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Pluto the Lampark



Name: Pluto The Ghost King (Nickname: Pluto)
Gender: Male
Species: Zoroark/Lampant
Type: Fire/dark/ghost
ID #: 4315  

Hatch Date: ~April 6th, 2014
Obtained From:…
Residence: Vanilla Gardens


Nature: Pluto is the leader of the 'pack'/ranch. He is always watching out for his ranch-mates and loves a good play fight.  He is very proud of the home he has built with his trainer.
Ability: Flash Fire


Level: 100!!!
Base Attack: 5 (evo+2)
Current Attack: 27

~ Will-o-wisp
~night slash

Experience Log:
~ Clutch image:… (4)
~Zorua ref sheet (2)
~ will-o-wisp training: goku-kun-the-guard.deviantart.… (8)
~ Round (1) goku-kun-the-guard.deviantart.… (4)
~Smog:… (8)
~ May event: goku-kun-the-guard.deviantart.… (8)
~ Celebrate: (8)  
~Zoroark ref: You are here!
~Evolution: (8)
~Sweet scent of Fire: (5)
~squeeeeee:… (10)
~Eye: shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
~tournament pt 1: (6)
~ Night slash pt 1: (2)
~ tournament pt 2:… (15)
~ Shipping: (9)
~ Fireflies: goku-kun-the-guard.deviantart.… (null)
~ L is for Love: (null)
~ Yes those are black flames in his hair. They emit no light.
~His pupils are white and ghostly, emitting white and purple light in the dark
~His legs are a few shades darker than his torso/arms

Breeding Log:
 ~ Closed
Mated to PKMNation- Fragile Snow Ref

 ~ Parents:
Mother: Umbra…
Father: Stef…

Battle Log:
~ none so far
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