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[PK] Cyril Nemati by Poke-Chann [PK] Cyril Nemati by Poke-Chann



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Absol From Pokemon B-W Sprite by Superior-Absol
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#359 AbsolPokemon: Absol#359 Absol 
Nature: Careful
Ability: Pressure
Move Set:
-Dark pulse
-Future Sight
-Calm Mind

Pokédex entries:

Sun - Long ago, superstitions were spread about it, saying it brought disaster. This fed a hatred of it, and it was driven deep into the mountains.

Moon - Although it's said to bring disaster, in actuality, this Pokémon possesses a calm disposition and warns people of any crises that loom.

Ultra Sun - The only thing unlucky about Absol is its appearance. It protects fields and warns people of disaster, so one ought to be grateful for it.

Ultra Moon - The elderly call it the disaster Pokémon and detest it, but interest in its power to predict disasters is on the rise.

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#359 AbsolName: Cyril Nemati#359 Absol 
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 27
Age: 22
Height: 5’11”

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#359 AbsolRelationship Status: Single#359 Absol
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Gay

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#359 AbsolKingdom: Diamonds#359 Absol
Current Residence: Eureka
Occupation/Title: Scholar
Card Rank: 8

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#359 AbsolPersonality:#359 Absol
|Intelligent | Polite | Logical | Reliable | Curious | Stubborn | Antisocial|
Cyril, for the most part, is a rather serious man. He's not very social, preferring to stay holed up in his house reading rather than to go out and interact with others. Despite this, during those mandatory social interactions, such as shopping at the market, or interacting with customers, Cyril is very polite and not at all awkward, though he does lack experience with informal situations. He hasn't yet gone out of his way to make friends and can get flustered in informal or personal interactions. Usually, he avoids asking others for help at all costs. Cyril can tell when he's in over his head, and will reluctantly accept others' offered help, but will do anything to avoid asking someone who hasn't offered their help yet.
Though mostly indifferent to many things, Cyril easily becomes excited when talking about his research, or learning new things; He can go from being composed and seemingly uncaring to passionate and talkative when the conversation switches to topics like these. As a naturally curious person, he also tends to be more interested in conversations about things he doesn't understand fully yet. Thankfully, many things that would seem to be common knowledge to most would fall into that category, as he spends most of his time with his nose in a book rather than experiencing the outside life.
On a scale of innocent bean to sinful meme, he is an innocent bean.

#359 AbsolHistory:#359 Absol

Cyril was born in a small diamond village by the edge of the Sahra Desert. The village, however, was more akin to a permanent campsite to an actual village. The people who lived there were craftsmen, mercenaries looking for work, fortune tellers, and the occasional sketchy figure. Cyril’s family worked in fortune telling, and unlike his parents, he seemed to have a talent for it. His predictions were much more vague than others, usually along the lines of “something bad will happen today”, but they nearly always came true in one way or another.

One day when Cyril was older, a traveler came to stop at the village before journeying out into the desert. He quickly became friends with the villagers, often spending time drinking and laughing with those who were otherwise strangers in the tavern. Before leaving into the desert, he stopped by Cyril’s parents in order to know how his journey would go. Cyril walked into his parents telling the man his journey would go fine, and that he may even find some treasure along the way, becoming rich. He seemed excited by this, but Cyril felt an awful dread in his stomach; some terrible disaster would come upon the friendly traveler.

He tried to warn the traveler that the fortune wasn’t true, to which he looked at Cyril’s parents in confusion, causing them to quickly drag Cyril back to his room, telling him not to ruin their business, and shutting him in, until the traveler had paid and left. He had promised the villagers he made friends with that he’d return right away after his journey to share his stories. The man was never seen again, as far as anyone knew.

As Cyril grew even older he began to resent those pretending to have supernatural abilities, in order to fool others. When he was old enough he left to the Spade Kingdom, not to find a new life, but more so new surroundings.

He often found himself spending time in the library, learning new things about the world, instead of relying on false fortunes or predictions. Knowledge, always being true, was exciting to Cyril, and he began to dream of being a researcher, and writing his own books. Research supplies are expensive, though, and he only had one skill to sell, which was fortune telling. Regretfully, he set up his own fortune telling business, and slowly drew in customers. At first, they would be bored of his vague predictions, but as soon as they came true, they would end up coming back again.

Using the money he gets from fortune telling, Cyril buys new materials and tools for his business as a researcher. Currently, he’s made many research books, although they don’t have much of an audience. Though he likes to think of his main job as being a researcher, from the amount of money it makes him, studying is more of a hobby.


After hearing of an open scholar/teacher job in the Diamonds Kingdom, Cyril hastily applied. When he received an acceptance letter, he wasted no time moving out of his home in Spades. The Diamonds Kingdom is much hotter than he remembers it, but to him, it's well worth it to have the job of his dream. But how well will he handle a classroom of kids?

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#359 AbsolOther: #359 Absol
Cyril's fortune telling skills are vague but precise: they can accurately predict oncoming danger in a person's near future. To avoid this misfortune, just knowing about it wouldn't be enough to avoid it, as the circumstances surrounding it are a mystery. In order to avoid it, Cyril, or anyone else with the ability to sense danger, would have to be with the receiver of the prediction for a day or two afterward to actively avoid situations that they can sense a higher amount of danger from. Cyril, however, usually doesn't care much to do this. Afterall, that's not included in the predictions he sells.

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