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dreaming big
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Published: January 13, 2012
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Made for luvscharlie @ lj. The prompt was "A young Cersei/Brienne's dreams of what her life will be like when she marries the prince of her dreams. A young girl's fantasies, infatuation, the tall, dark and handsome prince. Build up in her expectations." To be honest I think that canon already filled the prompt in the best way with what was probably Cersei's cutest moment - her drawing a picture of herself and Rhaegar on dragonback :) Only when it was to late to redo it I realised she was supposed to be riding behind Rhaegar though .___. I guess we can pretend she indulged in the fantasy more than once.

Opencanvas and Photoshop

Character bashing in the comments will not be tolerated. Be a lover, not a hater!
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renz5070Hobbyist Artist
Love it. 
I actually feel very bad for Cersei. Here have a look, at this video :) 
p1p2's avatar
Aww Cersei looks so cute here~ Quite a bit like Sansa =)
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tatihienahtfHobbyist General Artist
This is why I love Cersei, she may be cruel and a scheming bitch, but she has her cute moments, funny moments "droll", and moments when she is actually clever. In other words, she`s a complex character.  
Veeja's avatar
I think the same. She is one of the most interesting characters in the series.
tatihienahtf's avatar
tatihienahtfHobbyist General Artist
I`m glad. Her Povs in AFfC were probably my faviorite.:D (Big Grin) 
Pyromania101's avatar
On the darker side, as adorable as this picture is, I must admit I kind of disagree with what a number of people are saying in the comment section, namely that Cersei may have turned out for the better if she had married Rhaegar. Keep in mind, she was "experimenting" with Jaime around that age, she threatened to have Maggy the Frog's eyes gouged out, she was a vicious bully to Tyrion, etc. Also, this is pure speculation, but...I think Cersei--at least in the books--may have had a hand in her mother's death. In the show, she genuinely misses her mother, but in the books, she regarded her mother's death as an obstacle being removed. Think about that. Joanna knew about her little "experiments" with Jaime and placed them in separate rooms without informing her husband. It doesn't say whether or not she was pregnant with Tyrion at the time, but if she was, it's possible that Cersei may have arranged for something to be put in her mother's food that may have weakened her during the birth and also indirectly led to Tyrion's dwarfism. Again, this is total guesswork, just to be clear, but it makes sense to me. So, this is a cute picture, but Cersei was a budding monster by that point, not an innocent girl with a chance to be a better person.
Dlawing90's avatar
sounds like a good theory
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GopalArt General Artist
w o w !Wow! 
DoodlebugQT's avatar
"We burned down all the towns as we rode away on his dragon and lived happily ever after. The end!"
Gerosion's avatar
That moment when you realize a fictional character is just like a lot of people in a fandom: drawing fanart of their otp.Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
thedrunkenwerewolf's avatar
Aww young Cersei is adorable! 
Libra1010's avatar
 Sad to think that even Cersei had dreams that didn't involve inflicting hideous abuse on her enemies or her family, Once Upon a Time ...
CMBaggs's avatar

God this is adorable. As others have said, it reminds us that Cersei was just an innocent kid once and treated as little more than a pawn like all highborn children. Maybe if Tywin hadn't been to viciously angry over Joanna's death he would have conceded to wed Jaime to Elia as the mothers' planned and Aerys would have been left with no choice but to marry Rhaegar to Cersei. Maybe.

And had Rhaegar wed Cersei, who is proven to be fertile in the series, he may not have been so eager to chase Lyanna. Maybe. This is all theory and speculation.

He certainly wasn't known for drinking, wife slapping or whoring...

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MomokoTakenouchiHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Whenever it comes to her relationship/marriage that should have happened (but never did) I start to wonder how Cersei would have turned out if her dream came true. She might have been a kinder person. And less screwed-up.
thiskittyiswitty's avatar
no stahp i dont want to like cercei or think shes cute
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katkarasininenHobbyist Traditional Artist
aww this is soo cute :) i loved the scene in the book
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wikigiuliProfessional General Artist
eh eh, really cute ^^

even cercei was innocent once
caelcestis's avatar
aaaaaah this is adorable!!!!
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Evolvana Digital Artist
Yes it was cute in the books ^^ Little Cersei dreaming about her charming prince!
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