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Cersei and Tommen cuddle
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Published: December 27, 2011
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Cersei smooching Tommen and squeezing him hard. Come on, you know she did it, such is the power of Tommen's cuddliness.

I wouldn't normally bother posting a random sketch like this on Deviant, but I've seen it pop up uncredited on tumblr multiple times - probably as a repost from livejournal, where my art is mostly locked - and while the op has since updated the post with credit, the uncredited version still goes around, and... I really shouldn't be bothered, but credit/recognition is the main currency in fandom, so yeah, here I am publicly reappropriating this sketch ;) of course, since it's loose and anatomically inaccurate and made in five minutes it's getting an awful lot of notes for my standards. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Moral of the story: guys, give credit where credit is due! It costs nothing but it means a lot! /steps off soapbox

Character bashing in the comments will not be tolerated. Be a lover, not a hater!
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This is the most precious anything, ever.
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xjacksxsadxlifexHobbyist General Artist
Its her only redeeming quality, that and her cheekbones.
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Tommen is a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world. Varys will try to kill him for the plan only to stop because he's so adorable he can't go through with it
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bunnywithmonocleHobbyist Digital Artist
I was going to say how cute this picture was... but then I heard the story 8(
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The-Last-PhantomProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome artwork!!

Loud House - Leni is like totes adorable 
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EricVonSchweetzHobbyist Digital Artist
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LadySionisHobbyist Writer
i miss tommen so much.onion sad i mean, despite the fact that he's basically the product of a brother and a sister....you know...Taiga Aisaka (Melt) [V1] ...i really loved that adorable kid!...such a shame his mother drove him to suicide.
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That was her one good side but now that her children are dead, she's all bad.
Red-Jirachi-2's avatar
Happy mother-aunt day
Whitebeard77's avatar
almost makes me forget what a monster she is
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ObsidianPyreProfessional General Artist
Still one of my favorite Cersei fanarts ever. :heart:
LionheartYellow's avatar
Pretty, pretty, sooooooooo cute! I loved so much this image, that I made a bookmark (Can I?)
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Miko835Student Writer
Cersei: *thinks about power and all*

Tommen: *defeats all with his powers of cuteness and cuddliness!*

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why is Tommen wearing a star trek uniform?
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maizicourtStudent Photographer
I'm crying so much reading AFFC was so hard because Cersei was becoming sympathetic and we got to see her downfall and it was sO FRUSTRATING I JUST WANT TO CRY WITH HOW MUCH I WISH SHE HAD THE CHANCE/CHARACTER TO BE A GOOD MOM
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Cersei is pretty youthful, but the art is amazing!
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Her only truly good son.
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You know, I sometimes wonder about Cersei loving her children. She definitely loved Joffrey! And I know she wanted them save...so in a way she probably did. But later she just gets totally mad in my eyes. She treats Tommen like she wants him to be Joffrey, but he can't, because he isn't like him (luckily), so she is disappointed. During this time she only uses him to rule and doesn't think much about Tommen's happiness...only deceiving herself, when thinking something different.

But anyway, it's a really really beautifull picture! Tommen looks realy cute and cuddly.^^ And it looks a bit as if he's wearing a Star Trek Uniform like Captain kirk :-D
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I think that she loves her children, but she loves herself more. And she wants to live the life that she feels she was robed of when she was born as a girl through her boys.
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