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A Helghast going nuts with a Sta-52 LAR :noes:

I showed this to a few people without telling them what it was and they really had no clue what it could've been. I know it's pretty hard to figure out, but it really is supposed to be like that.
The game, Killzone 2 is pretty dark and you may even find yourself emptying a whole clip into a friendly's face because even though they look nothing like the enemy it's hard to tell at first!

But yep.
I love this game. So much.
It was quite surprising that there were no emotes for this! D:

I hope you all like it as much as I do! I'll be using this often (I'll add it as :helghast: for dAmn-use) :D
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i love this oh my god
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I'm glad you do!
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Knew it...recognized the glowing eyes and the gun design right away
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I'm personally an ISA fan...though it gets hard to use their weapons since ammo is much less common for ISA weapons...
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I always liked the secondary fire that came with the Helghast weapons. It's been so long so I don't remember what it was like in 2/3 but in Killzone 1 that rifle was all I ever used
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Though the ISA rifle (basicly a Bullpup ZM LR-300) has the advantage of a grenade launcher and...(maybe) faster reloads
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On the map I loved I think you could only get the grenades for the launcher at one location which seemed a little dangerous. You could get secondary ammo pretty easily as helghast.
My memory is a bit weird so I'm not sure if I'm even remembering it right. PS2 days x.x
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Was more usable in later installments of the series....
Plus playing as Lugar in the first game gave you her supressed Spec-Ops version of the gun I think
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Helghast troop:SHOOT THE BAD GUY!!!

I think thats what he is saying.
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Love the title, its a nice inside joke for killzone vets XD
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YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What?....a little too weird?
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More like unexpected :lol:
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Could you make more Killzone related icons please? Just out of curiosity that's all.
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I'll give it a go. I'm a bit rusty, though so it might take a while ^^;
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Take as long as you want sir or madam.
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I kill friendlies for their ammo. Love it!
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