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Windows 7 - Metro UI Original

This is a replacement to the original windows 7 login screen.

NEW: Lots of bug fixes and new resources. 

1. Install it at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage caused by crashing of the PC.
2. This should work with Windows 7 SP1 for both 32bit and 64bit systems.
3. This Login Screen is only compatible with English version of Windows 7. Other language MAY crash the system.
4. Make sure that your user account has administrative privilege so that you may be able to replace the system files.
5. Check if your operating system is 32bit or 64bit. For that matter, refer

1. Save all your work in case your computer crashes.
2. Install "InstallTakeOwnership.reg".
3. Open Explorer and in addressbar type %windir%\system32 and press ENTER.
5. Look for "authui.dll", right click on it and choose Take Ownership.
7. Make a backup of the file by renaming it to "authui.dll.bak".
8. Choose your preferred authui.dll file and copy it to your system32 folder.
9. Test the login screen by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del / Alt + Win or by simply logging off.

1. This is the final version of this Login UI and I do not intend to fix any more bugs.
2. Recovery instructions included in ReadME.txt
3. Background used in preview - PUREMINAL (original author ~thetimeloop took down the wallpaper)
4. You may include this work to any of your projects after due credit mentioned.
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Windows longhorn: lefts the chat

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witch program do u use to make this UI? I want to make some changes
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UI materials were changed by resource hacker. Other positional tweaks were done in XML.
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simple... PERFECT !
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OK So I am not sure if it was this login or another one that gave me a black screen at startup so now I can not access my computer but can anybody suggest a way to fix it?

I know all i need to do it change authui.dll back to what it was originally (I still have the old file in sys32) but I cant get to that because of the black screen. 

1: Tried booting a linux iso off a usb which failed. If anybody can suggest a lightweight OS capable of accessing the computer files please reply.

2: Tried attempting to remove the hard drive. Cant undo all the mounting screws holding the hard drive in place as i cant get to the back ones. and the back panel is locked with that stupid star screw.

3: Haven't tried repairing it because when I went to look for some sort of repair option there was none.

If you can help me please help.
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Here are the steps to take for starting the Recovery Console from the F8 boot menu:
  1. Restart the computer.
  2. After the start-up message appears, press the F8 key. ...
  3. Choose the option Repair Your Computer. ...
  4. Click the Next button. ...
  5. Choose your username. ...
  6. Type your password and click OK. ...
  7. Choose the option Command Prompt.
Now, if you have made a backup to the file, just navigate to your system drive using CD command (assuming C: is your system drive, first type C: and press enter to change the drive, then type cd windows\system32).
Then type ren authui.dll authui.dll.bad or if you are sure backup exists, del authui.dll
Now type ren authui.dll.bak authui.dll
This should solve the problem.

If you didn't make backup, run sfc /SCANFILE="C:\windows\system32\authui.dll" which should solve your problem.
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F8 didnt work on my computer because the bios wanted its own command to be run with F8 (you can select boot drives but thats about it. 
Managed to fix it with a windows 7 iso in the end and just went back to my last restore point.
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Do you think that it's possible to make it work with 7tsp? it can be more easy to install, 7tsp make all the process automatic (with windows restart at the end), but I think that some parameters are needed…

Well I will try this ; )

Thanks for sharing it's nice.
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It works with 7tsp but deviantArt doesn't allow any executable files, so I only included the bare minimum dlls.
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Okay, thanks : )
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what happen if the system is in another language like Spanish? and works on 64bit?
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You may try but take a backup before you do so. 
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how do you fix the issue where you cant replace any of the files because its open in windows explorer ? 
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use a software like se7en file replacer..
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i want only n only this logon can i get? help??

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Just replace the authui.dll with the new one.
You may need to install InstallTakeOwnership.reg. Just double-click on it.
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Hey! Can u help me? I download this, do everything like in instruction but my logon screen is the same, what can i do? One time i check this by deleting authui, it's don't recover because i've got black screen. I have 32bit system, please help me :) !
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I already added this as my Log on screen. But when i restart my pc, my logon image would be always default image of Win.7 . After i log on to desktop, by Locking and Log off the pc metro Chosen image is their. When i shutdown my pc and restarting it chosen image by me won't work. NEED HELP PLzzz CURSE YOU!
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it's "working" now but it take so much time to start at least on the first run (hope it's just that) i didn't know what i did to make it work for me

still it's outstanding

thank you very much, poiznxx
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i cant make it work, in x64 you have to change both authui.dll?

still i did that and it didnt work, still i didnt test using one of my images for bg
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can you add the lock on feature on the logon screen
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This is so beautiful. *_*
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I was installing something like this and I fuck my computer up, when ever I patch my computer manually I always take a risk. now my mother computer fucked up too because she needs a new harddrive so Imma install Windows 8 and see what happens
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Nice UI great Concept :)
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