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Brienne frowns on your BS
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Published: November 23, 2010
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Just a very quick, doodl-y thing made in Opencanvas and Photoshop. Yeah, Brienne is all shy and awkward et cetera, but I wouldn't really want to be her opponent in combat.

Anyway I just wanted to say I love Brienne.
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I LOVE this version of her! The angle is perfect, and I love seeing her from a different perspective than beneath ;P
But Brienne IS one of the best characters, full stop, and I love this image of her. I adore her design in this piece and find that it is SO true to the description of her in the books.
She IS actually quite beautiful here, which probably has more to do with her expression and her pose; shy and awkward she might be, but I LOVE her being the sure and noble knight she can be, and this piece really emphasises this special trait of hers. 
This is such a perfect picture, and I am SO happy to have seen it!
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Saika-VulcanoidHobbyist Digital Artist
I like your version of her. She and Jaime are one of my top favorite characters. Love the look you gave her, really intimidating and her hair combed backwards, really fits. 10/10
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You made her awesome without 'prettifying' her in the least. Thank you.
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Wow that`s so much alike how I imagined her. Awesome work!
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I really like this! The angles are interesting! Great colors!
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Thank you!
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'Brienne frowns on your BS' Jaime. Lol. :D
I love how she actually is too. Ah, she's fantastic.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
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She is a beatiful dyke, isnt she?
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Well, she is pretty butch (understatement of the year) and pursues what her culture deems a "male" goal but her sexual orientation seems undoubtedly straight to me...? :confused:
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She is a dyke for me haha
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
I dunno, in the books she only ever crushed on guys so I'm taking that as evidence - but whatever floats your boat!
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You are right! She was in love with Renly.
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In love with Renly and, by all appearances, Jaime!
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HAHAH ow yeah!
But she´s right, Jaime is sooo handsome!
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Jaime Lannister is one sexy, sexy misanthropic bastard.
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She DOES frown on your BS.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Indeed she does!
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I love her character too, but I've always thought she had brown hair ! And I kind of imagined her more ... ugly.
Anyway, I love the fact that you still draw the characters as you imagined them. This is the bad side of tv shows, it makes you forget how you used to imagine characters and places.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Hee, I guess I just can't bring myself to draw Brienne to be really really hideous because I like her so much XD Though as long as she gets the broken nose, buck teeth, puffy lips, big blue eyes, blonde straw-colored hair and freckles (I admit I often leave out the freckles, but that's the sort of detail that's hard to fit with a relatively stylized style like mine) that's fine per GRRM's description XD

(Re: influence from the tv show, I just tend to see the two things as separate entities for the most part. It helps that in my opinion a lot of the tv characterizations are - for better or for worse - at least slightly different from their book counterpart, so that helps me not to get the two versions mixed up, I guess.)
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Etain-McCloudHobbyist Writer
I really dig the pov here. I also really like the very slight hint of feminineness here.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Thanks :)
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I love Brienne too.

Fin :D
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
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