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Windows 7 - Metro UI Revamped

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This is a replacement to the original windows 7 login screen.

NEW: Lots of bug fixes and new resources.

1. Install it at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage caused by crashing of the PC.
2. This should work with Windows 7 SP1 for both 32bit and 64bit systems.
3. This Login Screen is only compatible with English version of Windows 7. Other language MAY crash the system.
4. Make sure that your user account has administrative privilege so that you may be able to replace the system files.
5. Check if your operating system is 32bit or 64bit. For that matter, refer goo.gl/KNlqri

1. Save all your work in case your computer crashes.
2. Install "InstallTakeOwnership.reg".
3. Open Explorer and in addressbar type %windir%\system32 and press ENTER.
5. Look for "authui.dll", right click on it and choose Take Ownership.
7. Make a backup of the file by renaming it to "authui.dll.bak".
8. Choose your preferred authui.dll file and copy it to your system32 folder.
9. Test the login screen by pressing "Ctrl + Alt + Del" or "Win + L" or by simply logging off.

1. This is the final version of this Login UI and I do not intend to fix any more bugs.
2. Recovery instructions included in ReadME.txt
3. Background used in preview - Dark Metro Wallpaper Pack
4. You may include this work to any of your projects after due credit mentioned.
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Where did the Konata version go? I used to have that, but I just reformatted and want to use it againnnn
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Heres the link to the old one without the bugfixes. I might make a new pack with more anime characters later.
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I installed this, and it worked! But after I tried to replace the background, the new password box disappeared, along with the boxes that house the CTRL+ALT+DELETE options. Help!
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QuEnSiTyHobbyist Digital Artist
so i use it and its nice , but.....
never had such problem with my computer by this fucking authui.dll

thought i have to get a new hdd ... shit.
Now i get it but hardcore .:D
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TravTheDogDemonHobbyist General Artist
it said something about cant find security options when i pressed ctrl alt del   :(
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royalframe89Hobbyist Artist
i try but didnt change the login screen picture HELP!
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Copy first then rename because if you rename first you don't get administrator permission  and can't change anything.
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I know its a bug which occurs in computer with one or two accounts, I'm trying to fix it..
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how can i change the background?
just change the log-in option
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I got black screen problem rite after using automatic method :-? I can't even do step 2 of ur solution :-? now I'm restoring to the latest backup
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yunkaerphotographicHobbyist Digital Artist
glad i found this
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Just had a question, how would I edit the file to change the width of the boarder window of the login screen? I liked the look of your previous version which has the wider boarders.

Cheers :)
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TakuTag General Artist
Does it accept other languages?
vanrox's avatar
Very good thanks!!!!!!
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FoxxelStudent Digital Artist
Didn't get it to work the first time doing it automatically; but I was able to restore my system (thank god I set that up) and I tried manually.
Works manually with no problems other than the wallpaper not going up but I found a tool to get that up and it's all working fine.
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WOW, just installed this and it's awesome! Thanks!
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Did not get black screen, just nothing happened lol. Ran as Admin...nothing. Install .bat nothing. Win7 Ultimate. Did it manually, nothing. but ctrl+alt+dlt showed colors but on logon theres no change no metro ui. Any suggestions?
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amareashirahuStudent Artist
Got Black Screen and try did this " 5. Finally Select the Command Prompt option and type this:
cd %windir%system32
del authui.dll
ren authui.dll.bak authui.dll "

But it's still not working :(

What the solution ??
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Did you make a backup before installing it?
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Please anyone can give another link for this theme... because Download link provided is blocked in India..
please help
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Damn DoT getting butthurt from adf.ly which is a perfectly legal site. the furious kid  
Anyways, I have added another link in the file.
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I used Se7en File Replacer to this cause I run that thing administrator and it fuck my computer up so I'll do things manually some here on out  
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Just a glitch I saw. When you're connected to a network domain and you win-L to lock, the text that says to press control-alt-delete is covered by the white box instead of being on top of it.
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