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Vista Rainbar

:bulletred: To install simply double-click on the downloaded .rmskin (note that you must have Rainmeter 1.2 or higher installed. Download latest version of Rainmeter from


Vista Rainbar is an add-on pack for Rainmeter, which consists of an easy-to-use sidebar and over 20 stunning gadgets -- from RSS readers to weather -- to decorate your desktop.

On top of all that Vista Rainbar is very light when it comes to system resources -- you get the eye-candy without the expense of valuable system resources. What a deal!

Help: [link]
Changelog: [link]

Supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

Requires Rainmeter 1.1 or higher. Get it from

Thanks to Gavatx, fediaFedia, halfwayglad, Tone94, and Oldviking.
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does it work on windows 10

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i get it working in windows 10

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It's very cool!! THX!!

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pas de version francaise

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This skin is programmatic excrement. If you attempt to configure it to your liking there's a good chance your machine will get so fucked-up that a Reset is the only alternative.

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did you came because i did enter a link
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Yahoo Weather feed has changed, therefore weather skin din't work any more.  Could you please fix 1.ini file?
Skin 1+.ini flie is still working. But I really want to use skin 1.ini (or 2.ini, 3.ini ).
I read the forum "Change to Yahoo! weather feed" . But I couldn't fix it by myself. Please help me!!
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Thanks alot :happybounce: 
Is this still supported?  It's *exactly* what I was looking for, however, I can't seem to use any of the links on the skins themselves.  For example, I cannot click the wrench icon on the weather to set my location.  I can't click the arrows on the calendar to change months forward and backwards.  Any assistance is appreciated!
Graet thing. Wspaniała rzecz. Na razie testuję ale zapowiada się rewelacyjnie. Już teraz mogę powiedzieć - dziękuję bardzo!
The weather run only at F not at C, how I can change it ?
ez nem megy én egyáltalán nem kedveltem meg mert nem tudom hogy mit kér hogy csináljak
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Guys whoever is reading this download this its good.
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Perfect thank you. :thumbsup:
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My Acer Aspire One came with the Google Sidebar but now Google Ended support for it so I switched to the Vista Rainbar! :D
Fantastic!!! Congrats!!!
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I like your works, Poiru. Actually I've been using Vista Rainbar from your work since 4.6.
I wonder if we can click on the Calendar small arrows to see previous or next month calendar.
Thank you Poiru. Love your works.
Hi "poiru",
your theme "vista rainbar" works very well, but cannot be installed as announced on your website, because a *.rmskin file is missing in your download. Otherwise it's easy to copy the files manually as requested to the directories of rainmeter
as I did. I created a website in German for german customers:
with descriptions about installation and configuring the gadgets. If you like this, I could create an English website like this for you, or you can use a link to a site on my server.

Greetings from Berlin, Germany
Helmut Rohrbeck [link]
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Hi, this is due to Internet Explorer changing the file extension of the downloaded file from .zip to .rmskin. Change it back to .rmskin and double click to install :)

Sorry for late reply!
Thank you!
I tried the download link with firefox - the file extension is .rmskin, and can be installed by rainstaller as you claimed!

Helmut Rohrbeck
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