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stream doodles

Thank you everyone who hung out with me on the Join.Me! I had a blast, and I hope you did too. I raffled off some sketchy doodles, so here we go-- from the top:
delirium-pony, lyremont, nocturnalowlet, BailanduSilueta, and aenemoni

Sidenote: These are JM doodles--and are not examples of my bust commissions :D 
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mockingale's avatar
these little portraits have so much character and personality and colour and love jammed into them, they are phenomenal (just like you) :heart:
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
thank you!! :D That's so kind of you to say ♥♥
All-the-freeks's avatar
Fancy unicorns make me happy
lyremont's avatar
:heart: thank you so much for doodling Thaleia! also sorry i randomly poofed, i fell asleep with jm still running XD
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
You're so welcome!!
No worries, yo! Thank you for hanging out with me :D
delirium-pony's avatar
Ahh Evie looks so pretty!! Thanks again for this, they all turned out amazing!
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
You're so welcome!! Thank you for hanging out! ♥
mag--studios's avatar
They turned out soooooo great!
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
I'm so glad you think so! :D
Tarro948's avatar
Woah that's beautiful
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
whisperinghoof's avatar
you are a goddess ok
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
lol no wayy
also your icon is AMAZING! :o
whisperinghoof's avatar
uhm yes wayyy
ahhhh, thank you so much! :heart:
PRIZRAKxx's avatar
Your art is always so amazing, I love these so much 
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
oh, thank you so much! :D That is so kind of you to say!
bailuu's avatar
I am so in love with these :') thankyou so much :heart:
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
you're so welcome!! I'm happy that you like it! ♥
erasvita's avatar
they all turned out so good <3 esp my boy ahhhhh tytyty
this was so much fun to watch ;u;
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
thank you!! Thank you for hanging out with me, I had a blast! :D
FINTRON's avatar
i love how these look almost watercolored like? :heart:
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
thank you! ♥♥
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