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PoizonMyst Scifi Fanatic devID
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New deviantID ... for when I'm feeling in a sci-fi mood ... and to promote my group #Scifi-Fanatics :groups: A community for fanatics of Science Fiction Movies & TV Shows!

It's a portrait from shore leave because I'd never be allowed on duty on a starship with hair like that! :giggle:

Please join us at
:iconflyingsauserplz:  :iconscifi-fanatics:  :iconflyingsauserplz:
We would love to see you there!

:groups: :community: :groups:

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:

:star: :star: :spotlight-left: COMPETITION :spotlight-right: :star: :star:

There are a total of TWENTY (20) distinctly different science fiction tv and movie franchises represented here. Can you find them all?

By leaving a comment below, the FIRST (1st) person to name all 20 scifi titles correctly will receive 50 points, in addition to being credited for their effort here and in my #Scifi-Fanatics promotional journal feature. :toocool:

:below: Conditions :below:

:pointr: Entry is open to any member of deviantART, except family of *PoizonMyst.
:pointr: You can enter as many times as you like. :typerhappy:
:pointr: You can only list 20 tv shows/movies per entry. :twenty:
:pointr: You may name/describe the character/symbol represented, but you MUST name the tv show/movie franchise to which they belong.
:pointr: You may work together, but the prize will be awarded to the person with the first comment listing all 20 tv/movie titles correctly. :trophy:
:pointr: The contest will remain open until I decide to set a closing date, or until someone wins (whichever occurs first).
:pointr: Ultimately, *PoizonMyst's decision on the winning entry is final and no further correspondence will be entered into. :bonk:

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:

BTW, if you are feeling generous and would like to donate points towards dazzling prizes for inspirational competitions at #Scifi-Fanatics, please head on over to ~Scifi-Fans. Thanks!

  Donations for             can be made at   

:iconscifi-fanatics:    :iconscifi-fans:     :abduction:

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Created with a mouse (my wacom's broke) and Pixarra's Twisted Brush Open Studio (free version - no additional brushes).

Digital watercolour painting of my old devID. Painted the shirt and jacket on different layers so that I could also make an everyday ID with different clothes.
Using masks, numerous layers, and endless filters, I combined several symbols and popular images representing some of my favourite scifi movies and tv shows, placing the painting of myself amoungst them. :nerd:

This is a work of Fanart and no infringement on copyright is intended. All characters are copyright their respective rights holders.
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attaturk5|Student Digital Artist
i see doctor who stargate,riddick lost 12 monkeys the day after, the terminator, serenity, 2001 a space odyessy, torchwood, push, matrix, dune? farscape, terminator Sarah Connor chronicles, the future is wild, star trek, back to the future, Deus Ex and Gattaca.

would you tell me if any of these is right i think they are however
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Wow, first time anyone has even attempted this! :woohoo: You got 11 correct out of a possible 20. That's very well done - it's pretty hard.


Here's what you've got right so far ...
I've included links to images so that people can see how each one has been represented)

1. Doctor Who/Torchwood (Counts as 1) [link]
2. Stargate (franchise Counts as 1) [link]
3. Chronicles of Riddick/Pitch Black (Counts as 1) [link]
4. Lost [link]
5. 12 Monkeys [link]
6. The Terminator/Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles (franchise Counts as 1) [link]
7. Serenity/Firefly (Counts as 1) [link]
8. 2001 A Space Odyssey/and Sequels (Counts as 1) [link]
9. Matrix/and Sequels (Counts as 1) [link]
10. Star Trek (franchise Counts as 1) [link] [link]
11. Back to the Future/and Sequels (Counts as 1) [link]

That means there's still 9 more to identify. Good luck! :D

Hint: There are no computer games or documentaries in the montage (unless one has been made from the movie or tv show represented.) Also, as you see above, sequels and franchises count as 1.

And BTW ...
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attaturk5|Student Digital Artist
Solaris and The Road Warrior?
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JezahnaART| Digital Artist
oh oh, I know! but I can not enter.
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