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Spellsinger - Jon-Tom

This is my version of Jon-Tom from Alan Dean Fosters novel Spellsinger.

Here is what Wikipedia says about him:
Jonathan Thomas Meriweather, called 'Jon-Tom' is a student in law at UCLA who is pulled through to this world from Earth by the wizard Clothahump. Since Jon-Tom was high on hallucinogenic drugs at the time, he initially believes that he is dreaming. This belief is soon dispelled when Mudge the Otter stabs him. Mudge uses the name Jon-Tom, who regards his full name as too long-winded. Jon-Tom is an easy going person, a bit naive, and also someone who seems to look for the best in people. His social skills seem a bit awkward, especially in Mudge's world and he initially makes a few faux-pas.

His main advantage is that he discovers he is able to wield the power of a spellsinger, a mage who can use songs to cast spells. Unfortunately, he has considerable difficulty learning to control the magic and the results are somewhat unpredictable, but usually still useful. For instance, in a duel with another spellsinger, Jon-Tom sings "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," expecting a horde of minions to attack his opponent, but his opponent comments how he barely warded off getting his throat cut instead.

Here you can find all characters in single pictures:
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Spellsinger is AWESOME!!