker while crossing her legs as well. They both then started bopping their heads left and right while counting down.This will be different from when Speed and Lazuli were singing with each other. Alfred will be named "A" when he's rapping. Speed will be named "S" when he's rapping. And Leaf will be named "Le" and Lazuli will be named "L" when Speed and Alfred are rapping. They're names will be back to their original ones when they stop singing/rapping. Anyways, let's start.L and Le: 3, 2, 1, go! A: Let's rap, outsider!S: Let's rap, Oldman! L and Le: Ya!A: Let's rock, thee floor~S: In, a Friday night~ L and Le: Ya! A: You think, your hot stuff?S: I know, I am~ L and Le: Ya!A: Than show me what you got!S: I'm showing it right now~ L and Le: Oh! A: Be ba po~S: Be ba po~ L and Le: Ya!A: Bopeeba~S: Bopeeba~A: Bopeebo~S: Bopeebo~ L and Le: Ya!A: Hey not bad, outsider~S: Hey thanks, Oldman~ L and Le: Oh!A: Get ready, kid!S: I'm ready, sir!L and Le: Ya!A: I'll defeat you, with just a few bars!S: Oh, yeah? Will my bars our unique, unlike yours! L and Le: Oh!A: Let's rock, kid~S: Let's rock, sir~ L and Le: Ya!A: Ooooh!S: Ooooh!L and Le: Oh!A: How can you~S: How can I~L and Le: Ya!A: Beat me, in a rap battle?S: By just facts, and good rhythm~ L and Le: Ya! A: Bopeebobaboo!S: Bopeebobaboo! L and Le: Ya!A: Let's rock, kid~S: In a Friday, night~ S, L, and Le: Oh!Before the song ended, Speed, Lazuli, and Leaf gave one last peace sigh. And Alfred was amused by this. Lazuli and Leaf then cheered and clapped for Speed, and Alfred also clapped for Speed as well, which surprised Speed and also Lazuli and Leaf. Alfred: *Smirks* Good job, outsider. You were able to win in the first rap battle. But are you ready for the second?Speed smirked at him as well.Speed: Like I said, Oldman. I'll do anything for you're daughter.Lazuli blushed by his words, and Leaf seemed amused when he said that.Alfred: You seem really confident all of a sudden. Let me fix your attitude a bit. Put you're mixtape into the speakers, and will start rapping again.Speed nodded at him, and puts his mixtape called "Fresh" into the speakers. The speakers then started playing different music again, and when Lazuli and Leaf finished counting down. Alfred and Speed started beatboxing for a little bit until they started rapping.A: Ready, outsider?S: I'm ready, Oldman.A: Then let's rap all night!S: In a Friday night~A: You say you do anything.S: For, you're daughter.A: Then prove it, by beating me, kid-S: I'll prove it, by beating you, sir-A: I've won, multiple rap battles. What makes you any different? S: I'm a outsider, that sings. I prove my worth by singing and rapping.A: Ha! Don't make me laugh, kid. Outsiders can't prove their worth! S: You my think outsiders are worthless, but I promise they're more than that!A: Alright kid, I'll take your word, for it. S: Really? Now you know that not all outsider, are bad.A: Not really, but I'll see it through.S: I guess that's good, I guess?A: If want my approval for my daughter.S: How can I earn your approval? A: Beat me, in a rap battle, kid!S: I'll beat you, in a rap battle, sir!A: I've won, multiple rap battles. What makes you any different? S: I'm a outsider, that sings. I prove my worth by singing and rapping.A: You know what your alright kid. You have, potential!S: Hey thank you sir your alright too. I have, potential!They then started beatboxing again until the song ended, and Alfred was impressed by their first and second rap battle.Alfred: Not bad kid, It seems that your getting better and better every time we rap.Speed: Yeah, and it's actually pretty fun rapping with you.Alfred: Well, I'm flattered, kid. But this next rap battle won't be as easy as the previous ones.Speed: What do you mean?Alfred: Most civilians that had come this far, die before they could even finish the rap battle.Speed was scared and surprised by this.Speed: H-how do they die?Alfred: When a opponent is trying to kill another opponent by rapping, they go all out. And if the opponent that goes all out wins, all of the other opponent's bones will break. And sense you made it this far...His voice sounded demonic again.Alfred: I'm going to have to go all out. And break you're bones...Speed was even more scared by this, and Lazuli spoke out to Alfred.Lazuli: Don't do this to him, dad! Not a lot of Pokémon made it this far, and it will just be a waste to kill someone that is able to keep up with you. Why can't you just accept him as my boyfriend?Speed then calms down a bit and blushes by what she said.Alfred: I may be a waste to kill someone who made it this far, but he's a outside Pokémon, Lazuli. I don't want you and Leaf to go out with disgrace Pokémon that might do something to you