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Two to the one from the one to the three I like good pussy and i like good trees Smoke so much weed you wouldn't believe And i get more...

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Just a guy who's a writer for fun.

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A Halloween Smash (NOT MY ART)
Yeah, another Halloween pic. I've got like, two more of these, and I'm gonna post them eventually

Aah, yes, Halloween! A night all about candy, companionship, and most importantly, costumes! And this year, after the absolute amazingness that was My Hero Academia Season 3, I decided to dress as my favorite character introduced this season, Camie Utsushimi. 

But then this crazy bunny girl found me, gave me some kisses with her weird lipstick that just made me a happy, giggly mess, before suddenly expanding her ass and smashing me into a wall! She must think I'm some kinda villain... Even though the character I'm dressed as is canonically a hero... I think I'm gonna be here for a while.

This awesome art was drawn by Squiddy62 on FurAffinity…

The bunny girl, Blow-Up Doll, also belongs to Squiddy62

Nick's costume is Camie Utsushime from My Hero Academia…
Halloween Hips (NOT MY ART)
Yes, I know it's past Christmas now, but I still have Halloween things I wanna post and not wait for next year, nyeh

"Oh, hello there! Hehehe... So, you probably came here expecting some candy, right? Unfortunately, I got kinda bored waiting for anyone to come by, so I couldn't help but dig in myself! And this stuff is so damn addictive~" 

"Hmm? What are you staring at there... Oh! Must be this ass of mine, right? Yeah, sugary treats like these tend to go right to my hips. It's a shame that my costume got a bit torn, but you don't really seem to mind. Got a nice view, huh~?"

"Come on, go ahead and dig in! ...Oh, did you think I was talking about the candy? Nah, don't be shy, cutie~"

Amazing artwork done by KingOfAcesX…

Nick's costume is Camie Utsushimi from My Hero Academia, rocking the most impractical boots in anime history.…
Schooltime Smooches (NOT MY ART)
So, this title probably seems familiar to some of you. Well. as a quick refresher of what happened, I was discussing possible future commissions with JAMEArts a few months ago, and he liked one of the ideas so much that he made a sketch for it, and I ended up writing a story based on that sketch. That story, of course, can be found here.…

Anyways, later on, JAMEArts decided that he wanted to fully finish the drawing, and thus, here it is! And I couldn't be happier with the result~ It's not often I get art of Nick on top, but it's always nice to have.  

Again, this drawing was done by :iconjamearts: JAMEArts, he's a really cool dude and a awesome artist, go show him some love!
Skunk Cat Mime (NOT MY ART)
Would you go to a restaurant of you knew that the food and drinks there were cursed to cause some crazy kinky thing to happen to you? Most people would probably say no, given that the effects could have some crazy negative effects, like turning you into stone or swelling you up to insane proportions! However, if you know the right thing to order, and have the right fetishes, you could easily turn this place into a regular hangout spot for when you're in a certain mood. 

That's my relationship with the Chateau de Tea-Eff in downtown Magnolia. This place has all kinds of different foods, each one boasting a unique kinky side effect that lasts 24 hours. The chicken wings will make you sprout feathers and a beak, the pizza will turn you into a living blob of cheese, and the chocolate milk will make you into a chocolate-spraying cow! But the one item on the menu that has caught my eye was their signature cookies and creme milkshake.

This milkshake is a very special one that has a few properties that make it a bit more distinct from some of the other ones. Firstly, this one doesn't make any kind of changes to your body's shape or composition. Instead, it only changes up what you're wearing. For example, take my normal casual outfit, a purple T-shirt and grey sweatpants. After one sip of the milkshake, my shirt's plain purple transforms into a monochrome stripe pattern. My sweatpants become black and tighten up, changing from their cotton material to denim (albeit still relatively soft denim). And to complete the ensemble, it also provides some black suspenders and a purple beret that complements my fur nicely~

Secondly, this drink provides the user with a free makeover! Upon the second sip, I can feel the enchantment taking effect, a nice, thick later of white foundation covers my face, as well as some black eyeliner and glossy purple lipstick. I give my lips a satisfactory smack, then giggle before going for the third sip.

And the third thing this drink does is truly show the drinker what being a mime is like. After taking the third sip, my entire body feels a slight chill, and when I take my mouth off the straw to sigh, only for no noise to come from my mouth. And with that, I know the spell is complete. I can't make a single noise anymore, vocally or with my body. It's a little jarring at first, not being able to speak, not even hearing my own footsteps as I walk. But once I adjust, I just find something so... wonderful about being stuck silent, as an adorable little mime.
Yeah, this is a bit of a less kinky pic this time around. I'm... pretty sure I talked about mimes before in a Status update, but for those who didn't see that (or in case I'm remembering something wrong), I find mimes really interesting. The idea of being completely silent is... I dunno why, I just find that to be really cool. Plus, lots of kinky potential with mimes, though that's something for another day. So I decided to get some mime transformation artwork of Nick! Hope you like it! 

Awesome art done by RileySerenity on FA…
Loading... Just a reminder, I have a Twitter. I mostly just post recordings from my Switch games and retweet stupid memes, but I always appreciate new followers. 
It is now midnight in Georgia, so it is officially 2019! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
So, after getting the Switch ports of the Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, I feel like making reviews of them, or something to that effect. I absolutely loathe playing through Bayonetta, but Bayonetta 2 is my favorite game of all time. 
Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow. I'm probably not going to be on much at all tomorrow, so I'm saying this today. 
If Bayonetta put on the Super Crown, would her name be Bayonettaette, Bayonette, or Peachonetta? Just a reminder, my Curious Cat is a thing, feel free to ask me or my characters any questions you have.

Got me one of these now. If you wanna ask me a question, go ahead. Or you can direct a question to one of my characters, and I can answer it in character.

EDIT: Okay, I've already gotten two questions about this, so I think I'm just gonna make this clear: Don't ask me to RP. That isn't what I meant for this to be for. I've blacklisted the words RP and Roleplay, so don't bother trying to ask for those. 
  • Listening to: Amalee's Rock cover of "Lifelight"
  • Watching: Sorrow TV
  • Playing: Smash Ultimate
  • Drinking: Water


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