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Spellsinger Characters

EDIT: All coloured now

Here are some of the Spellsinger Characters - redone.

I wasn´t happy with some of my old designs. Inspired by :iconmichelle84: ´s drawings I´ve begone to redo them. These are the Characters of the first book. Falamezar, the dragon is missing. When I´ve time I´ll add them later.
(Maybe the others of the second or third book too.)

Here you can find all characters in single pictures:
Mudge: [link]
Talea: [link]
Jon-Tom: [link]
Clothahump: [link]
Pog: [link]
Flor: [link]
Caz: [link]

I´m shure I´ll redo some of them later again.

What do you think? Comments are welcome.
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one of my Favorite Books. ;-)
Jacobellinger's avatar
Now I wanna see that old kangaroo shop keeper.
PlasticFrogCG's avatar
About half way through my 3rd or 4th trip through the series (just finished Day of the Dissonance).
I'd love to see your rendition of Roseroar!
poisonmilow's avatar
I concentrated on the first two book. Yes, I have a very clear idear of her, but sadly it would be quite hard finding the time to draw her. :(
PlasticFrogCG's avatar
Completely understandable. I've got dozens of "favorite characters" I'd love to make some artwork of and just haven't been able to get around to them.
Flinxerone's avatar
How about doing the same with Flinx and Pip? Your art work is very becoming.
poisonmilow's avatar
Thank you. Sadly the time is a limiting fakt.
Flinxerone's avatar
You ain't kidding. Darrell K. Sweet, I found out, just died last December.
gryffgurl88's avatar
This is amazing.
This is wonderful.
This is perfect.
Marvelous, but no Falamanzeer?
poisonmilow's avatar
Yeah, I know he is missing. He is the hardest to design and I didn´t found the time to make a final sketch fitting in in thist arrangement. Maybe some other day.
PieMutt's avatar
thats where i get my name from (my real name that is) my dad named me after Talea XD
Noratcat's avatar
A friend of mine is into this series, and I think these are good designs.
PestilentAngel's avatar
Alan Dean Foster is such a talented writer and its always nice to see fanart of his work. I haven't finished the 1st Spellsinger book yet, but ADF always provides fun, likable characters as well as fantastical worlds to explore.
Le-Feline's avatar
Really nice. Just 2 of them that didn't really look like how I imagined em'. Mudge (always thought he should be a lil bit fatter and older...kinda dirty old man-otter sort of a thing) and Jon-Tom (always thought him to be a lil' bit younger...more naive looking than that rugged nearly blond all American hero look...look a bit too han Solo-ish to me up there). But then again I guest we all imagined it differently. But I don't see Falameezar (the river dragon) and Roseroar (The Siberian Tigress) anywhere here.
poisonmilow's avatar
Thats because I havn´t finished them yet. :)
Very nice. I just started reading the series and I love it! Yay Mudge!
poisonmilow's avatar
Have fun. There where scenes I couldn´t stop laughing.
Monstermann's avatar
The redesign looks awesome!
Only Flor looks a a little odd... Her lips are a little too prominent.
poisonmilow's avatar
You are right. She is the one who makes me most unhappy. I miss her warrior side. Maybe I´ll redo them again, but I finally wanted to finish anything.

I´m always putting things aside because in the second half of the working process I´m unhappy with some of the things I´ve done before.

This shouldn´t happen with this, so I try to finish it first and then starting the next project.
Chukkz's avatar
Ha great! :D

I think Jon Tom should be bigger though...(?) A little at least.
poisonmilow's avatar
Well, I´ve drawn them one by one, not knowing that I´ll put them all togheter in a picture like that.

So his and Taleas poses are not so good to pale the size. :(

One stroke in the backround is for 10cm. I have the sizes out of the book. If I´m right than is Jon-Tom ca. 1,96m. Mudge might be ca. 1,65m Talea is ab bit smaller. Flor is described as nearly 1,80m high and Caz is told to be a bit smaller than her. (I wasn´t shure if it´s meant with or without the ears.)
I guess Clodsahamp is 1,20m high.

Pog will be ca. 1m high if he is standing and about Falamezar I´ve found that he is min. 6m high.

(I don´t know what Meters will be in feet.)

I look forward that this explanation will help. ;p
Chukkz's avatar
Well I have learned that a male character in a superhero comic (which should be a fairly big guy) is inbetween 8 to 9 heads big, so his head fits 9 times into the whole body. Ladies are generally seven heads and anything else is... lol. I think counting that way should be a little easier then trying to measure centimeters. ^^
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