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ADWD SPOILER: good company
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Published: August 20, 2011
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One thing has to be said for Tyrion in this book, he had interesting traveling companions.

Griff and Young Griff (pen, copics, photoshop) and Penny (photoshop)
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black-wolf-devilHobbyist Writer
Your "Griff" is exactly how I imagined him, awesome!
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I LOVE PENNY! You drew her beautifully!
I liked how the taught Tyrion some humility. Yeah he has had it bad but damn he liked to sulk about it up until he learned how his life COULD have been as a low born dwarf!
I hope sincerely that he will grow from these travels and kick some ass! :D
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I don't see the problem people have with Penny. I thought she was sweet. =P

As for the Griffs...Smells too funny for me.
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sashakisloHobbyist Artist
and where the beard?
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Oh, that is the most endearing picture of Penny I've ever seen. It's a shame she's not depicted more often in fan art and illustrations, but you did a really good job with her. In a saga that's packed with tragic life stories, for me, Penny's takes the cake! Also, by the standards of any culture, I think her character would elicit the most empathy from the audience. I mean, a young girl in distress is bad enough, but a young girl who recently lost her last remaining family member and whose only friends in the entire world are a pig and a dog, and then she's a dwarf on top of that... Cheesh! Martin didn't pull any punches when it came to this character, it was physically painful to read the chapters she was in, and they made me cry so many times! I think you captured the feel of this character beautifully, I just about managed to retain my composure and not start blubbing like a baby when i saw it...
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Penny and Tyrion are so cute! Sure they got off on the wrong foot, but long lost dwarf companions? Fascinating canon!
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Thank you!
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OrusStudent Digital Artist
Really good work, in speacial Penny!
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Thank you!
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your artwork was featured here: [link]
i just got to the part in ADWD where young griff's identity is revealed!
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Now THAT was a reveal, wasn't it! Thanks for the feature(s)!
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I really like your style and I am glad to see fanart of Penny. I literally cried reading about her, which surprised me.
Pretty Pig and Crunch ;(

As for young Griff, I think he is Aegon even if sometimes I have my doubts. Dany can't ride all three dragons.
In my head canon I see Dany, Jon, and Aegon each flying a dragon. *crossing fingers that this happens*
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Yeah, I just want to give Penny a hug, haters to the left! She's so sweet D:

Hehe, right now, my preferred outcome would be for Aegon *not* to be a real Targaryen if he ends up on the throne - I would love for ASoIaF's endgame to be "guess what, blood and birthright actually don't matter".
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That's how it may be in the end, I see that as a reasonable & awesome outcome.
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But this is A Song of Ice and Fire. ANYONE could win the throne in the end. My guess is that of the three (probably) Targaryens, at least one of them is gonna die before the end. Well, for Jon it'd be dying AGAIN, since my personal take on his last ADWD chapter is that he is both DEFINITELY dead and DEFINITELY coming back. Melisandre is not done with him yet, I think.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Hehehe, my pleasure!
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This is so adorable <3
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
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It's only missing Pretty Pig and Crunch! Gorgeous, but Penny makes me so sad. <3
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
Yeeeaah, I just want to hug that girl and tell her that everything will be okay D:
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I loved Penny. She was so adorable.
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PojypojyProfessional General Artist
I liked her a lot too!
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trishna87Hobbyist Digital Artist

He would be older than Dany wouldn't he.. Dany was born in Pentos or somewhere across the sea right? Young Griff had already been born and around in Westeros.. hmm.
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