girls and also do immoral stuff as well. And even if not all outsiders do that, I'm still making sure that this "Pokémon" is willing to do anything for you, Lazuli. He then turns to Speed.Alfred: But I'll give you a choice, outsider. You can leave right now, and I'll spare you on having all of you're bones broking. Or you can stay here, and rape battle me until either one of us wins. But if you lose... You know what will happened.Speed then went silent by the choice he needed to make.Alfred: What's it gonna be, outsider?Speed turns to the garage door, and also turns to Lazuli to see that she had a sad and also a understanding expression on her face. After a moment of deciding, his expression turns into a determined one and he looks back at Alfred.Speed: Let's finish this.Lazuli and Leaf were surprised that Speed decided to stay with Lazuli, and Alfred grinned at his decision.Alfred: That's what I like to hear! Lazuli, put in the last mixtape. This will decide if he's worthy or not to date you.Lazuli hesitated for a moment, before pulling out the Mixtape called "Dad battle" and putting it into the speakers. The music then started, and Lazuli and Leaf started counting down one last time. L and Le: 3, 2, 1, go! A: Get ready kid, rap as if your life depends on it- S: I'm ready sir, I'll rap as if my life depends on it-A: If you don't keep up, than it's true that outsiders are nothing more than just a disgrace kind- S: Ha! You kidding me? Most outsiders have better Morales than civilians will ever have!A: Long time, ago... I was a Rockstar that acted just like you!S: What do you mean, like me? Were you curious, selfless, and lost just as me-A: I guess you can just say that- When me and wife separate, I didn't know what to do- I thought I was doing the right thing for us. But then I realized, it made it worse for me and my family! And I don't want that to happened again, and I'm just making sure, my daughters are dating the right, Pokémon. And I don't want them to end up like me and wife-S: I can understand that sir- I know that you can't trust me. Because I'm a outsider- I promise you, this. I'll protect your daughter with my life, I'll take good care of her, and I'll show that I'm not just a disgrace!A: Hey, that was tight! I think you alright, kid!S: Hey, thank you sir- I'll treat your daughter right, oh yeah!A: If you talk to my daughter like that again, I'll rip apart!S: Hey! This is a rap battle! No need to hold back words just like that- A: Ooooh! Than you better, treat my daughter right! Or else I'll rip you apart!S: I'll treat, your daughter right! And I promised that I'll protect her with my life!A: Hey, That was touching kid, you know what- I'll let you date my daughter.S: What, really? Did I win and can I actually, date you're daughter?A: Yes, yes you can- but I'll need to lay some rules before you date her.S: Alright sir, I respect that. I'll follow every rule you give me.The music then stopped and Lazuli got off the large speaker and hugged Speed, which made him and her blush. Leaf was happy for Speed and her sister, and Alfred was a little annoyed by this, but didn't stop them from hugging. When they stopped hugging, Alfred spoke out to Speed.Alfred: Okay, outsider. If you want to date my daughter, you will have to follow these rules.Speed: Alright.Alfred: Rule number 1, don't get freaky with my daughter. If I even catch you even doing something like that to her, I'll end you.Speed and Lazuli were blushing fully red, and they were annoyed by what Alfred said.Speed: Of course not, sir! I would never do that to you're daughter, I'm not that type of Pokémon.Alfred: Hmm... Alright, I trust you. For now that is...Speed glared at him for a second, before his expression turned back into a calm one.Alfred: Rule number 2, bring my daughter home before he gets late. If you don't bring her home before it gets late, I'll have to end you. Got it?Speed: Got it, sir. I'll be a considerate boyfriend. Alfred: Good, and rule number 3. There will be challenges for you.Speed: What do you mean?Alfred: In a pacific day or week, I'll send someone to stop you from dating my daughter. And when they arrive to the location to where I send you both in, you will have to do everything in you're power to stop them. Lazuli: What!? Dad, I thought you said you accepted him as my boyfriend.Alfred: I accept him as your boyfriend, but I don't fully trust him yet. I'll fully trust him if he is able to beat all the opponents that I send his way. He then looks at Speed.Alfred: Think you can handle that, outsider?Speed looked down and felt nervous by the challenge, but he smirked and looked back at Alfred.Speed: You bet, Oldman.Alfred smirked as well by Speed's remark.Alfred: I