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The great escape closeup

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Published: August 22, 2011
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Closeup for The great escape
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ChubbySirenHobbyist General Artist
*sobs* if only 
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OH MY GOSH!!!  I used to look at your Snape/Lily art like . . . well, it would have had to have been pre-2007, because the last HP book hadn't come out yet.  I LOVED your art then for what was, at the time, a really rare OTP.  I especially loved the kind of 70s vibe you had going on a lot of those pieces.  And now I have found you again, and you have drawn a picture of my favorite AU/speculation scene from my favorite ASOIAF pair and you have made me so very very happy.  Love your depiction of Sandor's scars and Sansa looking back like "get me out of here" and the green wildfire lighting everything up.  Gorgeous.  Beautiful.  Please don't think I am a weirdo for remembering your art from almost a decade ago.  I didn't sign in but I am SharkAria here and on AO3 if you like SanSan fanfics :) :) :)
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If only this happened, then she wouldn't have been littlefingers pawn and marry that bastard Ramsay and be raped. With Sandor Sansa's first time would have been special and meaningful.
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MaxximaStudent Photographer
is amazing! i love it, please, could use your image to illustrate a fic? please!! I swear I give you credit for the image
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sansa had a chance to escape
but nooooooo, it was too nice to happen like that
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katkarasininenHobbyist Traditional Artist
adorable *__* I love their faces and the green wildfire light <3
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crazyashleyHobbyist General Artist
Bloody well if only! Martin's got a way with messing with his characters and putting them in unexpected situations, though, and there are still two books left to go (providing that ols fart doesn't pull the greatest stunt of all and bleeding die on us) so i'm not throwing this ship out the door just yet. After all, Robb married for love...what's to say his little sister won't wind up in a situation where she has to do the same? And we all know she really does have a soft spot for the only Clegane worth knowing...*smiles at the possibilities*
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I so wish this is how it happened. It makes my SanSan shipping heart cry to know that this is only a fantasy *siiiiiiiiiiigh*
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EllieJelly666Student Writer
I haven't read the books, want to but can't afford them lol, but can I ask, is Sandor meant to be (despite his scars) good looking in the books, because knowing that he and Sansa have a thing I really don't like who they casted in the programme?
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Not really, no. I mean, the way he's described he'd probably be an average looking guy with a great bod if you're into the bigger types (that's why I always cringe a little when I see him depicted as a thinner/smaller dude - he's actually the one people in the books compare other people with to say just how BIG they are), but his scars in book canon look much MUCH worse. So much that he starts off as downright scary to Sansa. They played it down a little in the show.

(btw, strictly speaking, they interact incanon but they don't really have "a thing", that's fan speculation :))
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EllieJelly666Student Writer
Ah, I thought it was actually something that happened in the books. Ah well, it would have been kinda cute.
So, how good are the books? Like compare them to another series, if you can lol.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Hmmm, I dunno, I like the books a lot? They're not high literature but they're still more complex than the tv series, especially in the characterizations. I... don't really have a term of comparison because I don't read much fantasy besides ASoIaF, actually! The closest thing I can think of is the manga Berserk.
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The scene "before this" was, and still is, one of my favourites... Hound is such an interesting character, you'll never know what he'll do next. Great picture really, brings much inspiration. :') Their expressions are so nice.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Thank you!
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Green-MakakasHobbyist General Artist
You made me SO HAPPY just now! Wonderful as always (and even better because it's SanSan!)
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Glad you liked it!
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
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The closer the merrier! :D haha.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
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CryingGypsyHobbyist General Artist
this is what should have happened
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