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Sophronia and Soap - Finishing School 1

A little speedpaint to create the drawing flow. This one shows Sophronia Angelina Temminick and Phinneas B. Crow aka Soap from Etiquette & Espionage, the first book of the Finishing School Series written by Gail Carriger.

(I hope I wrote the names right.) Wink/Razz

Dimity and Pillover - Finishing School 1 by poisonmilow
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Love their friendship!
hello, I am making a fan trailer for Etiquette and Espionage for uni and I would love to feature your art with full credit and a link to your DA account. Could I do so with your blessing? It is so beautiful 
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Absolutely wonderful! There isn't enough fanart out there for Sophronia and Soap! But I love this one, thanks! Hug 
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I adore this fanart. I think it fits Soap and Sophronia perfectly :)
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Here I am - ending Waistcoats & Weaponry and deliberately searching for Fanart to enjoy it a little more... and here you are. joining in my passion with so sweet pieces of art! Keep it on! I'm watching and waiting! <3
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Jeah, it´s hard, but it takes time. But I´m quite shure I´ll draw some more one day.
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Love this, and especially love the finishing school series! Sophronia is so cool! I love your depiction of her, and the picture shows her and Soap's relatonship spot-on.
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Thank you. I love the series, I´m very eager to read more. The characters are brilliant. It is amazing how you can feel the tension between characters. Heart bum 
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You can, can't you? I've just gotten Waistcoats and Weaponry and looking forward to starting to read!
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I´ve already finished that one. Now I´m looking forward for Manners and Mutiny. I´ll try not to spoil anyone, but there are some quite nice scenes, giving me some nice pictures in my head... I just need a little bit more time to draw them.
What a lovely drawing! They make a great pair : )
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I love this, I didn't think I'd find anything from this series here but I'm glad I did :D
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Right, there should be more. I do what I can to fill that gap. Sociable plz 
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Haha, well that's good news for the fans
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Nice!  I love the relationship between these two. 
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That is really damn cool! Great pic!
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Oh yes please! More of this! We need all the Gail Carriger you can create. 
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Well, I think I will althoug draw some more Finishing School and stuff. I´m already thinking which would be the best picture to portrait Dimity for example.
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I have some more Parasol Protactorate by poisonmilow
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