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Rainify 1.0.1

April 15 2012: Version 1.0.1 out! Added an improved media player skin (works with a bunch of players) and fixed minor bugs.

Note: Rainmeter 2.2 or higher required, get it from

What is Rainify?

Rainify is a suite for Rainmeter and aims to be both functional and elegant.
Everything is customizable with the included configuration skin. You can change the opacity, colors, and more in just a few clicks.

Rainify includes the following set of skins:
- Battery, Calendar, Clock
- Disks (can display up to 8 drives)
- Facebook
- Feeds (up to 4 feeds)
- Gcal (Google Calendar)
- Gmail (Google Mail)
- InterfaceLIFT
- Media Player (supports iTunes, WMP, Spotify, foobar2000, and WinAmp)
- Network, Notes, Recycle Bin, Slideshow, System, Twitter, Weather, Word of the Day, Wireless

Sounds great! How do I install?

Simply click download (the link is on the top left of this page).
If the file doesn't automatically open, double-click on it to install.

Plz help?!

Before asking for help, be sure to read the Rainify manual over at
If you can't find your answer there, leave a comment below.

Reporting Bugs

If you find something wrong with Rainify, leave a bug report at Google Code or just leave a comment below.
Please use Google Code if at all possible, as it makes keeping track much easier :)


Icons by [link] (gentleface). Weather icons by ~DarKobra. Calendar based on the work of ~alex2539. Wallpaper in screenshot from [link] ( Color selection tool created by ~jsmorley.
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does this work on win 10? got a new tablet and with gnometer it wouldn't work. 
I've been using it for at least 6 years. And yes it works on the lastest Rainmeter and Win 10.
Your link to the manual on gives a "404 not found" - is the link broken?  is there a new link for the manual? 

I'm trying to enlarge the font size for the Time & Date skin, but can't figure out how (changing the font size)
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cant setup GMAIL !! please help...
I love this, thank you.
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Spotify won't show artist, song or time, only the buttons work. Help? :)
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Bug tracker at GoogleCode is not available, however there’re bugs to report.
For example, check Calendar module with weeks starting on Monday.
The weather is broken! Not update! What we must do?
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The problem is the xml parser, it can't read the new msn weather page.
Is there any way to fix this? Maybe by using another website like
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You must modify the webparser code of the weather config to match the info of (msn weather has different structure).
I used part of the Vcloud skin code to modify my rainify weather.…
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Is there a chance that you would share the code you used? I really like my Rainify screen and I miss the local weather information....
I wrote you a PM, can you answer please?Sweating a little... 
Any solution for feeds? It's empty
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This is quite possibly the most perfect theme/skin. 
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possibly the best rainmeter skin ever...
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Hope you don't mind, but i used a lot of your code from the month view of your calendar in my ipod nano 6g skin thanx this is great work you've done!
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My weather code was working for a long time, but has stopped over the past few days....any suggestions?

Weather code: USTN0107
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Nevermind---it's working now after almost 3 days! LOL!----Must have been some bug at the msn site...
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google rss reader is over, and this line doesn't work anymore:

by what can I replace it ?
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Also here the feed has stopped working. Is now finlly the time to stop using Rainify after years and years?
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The feed has stopped working, I went to the Google Code link and said it was invalid :( Any suggestions?
Hey! When I use the Battery skin, and I unplug the power cord, I don't see a unit of time for the time left. I see the text, "Discharging, locale-time left".
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Old comment but I figure for anyone else who has this issue here is the solution:
In the Battery.ini file under [mLifetime] there is a line "Format", change it to look like this: Format="%H:%M"
Now refresh the skin and it should be working :3
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