like your enthusiasm, kid. And I don't say this much but, good luck on defeating all of the opponents. You may be hard to get through, but it will be worth it in the end if you are able to succeed.Alfred then checked his watch to find that it's getting late.Alfred: Well, outsider. It's time for you to go. You can take my daughter for a date tomorrow if you want, but you better be back before it's gets late. Or else I might have to end you. Speed nodded and was about to walk out of the garage until Alfred called him out.Alfred: One more thing, outsider.Speed looks back at Alfred, and Alfred didn't look at Speed and just stood standing still while crossing his arms.Alfred: I liked our little rap battles we had earlier, so I might battle you again in the future. But next time we rap battle each other again, I won't hold back as much.He then turns to Speed.Alfred: Is that alright with you? Speed was really surprised to hear this, and he just nodded at him.Alfred: Good, now get out of my house. Speed turned around and walked out of the garage. After a few moments of him walking, he opens the front door of the house and starts heading home. Before he got out of sight of Alfred's house, Lazuli called out to him.Lazuli: Speed, wait!Speed stopped walking and turns around to see Lazuli running to him with a yellow bow on her paw. She then stopped running and got close to Speed.Speed: Is something wrong, Lazuli? And why do you have a yellow bow on you're paw?Lazuli: Well, um... Can I come with you to see you're family? I know that it's becoming dark and you don't trust Pokémon meeting you're family but... I would like to know more about them, they seem really interesting and I would like to meet them. And I want to give this yellow bow for you're adoptive daughter. But if you don't want me to see them, I can understand that. But can you take this bow and give to you're adoptive daughter?Speed: Hmm... You know what, since I met you're family. I guess it's okay to let you meet mine.Lazuli: Really?Speed: Yeah, just tell you're dad if he'll allow it.???: I already did.Speed and Lazuli turned to the voice to see Leaf right in front of them.Leaf: I told our dad if me and Lazuli could come with you to meet you're family. He allowed it, but as long as you take us home before it gets dark, and he doesn't want you or you're family to do anything funny with us.Speed: Why does he think I'll do that? And why my family too?Lazuli: I think it's because you're a outsider. And he probably thinks that you're with a outsider family.Speed: Oh yeah, that makes sense.Lazuli: Anyway, thanks Leaf. I really appreciate it. Lazuli: Don't mention it, sis. I'll do anything for you. Now let's go meet Speed's family.Lazuli nodded at her, and she looks at Speed.Lazuli: Lead the way, Speed.Speed nodded as well and he started leading Lazuli and Leaf to his home. While walking for a little bit, Speed ask Lazuli and Leaf some questions.Speed: So, what do you girls like to do?Leaf: I like to water plants.Lazuli: I like to read almost every type of genre book, and I also like almost every genre of music as well.Speed: I like to clean, and I also like to train sometimes. My twin sister likes to read books as well, and she also likes to pull jokes and pranks. And my little brother believe it or not has a thing for plants as well. Even through he's a fire type Pokémon now.Leaf: Wait, really?Speed: Yeah, and I think you two will be great friends when you both meet each other.Leaf: I think so too, I would like to meet him... Um, Speed.Speed: Yes, Leaf?Leaf: I'm sorry that I wasn't able to warn you guys before our dad came home. He snuck up on me out of nowhere and-Speed: Hey, it's okay. It's not your fault. He just cut you off guard and I know you tried your best to help us. And It was a good thing that you guy's dad found us.Lazuli and Leaf were confused and surprised by what Speed said.Leaf: Huh? Why was that a good thing?Speed: When I defeated Alfred, he allowed me to date Lazuli. And if he didn't find us, me and Lazuli needed to find a different way to be together without you're dad finding out that his daughter was dating a outsider.Leaf: Oh yeah, that's right. But you could have been killed if you didn't beat our father in the rap battles you had earlier.Speed: Maybe, but I'm glad I was able to win. And hey, we got to know each other a bit instead of him killing me.Leaf: Hmm, that is true.The group continued to walk for awhile until they came across a forest. They went through the forest and after a few moments of them walking. They saw a large treehouse that was close to multiple trees, a flower garden, a pond, a berry and apple farm, and some sort of camping place.The group then went to the