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Jaime and Brienne: AFfC

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And obviously, SPOILERS for A Song of Ice and Fire: A Feast for Crows (and therefore for HBO's Game of Thrones).

Some time ago at the jaimexbrienne lj comm we had an AFfC reread that focused on - duh! - Jaime and Brienne, which included all their chapters plus a couple of Cersei ones. I made headers illustrating each chapter, so here they are all together.

Notes: Jaime is clean shaven in the vigil pic because I was sure Cersei had him cut his beard at the end of ASoS, but it actually doesn't happen (which pleases me beause I like bearded!Jaime more, but that's just me). Unfortunately natural media doesn't have any ctrl+z, so the evidence of my lack of attention is there to see for the posterity.

You can get an idea of the actual size of these (7x7 cm) here.
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I'm laughing because Jaime refuses to be Hand and he has no hand in the photo XD These are really good art for the chapters. I think the art style is well-suited for the books. :)
Narvalune's avatar
You really nailed almost all characters... Kevan, Genna, Brynden, young Tywin... Great work !
BleachmyNARUTO's avatar
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! I love you! Your style is perfect!! OMG, whyyyyy?? These are so well-developed!! Only thing: I do believe that Cercei would have been a bit older when Tywin told her that she was engaged to Rhaegar.
elalendi's avatar
i love how you drew Brienne. I actually think she's quite beautiful in these!! Love your choice of watercolor, it makes me feel like I'm reading a storybook
dark-precipice's avatar
This is so epic!! :la:
LegendarySidekick's avatar
Just finished the book a couple weeks ago. Yeah, I was bummed about Brienne's last scene!
Lamastok's avatar
I approve of the beard :3 And you still can't draw Brienne ugly for some reason xD Otherwise, this is awesome.
Gimpyslair's avatar
Does Brienne dies at VIII? Man, I really should read these books when I have the chance! (am I glad to learn that he keeps his beard)
HeartGold12's avatar
YES. Finally who someone doesn't take Brienne's looks overboard and makes her into an ogre or something - I salute you!
dracophillia's avatar
All the pictures are wonderful...I especially like the last picture of Brienne. You didn't try to "prettifier"  her. She looks like how she'd described in the books. She's not pretty, but that's okay...she is who she is. You've done a great job.
Taurauthiel's avatar
Whoo! Trekking with Septon Meribald! :dance:
Person779's avatar
This is amazing :D. I love it so much
Centauri-Works's avatar
Love it !
Simply amazing :D
Joellyne's avatar
I really like the way you draw Brienne.
katkarasininen's avatar
omggg jaime & brienne <33 adoore it :D
gunnar-santos's avatar
Damnit, seeing this just makes me want to ask you to make an illustration for each POV in the book. I would seriously print and put them in the book. If I had the money I would pay you for that. hahaha Fantastic job.
Very fine illustrations.
Should be in the book.
NightOfMoon's avatar
These sketches are amazing! So full of life and realistic!
Elenai's avatar
This is beautiful.. I thik I like Brienne IV and Jaime VI the best. I really love the chapters about JAime and Brienne. Sucha an unlikely match and yet, and yet.. ;)
ToxiqueRose's avatar
Jaime did have a shave, just before Tywins death. It is mentionned when he put on his Kingsguard uniform for the first time since the war.
Daynes's avatar
So beautiful ^^
Giocondablu's avatar
Li shippavo TT.TT
Pojypojy's avatar
io li shippo ancora se è per quello XD
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