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Jaime and Brienne: AFfC



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And obviously, SPOILERS for A Song of Ice and Fire: A Feast for Crows (and therefore for HBO's Game of Thrones).

Some time ago at the jaimexbrienne lj comm we had an AFfC reread that focused on - duh! - Jaime and Brienne, which included all their chapters plus a couple of Cersei ones. I made headers illustrating each chapter, so here they are all together.

Notes: Jaime is clean shaven in the vigil pic because I was sure Cersei had him cut his beard at the end of ASoS, but it actually doesn't happen (which pleases me beause I like bearded!Jaime more, but that's just me). Unfortunately natural media doesn't have any ctrl+z, so the evidence of my lack of attention is there to see for the posterity.

You can get an idea of the actual size of these (7x7 cm) here.
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I'm laughing because Jaime refuses to be Hand and he has no hand in the photo XD These are really good art for the chapters. I think the art style is well-suited for the books. :)