front door of the treehouse and Speed opened the door with his key. When they got inside, Speed yelled out "Hey guys, I'm home!". When he said that, a male Flareon, a female Vaporeon, and a female Eevee leaned at a corner to where Speed had yelled out to him.The Vaporeon has purple eyes and she was wearing a light blue T-shirt with two dark blue long sleeves on her two arms. She was also wearing blue shorts, dark blue thigh-length socks with yellow lines around them, light blue shoes, and a yellow bow on her left fin.The Flareon has blue eyes and he was wearing a orange T-shirt that has a red and yellow shaped hexagon on the front of his T-shirt. He was also wearing two dark blue wristbands on his wrists, blue shoes, orange pants, and a orange and blue cap on his head. The Eevee has brown eyes and she was wearing brown shoes, blue jeans, a white T-shirt with a brown jacket on top of it that has a symbol of a sun on her jacket.The three Eeveelutions that were leaning on a corner, then rushed at Speed and tackled hugged him, which made him fall to the ground.Flareon: Big bro!Vaporeon: Speed!Eevee: Daddy!Speed: Um, guys. Your kind of squishing me here.All three of them: Sorry.The Flareon and the Vaporeon helped Speed off the ground and the Eevee gave Speed another hug.Speed: Hey Sunshine, sorry I didn't come home sooner.Sunshine: It's okay, daddy.The Vaporeon then looked at Lazuli and Leaf.Vaporeon: Hey Speed, who are they?Speed: Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce you guys to them. Let's introduce ourselves first, then I'll tell you guys who they are. Is that okay with you?Vaporeon: It's fine, as long as I know who they are.Speed: Alright then.He points at the Vaporeon.Speed: This is Crystal, my twin sister. You can also call her Kris if you like.Crystal: Hey~Speed points at the Flareon.Speed: This is Solar Flare, you can call him Flare for short and he's my little brother.Flare: Hello.Speed then points at the Eevee named Sunshine.Speed: And this is Sunshine, my adoptive daughter. Say hello to them, Sunshine.Sunshine: H-hello.Leaf: Is she shy?Speed: Yes, when she meets new Pokémon she gets either scared or shy. That makes her unable to talk to them useless if me or someone else that she can trust tells her to introduce herself.Lazuli: Oh...Speed: But, she won't be scared or shy to you guys once she gets to know you more.Leaf: Oh, okay then. Can you introduce me to them and my sister as well.Speed: Sure, I was gonna do that anyway.He points at Leaf.Speed: This is Leaf, I met her when Lazuli.He points at the Glaceon/Lazuli.Speed: Introduce me to her. And they're both sisters.Leaf: It's nice to meet you all.Speed then points at Lazuli again.Speed: You already know her name by now, but I'll say it again anyway. This Lazuli, and she's, um... *Blushes* My girlfriend...Crystal, Flare, and Sunshine were surprised to hear this. And Lazuli blushed when Speed told them that.Crystal: What!? You have a girlfriend!? How long have you been dating her.Speed: Well, um. We just started dating today.Crystal: Wow, *smirks* good catch, Speed.Speed: Um... Thanks?Flareon: *Smiles* I'm happy for you big bro.Speed: *Smiles* Thanks, Flare.Sunshine: So does that mean that I have a mommy now?Everyone except Sunshine were surprised by what she just said, and Speed and Lazuli were fully red.Lazuli: H-huh!?Speed: Sunshine, How did you learn that!?Sunshine: I learned it from big sis, Crystal.Speed: Crystal! Why did you tell her that!Crystal: I don't know, I thought that it was a good time to tell her. And she would have know it sooner or later.Speed: Yeah but, she might get sad if she doesn't have one. Crystal: Oh, I forgot about that... Sorry Speed.Speed: *Sigh* It's okay.Speed then turns back to Sunshine to see her looking sad.Sunshine: So does that mean I don't have a mommy?Speed: Well, um-Lazuli: Yes! And I'll be your mommy if you like. Sunshine: *Sparkling eyes* Really?Lazuli: Yes.Sunshine: Aye! Mommy Lazuli!Sunshine rushed at Lazuli and hugged her, and that made her blush even more.Speed: Are you okay with her calling you her mom?Lazuli: Y-yeah, I'm okay with that. And after all, we our dating right?Speed blushed when she said that.Speed: R-right.Lazuli then pulls out the yellow bow out of her pocket.Lazuli: Can I put this on you, Sunshine?Sunshine: Aye!Lazuli smiled and puts the yellow bow on the back of Sunshine's head.Sunshine: How do I look, mommy Lazuli?Lazuli: You look pretty cute, Sunshine.Sunshine: Aye! Thank you mommy!Speed smiled at Sunshine's reaction, and he looks at Flare and Crystal. Speed: Hey guys, I also came her to tell you something.Flare: What is it big bro?Speed: When me and Lazuli went to her and Leaf dad's house. She showed me