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Soulless - Randolph Lyall



I redid some flaws I recognized while rereading Changeless. For example the hazel Eyes and the black kravat. I think I was to focused on the actor who has blue-grey-eyes.

This is a little Fanart I made for the parasol protectorate novels (Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless and Timeless) written by Gail Carriger. [link]

Here [link] the author speaks about some actors who would fit in, into her characters. So I took them as an inspiration.

This is Professor Randolph Lyall, a character from this amazing novel, which made me fall in love with the steampunk topic.

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Nice job on the glassicals. Totally gives him away, and they do look just as ridiculous as they are useful:P The art is wonderful, the only thing I would change is having his clothes neater looking, I suppose? Lyall is always portrayed as pretty well flawless in his clothing...for a werewolf:P

Yours have been my favorite fanart pics for the Parasol Protectorate pics, I love all the detail you have.