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Stay with me....



Cuz you're all I need
This aint love, it's clear to see...
Oh darling, Stay with me!

Pluto has always been sort of a ladies man. But he's been feeling a little bad about it. He has seen so many others settle down and fall in love, and he's never really found that. So one night he sneaks out into the firefly ridden outdoors to gaze at the fireflies and the stars and just kind of think. It seems however that he is not alone. Fragile Snow has followed a few fireflies straight to our lonesome hero, and it seems, straight into his heart. They spend the night talking and start gazing.

(Pretend that animose 's entry takes place between panels 2 and 3)

Snow: full body x2 (4) + shading x3 (6)+ headshot x1 (1) + simple background x3 (3)= 13 levels
Pluto: headshot x2 (2) +simple background x2 (2) = 4 levels

Uh Oh! Pluto is Level 100!  
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Your levels have been transferred to Solaris!
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bawww omg this is so cute ;W; i love the cuddling in the last panel!! snow looks so pretty omg <33 thank youuuu