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June 18, 2011
Soita for Rainmeter by =poiru is a milestone achievement. this deviation is not only featuring a great looking and well executed skin, but more importantly it is made to introduce a long overdue plugin to the app of rainmeter, so that you can now use almost any media player in conjunction with rainmeter and then control said player through according skins.

in other words: the skinner doesn't have to decide for only one player support anymore and can now support them all with his rainmeter skin. just how great is that?
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Soita for Rainmeter

Soita is the official example skin for the NowPlaying plugin for Rainmeter, which supports a bunch of media players.

Rainmeter 2.3 beta r1448 (or higher) is required to install this skin. Download it from

Usage instructions:
After installing, right-click here and select 'Edit Skin'.
Then, the [mPlayer] section, change the PlayerName= value to your player.
After saving the file, right-click on the skin and select 'Refresh Skin'. Done! :)

Wallpaper in screenshot above is by !FateZoom: [link]
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I using your cool skin! :D But one problem....If I close Windows Media Player, it just dissapears from visible windows, but the exe ist stil there. And when I kill in task manager, rainmeter crahes. Somehow your skin hooks in the player and prevents it fom closing :o

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Thank you, im using the player with spotify, it almost work perfect, good enought for me though! The only thing ain´t working is to adjust the volume (i just use the keybord anyway) and the picture of the artist, things I can live with!


Beautiful, work, thanks for sharing

I managed to get this work with Youtube, with WebNowPlaying companion plug-in for chrome, but i copied some lines from their codes and put in to this plugin

For some reason the rating stars aren't functioning properly - they display the correct rating however, I cannot make any changes to the rating? Any advice?
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Thank you for this skin. 
It works with foobar2000. It works great with WinAMP (even the latest 5.8 beta).
But, can it work with both? Or multiple?
I tried to edit .ini file this way and that way, but for me it works only with the first player stated.

(Yes, I know, why use multiple players? Latest WinAMP does not work well with mp3 files, at least not for me)
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why doesnt work with spotify
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the list of possble players for the variable "PlayerName" can be found here:…
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can vlc work?
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It was just a search away guys!

The following players are fully supported. All features should work unless stated otherwise.

  • AIMPPlayerName=AIMP
    Fully supported. Tested with AIMP 2.61.
  • foobar2000PlayerName=CAD
    Fully supported. The foo_cad plugin (download) needs to be installed.
  • iTunesPlayerName=iTunes
    Fully supported. Tested with iTunes 10.2.
  • J. River Media Center and Media JukeboxPlayerName=CAD
    Fully supported through the CAD interface with Media Center 19 and later. More information here.
  • MediaMonkeyPlayerName=MediaMonkey
    Fully supported. Tested with MediaMonkey 3.2.5.
  • MusicBeePlayerName=CAD
    Fully supported. MusicBee 1.2 (or higher) is required.
  • WinampPlayerName=Winamp
    Fully supported.
  • WMPPlayerName=WMP
    Fully supported, except for the Repeat / Shuffle types.
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it doesn't list the values of the music players..
installed it but the meter dont move or no song info but the buttons work
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Hello! The player looks amazing but the link you provided for the PlayerName value (both on this page and in the soita.ini file) redirects to and therefore I cannot setup this skin. Any help would be appreciated!
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Hello, looking to make a player to play music automatically every time someone logs in to his/her computer. I downloaded this amazing looking skin for the rainmeter, to get ideas and see the code, but I don't understand, the player does not playing anything. 

I changed the [mpPlayer] with wmp - windows media player - and when i try to open it from the button it does nothing, also it has N/As. I don't know what to do, there are no errors or anything, it's just not working for me. 
Bongripper666's avatar
Is it possible to resize the player window? I want it to display the album and song titles completely. I have a 32" monitor, so double the size would be nice.

The other thing is, that i would like to disable the PROGRESS display, but nullifying the code lines leads only to a "%1%" instead of the PROGRESS.
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that way you could see automatically when a stream is on?
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hey is there a way to make a video stream from the internet put on a spot on your rainmeter?
Sweet ride. Thanks man.
Does it work for you ? If so can you send me your .dll ?
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I got it so that when I click 'open player' on the bottom right corner, it opens Spotify but it doesn't actually display what I'm listening to on the skin. It stays at the default with no album cover and N/A with 00:00/00:00. I refreshed the skin, I made sure that I edited it properly, still nothing.
I am having the same problem. Also with other skins using the same plugin. I've been mucking around with the code trying to use the SpotifyPlugin.dll to feed the missing details. But I don't really know what I am doing. 

Please report back if you find a solution
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I really like it, I just wish it was smaller.
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Does it support Windows Media Player or Spotify? 
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