something that I never seen before. And before we left the house. Her and Leaf's dad found us in his garage. We were able to convince him not to kill me, but he told me that he'll allow me to date her daughter if I could beat him in a rap battle three times. And luckily, I won somehow.Crystal: Wow, Lazuli and Leaf's dad seems really cruel. And you can rap?Speed: Kind of? I'm still new to it, but I'll get better later on.Sunshine: What's rapping?Speed: Um, rapping is mostly about two Pokémon going against each other. Not like fighting, but like using their vocals and insults to go against each other to see who will win.Sunshine: Oh, I want to do that, daddy!Flare: Me too!Crystal: Me three!Speed: Sunshine is too young to rap, but I can teach you two if you want.Flare: I would like that big bro.Crystal: Me too, I would like to rap as well. Was that all you wanted to tell us?Speed: Not all of it. When I defeated Lazuli and Leaf's dad. He allowed me to date Lazuli, but gave me some rules that I needed to follow. And one of these rules might be difficult for me.Crystal: And what rule is that?Speed: In a pacific day or week, Alfred, that's Lazuli and Leaf dad's name. Will send someone to try to stop me from dating Lazuli. And I will have to do everything in my power to protect her. So, can you guys watch over Sunshine for me until Alfred stops sending me opponents? In some days, I won't be in the treehouse as much anymore, and I need someone to take care of Sunshine for me. So, can you guys take care of her when I'm out going against a opponent? Flare and Crystal looked at each other for a moment and nodded and looked back at Speed.Flare: Of course big bro, you took care of us our all lives.Crystal: Taking care of Sunshine will be easy for us, and we always wanted a way to pay you back for what you have done for us. Even through you said we didn't need us to pay you back. So, we'll take good care of her until your finish with that rule.Flare: And me and sis wish you luck on defeating all of you're opponents.Speed: *Smiles* Thanks guys, I really applicate it.Sunshine then heard they're conversation, and she looks down.Sunshine: So you won't visit us anymore?..Speed turns to Sunshine.Speed: Of course I will, Sunshine. I'll still be living here, but I need go somewhere when it's in a pacific day or week. But If you want, I can take you with me and Lazuli to our "meetings" someday. Would you like that?Sunshine: *Smiles* Aye!Sunshine then hugged Speed, and he smiled. He then looked at the treehouse window to find that it's becoming dark.Speed: I should take Lazuli and Leaf home now before it gets dark.Flare: Can I come with you big bro?Speed: Sure, but why do you want to come?Flare: I want to know where Alfred's house is and also want to know what he's like. Crystal: Is there any other reason why you want to come with them~Flare: I don't think so, why you ask?Crystal: Oh, well. I think you have a crush on Leaf, and I'm pretty sure she has a crush on you as well~Leaf: *Blushes* H-huh!?Flare: *Blushes* W-why do you mean, sis?Crystal: Don't you see? You guys keep looking at each other, and whenever you do you both look away. And you two seem to have the same interest, and you both act the same as well. Both of you will make a great couple.Flare: I-it's not true, sis. Leaf: Y-yeah.Lazuli: Crystal, stope teasing my sister.Speed: And stop teasing Flare as well. You making them uncontrollable.Crystal: Fine, I'll stop. But I know they love each other, they just to shy to admit it.Flare and Leaf both blush even more.Lazuli: Let's go before you're sister embarrasses them even more.Speed: Alright, let's go then.Speed and Lazuli then started heading out the door, and Flare and Leaf followed them. When they got out of the treehouse, they started heading back to Alfred's house while talking to each other about stuff. Flare and Leaf where mostly talking to each other about their life and interest, and Speed and Lazuli were happy that they got along very fast. Sometime later when they reached Alfred's house. Alfred was standing outside of his front door and he saw the group coming to his house. He then approached them, and they stopped walking towards his house.Alfred: You brought them here before it became dark, at least you can keep a promise.Alfred then turns to Flare, which scared Flare a bit.Alfred: Who's this Flareon? Is he a outsider like you?Speed: I don't want you to call him that, but yes. His my little brother, and his name is Solar Flare or Flare for short. He wanted to come here because he wanted to know where you and Leaf live at and also wanted to see and learn more about you. Alfred: Hmm... Alfred was suspicious about Flare's excuse to come here, so he asked