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Shadows and reflections are two of my biggest photographic inspirations.

Be it a silhouetted man, shadows from a fence or just dark and mysterious areas of a photograph- shadows fascinate me!
Reflections, too- they can be so clear that they look like reality, or just a hint of surreal light echoed off an object- what's surreal is that the reflected substance is not really matter, just a visual trick...

Anyway! I've spent the past few days browsing, and these are deviations I truly love, so I hope you like this news feature!

I'll start it off with a selection of my own photographs, created, inspired and photographed because of either shadows or reflections:

Rider Reading by PoisonGirl-sts A Confusing Place by PoisonGirl-sts New Territory by PoisonGirl-sts Joe by PoisonGirl-sts To Be Beside The Seaside by PoisonGirl-sts
Losing Hope by PoisonGirl-sts Blind Play by PoisonGirl-sts New Moon by PoisonGirl-sts Zebra Blinds by PoisonGirl-sts Floating by PoisonGirl-sts
Chill Time by PoisonGirl-sts Haunting Memories by PoisonGirl-sts Spotty Wellies by PoisonGirl-sts Get Closer by PoisonGirl-sts Come Clarity by PoisonGirl-sts Bus Shadows by PoisonGirl-sts

Lying with Shadows by PoisonGirl-sts Stripes and Scowls by PoisonGirl-sts Reflecture by PoisonGirl-sts
Ripple by PoisonGirl-sts As the Clouds Swim By by PoisonGirl-sts Lost Property by PoisonGirl-sts Confused Light Beams by PoisonGirl-sts

...and now the real feature- the beautiful deviations I've found over dA!:

In Memory by scaber :thumb57267017: Street Shadows I by Winter-Hymn The World Is A Cycle II by xdeborahx
Shadowplay by carmeleon shadows by rare-ear reality ? by Stefbal Light and shadows 2 by Maresolo
homecoming by lauren-rabbit Scraping the shadows by Aeoliane flood by miskin83 shadows of railings by miskin83
:thumb75244085: shadows collide with people by crypticon Stairs and shadows by PicTd The shadows chaser by allonkira
In The Shadows by Damned-Doll Hell's Freezing Over by dlusion Shadow 1 by losethehyphen
:thumb41669386: :thumb60554704: :thumb63790506: :thumb99246782:
:thumb106812345: love my chelo by maripepah Vanish by Extravaganca :thumb94442677:
Minimal Reflections by arcana-caelestia Reflection by zoinkytoni crash into the sky by fahrmboy angel on my shoulder by lauren-rabbit
daisies are ominous by lauren-rabbit The Sky is Falling 2 by disco-ball :thumb42297156: Imitation of Life by gilad
drop in reflection... by salihguler Hospitale by Feebrile Him, His Reflection + His S... by bosniak :thumb62106767:
No Limitations by gilad

Kitty in the Shadows by CherieBoBearie eaten by shadows by maripepah :thumb90812255:
Walking On Sunshine by Ericana Carnival shadows by kil1k watch as we walk by martybell
Entrada by ryandaily Transitions by scaber Subconscious awareness by scaber
Dreams of reality by scaber Memories of life - 4 by scaber S H A D O W S by mawanty
Shadows by keywiz Shadows by DZ1 shadows play by frostblaze
shadows by hannah-bere Leaving Home by ictenbey Emigration by ictenbey
SHADOWS by 8088 shadows by simontupper Ghost Rider by QwikDrah
:thumb72337066: :thumb102393562: There were times by dcamacho
:thumb106955890: :thumb56522164: :thumb77855986:
:thumb52176944: :thumb41122751: SHADOWS by smalldream
Shadows by IlzeDeilona Reflections by vonvonz love path by poivre
leaf reflection. by strangecondition Reflections by Adesw scandinavian summer blues by bryan-cuttance
Reflections 3 by LemnosExplorer the occasional stunned mullet by bryan-cuttance final act by bryan-cuttance
Summer Thunder by Sortvind Feather Reflection. by Moramarth Faceless by tuborg
:thumb77450860: .Nightmare 1 by joeakkawi :thumb37400008:
Big Daddy Longlegs by solodaddy :thumb107448487: She rules my world by Bojkovski
Lifting Shadows off a Dream by ictenbey Nothing Else Matters by ictenbey :thumb100599367:
dumped by miskin83 Lights and Shadows by Saeed-Al-Amri :thumb73360931:
The places you find by CaitlinWorthington FADE TO GREY by CNTRLALTDELT After the Rain by MayaGen
On the run by gilad

:thumb72408497: :thumb38106563: :thumb56082262:
through the shadows by sundreaming their shadows by NuclearSeasons Clad In Shadows by WiciaQ
Watching the Life by ictenbey Under a Glass Moon by Kaweempo behind the scenes, take one by geometry
:thumb20812985: shadows by antognow :thumb105772831:
:thumb99007565: :thumb54353015:
my little house on the water by vereiasz .: Falling Stars :. by hellfirediva Reflection. by zemotion
:thumb67789947: :thumb89231269: :thumb74432823:
:thumb60909934: Facing Reality by josepaolo Cache cache ... by julie-rc

Another big inspiration I've had recently is the shadows created by Venetian blinds! (I've actually started a photographic series and project using blinds!) so here's a special selection of venetian blind shadows:

The Zebra Man by Murphysk8 :thumb102926373: In the cold , cold night by plasticpearls
Shadows, black and white by Amystyka Light in the Shadows by Flickerings0ul :thumb51870486:
stark by sixthfiddler :thumb79434694: blinds by ilovealex

Some of these deviations have as little as one favourite (being just mine for this collection!) and others have thousands. Either way- these incredible pieces all deserve more attention! I hope this brings them some :)

Thanks a lot for looking! :D

All the work included is being commented a link to this news- thus almost all of the deviants included will probably check this feature out---
please favourite this news feature if you enjoyed it to ensure more people view these beautiful photographs!

x Sophie
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these are really awesome pix!!!!
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LemnosExplorerProfessional Artist
awesome art !
and happy new year to all
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wonderful collection! thanks for including a photo of mine to it:)- greatly appreciated!!!
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sundreaming Photographer
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dcamachoProfessional Photographer
i love this article :love:
thxs for including me here
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MayaGen Photographer
Thank you...I enjoyed browsing the collection a lot :)
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Great selection
Many thanks ;-)
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thanks for sharing! =)
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Very beautiful feature...
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thanks for the feature!
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WOW! Thank you so much! Man, these are awesome, I'm glad my work was a part of it, thanks again, it means a lot :hug: :hug: :D
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thank you very much! :rose:
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thanks so much :)

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PicTdProfessional Photographer
Great feature and I am honoured to be included.
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thank you :)
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BojkovskiHobbyist Photographer
really beautiful collection.. thank you
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these pictures are all really good. great article thnx :]
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thank you very much :)
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allyclareStudent Photographer
Wonderful feature! I love it :heart: this is very inspiring.
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Thank you! :)
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Thank you :heart:
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BigDanaProfessional Photographer
Very well done!!!
Thanks Sophie :hug:
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Cheers!! :blowkiss:
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Loved some works you have here! thanks for the feature. :aww: :)
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