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Gnometer is out! Mainly a bugfix release, although some new features have been added. See below for more information.

Rainmeter 2.3 RC or higher is required. Get it from

* Fixed: 0% transparency wasn't selectable in Settings skin
* Fixed: Gcal issues (hopefully)
* Fixed: Recycle Bin/Gmail icons did were static regardless of trash/mail condition
* Changed: Separated track and title in Spotify and WinAmp skins and added popup variants
of them
* Added: Text shadow can be disabled (Settings.ini -> Colors)
* ... plus other minor fixes and tweaks

Full changelog: gnometer.log

Thanks to ~perfectska04 (icons), ~DarKobra (weather, Twitter, Facebook icons), and the following for code: ~Kaelri, ~toastbrotpascal, ~jsmorley, kenz0. Also *JAXMP for Facebook skin idea. Let me know if you're missing. The background of the screenshot above is from [link].
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Not sure if you are still tracking this, since you updated it to work with, but I had a question on changing the appearance of the background. I already modified it to show humidity.

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Is there a way to change the width of the vertical background bar? I've looked and can't find anywhere to do this.

Constantly gettitng a regular expression error on GCal-4.ini

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Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer from this hack. You'll turn brown in the face!

Hack?  Grow up.
The Gnometer-Uptime skin shows the running time and has 3 buttons: shut down, restart, log out. Tell me, how is it possible and can you configure instead of logging out the system into sleep mode?
What should be in teams instead

ButtonCommand=!Execute ["#CURRENTPATH#..\SETTINGS\ConfigTool.exe" /l] 

as far as I understand it / I is responsible for logging out.…
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16 core support?
My Google Calendar does not have a Gmail address. How can I use it anyway?
Any chance of getting current info on how to get my weather code? Trying this it no longer seems accurate.…

Never mind. My Gnometer uses not msn weather. By going to and entering my zip code it gave me the city in a drop down. By clicking that it gave me

ht tps:// (remove space between tt).

By experimenting I found I just needed to leave off :4:US and save it using Gnometers settings window. Not completely sure it's giving me the right info but by checking my temp and conditions manually and comparing it looks right, so far. lol

By the way I love this skin. I;ve been using it for years and I just got me a new computer a couple weeks ago and was lost without this. Got it back now just trying to get the kinks out.
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Word of the Day fix: -> Edit Plugin -> Only change lines shown below

RegExp="(?siU)<item>.*<title>(.*)</title>.*<link>(.*)</link>.*<description>(.*): (.*)</description>"


Hi HarlekinGer! I've tried your fix but still doesn't work. Any suggestions?
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The Problem is that this Comment System converted the URL to a Hyperlink.

Url=ht tps://

Remove the space between ht tps
It works fine, good job! Thanks buddy.
It works fine, good job! Thanks buddy.
Problem with bittorrent settings.. Any sugestions how to fix?
Word of the Day not working. Can anyone help please?
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hey sir, thanks for cool skin for Rainmeter, I've been using it for years ;) I just want to ask if you by chance have somewhere the manual? (since the web version isn't working for a long time now) ;)
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weather not working again 4/16/17
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Hello, great work I must say.
One minor issue though, the SWAP meter is reporting 23GB while my system has only 8GB.
Can you point me to the source of this reading?
Thanks in advance.
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Thank u for the update
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We seriously need someone to update this skin!!!
Hallo, I have problem with skin Gnometer weather. I am from Serbia/Belgrade (SRXX0005). I saw that was change with one line. 

Find this:
Url=http:// om/weather/local/#weather.Zip#?cc=*&unit=#weather.Unit#&dayf=5

Replace with:
Url=http:// om/wxdata/weather/local/#weather.Zip#?cc=*&unit=#weather.Unit#&dayf=5

Can anybody explain to me, or write correctly line to change in .ini file...

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