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the age of innocence

Just a quick pencil sketch of Severus and Lily, based on the pose of Michelle Pfeiffer and Daniel Day-Lewis (*drools*) (ehm...) in the poster of "The age of innocence" by Martin Scorsese. Love that movie!
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such a delicate picture! :love:
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you are a beautiful lady and i love you!!!!!!
ps:not a stalker
love, your stalker
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Haha, well... thank you?
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Love Lily's expression! :heart:
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A very clean sketch, I love it!!
I love the lines you used. Some thick and bold and others thin. Nice, very nice.
I think this is a great style, I'd love to see more like this. ;)
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the hawtness!!! This is basically my OTP XD I love this pair!
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Another lovely drawing! I keep wondering if Snape had a crush on Lily.

By the way, your inking reminds me a lot of Milo Manara. :)
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Glad you like it! Of course, *I* think he had a serious crush on Lily and I tend to see it as canon - but of course until it won't be clearly stated in the books, it's just speculation :(
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Lily looks great the way you've drawn her! her face, her flowing hair, everything looks perfect! and you've really captured the image of teenage Severus! he he!
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Yet again, Snape looks hot :D I like this one very much indeed. Pity that Harry looks so much like James. What a twist, he's not Lily and Jame's son, he's Lily and Severus's :lol: he he, maybe that's why Snape hates Harry so much, because he should be his son, but he's not. Oh dear, where did that come from:? Nice pic. :+fav:


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Eh. At Fictionalley Park, in the thread devoted to Snape/Lily, we once had the title "Harry, I'm your father!" Not that any of us truly believe this is going to be canon, but the concept is funny indeed, with its Star Wars connections! :D
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lol. yeah, that would be funny indeed. Just can't wait 'til we learn more about him :)
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:::) so lovley
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Thank you :) I'm glad you like it!
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Wow.....lei assomiglia molto a Emma Frost dosegnata così *_*
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Eh eh! Beh, se fosse stato a colori le cose sarebbero state diverse, non credi? :) (possibile che la "donna della vita" sia o bionda o rossa? E noi more?? *sniff*...)
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Eh succede......ehehehehehehehe. Cmq io adesso sono rossiccia come Jeannie ghghghgh :love: Cmq alla Marvel ci deve essere qualcuno che ama le rosse in maniera spropositata oO
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I love the way you drew Lily. The angle of the head, the hair, everything...nice :D
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Oh, Poggy, dea indiscussa delle fan artXD
Che meraviglia, sono senza parole°_° <-- non fosse che senza parole sul serio, non son mai, indi per cui, con le mie elucubrazioni sul questa immagine, ti ci ammorbo lo stessoXD
Il profilo di Lily (che all'inizio pensavo fosse Narcissa... XD) è eccelso, per non parlare della mano di Severus°_° Sono morbosamente fissata con le mani degli uomini, a dire il vero... ahhh, la giuntura (... eemh, si chiamerà così?XD) del mignolo*__________*
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