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Dimity and Pillover - Finishing School 1

Another Doodle. This is where Dimity introduces herself and Pillover. These characters are from Etiquette & Espionage, the first book of the Finishing School Series written by Gail Carriger.

Dimity is my absolute favored character. I feel a bit related to her and I´m very curious how the character evolves within the books. She´s amazing.

(I hope I wrote the names right, I heard it only as Audiobook lately.) Wink/Razz

I changed the eyecolour. In the first book I only saw that her eyes were described with bright, in the second they are althoug called honey brown.

Sophronia and Soap - Finishing School 1 by poisonmilow
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Very good depiction of a great character
Nutmeg44's avatar
I love this series and you have drawn them beautifully! 
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I just really got into this series my self and I adore Dimity! You pictured her pratically as I did when reading!
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Fine, I really like her.
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I love this book!!
also, i really like your style :D
i love the way you drew them; but one teeny tiny thing... i imagined Dimity chubbier than this...Thats just my opinion though! :D still love what you did here :D
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I love these too. Maybe, for me Agatha is chubby, Dimity more like a doll, round cheeks, smal chin... I must train a bit more on the dresses, but jeah, it´s quite fun to draw these.
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Neat, and yeah Dimity is quite fun
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She´s my favorite. A lot of my way to dress goes in her direction.
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