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Streets of Braavos

A Song of Ice and Fire - Arya in the streets of Braavos. Or of King's Landing. Haven't decided yet.

This was my first attempt at doing something more "painterly" with Photoshop - it's from a few months ago. I used photo reference for the buildings... some very old National Geographic issue. I just remember it was some city in Algeria.
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Can I use this picture on a blog?
I like it ! Nice pic (and Arya is perfect !)

BTW, I live in Algeria :D.
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Glad you liked it!
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i dont know why but this priint reminds me of assassin's creed
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I guess Ubisoft and I both used the same National Geographic references :D
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your artwork was featured again: [link]
this is one of my very favorite asoiaf pieces.
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I love everyone who does ASOIAF pictures, but I like your pictures best so I love you extra special.
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this is amazing, could be anyone anywhere really
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Lovely! Though looks more King's Landing-ish to me dunno why.
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Hehe, to be completely honest, I decided it was Bravoos only when I was done with it. It could very well be KL, too. And thanks for your comments!
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Oh well I just sort of imagined Braavos a bit brighter,spacious,Venetian idk.. but KL in all these brownish tones of a dirty over-cramped medieval western-european city... but that's just me :)
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Trust me - I live near Venice and that's anything but spacious XD
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oh, I live in Belgrade, tell me no more about it :)))
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This is amazing!

You're really talented; I love the all over sepia tones, and how they make the streets feel dirty and old. And how small the child (Arya, I presume?) is compared to the buildings.

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And the city you're talking about is called
"El Casbah" (pronounce : El Kassb'a)

If you want more informations about it, just contact me :)
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i like the mood in this. Nice pic.
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Fantastic picture. And you've given me another author to try.
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Da come Martin descrive Braavos, l' ho sempre immaginata come una sorta di Venezia effetti il tuo diesgno potrebbe rappresentare benissimo sia una delle sue stradine fra i canali sia un vicolo di Approdo del Re. Invidia verde per come l'hai colorato con questo era un primo tentativo, davvero complimenti, ne hai tirato fuori una bella luce.
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