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Ah! I forgot two links. For the hair, I would suggest  TUTORIAL, PAINTING HAIR by lunarblues Horse Hair Tutorial by i-mi
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hey darling!

I'm here on behalf of equinspiration, as you requested a critique. I will try by best to be clear, but if you don't understand a point I make please just ask me to clarify!
[also ignore the star rating, please. It really is not important nor did I accurately rate this (:! ]

I'm going to be 100% honest here and say that your composition could be much better. Never fear, however. Composition is a wonderfully easy thing to learn. In essence, in most cases you would not want your subject smack-dab in the center of the image. It makes it...less interesting to look at. I would suggest that you take a look atthis tutorial. this one also, is pretty wonderful. I promise, that if you study composition tutorials and you take a look at successful photography/manipulations, you'll see how much composition has an impact on something. (: Once you're aware of that, you'll find that you'll tend to make good composition choices.

color balance

This one is a bit tough. In this image, I would say that it's missing quite a bit.On the horses tummy, it should have been reflecting some greens and greys. I am going to point you toward another tutorial, because they are written by people who can explain things better than I. Esveeka wrote this tutorial out, and I find it amazingly helpful. In the end, I would suggest grabbing a few colors from the horses environment and painting on the horse with a soft brush, low opacity, and softlight/overlay layer settings. I bet you'll see some big differences.

lighting and contrast

These two beasts can honestly make or break a manipulation. You should always keep these two in mind when you are manipulating. For instance, given the dark shadow under the horse, the horses stomach should also be quite dark. And the top of it rather light. No drastic lighting mind you, but diffuse lighting. [it would be a bit diffused due to the mist] I drew a little graphic here to illustrate my point. Blue is shadow and yellow is light. [I used a black for the shadow and a blue taken from your sky for the light]

Annd on to contrast. Contrast is the intensity of an image. A lot contrast image would be like this and a high contrast image like this. The difference is very apparent. If you look at your background, you'll see that it has a pretty high contrast. However, when you look at the horse, it has a very low contrast. These two elements don't really work together when you are trying to create a cohesive manipulation. I'm sure that there are instances when this does, but generally, you would want the contrasts to match. This is easily remedied by going to the adjustments panel, and then onto 'brightness/contrast'.


Hair...oh man. I find hair so hard. To be honest, I would say that you could work a bit more at the hair on this, if you so chose. I think that it could be a lot more 'flowy' and loose looking. I would suggest this and this tutorial, if you're somewhat lost. As well as those, also remember that hair a) reflects it's environment as any object and b) carries contrast just as much as the subject and c) it has highlights/lowlights/shadows. In this image, personally I would have grabbed a bigger brush and started with a barely-lighter-than-black grey, and stroked in where the main light would be. Then, I would use barely-lighter colors with increasingly small brush size until you have the body of the hair. It's not hard, it just takes practice. (: I'm afraid painting hair isn't really something that can effectively be taught. More, it's trial and error.

I hope I helped in some way <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/h/h…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="357" title="Heart"/>

Also, applying a few of these points, I made this: clicky!
You can't choose what stays
thank you so much for your critique!!
I have taken you suggestions and messed with the journal a bit. Would you say that it as improved some? (:

thank you again! :tighthug:
[and your english is very good!]
I never replied to this, and for that I am so so so so sorry. I appreciate your kind words and thoughts so much! They really mean the world and I just feel awful that I've been so unforgivably slow to thank you. You've made some wonderful points, and you're totally right. I didn't consider perspective in this one really, and I messed up hehe.
You're wonderful ♥
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