his younger daughter a question.Alfred: Leaf, do you like this outsider?The group were surprised to hear this, and Leaf and Flare blushed when he said that.Leaf: Huh? N-no, of course not. I don't have a crush on him.Alfred: Hmm...Alfred then looked at Flare with his red glowing eyes, and that made Flare even more scared.Alfred: If you ever date my daughter, you'll have to follow everything she says. Got it?Flare: B-but Mr. Alfred, sir. I-Speed: Hey! You can threaten and insult me. But don't you ever threaten my family or insult them like that! Got it?Alfred was surprised by Speed's sudden change of attitude. He thought of saying something about it, but decided not to.Alfred: Fine, I won't threaten you're family. But I will insult them, since they're outsiders... Anyway, I'm going back inside. He then turned around.Alfred: And you better not did anything to my daughters while I'm gone.Speed and Flare turned to Alfred's direction and they had serious expressions on they're faces.Speed and Flare: We won't!Alfred stood still for a moment, until going back inside his house while smirking.Lazuli: Well, *Smiles* it's been fun meeting you're family, Speed.Speed: *Smiles* And it's been fun meeting yours as well, Lazuli... Well, some of them.Leaf: Yeah, sorry about our dad. Lazuli: He hates you're kind because he thinks that they're all immoral Pokémon.Speed: No worries, I think me and my family will get along with him someday... I hope.Flare: And we understand that he's just making sure nothing bad happens to you both. But he needs to chill out about what he thinks about outsiders and his insults and threats. Leaf: Hehe, yeah that is true... Flare...Flare: W-why Yes, Leaf?Leaf: Do you think I can meet you again, someday?Flare: *Smiles* Of course! You can meet me whatever you want, I mostly just stay at the treehouse. And I can come over to Alfred's house to hang out with you if you want. Leaf: *Smiles* Okay then, I like that... I should get going now, have a good night, Flare.Flare: You too, Leaf.She then walks back to her dad's house.Lazuli: Sorry I put you in danger, Speed. And I'm sorry that you needed to decide on wither or not to stay with me or to leave me...Speed: Hey, it's okay. You don't have to say sorry. I made the right choose to stay with you, and I will never leave you're side... I love you, Lazuli.Lazuli: I love you too, Speed.She then got close to Speed.Speed: Um, Lazuli? What are you-Before he could finish, Lazuli suddenly kissed Speed, making him blush and making her fully red. Flare saw this and was surprised by what he had just saw. Lazuli then stopped kissing Speed, and Speed was standing still with his eyes open while him and Lazuli were still blushing.Lazuli: Sorry that I suddenly kissed you, I wanted to give you a reward for deciding to stay with me and showing me you're family. Even through you don't fully trust Pokémon seeing them.Speed was still speechless.Lazuli: Do you wanna go on a date tomorrow?Speed just nodded at her, and kept standing still while blushing.Lazuli: *Smiles* Alright, I'll see you tomorrow then. Have a good night, Speed.Speed: You too, Lazuli...She then walked back to Alfred's house and closed the front door.Flare: Big bro, are you okay?Speed: W-why yes, Flare. I'm fine, I was just surprised that she suddenly kissed me all of a sudden. She was my first kiss and, *smiles* I really enjoyed it.Flare: Well I'm happy for you even more big bro. Speed: Thanks, Flare. And I want you to be happy like that as well.Flare: What do you mean, big bro?Speed: Oh, never mind that, Flare. I was just thinking about something.Speed then looks around to find that it became night time.Speed: Well, we should get going before Crystal and Sunshine start to get worried about us.Flare: Alright big bro.They then started walking back home, and the scene faded to black.Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this chapter, make sure to leave a favorite if you want and comment what you thought about the chapter. I posted a comment down below on 5/24/2021. If you want to read it, it's your choose.
