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::LiechPru:: Life Goes On ::Omegaverse:: :iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 2 0
::Sey:: They Were Fine ::Human AU::
Angelique was only three when her mother passed, so she didn't much have any memory of her. Being so young, she only vaguely could grasp at the feel of being picked up and held by a woman who smelled like summer flowers and freshly baked bread. She knew, of course, what her mother looked and sounded like, she could find that in pictures and home videos… her family told her stories about her, about her cheery personality and gentle touch, but they weren't Angelique's memories.
Her first memories of gentleness came from her papa. Her father who tucked her in, and her brother who let her sleep with him when she got scared at night, and her sister who played dolls with her and helped her with her homework when Papa was too busy for it.
The other kids at school pitied her for it. They told her how weird it was she didn't have a mommy, and always asked why she didn't have one, why didn't she get a new one. One of the boys in class said that when his mommy left, his daddy got a new girl
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 0 2
Mature content
Germancest - The Game - M-Rated :iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 74 37
Mature content
Falling Through The Cracks - Omegaverse, Hetalia - :iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 5 2
Welcome To The Circus [Cover] by PoisnousPixie Welcome To The Circus [Cover] :iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 0 0
::Pokemon AU:: The Legend Festival ::RusSey::
Angelique's second pokemon came to her similarly to how she'd acquired Apple. She was given a sunkern, a small seed like pokemon, from someone who was visiting the island of Shamouti as a tourist, there just for the Legend Festival that their town was known for. It was Angelique's first time participating in the festival herself in such an active way. She was eleven years old, and had been picked to play the role of the Maiden, it was her job to play the ocarina and to explain to the chosen champion what needed to be done to 'protect the balance'. It was a silly little thing, but Angelique was so excited she was brimming with energy.
In fact, her need to move and be busy was what had caused her grandfather to send her down to the docks that day. He told her to buy some fish for dinner, and she was more than happy to take the chore on, and headed down to the docks with just enough money to buy two large trout. She normally brought Apple with her, but when she'd gone to find the pokemon,
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 0 6
Size Difference ::MapleFish::
When he first tells his brother about Angelique, Al doesn't know who she is. He doesn't remember the little collection of islands off the coast of Africa, or that she's one of Arthur's former colonies. When he does finally remember who she is, it's because of the time she dumped a whole pot of cooled down tea over Arthur's head right before a meeting.
"She's spunky, I liked her." Al says, before taking another bite of his burger, and slurping drink of his soda.
Matt sighs, and pokes his chicken nuggets contemplatively. He tells Alfred that he and Angelique have been dating for a few years now, and continues to explain that Alfred is the first person he's told (which is possibly a very bad idea,) and tries not to be aggravated when Al reminds him to be a good Knight in Shining Armor for her.
It isn't until later, late at night, that Matt wonders if it's a good or bad thing he told his brother. It's nearly four in the morning, but only about noon for her, and they're on skype; she's worr
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 3 2
Mature content
:PrUK: Arthur's Secret Friend :AU: :iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 16 17
When it started... ::Nyotalia AU - AmeCan::
She noticed it first when she was fifteen. It was a big hockey game, and Madeline had been so busy with practice and the team that she sometimes didn't come home until late, and she was always distracted, wound up. Three times she kicked Amelia out of her room, and even got in a fight with the Belorussian girl down the street. Needless to say, everyone was happy when the game finally came around. They got to the rink early so Maddie had time to get ready with the team.
Amelia had seen her older sister play hockey many times. She had hung out at the rink after school so many times that she knew the team's strategies in and out. She knew how vicious they could be, had seen her sister pushed into the ice, had seen her sister push others into the walls so hard she was sure they bruised.
But she had never been so entranced by the sight of her sister gliding over the ice, that grace that seemed better suited to a figure skater than a hockey player. Had never noticed the skill her sister had,
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 15 1
Put Whipped Cream On It ::AU::
There were a lot of things that Angie walked in on her brother's doing. The problem was, she often thought to herself, was that Dad and Papa let them have coffee. She felt this was a big mistake, but since the two teens were usually worn out by the time Dad or Papa got home from work, it wasn't a problem for them. It was a problem for their youngest, Angelique, to handle.
Last week, she'd come home after swim meet, only to find her brothers in the living room, filming their own 'exercise' video. It had not been pretty. Al had claimed they were 'nerd' exercises'. She didn't care, all she cared about was the fact that one of her brother's was filming the other running in place, while he wore leggings, short-shorts, a hoodie that she suspected was hers, and weird headband with a fox face on the front.
Needless to say, there were many things that her brothers did, that Angelique didn't want anyone she knew to know about. She didn't want her friends to know. She was almost certain that thes
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 2 1
::Sey:: Her First Pokemon ::AU::
She cried the day he left. All the way to the docks, big alligator tears fell down her face, and her thin shoulders shook, as she clung to her grandfathers hand, but longed to hold Cousin Francis’s hand instead. It was when his parents were getting on the boat that would take them all the way back to the mainland, that Francis turned to her and knelt down in front of her.
Out of his bag he pulled a pokeball, smooth and dual colored, and so big as it was placed in her tiny hands. “Don’t cry, ma petite.” He kissed her forehead, “I’ll be back next summer. You take care of her, and be good until I return.”
Clutching the pokeball to her chest, Angelique nodded, and sniffed, the worst of her crying done. She continued to sniff as Francis boarded the boat, but she followed it to the end of the peer, waving one arm over her head, smiling brightly.
