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Spellsinger - Pog

This is my version of Pog the bat from Alan Dean Fosters novel Spellsinger.

Here is what Wikipedia says about him:
Pog is Clothahump's first famulus. He has no respect for Clothahump's powers and often directs derisory remarks at him. He indentured himself into service with Clothahump as he wished to attract the attentions of a female peregrine falcon and wanted to make himself more attractive. Clothahump has the means to transform him into a more pleasing form, but ultimately it is his friendship with Jon-Tom that see's his dreams realised.. though not in a way anyone expected.

Here you can find all characters in single pictures:
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Talea: [link]
Jon-Tom: [link]
Clothahump: [link]
Flor: [link]
Caz: [link]
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Pog was so much fun. I like the details of his jewelry and satchel, but some of the smaller lines, like whatever's in his mouth, and the distinction in his wings are hard to see thanks to the dark colors. I can still see the 'tude in his face, though, and I like that. Not bad overall.