Humanoid, Chapter 5: Flee Fire with FireAll I noticed at first was the burning heat fading. It was too bright to make out detail, but I was relieved that the pain was going away. In front of me, Reshiram was blazing as intensely as before, but I could take it now. Reshiram looked up at me and glared, heaving for breath. I started backing away. This new form probably used fire, and I didn’t think fire would hurt her at all. Surviving was enough. I turned and started running as well as I could with my injuries. As I moved away from the blaze, the wind started picking up, air rushing toward the fire and against me. I could have pushed through it normally, but I was struggling now to move forward against the wind and my limp. I reached out with my mind. Mew? You’re still alive! I don’t know if I can follow you. This wind is too much for me to push against the way I am now. We’re dealing with it here too. My force shields are keeping it off, but I don’t know if I can come back for you—my friends won’t be able to move. Just keep going. She can’t keep this up much longer. I hope. I hoped Mew was right, but if anything, the wind seemed to be getting stronger. I needed more speed, but even if the heat wasn’t enough to take me down from this distance, my speed form wouldn’t be much help with an injured leg. With how light it was, a stumble might even get me blown away and dragged back into the inferno. Well, there’s one good thing at least. Mew’s voice came back into my head. There’s no way Zygarde can join the fight or keep watching us now. She’s probably incinerated every cell in the area, so Zygarde will have to form a body and go around, and that will take them some time. What if they already did? I asked, taking another step against the wind. They didn’t. I would have sensed a concentration like that. Zygarde’s job was to catch anyone trying to get close, and I doubt more than twenty or thirty percent of their cells are even here. Zygarde normally prefers to spread out. So what if we get away but run across more cells? That’ll be less of a problem. When they’re scattered thinly, I can distract one or two and keep them from noticing us, as long as they’re not command cells. A gust of wind rocked me, and I stumbled back two steps. I can’t talk now. I need to find a way out of this. I looked up and saw a round hole in the clouds, which were starting to darken. Mew was right. Reshiram was creating a storm. I needed something. What powers did this form have? I used my power and my tentacles glowed red and lit up with flames. With a little focus, I managed to form the fire into a ball and launch it. Unlike my normal energy balls, it pushed me back, and I lost a few more steps to the wind. There was a force to these flames. Reshiram used them that way; her tail gave her that flying speed. Maybe I could do the same. I took stock of my body and realized my other two tentacles hadn’t disappeared. They’d gotten much shorter and moved to my back, but they were still there. Would they be like Reshiram tails? I channeled power to them and was rewarded with a fiery roar that pushed me forward and up, lifting me off the ground. I lost my balance and fell, rolling over onto my injuries, but I got up again. I had a way out. I leaned into the wind and fed power to the boost tentacles more carefully this time, making sure I could stay on the ground and keep my balance. The force started to match the wind, then overtook it, and I started to make progress. I kept increasing the power until I was moving near a running speed even with my limp. That would be enough. Behind me, the rushing sound stopped. I slowed down and looked back to see the flames dying down. Was the wind weakening? I couldn’t tell. I saw Reshiram start a fireball and put my energy back into running, turning to move diagonally and be a harder target. The fireball passed me a few seconds later, going slower than I’d expected. The wind was pushing against it too. It hit the ground ahead of me and exploded, and I changed direction again. Another fireball exploded behind me. Why was she throwing fireballs at this distance? She’s exhausted, I realized. Mew had said the giant flare would tire her out. Maybe she couldn’t move any faster than I could right now. We’re to your right, Mew called telepathically. I headed in that direction, and within a minute I found them. “You made it!” Mew exclaimed out loud. “And you changed color! This form’s new.” We still need to get away. “Yeah, it’s been slow going. I had to block out the wind and the fire, and it hasn’t exactly been an easy day already.” I got behind Mew’s force bubble, which blocked some of the wind. Maybe I can help. I can’t move very fast with my leg hurt, but this form has Reshiram’s fire boost. I can push your force bubble through the wind as fast as I can run for as long as my power lasts. That would be great, thanks. By the way, could you include them in the conversation? I looked past Mew, seeing the two pokémon with him in the bubble for the first time. One had a thick gray body with a massive head; the other was vulpine, slim and orange with a fan of tails. Tannis and Miku, Mew introduced. Formerly humans, now bastiodon and ninetales. They’re some of my closest friends. Let’s get moving, by the way. I nodded and wrapped my tentacles around the bubble before leaning forward and