Later that night, before dinner, she let the pokemon Francis had given her out. One of his family’s
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 0 5
::CanAme:: This Pendant
"This pendant is the only way that you can enter the castle."
These words were spoke with the utmost seriousness. It was so serious, in fact, that it was very, very, hard for Al not to just start laughing right there. The look on his brother's face, as he held out what looked like something you'd find in the bottom of a cereal box, with his hair mussed, and the smell of pot lingering on this hoodie, it was just priceless. Al really couldn't think of a way to put it into words.
The American's lips twitched, as he tried his hardest not to just burst out in laughter. Matt wasn't dangerous while high. (And he was very high, if one would go by the smell and his blown out pupils.) But he was very moody, and very sulky. Alfred liked to call Matt “Arthur's Mini-me but bigger” when he was high. He never did this out loud, and really it was a very long title even when said in his mind, so it was generally just shortened to “MiniMatt” which was just silly
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 26 2
::CanAme:: Morning
Despite what most people thought, Alfred always woke with the sun. Even on the days he had off from work, and could just laze around, he would be up and dressed by the time the clock struck 7:35am. Sometimes he would let Matthew sleep. He would go downstairs, and make breakfast, and a fresh pot of coffee, before waking his brother. Others, he would flop on the bed, and poke and prod at the Canadian until Matthew was forced to wake up.
Matthew was not a morning person. Talking to him before he'd had coffee was essentially a death sentence, and due to this, Alfred tried to have a pot of coffee brewed before Matthew made it down to the kitchen. After a cup and a half, Matthew would wake up and brave the meal Alfred had made. Usually, it wasn't bad, eggs, bacon, grits. Sometimes french toast, or oatmeal. Others, the eggs were green, or blue, or pink, and the bacon (or sausage) would have an odd flavor mixed to it.
One thing that never changed, no matter Alfred's mood, was the orange juice.
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 27 13
Enough ::CanAme:: AU
The apartment was small, just a little studio that sat over top a 'hole in the wall' Italian restaurant; so it always smelled like tomato sauce and spices, and there was a lot of noise from one of the chefs. These things didn't bother one young man that rented the apartment. Alfred F. Jones, who could sleep through the apocalypse, and thought anything smelt better then the charcoal food his brother used to burn when he lived at home, hardly seemed to notice the downsides of his little apartment.
He didn't notice that it wasn't on the best side of town. Or that the train that went by made the whole building seem to shake at three in the morning, or that there was never any moment that was just quiet. The couple a floor above him did nothing but fight constantly, but even when flakes of paint fell from the ceiling due to all their stomping and yelling,  he didn't complain. Matt was almost certain that the man across the hall was a hooker of some sort, but he didn't know
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 28 5
::NyoCanNyoAme:: Bedroom
It was late, almost 2am when the door opened just a bit. Madeline had been asleep for a few hours, and didn't notice her sister's entry until the bed dipped. As long as she could remember, Madeline had always been a light  sleeper. There had been nights when Amelia would roll over in her own bed, and Madeline would wake up from hearing the springs creak, so her own bed dipping under her younger sister's weight was practically a cold splash of water in the face. Groggy, and disoriented, she rubbed at her face, and blinked through the darkness trying to make out the blurry shadowed figure of her sister. "What are you doing?"
Amelia made a soft sound, and got off the bed. She fidgeted, and shifted her weight, almost as if she'd been caught doing something she knew she wasn't supposed to do. Even in the dark, Madeline could clearly imagine the shamed look on her face, the one Amelia got whenever she'd been caught red handed. It was most often seen when she stole cookies from the
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 14 2
::FemPrussia:: Snip Snip Snip
If anyone has asked her why she was standing in the bathroom with a pair of scissors, she would have laughed and told them to mind their own business. However, she wouldn't have been able to explain the actual reason she was where she was, doing what she was doing. She wasn't entirely sure of it. She had always gotten compliments on her long thick white hair, had always been proud of it.
But, all of today at school a feeling of hatred for her hair had followed her around. It just seemed to be in her way. In her face, and making her neck and shoulder hot. She didn't like the way it fell around her, like she usually did, and when Francis sunk his hands into it at lunch, she'd nearly shrieked at him to get away from her. As if someone else touching it was some horrible sin.
So, rather then try and figure out why her hair was suddenly so annoying, she had come home, grabbed the scissors from the kitchen and went straight to the bathroom.
She had the house to herself for about anothe
:iconpoisnouspixie:PoisnousPixie 8 2

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:.:Naruto//Shippuuden Original Character Template.:.:
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Sooooo, it's 4 in the morning, and instead of sleeping, writing my fic for mano (9485 words), or coming up with a plot for a PruAme contest I foolishly entered, I'm playing on the kindle, and plotting a fic with bunny England and bunny Prussia... with a heaping side of Kitty Liechtenstein and puppy Latvia... god, I worry about myself sometimes. Like, really I do.

Bunny fic characters figured out-
England - bunny (duh)
Prussia - bunny (double duh)
Germany - German sheperd
Italy & Romano - Cats
Estonia - dog (breed undecided)
Ukraine - dog (breed undecided)
Austria - cat
Hungary - cat
Spain - Turtle
Russia - Bear
Belarus - Snow fox
Latvia - Dog (breed undecided)
Liechtenstein - Cat
Switzerland - cat
America - Hare
Canada - Polar Bear
Seychelles - Bird
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