pushing into another fire boost. The ninetales, Miku, spoke up. “And what’s your name? What’re you?” Don’t bother. Mew answered for me, eyes twinkling. He doesn’t know either of those answers. Miku pricked her ears. “Amnesia? You’re one of us, then.” One of you? “Human,” Tannis put in. “Sometimes humans get brought to this world as pokémon. We all arrive with amnesia, though we eventually get our memories back.” He paused. “It’s strange that you don’t even know your name, though. And not even Mew recognizes your species?” “He fell from space,” Mew said. “As far as I know there’s never been a pokémon like him in the world. Except that he shares a lot of my DNA. Either Arceus is up to something new, or I’m an alien.” “Hmmm.” Miku cocked her head. “You’ve got the eyes for it.” She looked around at Tannis and I and flicked her tails. “What? That’s always how aliens look in old movies, with the huge eyes.” Mew didn’t say anything. I decided to change the subject. And what about me? I arrived on a meteor, I’m pretty sure that makes me an alien. And I don’t have big eyes. “No, your eyes are actually…human-sized,” Tannis said. “Honestly, most of you is human-sized. For a pokémon, you’re pretty humanoid. Except for the tentacles. Humans have hands.” He sighed. “I kind of miss having hands.” One of my forms has hands. Miku spoke up again. “Well, that’s just unfair. If ninetales weren’t just a little bit psychic, I wouldn’t be able to write my own name anymore.” “It’s not so bad, though,” Tannis said. “Honestly, pokémon are a lot better about working together and using one another’s strengths than humans are. Most places where you need to write have scribes.” “I’m actually relieved you’re so cheerful,” Mew put in. “I was worried they might break you.” “Break us? Pssssh,” Miku replied. Tannis agreed. “I didn’t break against the Bittercold. You think a couple of legendaries were going to do it? I might not have hands anymore, but I got a hard head to make up for it.” “You realize we’re still running for our lives, right? Like right now? That storm isn’t just for show.” Miku gave a vulpine shrug. “And thanks for that, but we can’t do anything until we’ve gotten treatment and rest. Seems like a great time to catch up if there ever was one.” “There’s a war coming, isn’t there?” Tannis again. “We overheard a bit while they were holding us.” I’d had some time to think while we were running. I’d like to know more about that too. You said not all of the legendaries were on their side, and one of them who’s…well, legendary, probably would have done better than me. “We couldn’t do that, for a couple of reasons. One, there aren’t that many legendaries who are actually opposing Lugia’s faction. Arceus wouldn’t have had to send you if this was something we could just take care of. Two, not a lot of them can move around quietly, and those who can aren’t really the most warriorly. They didn’t notice the two of us until we actually got into the area. If, say, Raikou had come, they would have known about it a day ago and been waiting. You were our best chance, because no one knew you existed until a few hours ago.” “A few hours?” Tannis asked. “You arrived a few hours ago and you just fought Reshiram?” I managed to scratch her, once, and that was mostly because she had no idea what my abilities were. The only reason we’re having this conversation is because she decided to go stop you from escaping before finishing me off. Miku burst out laughing. “I like you. You’re just the right combination of downer and . . . I-don’t-know-what-else.” Her laugh turned into a cough after a moment. “I’m gonna burn them alive one day,” she added. What did they do to you? I asked. “Not too much, actually,” Tannis said thoughtfully. “I mean, they beat us to within a toe of our lives when they brought us in, but after that they just kept us from recovering. I think they wanted us conscious for when whatever it was happened.” “Why us though?” Miku asked. “Why are humans worth starting a war over now?” “They found out about your world,” Mew said. “About how humans catch pokémon and all. Using your memories, they might be able to cross over to that world.” Miku dropped her gaze. “I never thought about it that way. Of course, I wasn’t a trainer.” “It makes sense, though.” Tannis said. “Usually with teleportation, you have to clearly remember the place where you’re going.” “This is a little beyond teleportation,” Mew said. “But that’s the idea.” Tannis looked at me. “There’s another thing that makes sense. You said you don’t remember anything, not even your name. Maybe it was on purpose. Someone was trying to protect you.” Form created: Flare Forme
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